4th, Jan 1913

ALEXANDER, Jan 1st, 95 Ashborne Rd, Aigburth, Charles Mitchell ALEXANDER age 79, for 40 yrs with Messers T and J. HARRISON.

ATKINSON, Dec 29th, at Rainford, Rev Thomas ATKINSON, many yrs Minister of Rainford Congregational Ch.

BASFORD, Dec 25th, St John’s, New Brunswick, Canada, Horace Murray BASFORD, husband of Dorothy, late 2nd Steward of the EMPRESS of IRELAND. C.P.R

BOWMAR, Dec 29th, 257 West Derby Rd, Sarah J [Joe], 2nd Dau the late Thomas and Ann BOWMAR

CHISHOLM, Dec 30th, Montreal, Canada, George Alfred, age 25, son of Mary of 234 Liscard Rd, Cheshire, late Wellington Ave and Smithdown Rd.

DAVIES, Dec 29th, 67 Eldon St, Birkenhead, Edward age 72, husband of Annie DAVIES.

ELLISON, Dec 30th, 18 Margaret Rd, Walton, Mary wife of the late Frederick ELLISON late of Chester and Flint.

EVANS, Dec 30th, 10 Welfield Place, Princes Park, Lucy Jane age 33, widow of the late Capt William EVANS.

FARRELL, Dec 22nd, of Meningitis, 60 Bruce Ave, Westmount, Quebec, Alexander Mathew age 29yrs 10mths, son of Mathew J. FARRELL.

FRASER, Dec 25th, 31 Halkyn Ave, Willamena [Ena] beloved wife of Capt John FRASER and youngest dau of the late William GORE, Canadian and Australian papers copy.

GRIMMER, Dec 26th, Accidently drowned in the Canning Dock, James husband of Louise, 39 Ebanezer St, Rockferry.

HENDERSON, 54 Upper Parliament St, Margaret, widow of the late Peter of Liverpool and Aberdeen.

HUGHES,. Dec 29th, 60 Argyle St, South Birkenhead, Henry aged 65, late of Liverpool.

KELLOCK, Jan 1st, The Cottage, Great Saughall, Cheshire, Robert age 64.

KEVILL, Dec 28th, 11 Prenton St, James aged 72, husband of the late Ellen KEVILL.

LESTER, Dec 30th, Royal Infirmary, Joseph aged aged 32, son of Mary LESTER, 102 Webster Rd, Liverpool.

MC CALLUM, Dec 30th, Craigneish, Kimberley Drive, Crosby, Capt Neil MC CALLUM, [Late steamer BOHEMIAN Leyland Line] husband of Katie.

MC GEE, Dec 30th, Royal Southern Hospital, Robert aged 58, P. M. Lodge 1675.

MORRISON, Dec 31st, Clifton House, Wavertree, Maria Charlotte, aged 67, widow of the late Robert.

MOSS, Dec 29th, at the Octagon, Sandymount Dr, New Brighton, Ellen wife of Alfred MOSS.

NEWMAN, Dec 30th, 120 Coupe Brow, Boothstown, Manchester, Annie wife of Albert, dau of Robert and Elizabeth PENNINGTON of Prescot.

PEERS, Jan 1st, Royal Infirmary Charles Ralph, husband of L. PEERS, 5 Holt Hill, Tranmere.

PHILPOTS, Dec at Silverdale Harris PHILPOTS. M.B, C.M, of Birkenhead.

PLUMBLEY, Dec 31st, 101 Breeze Hill, Walton, for many years resident in Douglas, Richard aged 50, husband of Hannah.

RIGBY, Dec 31st, 37 Virgil St, Mary aged 68, wife of Richard.

ROGERSON, Dec 28th, 84 Harrowby St, Joseph husband of Jessie M. ROGERSON, eldest son of the late Chief Inspector ROGERSON of Liverpool.

STOTT, Dec 31st, 10 Newland Drive, Wallasey, Mary A, Wife of Charles STOTT

STROHMEYER, Dec 28th, Castle Hotel, Abergele, Hermann aged 54, husband of Magdalene, late of The Alligator, Paradise St, Liverpool.

TAUBMAN, Dec 31st, Royal Infirmary, Grace aged 51 [Nee WILLIAMS, Glanfrafran] wife of Edward TAUBMAN, 43 Heath St.

TAYLOR, Dec 23rd, Toronto, Canada, Joseph eldest son of John and Martha, Claremont, Liscard Rd, Seacombe.

WHITTINGHAM, Dec 31st, 38 Spencer St, Mary wife of George A WHITTINGHAM.

WILSON, Dec 28th, Martha Louise, wife of David WILSON, 50 Central Rd, Port Sunlight, dau of Robert M and Martha BELL of Ainsdale.

WOOLASTON, Dec 25th, Cannes, Eleanora Maria aged 73, widow of the late Dr WOOLASTON of Liverpool


11th, Jan 1913

ALLEN, Jan 6th, 31 Cooks Lane, Gt Crosby, Ann Jane aged 69, widow of the late William Henry ALLEN

ABBER, Jan 6th, 9 Green Lane, Seaforth Mary Ann wife Benjamin ABBER

BENNETT, Jan 3rd, killed on the eve of her 9th birthday, Elsie only child of Thomas and Margaret, 23 Lorne St

BOWER, Jan 7th, Overton Hall, Frodsham, Catherine [COASSIAH] widow T. R. BOWER late of Queens Dr, Southport.

BROOKES, Jan 3rd, 22 Stuart Rd, Walton, Ellen Woolfall, aged 73 widow of the late J. H. D. BROOKES

BURT, Jan 6th, Jean Stirling, widow of the late David BURT, late 1 Oriel Rd, Bootle.

CLARKE, Jan 6th, 53 Salisbury Rd, Wavertree, Ellen aged 76, relict of the late William CLARKE

COLEGATE, Jan 6th, 22 Wylva Rd, Anfield, Hannah Mary aged 70, late of the Moors, Hawarden.

COTTRELL, Jan 5th, 58 Gorsefield Rd, Prenton, Joseph aged 73, husband of Margaret, with ALLEN Line for 58 yrs.

COUPE, Jan 5th, 24 Serpentine Rd, Liscard, Mary relict of the late Joseph of Douglas I. O. M

DAVIES, Dec 1st, Mildura Australia, William aged 29, late 70 Goltart Rd, Liverpool

DICKSON, Jan, Mill Rd Infirmary , Charles aged 21 son of Sarah J. DICKSON, 15 Spellow Lane

FAWTHORP, Dec 15th, Edmondton, Alberta, Gertrude Beatrice, eldest dau of the late John FAWTHORP, Surgeon, of Queensferry, Yorkshire and Katherine L. FAWTHORP, 135 Athabosea, West Moorejaw, Saskatchewen, Canada

FLAMANK, Jan 5th, Glandore, Granville Rd, Birkdale, Julia Susan age 45, wife of Edward FLAMANK

HOLDEN, Jan 5th, 51 Cavendish Dr, Rock Ferry, Richard aged 23, eldest son of John HOLDEN

HOLMES, Jan 8th, 152 Jubilee Dr, Emma Greame aged 66 wife of Joseph HOLMES

IRWIN, Jan 5th, 39 St Domingo Vale, Elizabeth aged 76

JONES, Jan 9th, 38 Victoria Rd, New Brighton, widow of John JONES, Welfield Place Liverpool, interment at Smithdown Rd.

JONES, Jan 7th, 3 Elm Vale, Fairfield, William Richard aged 62, husband of Edith.

LANGLEY, Jan 7th, 6 Seymour Place West New Brighton, William aged 77, husband of Sarah.

LARRINAGA, Jan 2nd, Villa Maria, Alexandra Dr, Sefton Park, Teodoro aged 41, husband of Maria De LARRINAGA

LAY, Jan 7th, 63 Nicander Rd, Sefton Park, Mary A age 65, widow of Walter LAY.

LINDROP, Jan 6th, Buckley, Thomas LINDROP. U.D.C, age 58, late of Flintshire. C.C

LOCKHART, Jan 7th, 19 Lorne Rd, Acton, Catherine Peddie aged 80.

MC MASTER, Jan 6th, 14 Stalbridge Ave, Sefton Park, Andrew husband of Mary and eldest son of the late John MC MASTER of Wigtown, N. B.

MADDOCK. Jan 6th, 21 Seymour St, Samuel aged 60, husband of Mary A.

MARTIN, Jan 6th, 17 Park Rd, Birkenhead, Annie age 21, daughter of Arthur and Martha Ann MARTIN

MEAKIN, Jan 7th, 86 Knowsley Rd, Bootle, Joseph Wright MEAKIN, aged 83 [draper]

MORLAND, Jan 5th, 79 Berkley St, Robert aged 71, husband of the late Alice MORLAND

PICKERING, Jan 5th, 5 Homeland, Hartford, Cheshire, Henry aged 71, 40 yrs with BRUNNER, MOND and Co, Northwich.

PILKINGTON, Jan 5th, 148 Princes Rd, Elizabeth Hill, aged 80, widow of John PILKINGTON of Oxton and Liverpool.

POWER, Jan 2nd, Fairfield, Vancouver, B. C. Richard Threlfall aged 84, late of Liverpool.

RAILTON, Jan 5th, 46 St Domingo Grove, Liverpool, W. B. RAILTON, Late partner of the firm, RAILTON, CAMPBELL and CRAWFORD, Engineers of Liverpool.

ROBINSON, Jan 5th, 9 Dundonald Rd, Aigburth, Jemima aged 88 widow of the late Ralph Poole ROBINSON

SCOTT, Jan 4th, 36 Brookland Rd, Stoneycroft, Walter aged 58, 2nd son of the late Walter SCOTT.M.D, of Clitheroe [for last 41 yrs with Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Co]

STEWART, Jan 6th, 43 September Rd, Anfield, Helen wife of M. A. STEWART.

STODDART, Jan 5th, at Penn nr Wolverhampton, Alexander age 83 formerly of Blundelsands.

TAYLOR, Jan 8th, 70 Elizabeth St, William aged 84, husband of Isabella, [retired pilot this port]

THORPE, Jan 6th, 36 Cleveland Rd, Huddersfield, Thomas Henry aged 52, H.M.Excise, late of Anfield

TUNSTALL, Dec 13th, drowned in the Gulf of Mexico, Joshua aged 28, late David MC IVER Line Liverpool

URE, North Vancouver, Robert F. URE, late, 89 Trafalgar Rd, Egremont

WARNER, Jan 5th, 38 Wordsworth St, John Eddy WARNER, aged 65, husband of C. A. WARNER

WHALLEY, Jan 6th, 9 Bryanston Rd, St Michaels, George Alfred aged 61, husband of M. E. WHALLEY

WILSON, Jan 6th, 9 Greenway Rd, Higher Tranmere, Josephine wife of Robert WILSON

WITHERS, Jan 5th, 39 Alverstone Rd, Egremomt, Walter Murray, youngest son of Annie and the late Thomas Henry WITHERS


18th Jan 1913


ADAM, Jan 11th, Eden, 1 Stanley Rd, Parkfield New Ferry, Robert Macneilledge ADAM aged 76, late Dep Com of Customs, Madras India.

BANNER, Jan 11th, Park Hotel, Tuebrook, Blance Edith wife of Henry

BISHOP, Jan 14th, The Elms, Strandtown, Belfast, Charles aged 79, late of Egremont Cheshire

CATTERALL, Jan 15th, 74 Isaac St, James aged 74

CAVEEN, Jan 11th, In a nursing home, 22 George St, Hanover Sq, London, Thomas late of Sefton, Liverpool

CLARK, Jan 11th, 16 Walton Village, Hannah aged 66, widow of Capt P. T. CLARK

CRAIG, Jan 13th, Brompton, Hunts Cross, Jessie McLelland wife of James.

CUTHBERT – SMITH, Jan 15th, Ardelutha, Llanerch Rd, Colwyn Bay, Frederic aged 43 0f the Northern Circuit

DELAMERE, Jan 13th, 42 Orrell Lane, Aintree, Thomas aged 81, husband of Christina

DOYLE, Jan 13th, 94 Great Homer St, Patrick Lawrence aged 54

ELLIS, 28 Circular Dr, Port Sunlight, Mary aged 72, widow of Thomas

EVANS, Jan 12th, Sutherland Tower Torquay, at residence of Mrs O’ROURKE, Edensor Vicarage, Derbyshire, Ann Sophia aged 69, for 35 yrs nurse and friend to the children of Mr and Mrs Richard HOBSON, Bromborough

FINEGAN, Jan 11th, 158 Upper Parliament St, [late Rodney St] James Herbert aged 75, M.D, V.D, Husband of Eleanor Mary

FRODSHAM, Jan 13th, 16 Peel St, Harold Frederick aged 26, husband of Margaret.

GREEN, Jan 13th, 8 Fletcher Dr, Cressington, Liverpool, Marie aged 76, Nee GAUGE

HALDANE, Dec 14th, City Hospital, Worcester, Mass. U.S.A, of cancer, Mrs E. HALDANE, late of Lavan St, West Derby Rd

HARBOUR, Jan 12th, 48 Woodville Terrace, Eudocia, widow of the late Quartermaster Stephen HARBOUR, [Duke of Cornwall’s Light Inf]

HARRISON, Jan 14th, 13 Wavertree Rd, Albert Edward aged 67

HICK, Jan 14th, Jonquiere, Canada, Magdalene wife of Harold Crispin, eldest dau of T. Harnett HARRISON of Rodney St

JOHNSTON, Jan 14th, St Pauls Villas, Rock Ferry, Alexander Reid aged 60, Master Mariner, Husband of Helena

MC HARDY, Jan 14th, 4 Lancefield Rd, Orrell Pk, Patrick Duncan aged 70, late Chief Engineer of Cunard, [Kirkdale Lodge 1756]

OWEN, Jan 15th, 48 Ashbourne Rd, Robert aged 53, Shipbroker, husband of Mary

OWENS, Jan 14th, Duncombe, Derby Pk, Rock Ferry, Ernest Dunnage aged 54, husband of Jessie Elizabeth, [Mersey Masonic Lodge 477]

PROCTOR, Jan 9th, 25 Mount Pleasant, Prof PROCTOR, aged 76, husband of Martha, 3 Sea View, Hoylake

RANSON, Jan 13th, Elizabeth ,wife of the late John of the Bluebell, Huyton.

ROBERTSON, Jan 15th, 17 Hillside Rd, Wallasey, Jack aged 17, eldest son of George.

SMITH, Jan 12th, Wynthorne Oswestry, Robert Henry aged 79, late of West Kirby

STEWART, Jan 15th, 11 Marfield Rd, Bootle, Charlotte wife of Robert

TEARE, Jan 13th, Elizabeth Ann aged 57, wife of Robert A. TEARE, 14 Garmoyle Rd

WELLS, Jan 15th, St Edmonds Rd, Bootle, John aged 68, J.P, late of Birkdale

WILLIAMS, Jan 13th, Royal Infirmary, Dr Owen T. WILLIAMS, 51A. Rodney St, and 9. Oakfield, Anfield.


25th January 1913


ASHCROFT, Jan 18th, 18 Teilo St, Henry husband of Elizabeth

BALDOCK, Jan 19th, 17 Oliver St, Birkenhead, Joseph

BARLOW, Jan 20th, 24 Blenhelm Rd, Egremont, Winifred Mona aged 51/2 yrs dau of Mr and Mrs Trueman BARLOW.

BELL, Jan 21st, 10 Mount Ave, Orrell, Capt Richard M.BELL aged 74, late of the MOSS Steamship Co, husband of Elizabeth

BURGES, Jan 21st, 19 Shrewsbury Rd, Oxton, Janet 2nd dau, of the late George and Margaret BURGES of Oxton Birkenhead.

CAMPBELL, Jan 18th, Manchester, William Henry aged 52, eldest son of the late Edward and Ann CAMPBELL, late of Morningside Rd, Bootle

CLINT, Jan 21st, Thornton Heath Surrey, Francis, aged 57, 3rd son of the late Francis A. CLINT this city

COPPING, Jan 21st, 31 Bagot St, Samuel R. S. COPPING, aged 40

CREAGH, Jan 21st, 25 Peterborough Rd, Wavertree, Henry Luscombe CREAGH

DAVIES, Jan 19th, Smithdown Rd, Infirmary, Jane aged 46, widow of the late Edwin J. DAVIES [Nee Jennie ANDERSON] late of Aigburth.

EVANS, Jan 19th, Bay View, Nevin, Capt David EVANS, aged 77

EVANS, [MOORE], Jan 21st, 30 Wellington St, Garston, Elizabeth late E. MOORE

FOWLER, Jan 19th, St Anns, Croxteth Dr, Mary J. dau of the late George FOWLER of Brookeborough, County Fermanagh

GANNON, Jan 19th, Carlton House, Bootle, Sampson husband of Margaret Ann.

GRAHAM, Jan 22nd, Moss Lea, Mossley Hill, Catherine widow of Henry and last surviving daughter of Robert Major BAILEY of Penrith

HANDS, Jan 20th, Eber Mount, Poplar Rd, Oxton, William John, formerly of York and late of Scarborough

HERD, Jan 3rd, Emporia, Kansas. U.S.A,. William Quirk aged 77, formerly of Oxton, Cheshire.

HOSKER, Jan 19th, 1 Romilly St, Sgt Henry HOSKER, aged 79, Crimea and Indian Mutiny veteran

HOULGRAVE, Jan 20th, 178 Liverpool Rd, Great Crosby, Emma Eliza aged 85, widow of the late Robert HOULGRAVE, of Conway and Liverpool.

JONES, Jan 19th, Sons residence, Hoyle Bank, Hoyle Rd, Hoylake, Marian aged 82, widow of the late Daniel JONES late of Wavertree

JUMP, Jan 20th, Royal Southern Hospital Cheshire, Charlie aged 9, son of Mr and Mrs JUMP, Malvern Rd.

KILLIP, Jan 20th, 95A, Granby St, Margaret wife of William E. KILLIP

LEIGH, Jan 20th, 20 Troughton St, Annie aged 19, daughter of John and Catherine LEIGH

LLOYD, Jan 19th, 120 Beatrice St, Bootle, Margaret aged 58, wife of Evan LLOYD and daughter of the late John PARRY, Oakenholt Farm, Flint.

MCGUINESS, Jan 21st, Francis aged 65, husband of the late Catherine

MADDEN, Jan 19th, 1 Renfrew St, Hall Lane, Margaret wife of the late John.

MALPAS, Jan 19th, 30 Hartington Rd, Sefton Park, Elizabeth aged 64 wife of William MALPAS

NEWALL, Jan 21st, 24 Kimnel St, Lavina aged 64, wife of David Maxwell NEWALL

NOBLE, Jan 8th, Ebolowa, West Coast of Africa, Frank NOBLE, Late of Ousby Cumberland and Liverpool.

PENDLETON, Jan 18th, 31 Rice Lane, Walton, Mary wife of Joshua

PETERS, Jan 20th, 97 Upper Parliament St, Sarah aged 62

PHELAN, Jan 19th, 65 Hampstead Rd, Fairfield, Sarah wife of John

PILLING, Jan 21st, Coniston, 1 Princes Ave, West Kirby, Eliza widow of the late John.

PRICHARD, Jan 21st, Bodhdfryd, Minffordd, Kate aged 55, wife of Griffith PRICHARD, Shipbroker, Portmadoc

ROBERTS, Jan 22nd, 29 Kempton St, Wavertree, Samuel aged 77, husband of Mary.

SMITH, Jan 19th, Southport Infirmary, William Henry aged 52, son of the late William SMITH, Parrs Bank, Southport

STOTT, Jan 17th, 14 Barkeley Dr, Seaforth, John Rudkin STOTT aged 90, for over 50 yrs on the staff of the Liverpool Mercury.

TAYLOR, Jan 20th, Riverside, Waterloo, Mary relict of James.

TOPP, Jan 20th, Engelfield, Oakhill Pk, Nathaniel aged 83, husband of Johanna.

TRANTOR, Jan 21st, 14 Wesley Ave, Liscard, Marian aged 75, wife of Thomas.

WALTERS, Jan 17th, at eldest sons residence, Fruitvale, California, Samuel V. husband of Elizabeth M, son of the late Samuel WALTERS, Marine Artist, Bootle, for 30yrs Commodore Captain of the WARREN Line Steamship Co.

WEBSTER, Jan 20th, found killed on the Wirral Railway, Harold aged 50, son of the late James and Ellen WEBSTER, Mersey House, Wallasey.

WELFORD, Jan 18th, 29 Grove Rd, West Kirby, Rev William WELFORD aged 65.

WILSON, Jan 20th, Elizabeth Wilgar, wife of Henry, 64 Edge Grove, Fairfield.

WOODWARD, Jan 19th, 14 Exmouth St, Birkenhead, Richard husband of Elizabeth

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 1st, 1913


AIREY, Suddenly, John Henry, age 11yrs 11mths, son of Samuel and Gertrude of the Hare and Hounds Hotel, West Derby.

ANDERSON, Jan 17th, Gisborne, N. Z, Marion widow of the late Robert, F.R.C.I, Edinburgh, 2nd dau of the late Andrew and Mary MC NICHOL, of Birkenhead

AYRE, Jan 25th, David Lewis, Northern Hospital, George C. of Perim Island, Red Sea.

BARTON, Jan 27th, Firwood, Burnell Rd, Prenton, Jemima Esther wife of William Henry BARTON

BATTERBEE, Jan 17th, 29 Rosebrae, Mossley Hill, George, aged 89, husband of Ann, intered Toxteth cemetery on Monday.

BERRY, Jan 27th, 26 Upper Stanhope St, John, aged 77, husband of Elizabeth

BOULTON, Jan 26th, 24 Hartington Rd, West Derby, William Henry, aged 60, husband of Margaret Ann, cashier Midland Bank, Victoria St.

BOYNE, Jan, Shangai, China, Ethel Gertrude of Darlington

BRYSON, Jan 25th, 191 Walton Rd, Alexander, aged 62, husband of Ann

CHRITCHLEY, Jan 23rd, Goldalming, Beatrice Mary, widow of Rev Dr CHRITCHLEY Rector of Long Newton Durham, formerly, Principal of Chester Training College

CUBBIN, Jan 29th, 1 Rice Hey Rd, Egremont, the wife of George

FORD, Jan 27th, Waterloo, Mary, Matron of the Canadian Pacific Railway Office

GOLDFINCH, Jan 28th, Fairfield, Egerton Pk, Rock Ferry, Elizabeth, aged 82, widow of H. G. GOLDFINCH late of Valparasio Chile

HANKINSON, Jan 27th, 52 Brock St, Edwin, aged 42

EDWARDS, Jan 27th, 73 Blythswood St, Aigburth, Robert John, aged 27, son of Sarah and the late John of Wellington Rd, Toxteth

FORSYTH, Jan 24th, Sallie E, 5 Tunstall St, youngest dau of the late Capt William FORSYTH of Whitehaven and Liverpool

HARTLEY, Jan 25th, 43 Hallville Rd, Mossley Hill, George Henry husband of the late Martha

JONES, Jan 27th, Johannesburg S. A. Lewellyn 2nd son of David and Sarah JONES of Cremlyn, Pembroke Rd, Bootle

KELLET, Jan 26th, Sanheys, Rake Lane, Liscard, Thomas Warburton, aged 69

LEE, Jan 27th, Birkdale, Charles George, aged 61, Opthalmic surgeon of 11 Princes Ave, Liverpool

LEWIS, Jan 28th, 30 Elmbank Rd, Sefton Pk, Mark, aged 65, for many years a member of Royal Liver Friendly Society

MC CULLAGH, Jan 24th, 52 Greenway Rd, Tranmere, John, aged 71, youngest son of the late James of Lanally Enniskillen, County Fermanagh

MC KENZIE, Jan 27th, John Richmond, senior trustee of Lord Stanley’s Lodge, M.U, L.O.O.F

MC KNIGHT, Jan 26th, 28 Langsdale Rd, Frank, aged 69, husband of Ellen, late of the G.P.O

NAYLOR, Jan 26th, at parents residence, Eaton Chester, F. C. NAYLOR. M.P.S of 57 Fern Grove

NICHOLLS, Jan 26th, 23 Norma Rd, Waterloo, Capt William John, late of Cork Steamship Co, husband of Christina

O’NEILL, Jan 26th, 36 Chatsworth Rd, Rock Ferry, Frederick Hill, aged 37, husband of Emily.

PRESTON, Jan 27th, Riverside, Blundelsands, Joseph Penn, aged 74

REED, Jan 28th, Jacob of 26 Kimberley St

RICHARDSON, Jan 6th, San Francisco, Robert native of Wamphray Dumfrieshire, Chief Engineer, White Star Line, OCEANIC

YEO, Jan 26th, 77 Egerton Rd, Doris, aged 15, dau of Mary and the late George F. YEO and grandaughter of the late Margaret and Capt Thomas JONES

Liverpool Mercury 8th Feb 1913


ANDERSON, Feb 1st, 96 Singleton Ave, Prenton, Harriet Meek, relict of Joseph G. ANDERSON, late of Allerton Rd, Tranmere.

BALLARD, Feb 1st, Sorrento, Queens Dr, Mossley Hill, William Joseph, aged 43, husband of Ruby BALLARD

BEZANT, Feb 4th, 22 Oxford Rd, Waterloo, Alfred aged 81

BROCKLEBANK, Feb 3rd, 27 Cadogan Sq, London, Helen Venetia, aged 3mths, dau of Sir Aubrey and Lady BROCKLEBANK

BURDEN, Feb 2nd, 45 Fernhill St, William, aged 59

CARTER, Feb 2nd, 4 Princes Ave, William, aged 77, M.D, L.L.B, F.R.C.P, J.P, of Taloran, Deganwy, late of Rodney St, Liverpool.

COOKE, Feb 3rd, 59 Uxbridge St, Edward, ex police sgt, latterly visitor seaman’s orphanage.

CORNISH, Feb 4th, 31 Rock Pk, Rock, Ferry, George

COWARD, Feb 3rd, 3 Freshfield Rd, Wavertree, Richard Coppell, aged 72, husband of Annie E.

COX, Feb 2nd, 93 Stanley Rd, Bootle, David Green, husband of M. E.

ELLIS, Feb 1st, at sea as a result of an accident at Point Lynas, Benjamin, aged 47, husband of L. C. ELLIS, 6 Promenade, Egremont, youngest son of the late John ELLIS, of Tranmere and Liverpool Pilot Service.

EVANS, Feb 1st, 25 Ashfield, Wavertree, Margaret daughter of the late Capt Peter EVANS

FALCONER, Feb 2nd, 123 Salisbury Rd, Wavertree, Sarah Ann, aged 44, wife of Frank

FEARON, Feb 5th, Margaret aged 77, wife of the late James

FOYSTER, Feb 3rd, 13 Oakbank Rd, Sefton Pk, Mary A, aged 58, widow of Charles James FOYSTER

GLOVER, Feb 4th, Robbville, Orrell Lane, Jane, aged 74, late of Kirby Hall.

HAYES, Feb 4th, 14 Balmoral Rd, Fairfield. Sarah Matilda, aged 91, widow of the late Joseph Barry HAYES, of this city.

HEARNDEN, Jan 14th, Rawal Pindle, Corp Harry Myers, aged 29, only son of Mrs GEORGE, 6 Brelade Rd, Stoneycroft and the late Harry Godfrey HEARNDEN of Ealing, Middlesex.

HODSON, Feb 4th, 111 Chatsworth St, Edge Hill, Hugh only son of Samuel.

HOLME, Jan 3rd, 17 Tudor Ave, Seacombe, Edward, aged 69, husband of Elizabeth.

JACKSON, Feb 2nd, 64 Burleigh Rd, South, Eva aged 18, dau of William and Mary.

JONES, Feb 5th, 34 Hornby Rd, Bootle, Jeanette, aged 69, widow of the late M, formerly 89 Hornby Rd.

KISSOCK, Feb 4th, 123 Bedford Rd, Bootle, Mary wife of James.

LOLLER, Feb 3rd, 18 Malvern Rd, John, aged 74, ex Insp, Liverpool Police, D Division.

ORR, Jan 29th, 2213 Bagot St, Langston, Ontario, Canada, John brother of Mrs J. Irlam JONES, 56 St Domingo Vale, Everton.

PARKER, Feb 4th, 20 Elgin Dr, Liscard, Alice widow of Matthew

PRICE, Feb 2nd, 2 Wordsworth Ave, Cardiff, Arthur Edward, aged 24, eldest son of Margaret and Edward PRICE, formerly of Liverpool and Birkenhead.

RIDGE, Feb 4th, 10 Tancred Rd, Anfield, De Courcy, aged 81

ROBINSON, Feb 3rd, 31 Carlsbrooke Rd, Jane aged 48, widow of John H.

ROGERS, Feb 2nd, 71 Bishopgate St, James late Insp of L and N.W, Railway

ROSCOE, Feb 1st, niece’s residence, 172 Alderson Rd, Wavertree, Elizabeth, aged 74, widow of the late Thomas William, of Spekefield Cottages, Edge Hill

SUCH, Feb 3rd, 125 Earle Rd, Samuel, aged 67, husband of Jane, 28yrs with Owen Owen.

WATTERS, Feb 5th, Greenholme Maghull, Lucy Clare, eldest dau of Mrs Lucy WATTERS and the late Henry of Newcastle-on-Tyne.

WILLIAMS, Jan 31st, 40 Granville Rd Wavertree, Ann widow of the late Peter of Everton

WILLIAMS, Jan 31st, 67 Adelaide Rd, Mary aged 73, widow of the late Hugh of 51 Holt Rd.

WILLIAMS, Feb 5th, 13 Albert Rd, Tuebrook, late of 96 Albert Edward Rd, Mary, aged 61.

WILLSON, Feb 5th, Cornakill, Glenwyllin Rd, Waterloo, Kate Harriette, widow of the late Capt George R, Cheshire Regt.

WILSON, Jan 31st, 24 Gordon Rd, Seaforth, William, aged 69, late Dock Master, Clarence Dock.


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