ARMSTRONG, Dec 28th 1907, 5 Sandheys Ave, Waterloo, Philippine age 38 wife of Percy S. ARMSTRONG, 99 Marsh Lane Bootle

BROWN, Dec 29th 1907, 71 Leopold Rd, Kensington, Thomas Skelton BROWN age 58.

BURROWS, Dec 30th 1907, 30 Moss Grove Lodge Lane, Eliza age 59 wife of Thomas BURROWS

CLARKE, Dec 28th, 1907, 23 Newcombe St, Anfield, Michael CLARKE age 67

CROWE, Jan 1st 1908, The Beacons, Conway, Mary Elizabeth CROWE age 60.

DELAMAR, Dec 21st 1907, At Fife, Edward Thomas late manager of city drug store, 67 Stanley Rd, Bootle and brother of H. DELAMAR, 23 Northcote Rd Walton

DITCHFIELD, Dec 11th 1907, Cape Palmas Liberia, Edmund Augustus husband of Emily A DITCHFIELD, 4 Courtland Rd Allerton.

HAWORTH, Dec 29th 1907, City Hospital Fazakerley, John James HOWARTH, age 48 of 29 Lamberth Rd, Kirkdale

HIGGINS, Dec 30th 1907, 79 Bedford St, Anne widow of the late Rev Henry H. HIGGINS. M.A. Liverpool and Turvey Abbey Beds.

HUGHES, Dec 30th, 1907, Ann widow of the late George HUGHES, Rose and Crown Demeane St, Seacombe.

IVISON, Dec 31st 1907, at Stanley Hospital, John William IVISON age 30 of 44 Priory Grove, late of Middlesborough, husband of Mary Anna.

JONES Dec 30th 1907, 31 Langton Dock, Annie age 65 wife of Lewis JONES, piermaster

KEANE, Jan 1st 1908, Kingston New Brighton, Mary widow the late J. H. KEANE

McADAM, Dec 1907, Sandfield, New Brighton, Jane wife of F. J. McADAM

Mc CALLUM, Jan 1st 1908, 61 Westbank Rd, B'Head, Dougald infant son of Com and Mrs McCALLUM [see recent births 3 days]

MASON, Dec 8th, 1907, Kansas City, U.S.A, John son of the late George MASON, Almonds Green, West Derby.

MILDENSTEIN, Dec 28th 1907, Alfred Hosp Melbourne, Phoebe Brown only daughter of the late Gregorio MILDENSTEIN.

MOONEN,Dec 30th 1907, 9 Chapel Ave Walton, Ellen age 72 widow of the late William MOONEN of Drogheda OHAGAN, Dec 31st 1907, Main St, Buncrangoo, Donegal, at mothers residence, James husband of Agnes, 57 Boaler St.

PITMAN, Dec 31st 1907, 7 Macdonald St, Wavertree, Walter husband of Martha.

PRENDIVILLE, Dec 30th1907, 4 Vernon Place, Thomas Aloysius age 21.

PYBUS, Dec 31st 1907, 12 Baden Rd, Knotty Ash, William Wright age 76, formerly Middleton House Prescot.

RICE, Dec 29th 1907, 38 Exeter Rd, Bootle, Capt Edmund Stewart RICE age 65

STOCKDALE, Dec 31st 1907, 30 Barlow Lane Kirkdale,Georgina age 25 daughter of James and Hannah STOCKDALE.

THOMAS, Dec 29th 1907, 38 Louis St, Fredrick age 60 and Mary age 61 husband and wife.

WALKER, Jan 1st 1908, South Lodge, Princes Pk, Horace age 70 son of the late Frank WALKER

WHITNEY, Dec 19th 1907, Birkdale, Col Charles A WHITNEY, J.P. 28 Croxteth Rd, late 6th V.B.K.L.R, PM Royal Victoria Lodge P.P.G.D.

WILSON, Dec 30th 1907, 27 Radstock Rd, Fairfield Robert age 55, husband of Annie.



BARRATT, Jan 5th, Derby Arms, 31 Stanley Rd, Bootle John BARRETT age 65, P M, Stanley Lodge [1325] P.P. St B.

BASSNETT, Jan 5th, Laurels, Rawson Rd, Seaforth, Thomas BASSNETT, age 77, late Optician of Liverpool.

BATTY, Nov 7th, 1907, Melbourne Aus, Ernest Oswald youngest son of the late Rev Robert EATON, M.A. and Mrs Elizabeth Dennis BATTY of B'Head.

BEDDOW, Jan 4th, Royal Infirmary age 56, Thomas BEDDOW husband of Harriett, 26 Eastlake St.

BROWNING, Jan 5th, Braid Rd, Edinburgh, James BROWNING, M.A. L.L.D, father of Mrs R.J. KELLETT, 45 Central Pk Ave, Liscard.

CAPNER, Jan 6th, 39 Church Rd, Walton, Arthur Joseph James CAPNER, Husband of M. J. CAPNER, for 30yrs teacher at William Henry St, Council School.

CAVANAGH, Jan 7th, at residence of J. W. DULLEHAN, 29 Boundary Place, Rose CAVANAGH age 103.

COUSINS, Jan 6th, 60 Church Rd, West Walton, James COUSINS, Liverpool Pilot.

HAMPSON, Jan 7th, aged 87, William HAMPSON , 22 Embledon St, for 40 yrs servant of Liverpool C/E Scripture readers Society

HUGHES, Jan 7th, Orwell House, Orwell Rd , Kirkdale, aged 28, Samuel late 2nd officer of the Steamship BYROM, 5th son of the late James HUGHES, Fonthill Rd.

KEYS, Jan 6th, Peel Arms, Whitefield Rd, late of Napier Hotel, Windsor St, Samuel KEYS. aged 35yrs, Masonic Lodge 823.

KIRKMAN, Jan 5th at daughters residence, 5 Saxony Rd, Edward KIRKMAN aged 64 yrs.

MATHWIN, Jan 6th, Lipwood Birkdale, Henry MATHWIN, B.A, J.P aged 80yrs.

McVITIE, perished in the hotel fire Fort Smith, Ark, U.S.A, Dec 21st 1907, James A. McVITIE aged 56yrs, eldest son of Thomas McVITIE of Liscard.

PAIN, Jan 5th, 227 Upper Parliament St, Nora aged 39 wife of H.A. PAIN Dentist

PORTER, Jan 5th, 5 Rossett Ave George PORTER age 81yrs, husband of Sarah, formerly of Comberbach, Northwich.

ROBERTS, Jan 5th, 26 Edge Grange, Fairfield, William ROBERTS aged 85yrs, late surveyor, H.M.S

RUDOLF, Jan 5th, Bilox, Miss, U.S.A, William RUDOLF aged 43 eldest son of the late William Norman RUDOLF of Liverpool.

TATE, Jan 7th, Brampton Cumberland, John TATE, Late of Liverpool.

THOMPSON, Jan 6th, Netherleigh House, Chester, John THOMPSON, M.A, J.P, aged 75yrs.

WALKER, Jan 6th, Turner Home, Dingle, Alexander WALKER husband of Annie 184 Litherland Rd, Bootle. WARD, Jan 4th, Henry husband of the late Annie

WHITEWAY, Jan 6th, 5 Carlton Terrace, Hoylake, Capt William WHITEWAY aged 65yrs.

WILSON, Jan 6th, Borough Hospital, Benjamin WISON, aged 55 late of 1 Olive Cresent B'Head.



ALLEN, Jan 15th 9 Woburn Rd, Liscard home of Son-in-Law W. H. KIDLEY, Ann ALLEN whose husband Henry ALLEN was lost on the Royal Charter in 1859.

ALEXANDER, Jan 13th 33 Cedar Grove, age 59 George husband of Georgina ALEXANDER late 93 Park Rd [P.M. Temple Lodge 1094]

CAMPBELL, Jan 15th, 30 High Park St, Princes Park, age 62, Margaret Mason wife of Dr Marshall John CAMPBELL

COLLINSON, Jan 12th, 24 Carton Ave, Sefton Park, age 52 John William COLLINSON Prof of Music

CORLESS, Jan 10th, killed by an electric street car, Vincent son of Arthur and Agnes CORLESS

DEAN, Jan 13th, at 41 Woodland Rd, Seaforth, age 59, Joseph husband Jane DEAN

GELDERD, Jan 15th, at 15 Beaumont Rd, Princes Park, Ralph GELDERD late of Shrewsbury

GRIFFITHS, Jan 12th, Cheshire Cheese Latchford, age 67 John Roberts GRIFFITHS, P.M, Gilbert Greenhall Lodge, No 1250 and P.Z. Roy Arch Chap Freemasons

HARROWER, Jan 13th, at Caer Fron Ruthin, Fanny Margarette HARROWER youngest dau of the late R. W. PRESTON of Beech hill West Derby

HEPTON, Jan 11th, at Roslyn, Ansdell Lytham age 73 Rev Thomas HEPTON Wesleyan Minister

HERDMAN, Jan 14th, Kylemore Lyndhurst Rd, Wallasey, age 73, Elizabeth widow of the late George HERDMAN of Belfast

HOSKING, Jan 11th, 38 Ashdale Rd, Sefton Park, age 29, Ada wife of William Hosking, also age 3 days William Francis their infant son.

McKENZIE, Jan 14th, 9 Cotswold St Kensington, Elizabeth wife of the late William of Glenluce N.B

McDONNELL, Jan 11th, 72 Arthur St, Dingle, age 50, John McDONNELL Chief Inspector and Drill Instructor Liverpool Police.

MOGRIDGE, Jan 13th, 7 Brentwood Ave, Aigburth Rd, age 70, Richard MOGRIDGE many years with Messers Fredrick Leyland and Co and West Indian and Pacific Steam Pkt Co

NEAL, Jan 14th, Kate Faithful nurse to the children of P and G. COGHILL, 4 Sunnyside, Princes Park

NICHOLAS, Jan 12th aged 49, Martin NICHOLAS over 35yrs with Macfie and sons [Walton 1086 and late P.M. Stanley 1325]

PARKES, Jan 13th, Willoughby St, Muthill Perthshire, age 68, Thomas PARKES Chief Engineer late the Steamership Yorkshire Liverpool

PORTER, Jan 13, aged 55, Richard Houghton PORTER [Cowkeeper]

PRICHARD, Dec 14th, at Rosario, age 57, George Lindsay PRICHARD eldest son of the late Benson A PRICHARD of Bootle

RYLEY, Jan 14th, Thomas Cropper RILEY, Solicitor OF Liverpool, only surviving child of the late James RILEY, Cotton Broker Liverpool

STRANGE, Dec 10th, at sea Reginald George 3rd Engineer of the Steamship NYANGA, Husband of Louise 37 Canterbury Rd, Rock Ferry

TAYLOR, Jan 9th, Toronto Canada, Elizabeth A. H. TAYLOR widow of Howard late Marmion Rd Liverpool

THOMAS, Jan 14th, Ellen 3rd dau Mary and the late John THOMAS, 2 Wainwright St

WATSON, Jan 14th, 32 Peel St, Cadelia Hannah wife of R. WATSON

WILSON, Jan 12th, 77 Ullet Rd, Isabella widow of Henry WILSON M.D, Wavertree


TODD Richard late Selbourne Mews and 5 Richardson St Liverpool died Jan 12th 1907 deeply missed by his widow.



ALDRED Jan 18th, Royal Infirmary, aged 78 Alfred James ALDRED of Holly Cottage Woolton

ATKIN Jan 22nd, Rosedale, Sefton Rd, Litherland, Capt John James ATKIN Late Cunard Line

BLIGHT Jan 16th, at sea aged 60yrs Capt Frederick Seymour BLIGHT of the steamer CASTALIA, Anchoer Line hus of Elizabeth Jane of Northcote, Howbreck Rd, Oxton

BOSTOCK Jan 21st, Hargreaves Rd, Sefton Park, Elizabeth Ann eldest day of the late Lieut Charles BOSTOCK. R.N.

BURNS Jan 21st, 11 Redford Rd, Lower Breck Rd, Kate wife of J. BURNS

CAUTY Dec 29th last, Jacobs Circle Bombay, Mary Evelyn aged 38 wife of E. Lionel CAUTY

COWAN Jan 21st, 267 Marsh Lane Bootle John aged 56 husband of the late Annie ex Liverpool Constabulary

DARLINGTON Jan 22nd, 26 Buckingham Rd, Tuebrook Joseph aged 79 late of Slater St

DAVIES B’Head Borough hospital Alfred age 22 son of Luke and Elizabeth late of H.M.S. BLENHEIM, Royal Naval Reservist and B’Head Postal Dept

DIBDEN Jan 20th, Morning side, Sudworth Rd New Brighton Charlotte Elizabeth wife of Edward Rimbault DIBDEN Curator of the Walker Art Gallery Liverpool

EASTHAM Jan 22nd, 90 Jubilee Dr James Buckley EASTHAM aged 77

GOUGH Jan 19th, 100 Princes Rd, Admiral GOUGH . C.B, 84 son of the late Richard GOUGH Esq J.P, D.C, Kilworth House Leicestershire

GREGORY Jan 21st, 8 Gildow Rd Old Swan William G. GREGORY husband of the late Marion late of New Brighton

HADWEN Jan 21st, 77 Bedford St, Emma aged 62yrs

HAMILL Jan 20th, 144 Netherfield Rd North Hugh aged 35 yrs husband of Margaret [cycling and athletic lodge 2335]

HAMILTON Capt John of Hollybank 108 Seabank Rd Liscard HIBBERT Jan 20th, 48 Kingsland Rd. B’Head, Charles Aged 73, J.P, Late of Godley Hyde eldest son of the late William HIBBERT of the Hollies Godley

HOWARD Dec 17th last, Cape Town S.A, James aged 45 husband of Mabel nee AUSTIN eldest so of the late Richard and Margaret HOWARD of Liverpool and Formby

INGRAM Jan 22nd 12 Brimstage St, B’Head Ellen widow of the late John INGRAM

JONES Jan Rondebosh, Cape Town S.A, Harold Cecil youngest son of W. H. JONES, The Grange, Hooton Cheshire

KENNEDY Jan 21st, Memphis Tennesse William Holder KENNEDY age 50 2nd son John formerly Dessertlands Thornhill Dumfrieshire

LEA Jan 20th, Linwood Mossley Hill, Isabella McLaren wife of John LEA

LILEY Jan 18th, 101 Mount Pleasant William aged 64 husband of Helen [W. LILEY and Co]

LLOYD Jan 21st, 38 Bentley Rd, Richard age 86, [ late sworn Port Gauger this port]

McDOUGALL Dec 27th last, Durban, James Lindsay Mc DOUGALL Chief Engineer and son of Allan and Elizabeth, 36 Esmond St formerly Isle of Whithorn

MOUSLEY Jan 21st, 16 Russian Dr, Rebecca widow of the late Thomas, Surgeon of Ellsmere Salop

OWEN Jan 17th, at fathers residence 62 Brock St, Ann wife of the late Robert OWEN, Pittsburg U.S.A

OWEN Jan 22nd, Councillor David OWEN aged 59, of Merton Terrace Newtown Mont

PATTERSON Jan 16th, Royal Infirmary Arthur Hodgson aged 38 late Chief Engineer African Steamship Co

PEARSON Jan 18th, 14 Wesley St, Waterloo, Cecilia aged 63 wife Daniel and eldest dau of the late William PARR of Litherland interred Sefton Parish Church

ROBINSON Jan 17th, Gambier Terrace Capt Hiram ROBINSON aged 76 of St John N.B

ROBERTS Jan 19th, Chicago, Marianne wife of G. O. ROBERTS eldest dau of Mrs MORRELL late of Cressington

ROBBIE Jan 21st, at daughters residence Mrs M STREDDER, 48 Kirkland Rd. Peter ROBBIE aged 89, late Mariners Chapel No 249

SHARPE Dec 15th last, Arkandish Cottage, 54 Kerford St, Albert Park Victoria Melbourne Sarah wife of Mathew SHARPE late H. M. Customs

SHEARWOOD Jan 21st, Park Station Post Office, Alfred A. husband of Fanny

STEPHENSON Jan 18th, 37 Allerton Rd, Woolton John Wallace age 33, husband of Phamey Varty youngest son of John of N.B [Late New Brighton Tower and Swindon, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club]

WINSLOW Jan 20th, Victoria Park Wavertree Grace Storrs 3rd dau of the late Rev C de B. WINSLOW


NICHOLAS In memory of dear Rees NICHOLAS Late Capt S.S SCHUYLKILL died at Pagoda Anchorage China Jan 21st 1907 aged 45 yrs , missed by wife and children Osmond Terrace Portmadoc

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 1st 1908


CARROLL, Jan 28th, at Aigburth, John, aged 73

COHEN, Dec 31st, at Villa Deeura, Estando, Miranda, Venezuela, Adolfo COHEN, father of Mrs FREEMAN, Pensby Rd, Mrs LIEBESCHUTZ and Flora COHEN of Rosalie, Rocky Lane, Heswall

COURTNEY, Jan 28th, Crosby Villa, Walton Park, Walton, Richard Brereton, aged 64, husband of Henrietta, retired 1904 after 35yrs service as pilot of the port.

CROSBIE, Jan 28th, 12 Rhyl St, John for over 30yrs employed with the Pacific Steam Navigation Co

CROSS, 22 Park Rd, Seacombe, Ann widow of James of Seacombe

DIXON, Jan 29th, 11 St Johns Rd, Wallasey, C Tempest, aged 61

EGERTON, Jan 26th, 88 Gregson St, Charles, aged 67, ex Supt D. Division Liverpool City Police

GASKELL, Jan 26th, Dunallan, Prenton, Sarah, aged 75, widow of the late John of Rosebank, Heswall

GREEN, Jan 17th, Robert, aged 36, son of Henry, Crosby Hotel, Great Crosby.

HIGNETT, Jan 27th, Whinmoor, Sandfield Park, West Derby, Arthur Walton, aged 38, husband of Annie Gertrude and 3rd son of the late John HIGNETT of Liverpool

HUGHES, Jan 26th, 3 Harcourt Ave, Seacombe, Thomas Henry, aged 19, eldest son of Thomas and Hannah HUGHES, Late of New Dock Hotel, Dock Station, Birkenhead

JONES, Jan 20th, Rondebosh, Cape Town, S.A. Harold Cecil, youngest son of W. H. JONES, The Grange, Hooton, Cheshire

KIDWELL, Jan 20th, on the steamer GEORGIC, Capt Thomas KIDWELL, Lieut, R.N.R, husband of M. M. KIDWELL, of Wallasey, late of Waterloo

KITCHEN, Jan 27th, Vernon William, aged 60, for many years with “Journal of Commerce”, 67 South Hill Rd, Dingle

LANGLEY, Jan 29th, Alington, Prenton, Anne, 2nd dau of the late Samuel

LAUNDON, Jan 15th, New York, Mrs M. E, late of Liverpool

MILNE, Jan 27th, 11 Avanley Place, Claughton, Mary, aged 78, widow of the late Robert of Oxton

NEGROPONTE, Jan 29th, result of a tramway accident, Constantine P, aged 80, husband of Angelique, 26 Harwarden Ave

O’NEILL, Jan 7th, San Francisco, Arthur William, aged 31, son of Emily and the Late Capt Charles O’NEILL [16yrs with C. T. BOWRING and Co]

PICKERING, Jan 27th, 78 Woodchurch Rd, William husband of Hannah

RAMSDALE, Jan 27th, Penywain Rd, Cardiff, Edith wife of Capt S, and dau of the late, William ANDREWS of Liverpool

RANCE, Jan 27th, 132 Rosslyn St, St Michaels, William aged 77, interred at Smithdown Rd

ROBSON, Jan 27th, 17 Fernwood Rd, Elias, aged 67

SPENLEY, Jan 26th, 8 Drysdale St, William, aged 57, husband of Sarah J, [34yrs with Liverpool Ttramways]

STEPHENS, Jan 29th, 112 Ashbourne Rd, Aigburth, Sammy, aged 96

STRANG, Jan 27th, Coombe Lodge, West Derby, Mary Smith daughter of the late Matthew STRANG, Merchant this city

TAIT, Jan 5th, Alwal, North, Cape Colony, Francis [Frank] husband of Edith Ruth, of Anfield

THOMLINSON, Jan 28th, Hannah, aged 69, widow of the late James of Halebank

TOOLE, Jan 28th, 84 Sheil Rd, Liverpool, Terence, aged 3yrs 8mths, only child of William, Calgary Canada

WRIGHT, Jan 28th, 147 Bridge St, Birkenhead, Edward, aged 63, youngest son of the late Rev James WRIGHT of Latchford, Warrington

Liverpool Mercury Feb 8th 1908


BOYES, Feb 5th, son-in-laws residence, Castle Hotel, Liscard, Margaret 76, widow of the late William BOYES late of the Hermitage Inn, 101 Cherry Lane, Walton

BRUCE, Jan 24th, 150 Smithdown Lane, of acute bronchitis, Matilda aged 80, widow of the late William Wallace BRUCE, Shipbroker, Liverpool

CADDOW, Feb 3rd, Percy Inglis youngest son of the late John, underwriter, this city.

CAREGAN, Feb 3rd, 53 Burscough St, Ormskirk, Janie wife of Dr Owen J. CAREGAN

CLAMPITT, Feb 4th, Merton Rd, Bootle, Mary Ann, aged 70 wife of Richard Vooght CLAMPITT

COUPE, Feb 1st, 24 Serpentine Rd, Liscard, Joseph, aged 69, formerly of Douglas.

CRAIG, Dec 25th 1907, accidentally drowned with his wife whilst yachting on a lake near Rustenberg, South Africa, Lieut Hugh S. CRAIG. S.AC, 3rd son of the late Robert CRAIG of Formby.

CROOKS, Feb 3rd, 49 Great George St, Elizabeth aged 86, nee DEVAYNES, widow of the late Capt Joseph CROOKS

DICKIE, Feb 4th, Alexander 5th son of the late George DICKIE, Timber merchant, Birkenhead

DICKINS, Feb 5th, 11 Britannia Rd, Liscard, Arthur Watkins infant son of Charles B. and Lottie G. DICKINS

DOWNES, Feb 5th, 7 Albert Edward Rd, Kensington, Margaret wife of George.

EDWARDS, Feb 2nd, 28 Prescot St, Thomas aged 48

FINNEY, Feb 4th, Huyton House, Huyton, Charles Frederick. J.P.

GARROW, Feb 5th, 27 Dombey St, Ruth aged 84, widow of the late William.

GIBBONS, Feb 2nd, Elm Lea, Linnet Lane, Edward, aged 56, youngest son of the late John of Kensington

HUTTON, Feb 5th, Stanley Mount, Anfield Rd, Emma, aged 74, relict of Robert HUTTON.

LEATHERBARROW, Feb 2nd, 53 Moor Lane, Alice, aged 69, widow of the late James, Great Crosby.

MC ARTHUR, Feb 3rd, Louisa Caroline aged 56, widow of the late James, 39 Nuttall St.

MC FALL, Feb 4th, Bankfield Rd, West Derby, John aged 83, Freeman of Liverpool.

MEIKLE, Feb 2nd, 42 Holland St, Fairfield, formerly of Monte Video, Uruguay, William aged 71, husband of Elizabeth C. MEIKLE

MYLES, Jan 20th, Smithfield, U.S.A, Catherine Ann wife of Rev W. G. MYLES, eldest dau of the late George PAYNTER.

O’NEILL, Feb 1st, 20 Albany Rd, Kensington, James husband of Agnes

PATTERSON, Feb 2nd, 22 Thornycroft Rd, James aged 85

PETERS, Feb 6th, 6 Bagot St, thre Rev George, vicar of St Thomas Mission Ch, Grosvenor Rd, Wavertree.

REID, Feb 4th, The Heights, Ainsdale, Innes aged 4, son of Hugh and Pollie REID.

RIMMER, Feb 1st, 118 South Rd, Waterloo, Frederic James, husband of Frances B.

RUDGE, Feb 2nd, 3 St Pauls Rd, Rockferry, Georgina [Georgie] daughter of Ernest and Ellen.

SMITH, Feb 1st, 60 Cranborne Rd, Charlotte aged 77, widow of the late Rev Eben SMITH.

TEAL, Feb 2nd, Seldon St, Kensington, William aged 67, formerly of Egremont.

TOMLINSON, Feb 4th, 37 Seldon St, Elizabeth aged 66, relict of the late John, 171 Stanley Rd.

WEBSTER, Jan 30th, Ingarsby, Duncan, Vancouver Island, Richard A. late of Liverpool

WHITLEY, Feb 4th, 47 Victoria Rd, Tranmrer, Arabella Forrest, aged 83, widow of the late James, engineer of Tranmere.

WILLAN, Feb 4th, at daughter’s residence, 3 Wylva Rd, George aged 91, husband of the late Elizabeth.

WINDHAM, Feb 1st, Langdale, Banks Ave, Great Meols, Capt J. Arthur WINDHAM, husband of Jane and for 28yrs in the service of the Elder Dempster Co.


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