Deaths 1907

Liverpool Mercury, January 5th, 1907


AUNGIER, Jan 2nd, 2 Larkfield View, Wavertree, Dr Mark, aged 32.

BARDSWELL, Dec 29th, at New Orleans, Gerald Roscoe, 3rd son of Henry H. BARDSWELL of Larkfield, Southport

BLEZARD, Dec 31st, Pool Park, Ruthin, Robert, aged 94

BRANCKER, Jan 2nd, The Shanty, Mossley Hill, Emily Margaret, aged 55, 4th dau of John BRANCKER of Greenock

DE GEIMAN, Dec 28th, 6 Devonshire Rd, Col Robert, late Imperial Russian Consul.

DOYLE, Dec 30th, 4 Glover St, Mary for over 40yrs in the family of the late Maxwell SCOTT, Birkenhead.

GAMBRILLE, Dec 28th, 99 Alexander Rd, Great Crosby, Capt John. G.

GOOSSENS, Dec 30th, Eugene, aged 61, at the residence of Dr John BLIGH. J.P, 109 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool.

GRAVES, Dec 29th, West Kirby, Isabel, aged 58, dau of the late John Samuel Graves, OF Woodbine Hill, Devonshire, formerly head mistress of the Girl’s High School, Higher Tranmere, Birkenhead.

GRIFFIN, Jan 2nd, 36 Green Lane, Stoneycroft, P. J, husband of Catherine.

JOHNSON, Dec 30th, at the Royal Infirmary, Dr Benjamin Pitt JOHNSON, aged 45, for upwards of 16 yrs in the Cunard Service, latterly of H.M.S CARONIA.

JONES, Dec 29th, at the Royal Infirmary, Jemima, widow of the late John, watchmaker, formerly of 42 Egerton St.

LLOYD, Dec 26th, Neuwied-on-the-Rhine, Gwladys Annie Procter, aged 18, eldest dau of Edward Lewis and Annie LLOYD, Linden Lea, Richmond, Terrace.

LYONS, Dec 22nd, at sea on his homeward voyage, Capt Francis John, aged 38, of 5 Heathfield Rd, Oxton, husband of Maggie.

MCCARTNEY – FILGATE, Dec 30th, Lowtherstone, Balbriggan, County, Dublin, Townley Patten Hume, aged 65, youngest son of the late George Hume MC CARTNEY of Lissanoire Castle, County, Antrim.

MOFFAT, Dec 30th, Bromborough, John, Consul in Liverpool for the Republic of Salvador

MOFFAT, Dec 29th, Robert son of the late Robert of Riddrie Park, Hamilton, Glasgow and Elizabeth MOFFAT, 37 Maskell Rd, Stanley.

MORRIS, Dec 31st, 26 Church Rd, Seacombe, Thomas, aged 62, husband of Emma.

NICHOLSON, Dec 28th, Whinfield, Albert Rd, Southport, Hannah, aged 96, wife of Richard, J.P.

OWEN, Dec 27th, Laird St, Post Office, Birkenhead, Robert G, Chemist, husband of S. A.

PARKES, Dec 28th, 16 Clinton Rd, Commander Charles B, R.N.R, husband of Allie Maud.

PEARCE, Dec 30th, 27A Walton Rd, John, aged 54, Dental Surgeon, husband of Annie.

PREECE, Jan 2nd, Marie wife of Richard, Ashleigh, Park Rd, South Birkenhead.

PRINCE, Dec 27th, New York, Herbert of La Guaira and Buckley, Chester.

STEEL, Dec 30th, 20 Premier St, Everton, Frank, aged 51, late engineer Rangoon rice mills.

SWAINSON, Jan 2nd, 66 Church St, Egremont, Jane Violet, aged 49, wife of J. H.

WARBURTON, Dec 31st, at Woolton, Henry, aged 55, 37yrs as postman.

WHITTAKER, Dec 31st, 38 Boundary Lane, Eleanor wife of Andrew

WILLIAMS, Jan 1st, 4 Calton Ave, Sefton Park, Gwen, aged 64, wife of W, late of, 9 Verulam St.

In Memorial

KERR, on loving memory of James KERR, late Chief Inspector, Great Howard St, Goods station, L and Y Railway, passed suddenly on Dec 30th 1904, always remembered by his loving wife.

MCCLUSKEY, In loving memory of my dear sisters, Kate MC CLUSKEY, who departed this life, Jan 1st, 1899 and Elizabeth [Lily] on March 28th, 1906, R.I.P, Sadly missed.

Liverpool Mercury Jan 12th 1907


BEACHER, Jan 8th, 17 Duro Place, Edge Lane, William Henry, aged 65

BEAUSIRE, Jan 9th, Brighton, Joseph of Wethersfield, Noctorum, Birken head, aged 74

BEVAN, Jan 7th, 103 Chatham St, Mary Ellen dau of the late Richard of Leyfield, West Derby

BIRD, Jan 6th, Jane of Ivy Cottage, Hoylake

BIRD, Jan 7th, Edward Wrangham, J.P, of Bebington, Cheshire, aged 73

BLUNDELL, Jan 7th, 50 Spencer St, Margaret dau of the late Thomas Lawrenson, Insurance Agent

BRISCOE, Jan 9th, Rake Lane, Bromsborough, Joseph, aged 66

CROSS, Jan 7th, 9 Royal Ave West, Onchan, I.O.M, Anna, aged 87, widow of the late John of Dingle Hill, Liverpool

DAY, Jan 2nd, Arcachon, France, Walter 3rd son of Capt Robert DAY, 16 Mill Lane, Liscard

EMERY, Jan 7th, Royal Infirmary, George, aged 25, eldest son of Thomas and Mary of Thorburn St.

ESKRIGGE, Jan 9th, Fir Cottage, New Brighton, Eliza aged 76, widow of the late Robert Atkinson ESKRIGGE. J.P

ESPLEY, Jan 7th, 132 Wellington Rd, wife of Richard, aged 64

GRICE, Jan 6th, 2a Ivy Leigh, Tuebrook, John, aged 67, late of Frodsham

GWINNELL, Jan 8th, 21 Briardale Rd, Sefton Park, Elizabeth widow of the late R. C. H. GWINNELL of New Brighton

HAGGER, Jan 4th, New York, John Whitemarsh, youngest son of Henry Joseph of Blundell Sands

HOWIE, Jan 7th, 9 Barnard Rd, Claughton, George Ogilvie, aged 47

KENT, Jan 5th, Grafton St, Hospital, Sophia [Maggie], aged 33, dau of the late William and Mary of Maryport. Cumberland and the Mona Hotel, James St. Liverpool

KIDD, Jan 5th, Bollin Bank, Bollington, William, aged 83, husband of Martha

KNOWLES, Jan 7th, The Woodlands. Southport, Letitia, aged 90, widow of John KNOWLES, Darcy Lever, Old Hall, and dau of Robert MILLINGTON, Ordsall House, Nottinghamshire

MC CABE, Jan 7th, Lynton Rd, Gravesend, London, Eddie husband of Frannie [nee BOND]

MACDONALD, Dec 15th 1906, New Somerset Hospital, Cape Town, on his way to Australia, Henry Osborne, husband of Ada

MC NAMEE, Jan 5th, 17 Bridge Rd, Litherland, John, aged 35, School Board visitor, husband of Ellen

MAWDSLEY, Jan 6th, 3 West View, Ormskirk, James, aged 80, Provision dealer, The Cross, Ormskirk

MAWDSLEY, Jan 7th, 129 Cranbourne Rd, Amelia, aged 65, relict of the late Thomas MAWDSLEY of Toxteth Park.

MULLER, Jan 7th, Kersland, Prestatyn, John, aged 63, formerly of Liverpool and West Kirby

MOLYNEUX, Jan 4th, Clonlee, Blundellsands, late of Kirkdale, Joseph, aged 73, P.M, Kirkdale Lodge, No 1,756

OWEN, Jan 9th, The Hollies, Liscard Rd, Egremont, May 2nd dau of the late Joseph and Margaret

OXLEY, Jan 7th, 21 Charlotte St, Egremont, James [Daddy], late Capt of the Wallasey Ferry

PRESTON, Jan 8th, Stanley House, Oakhill Park, Robert, aged 71

REID, Jan 7th, 9 Barnard Rd, Claughton, res of her daughter, Mrs REID of 71 Shewsbury Rd, Birkenhead, widow of Thomas, solicitor and Banker, Moffat. N.B

RILEY, Jan 9th, Hildaville, Manor Rd, Liscard, Bernard, aged 62, husband of Harriet

RINGLAND, Jan 7th, Liscard, Robert, aged 50, 4th son of William RINGLAND Jnr of Southport and Liverpool

SCHUTT, Jan 7th, 98 Thorneycroft Rd, Wavertree, August

SHAKESPEAR, Jan 8th, Mona Hotel, James St, John Onesimus, aged 55

SIEMMS, Jan 7th, Frederick D. S, of 33 Cambridge Ave, Kilburn, London and 172 Grove St. Liverpool

SMITH, Jan 8th, 15 Lambton St, St Michaels, Richard, aged 88, husband of Ann, 48yrs with the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board.

WATKIN, Jan 6th, 45 Ivy Leigh, Tuebrook, Elizabeth, wife of James, dau of the late Thomas and Mary SHINGLER of Whixall Mill, Whitechurch, Shropshire

WINTERBOTTOM, Jan 5th, City Hospital, Fazakerley, Hilda May, aged 10, only dau of Thomas and Eleanor of 117 North Hill St.

WOODS, Jan 6th, Peel Farm, Maghull, John, aged 65

WOOLER, Jan 5th, Otterspool Farm, Aigburth, Elizabeth, aged 85, widow of the late Stephen, late Dingle Farm, Aigburth

Liverpool Mercury 19th, Jan 1907


ABERCROMBY, Jan 13th, Royal Infirmary, Walter, aged 34, late of Oban Rd, Anfield

BARKER, Jan 10th, 81 Aigburth Rd, William, aged 86, for many years, Corporation surveyor

BETHELL, Jan 15th, 46 Church Rd, Higher Tranmere, John, aged 63, husband of H. M.

BOOTE, Jan 10th, 7 Merlin St, Charles, aged 77, husband of Sarah Ann [for 54yrs shipsmith at Cower Clayton and Co]

BURNSTINE, Jan 8th, Yonkers. N.Y, I Sumner, husband of Ray Mackey and formerly of Liverpool.

FAIRCLOUGH, Jan 13th, daughters residence, 16 Duke St, Douglas, I.O.M, Margaret A, aged 62, wife of the late John of Gateacre

GAMBLE, Jan 15th, Briar’s Hey, Rainhill, William, aged 55, J.P, C.C, 2nd son of Sir David GAMBLE Bart. K.C.B.

GLOVER, Jan 12th, Oakleigh, Marlborough, Alfred James, aged 39, 2nd son of the late James of Blundellsands and Liverpool

GRIFFITH, Jan 13th, Glan Menai, Garth, Bangor, Margaret, aged 78, widow of Capt S. Hughes GRIFFITH. [American and Australian papers copy]

HARRISON, Jan 15th, Southport, Eliza Ellen [Lillie] aged 51, eldest dau of the late J. B. HARRISON, Blundellsands.

HIGGIN, Jan 15th, 6 Olive Mount, Wavertree, Lawrence, aged 62, husband of Eliza

KAY, Jan 16th, 71 Newsham Dr, late of Lichfield, Edge Lane, William, aged 66

KNIGHT, Jan 14th, 199 Falkner St, Catherine Scott, aged 64, 23yrs Superintendent of the Day Industrial School, Park Lane.

LLOYD, Jan 13th, 23 Aspen Grove, Julia, aged 65, wife of Thomas

LOVELL, Jan 13th, 64 Bedford St, Katherine, aged 75, widow of John, this city.

MURDOCH, Jan 14th, 66 Norwood Grove, Mary, aged 83, wife of Hugh

NELSON, Jan 16th, 8 Denton Dr, Liscard, Ann, widow of Capt Robert NELSON of Liverpool

NICHOLLS, Jan 12th, 21 Rock Park, Rock Ferry, Frank Giddings, aged 55

RIMMER, Jan 13th, Anfield Hotel, Walton, Arthur last surviving son of Annie and the late James RIMMER

ROBERTS, Jan 13th, Pensby Rd, Heswall, Police Sgt Joseph, aged 38, husband of Mary

SLAVIN, Jan 12th, 69 Park Rd, Bootle, R. J. Marine surveyor this city, son of John and Mary.

STEEL, Jan 15th, 36 Westbere Rd, W. Hampstead. N.W, Josephine widow of Edmond F. STEEL of Liverpool

STEELE, Jan 14th, Mayfield, Caldy Rd, West Kirby, Herbert, aged 29, 3rd son of the late John

SUMNER, Dec 27th, 179 S. Sangamon St, Chicago, Edmund, aged 54, only son of the late Edmund of Rye, Ground Lane, Freshfield

TAYLOR, Jan 16th, Wirral Lodge, Oxton, Birkenhead, Edmund. J.P, aged 75

TURNER, Jan 14th, Dolphin Hotel, Sarah St, Everton, late of 181 Marsh Lane, Bootle, Agnes, aged 66, wife of the late Thomas W. TURNER

WEIGH, Jan 13th, 2 Tramway Terrace, Douglas. I.O.M, Alice Eliza, eldest dau of the late William WEIGH, formerly of Manchester

WOODHOUSE, Jan 12th, 97 North Hill St, Mary, aged 77, wife of the late Horatio

WOODS, Jan 12th, 6 Marine Terrace, Waterloo, George, aged 80, of George Woods and Son, Bootle

WOOLFALL, Jan 13th, 38 Palmerston Rd, Garston, John, aged 68

WYLIE, Jan 12th, Athelstone, Noctorum, Birkenhead, Richard Aspinall


RILEY, Mrs Riley and family wish to thank friends for kind sympathy and floral tributes in their recent sad bereavement, Hildaville, Manor Rd, Liscard

Liverpool Mercury Jan 26th, 1907


ARNOLD, Jan 7th, Buenos Ayres, Capt W. E. [Steamer HYLAS], husband of Eleanor, 2 Beaconsfield St, Liverpool

ARNOLD, Jan 22nd, 25 Lowerbreck Rd, Mary A, relict of Capt Robert, [Cunard Line]

ASHCROFT, Jan 23rd, 13 Earp St, Garston, Agnes, aged 26, wife of John Henry

BACON, Jan 22nd, Bournemouth, Tapley, eldest surviving son of S. S. BACON, of Gateacre

BELL, Jan 21st, Robert Foster, aged 23, husband of Alice, eldest son of R. M. and M. BELL, 7 Grove Rd, Fairfield

BRUCE, Jan 22nd, 26 Webster Rd, Thomas, aged 30, eldest son of William and Annie

CATTLEY, Jan 23rd, 30 Peel St, Stephen Thomas, aged 72, late Lieut Col, Canadian Militia Force

CHAMBERS, Jan 20th, 13 Curzon Park, Chester, Frank H, aged 44, 3rd son of the late James of Liverpool

CLARKE, Jan 23rd, Francis, aged 31, husband of Elizabeth D, Argyle Hotel, Birkenhead

COCKBURN, Jan 20th, 7 Childwall Ave, Webster Rd, late of 12 Earle Rd, Janet, aged 67, wife of James

DARBYSHIRE, Jan 18th, Thrapson, Weld Rd, Birkdale, Rev Benjamin Stewart, M.A, Oxton, aged 61, 4th son of the late Benjamin. J.P, of Claughton, Birkenhead

ELLAMS, Jan 21st, 107 Sefton Rd, Litherland, Jeanie wife of Richard only dau of the late Robert GREENWOOD of Heywood, Lancs

GOODWIN, Jan 21st, 111 Lark Lane, Sefton Park, Francis, aged 84

GREEN, Jan 20th, Rev Edward Dyer, M.A, Rector of Bromborough, aged 92

HEMDRY, Jan 21st, 23 Carnarvon Rd, Stratford, London, Daniel, aged 77, late engineer National Steamship Co

LEE, Jan 21st, Ivy Cottage, Hoylake, Elizabeth Everard, aged 84

MERCER, Jan 21st, Miss Elizabeth, late of 122 Canning St

NICHOLSON, Jan 19th, Great Float Hotel, Seacombe, Thomas husband of Alice J, aged 36

O’CONNOR, Jan 22nd, Langdale Rd, New Brighton, John Arthur husband of Helena

PARISH, Jan 19th, 1 Lincoln Dr, Liscard, Thomas aged 92, late of Great Barr, father of M. GRIFFIN

PHILLIPS, Jan 23rd, 192 Claughton Rd, Birkenhead, John, aged 69

PREES, Jan 22nd, 38 Lower Breck Rd, William Marpole, aged 52, L.R.C.P. Edin, M.R.C.S. Eng

RAWLINSON, Jan 19th, 115 Latham St, John husband of Mary, as a result of an accident at Great Howard St. Station.

RIDLER, Jan 20th, Oakfield, Aigburth, William Joseph, aged 76

ROBINSON, Jan 22nd, Mill Rd. Hospital, aged 22, dau of Albert ROBINSON, 272 West Derby Rd, Tuebrook

SCOWCROFT, Jan 19th, Fern Hill, New Brighton, Sarah Helen, aged 75, late of the Thorns, Astley Bridge, Bolton

SHIELDS, Jan 13th, through the wreck of the PENGWERN, near Cuxhaven, Hamburg, John Henry, aged 46, husband of Martha and eldest son John Jay SHIELDS, of Rome, New York. U.S.A.

SMITH, Lost at sea, Jan 4th, Christian husband of Ellen, late of Walton

TEARE, Jan 19th at 25 Earle Rd, John E, aged 59, of 1 Earle Rd

WHITFORD, Jan 19th, 11 The Summit, Martin’s Lane, Liscard, Mary Ellen, aged 68, widow of the late Richard Henry

WILLIAMS, Jan 22nd, 239 Boundary St, Helen wife of L. Edward, M.R.C.S, England

WITTER, Dec 29th, Cape Town. S.A. Teaney, wife of Thomas, formerly of Liverpool.

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 2nd 1907


ALMOND, Jan 25th, Liverpool, James, aged 57 of Brooklyn. N.Y.

ATKINS, Jan 29th, 38 Kinglake St, William George, aged 65, husband of Elizabeth, for many years with MILNER’s Safe Co Ltd.

BABINGTON, Jan 26th, Glenmonston, Eastham, Thomas Henry youngest son of the late Matthew of Rothley Temple, Leicestershire.

BECKETT, Dec 5th 1906, at Elbedde Feudalton, nr Christchurch N.Z, Thomas Wrench Naylor, aged 68, eldest son of the late William Henry BECKETT of Dyffryn Dulas, Llandulas and Liverpool

BELL, Jan 29th, 13 Woodside St the wife of T. W. BELL nee Louisa Maude PRICE [see births] .

DICKENSON, Jan 28th, aged 59, John of Liverpool, 2nd son of the late John DICKENSON, Red How, Cumberland.

CARR, Jan 26th, 20 Hemer Terrace, Bootle, William, aged 73, late scripture reader of St John’s Bootle, St Nicholas, Sutton and St Leonard’s Bootle.

FOARD, Jan 26th, Lancaster Rd, Birkdale, James Thomas, aged 76, Barrister at Law, Northern Circuit.

HAYES, Jan 26th, 18 Devon Ave, Liscard, Daisy, aged 23, nee MACPHERSON, wife of H. M. HAYES, New Jersey, U.S.A.

INGRAM, Jan 26th, 10 Elizabeth St, Thomas Blaylock, aged 71, late Supt, GPO, Liverpool.

JENKINS, Jan 30th, Goodie Mount, Anfield Rd, Clement Glyn Ivor, aged 16, youngest son of Jane and Capt J. R. JENKINS

KENYON, Jan 26th, Chester, John husband of Mary, late Capt Wallasey Ferries.

KITCHEN, Jan 28th, 32 Peter Rd, Walton, Charles William, aged 49, husband of Annie A, Late Toxteth Lodge of Freemasons No 1356.

NORMAN, Jan 24th, 7 Sefton Rd, Rock Ferry, Ann, aged 72, wife of John

OWEN, Jan 28th, 7 Empress Rd, Liscard, Lily, wife of W. E, late of Welsh Frankton, and 3rd dau of the late Henry MC CRACKEN, Edge Hill.

RIVERS, Jan 11th, San Diego, California, Capr RIVERS of the ship A. G. ROPES, U.S.A.

ROBERTSON, Jan 17th, Wokingham, Berks, James, aged 30, 2nd son of James and Jessie, 56 The Drive Ilford, late of Anfield Rd.

SAWREY, Jan 26th, Swan Hotel Ramsey, I.O.M. Minnie youngest daughter of the late M. P and Esther SAWREY.

SLATER, Jan 16th, Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.A. Edward 2nd son of Alice and the late George of Birkenhead.

STEWART, Jan 25th, 27 Croxteth Grove, William G, aged 90, formerly Asst collector of H.M Customs Liverpool.

WINGATE, Jan 30th, William Francis 2nd son of the late Capt WINGATE “Hamar” Lodge, Freemasons Everton Chapter 823, 91 St Domingo Vale.

In Memorial

ILM of my dear husband Robert JACKMAN died Jan 28th 1904 at Tudor Rd, Tranmere, “Till the day breaks and the shadows flee away.” from his wife and family.

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 9th 1907


ATKIN, Feb 2nd, Egerton Pk, Rock Ferry, George, JP, aged 85

BALFOUR, Feb 2nd, Aberdeen, Mary, aged 45, late of Tuebrook.

BATTY, Feb 6th, 6 Reedville, Claughton, Elizabeth Dennis, aged 83, widow of the late Rev Elton BATTY, M.A, Oxton.

BENNETT, Feb 4th, Seaview Lodge, Liscard, Eliza Mary, aged 62, widow of the late George of Stainburn, Liscard.

CHAIN, Feb 4th, 44 Juvenal St, Alexander L.R.C.P and S, Edinburgh, surgeon

CORNAH, Feb 1st, 25 Empress Rd, Rowland husband of Margaret [of the Liverpool Post and Mercury]

CRABB, Feb 5th, 64 Southbank Rd, Southport, Joseph, aged 37, husband of E and late engineer White Star Line.

CUNLIFFE, Feb 2nd, Accidentally at James St, station, William of 131 Elmswood Rd, Tranmere, late of Messers Worrall and Co this city.

EDMISTON, Feb 3rd, Dellside, Heswall, Sarah Hyde, aged 75, widow of the late Robert of Montserrat and daughter of the late Francis BURKE of Montserrat, West Indies.

GAMBLE, Feb 4th, Windlehurst, St Helens, Sir David GAMBLE. Bart, K.CB, aged 84

HENDERSON, Feb 5th, Westfield, Trafalgar Rd, Birkdale, Anne Elizabeth, aged 68, widow of William Gavin HENDERSON of Liverpool

JACKSON, Feb 4th, 22 St James Rd, New Brighton, Lily wife of William, youngest dau of the late Robert B. DUNNETT of Liverpool.

JACKSON, Feb 5th, 21 Highfield South, Rock Ferry, Ellen

JONES, Feb 6th, 1 Wellington Rd, New Brighton, Wife of Henry, nee Sarah Kay ASHWORTH.

KITTO, Jan 31st, Okeip, Ramsey, I.O.M, William, JP, aged 79.

KNOTT, Feb 4th, 63 Vandyke St, Kate [Katie] aged 13, only dau of William and Lilly.

LIVESLEY, Feb 5th, 55 Old Mill Lane, Formby, May wife of J. A.

LLOYD, Feb 3rd, 21 Cheltenham Ave, Capt William late of the ship BALASORE, husband of S. A.

MC KERROW Feb 5th, 1 The Grove, Somerville, Seacombe, Gavin aged 68, husband of Margaret W.

MIDDLETON, Feb 3rd, 60 Conyers St, Kirkdale, Mary Ellen wife of William.

MURDOCH, Feb 6th, 13 Sandon St, Capt Henry, aged 64, for many years in the employment of Messers THOMPSON ANDERSON and Co.

OWEN, Feb 2nd, 94 St Domingo Grove, Everton, Jane aged 81, relict of Capt Edward OWEN, Late Upper Bangor, Wales.

QUAYE, Feb 2nd, 93 Medlock St, Kirkdale, John George, eldest son of the late Manasseh QUAYE, Peel, I.O.M, interred at Anfield.

ROWBOTHAM, Jan 5th, Vrededorp, Johannesburg, South Africa, Walter Hoyland, late of New Brighton

SHARROCK, Seabank Rd, Egremont, James Hudson, aged 69, for 27yrs chief engineer Inman Steamship Co.

SNODDY, Feb 3rd, 62 Hawden St, Mary Ann, nee CUNNINGHAM, wife of Thomas.

TAYLOR, Jan 3rd, 37 Winslow St, Walton, Eliza, aged 32, wife of Walter A.

THRELFALL, Feb 3rd, 19 Hyde Park, Terrace, W, Thomas aged 64, Trinity College, Cambridge, of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law, eldest son of the late John, Mayor of Salford and Liverpool.

TURNER, Feb 3rd, 77 St Oswald St, Old Swan, George Robert, aged 26, eldest son of the late George, formerly of Hoylake.

WESTHEAD, Feb 4th, Royal Infirmary, William, aged 62 of 223 Warbreck-Moor, Aintree, late of Lytham.

WHALLEY, Feb 4th, 4 Sandon St, Waterloo, Flora Douglas, aged 56, widow of the late Edward, seed merchant this city.

WILLIAMS, Feb 6th, 294 Kensington, Edith Ann [Sissie] aged 22, dau of John Richard and Mary.

Liverpool Mercury

16th Feb 1907


CALDER, Feb 12th, 12 Alexander Dr, Princes Pk, James Mitchell, aged 80

CLARKE, Feb 10th, 1 Rockland Rd, Waterloo, Nurse CLARKE, aged 58

DAVIES, Jan 4th, Calgary, Canada, Lylie, aged 32, wife of Arthur DAVIES and youngest dau of F. W. CUFF of Liverpool

DENTITH, Jan 31st, Kentville, Nova Scotia, late of New Brighton, William Bancroft husband of Isabella Charlotte, and father of Emily Grace BARON, 3 Lower Breck Rd, Liverpool

ELLIS, Feb 12th, 38 Circular Dr, Port Sunlight, Thomas aged 72, husband of Mary.

FEENY, Margaret Macrae, aged 50, wife of Peter Joseph of Roselands Formby and eldest dau of the late William FOWLS late of Runcorn and Halebank, Widnes.

HAMILTON, Feb 9th, 14 Welfield Rd, Aintree, Capt James, aged 56

HARRIS, Feb 9th, Las Palmas, Arthur Edward aged 24

HASELDEN, Feb 11th, The Grange, Cronton, Miss Ann, dau of the late Charles and Ellen HASELDEN, Leyland, and sister of Mrs Richard LEWIS

HUGHES, Feb 9th, 91 Dacy Rd, Anfield, Elizabeth nee MILBURN, wife of John, district corporation surveyor

KNOWLES, Feb 12th, 24 Rhiwlas St, Thomas late of Marine Surveyors Dept, MD and HB.

LAMBERT, Feb 12th, 6. Bosnia St, Dingle, William John, aged 52, for many years with the GLC [Brunswick station]

LIDDINGTON, Feb 3rd, Mansfield, Notts, formerly of Liverpool, William Hunter aged 37, husband of Emily eldest son of the late Henry LIDDINGTON of Everton.

LYDIATT, Feb 8th, Rose Dale, Hawarden Ave, Birkenhead, Charlotte Elizabeth, 4th dau of the late Rev Thomas LYDIATT

MAXWELL, Feb 8th, at Nice, Thomas eldest son of the late Thomas of Dumpark, Dumfrieshire and Abercromby Sq, Liverpool.

OLDFIELD, Feb 10th, Brackenbed House, Halifax, Benjamin aged 51

PHILLIPS, Feb 12th, 183 Edge Lane, Thomas aged 96, late of 6 North John St.

RATCLIFFE, Feb 11th, 14 Marsh St, Richard aged 64, husband of the late Ann.

READ, Feb 10th, 3 Arlington Ave, Sefton Pk, Lewis B, husband of Florence, nee WAYMAN.

ROED, Feb 13th, 96 Littledale Rd, Seacombe, Frederick son of Capt N. F.

SCRIBOT, Feb 13th, at Villa Margueritta, Rue-de-Bellevue, Boulogne-sur-Siene, Paris, Leopold, late chef at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

STEADMAN, Feb 8th, George, aged 49, husband of Mary Jane of 17 Violet St, vice chairman Liverpool W.M.C.A, Dingle Branch and member of Toxteth Masonic Lodge 1356

TAVERNER, Feb 9th, 22 Palmerston Dr, Litherland, William Frederick, aged 63, master mariner.

THOMSON, Feb 9th, 19 Trafalgar Ave, Egremont, Capt T. J. aged 68, many years employed with Henry FERNIE and Co [Cashmere]

WARD, Feb 11th, 146 Alderson Rd, Robert Scott, late of Stratford-on-Avon

WILCOX, Feb 8th, 78 Manor Rd, Liscard, Henry George, aged 68, RNR late principal officer for the Board of Trade for Liverpool, third and eldest surviving son of William WILCOX, Whitburn, Sunderland

WILSON, Feb 11th, 15 Lance Lane, Wavertree, John, aged 77, cotton broker


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