Deaths 1899

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 7th 1899


ALEXANDER, Jan 2nd, at Sydney, Arthur, aged 35, eldest son of Robert of Liverpool

BALL, Jan 3rd, Old Manor House, Maghull, Mary, aged 75, widow of the late Robert, funeral at Melling Ch, today at 3pm.

BERRY, Jan 2nd, sister’s residence, 7 Denton Dr, Liscard, Edith, 2nd dau of John of Liverpool

BIRD, Dec 31st, 1898, 54 West Derby St, Samuel, aged 63

BROWN, Jan 3rd, 104 Victoria St, Crewe, Andrew, aged 85

CARRUTHERS, Jan 6th, 10 Pelham Grove, Sefton Park, Matilda Jane, aged 59, wife of John

CHESWORTH, Jan 2nd, County Hall, Pembroke Rd, Bootle, Margaret Ann, aged 59, wife of Thomas

CLARK, Jan 2nd, 205 Bridge St, Birkenhead, Little May, aged 8mths, infant dau of Anne and the late George CLARK, also same address Aug 13th 1898, George father of above.

CLINT, Dec 31st 1898, Sandringham, Colwyn Bay, Mary A. wife of Thomas T, Late of Liverpool

COCKBAIN, Jan 3rd, Parkfield, New Ferry, Thomas, aged 75

CURRY, Jan 4th, 74 Boswell St, Mary Elizabeth, 13yrs 7mths, eldest dau of John and Elizabeth

DAVEY, Jan 5th, 27 St Hilda St, Jane I, aged 56, wife of Robert E, Interment at Anfield today

EDWARDS, Jan 3rd, son-in-laws residence, [J. F. DAVIS], 8 Russell Rd, Sefton Park, Leah wife of the late M. A. EDWARDS of Portsmouth and Liverpool

FEAN, Jan 1st, West Bank, Harrogate, Stephen Wilks, late of 4 Bold St

JUDD, Dec 29th, 1898, Mona St, Amlwch, Miss Mary, aged 73

KERR, Dec 30th 1898, 26 Florence St, David, aged 68, marine engineer

LAW, Jan 2nd, at Hale, William, aged 63, for 21yrs faithful servant of Samuel ROWE and family, Childe of Hale Hotel

MACNEILLEDGE, Jan 4th, 148 Bedford St, South, Miss Marieanne, funeral today at St James at 3pm

MAUD, Jan 1st, 15 Oxton St, Walton, of pneumonia, Frederick, aged 39, 2nd son of the late Rev Robert D. MAUD, U.M.F.C, Formerly of Liverpool

MENNELL, Dec 31st 1898, 54 Garmoyle Rd, Sefton Park, Thomas, aged 69, late of Leeds

PEACOCK, Jan 2nd, Jessie Constance, aged 16, 3rd dau of W and E. PEACOCK, 299 Brook St, Birkenhead

PINNINGTON, Jan 4th, 87 Windsor Rd, Tuebrook, Margaret, aged 65, widow of Thomas, this city

RAMAGE, Jan 2nd, Highfield South, Rock Ferry, Mary aged 75, widow of the late Crawford Tait RAMAGE. L.L.D, Wallace Hall, Dumfrieshire

RANKINE, Jan 3rd, 13 Bloom St, Grace Marie, widow of James

SAMPLES, Jan 2nd, Mill Lane Hospital, F. C, aged 21, 14 Vronhill St, interred Jan 5th at Anfield

SAMPSON, Jan 6th, Claremont Villa, Mersey Rd, Rock Ferry, Annie Maria, wife of Thomas, funeral on Monday 9th at Bebington Cemetery

SEDDON, Jan 3rd, 51 Candia St, James, aged 61, employed in the North Shore Mills for 41yrs.

TAYLOR, Jan 2nd, Hillside, West Kirby, Elizabeth, aged 64, relict of the late George, this city.

TODD, Jan 2nd, Longmoor Farm, near Liverpool, Catherine, aged 87, widow of John, Ink merchant, Perth.

TODHUNTER, Dec 31st 1898, 387 Borough Rd, Birkenhead, Walter Henry, husband of Grace

TRINICK, Dec 30th 1898, John, aged 54, husband of Elizabeth, 6 Gordon Rd, Seaforth

In Memoriam

I.L.M, of BIRCH, Isabella [Bella], died Jan 3rd 1898, aged 32

I.L.M, of CADDOCK, Little Richie, Richard Samuel Morris, aged 6yrs 6mths, son of William and Mary who died Dec 28th 1897, interred Kirkdale Cemetery, Longmoor Lane, 95 in Sec 18

FLINTON, I.L.M, of our mother Frances who died Southern Hospital, Jan 1st 1898. F.G.L.

FLINTON, I.L.M, Frances who died Southern Hospital, Jan 1st 1898. Wife of the late Thomas who died in Belfast in Dec 1894

FOBISTER, I.L.M, of William George son of Robert G and Isabella FOBISTER who died Jan 6th 1898

GOLDING. I.L.M, of Thomas Frederick son and only child of Thomas Vaughan and Miriam GOLDING, who died of Typhoid fever in Port Erin, I.O.M, Jan 8th 1898, aged 19.

GREENALL, I.L.M, dear son John Edward [plumber etc] late of 24 Venus St, who died Jan 3rd 1898, aged 49, interred a Kirkdale Cemetery. Longmoor Lane.

LEYLAND, I.L.M, Elizabeth wife of James who died Jan 8th 1897, greatly lamented by husband and children.

PRICHARD, I.L.M, Jan 5th 1898, 87 Windsor Rd, Tuebrook, Lizzie wife of Robert

RAILTON, I.L.M, of our dear father George B, this city, died Jan 7th 1895.

REYNOLDS, I.L.M, Charles Edward, 2nd son of M. A. REYNOLDS, died Jan 4th 1898

TURNER, I.L.M, Thomas William, [Willie] only son of William and Agnes TURNER, 181 Marsh Lane, died Jan 8th 1898, aged 29

WARREN, I.L.M, Benjamin Baker [Ben] husband of Jessie who died Jan 6th 1897, late Mercantile Marine, 10 Quorn St


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 14th 1899


ALLEN, Jan 4th, 55 Belmont Rd, William, aged 81

ATKINSON, Jan 8th, 5 St Annes Rd, Aigburth, Constance Lavina wife of William Christopher

BECKETT, Jan 8th, 264 Upper Parliament St, Eliza, aged 68, wife of James

BENNETT, Jan 5th, Woolshops, Halifax, of pneumonia, William, aged 69, of Liverpool and Johnstown, Wexford

BOWKER, Jan 7th, Glenluce, Lancaster Rd, Birkdale, Florence, aged 14yrs 7mths, dau of William and Harriett

BYRNE, Jan 11th, daughter’s residence, 52 Gill St, aged 60, the 2nd son of P. BYRNE, Enniscorthy, interment at Anfield

CARRUTHERS, Jan 6th, 10 Pelham Grove, Sefton Park, Matilda Jane, aged 59, wife of John

DAVIDSON, Jan 5th, 342 Vauxhall Rd, aged 51, husband of Margaret

DAVIES, Jan 9th, the Royal Infirmary, Edward, aged 50, of 11 Woodhouse St, Kirkdale, 22 years with C. T. FAULKNER and Co, James St.

ELLERY, Jan 7th, John Charles, aged 56, of Blundellsands

FARADAY, Jan 9th, 5 Sandrock Rd, Liscard, Catherine, aged 68, wife of Joseph, late of Wavertree Rd, Edge Hill

FITT, Jan 8th, 22 Herbert St, Walton, Capt Matthew, aged 77, late Commodore of the Leyland Line

FLEMING, Dec 20th 1898, Galveston Texas, the wife of Capt John FLEMING of S.S FRESHFIELD

FORT, Jan 9th, 9 Osborne Rd, Tuebrook, William Fairhurst, aged 43

GELLEBURN, Jan 13th, 55 Eatbourne St, Emma, aged 72, relict of the late William

GIBSON, Jan 9th, Melville St, Edinburgh, Robert, aged 82, formerly Merchant of Liverpool

GUNSON, Jan 11th, Ripley House, Freshfield, infant twin daughters of George and Jessie [see births]

GUTRIDGE, Jan 12th, 42 Faulkner St, Elizabeth, aged 69

HARLEY, Jan, Southlawn, Fountain Hall Rd, Grange, Edinburgh, William

HINDLEY, Jan 7th, Abbey Rd, Anfield, late of Southport, Margaret Hickson, aged 77, widow of the late Richard HINDLEY of St Helens

JENKINS, Jan 10th, 23 Eastbourne St, Harriett, aged 54, wife of Thomas, interment at West Derby cemetery tomorrow

JONES, Jan 9th, daughter’s residence, Lismore, 46 Rawson St, Seaforth, Jane, aged 53, relict of the late Robert, South Rd, Waterloo and Cartrefle, Llanrwst

JONES, Jan 11th, Bryb-y-Don, Garth, Bangor, William Francis, M.R.C.S London, L.R.C.P Edinburgh and L.M, of Bulkeley Square, Menai Bridge

JONES, Glendower, Princes Ave, Capt Edward Daniel Wynne JONES, aged 52, late of Olinda Rhyl

LEITH, Jan 10th, 2 Kemlyn Rd, Samuel, aged 16yrs 8mths, 2nd son of William and Amelia

MC CLURE, Dec 28th, 1898, on board the steamer FLAVIAN on a voyage from Gibraltar to Malta, William of 12 Normanby St, aged 54

MACKSON, Jan 7th, at his residence Crewland, near Peterborough, having preached the gospel at the Methodist connection for 60yrs, Charles, aged 78, late of Tuebrook, formerly Leeds

PASTCRELLI, Jan 7th, 71 Low Hill, Joseph F, Optician

PAYN, Jan 11th, 27 Selborne St, Elizabeth, aged 83, widow of the late Horton PAYN

PERRIS, Jan 6th, daughter’s residence, 8 Dove St, Charles, aged 70, over 40yrs with the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board

PHILPOTS, Jan 10th, Leamington, Sarah, aged 87, widow of the late Edward S

POLLARD, Jan 7th, 20 Gilroy Rd, William Cooper, aged 51, husband of Eliza

PICKERING, Jan 8th, Harvey House, Gathurst, nr Wigan, Maria, aged 70, widow of James

RANDLES, Jan 8th, Vadoc Cottage, Llay, Gresford, Henrietta Annett, wife of Thomas, youngest daughter of the late Thomas RANDLES, late of Blundellsands

ROBOTTOM, Jan 6th, at Shustoke, nr Birmingham, Elizabeth wife of M. H, formerly of Walton

SANDERSON, Jan 8th, William, aged 88, founder of the Free Gospel Churches, Liverpool circuit, pastor of Elizabeth St, Church, for 60yrs

SCHGOTH, Jan 11th, 3 Guinea-Bank, Seacombe, Ludvic aged 40, husband of Edith, service at St Paul’s Seacombe , interment at Wallasey Cemetery today

SCHIERWATER, Jan 6th, Albert John [Bert] aged 27, of peritonitis, 2nd son of Amondus, of Grassendale Park

SCOTT, Jan 12th, 83 Victoria Rd, New Brighton, Eveline Daisy, aged 17, eldest dau of Frank and Martha, interment at Wallasey Cemetery, Monday

SHAW, Jan 9th, 150 Aigburth Rd, Robert Eric, aged 3yrs 2mths, youngest son of the late John Henry, Chartered Accountant, 4 Harrington St, Waterloo

STOCKTON, Jan 5th, 17 Lavan St, James, aged 31

SWIFT, Jan 8th, 122 Hill St, Toxteth Park, Charles Ernest, aged 20, son of Robert and Mary

WATTS, Jan 7th, 31 Bentley Rd, William Henry, aged 47, husband of Annette, eldest son of William Henry WATTS. J.P

WILLIAMS, Jan 4th, 8 Crown St, Emma, aged 63

WILLMER, Jan 9th, 20 Lorne Rd, Oxton, Jane, aged 84, widow of Charles

WILSON, Jan 4th, 134 Winson St, Birmingham, George, aged 72, for many years with Messers WOOLRIGHT and Co

WILSON, Jan 11th, Villa Marina, Seacombe, Mary Ann, widow of William Parry WILSON

In Memorial

BROOKS, I.L.M, husband John, D, Jan 7th 1889, 141 Walton Rd

CATHALL, I.L.M, daughter Lilian, D, Jan 12th 1895, Rosslyn, Ridmond Park, mother F. CATHALL

COVINS, I.L.M, Father D, Jan 9th 1896

DERBYSHIRE, I.L.M, Sister Mary Ann, D, Jan 15th 1897, aged 67, at her residence 12 Hamil Rd, Burslem, Staffs, interred Golden Hill Church on the 19th.

FORD, I.L.M, Margaret wife of the late Richard, Brewer of Bootle, D, Jan 9th 1894

HUGHES, I.L.M, Mother Margaret, wife of Thomas, D, Jan 13th 1898, aged 82

PERKINS, I.L.M, Charlotte wife of Charles, D, Jan 8th 1898. S.P.

STILLINGS, I.L.M, Father John Henry, D, Jan 9th 1895, also mother Jane Hannah, D, Nov 21st 1888

THOMAS, I.L.M, Sidney John, husband of Emmie, D, Jan 9th 1898


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 21st 1899


ADDISON, Jan 16th, 19 Chepstow St, Walton, Mary aged 60, wife of William

BENNETT, Jan 14th, 94 Church Rd, West, Walton, John aged 53

BLAYCOCK, Jan 15th, Mary aged 81, wife of Alexander of Tranmere

BOLTON, Jan 12th, Sophia, aged 71

BROADBRIDGE, Jan 16th, 12 Church Rd, Seaforth, Louisa aged 60, wife of George

CALLENDER, Jan 4th, Athena Tenn, Melliss Kerr aged 13mths, only dau of James J, of New Orleans, U.S.A.

COLEBOURN, Jan 17th, Fazakerley, John aged 81, formerly of Wavertree and the Dingle

DAVIS, Jan 15th, 55 Jermyn St, Thomas aged 64, late of H.M.C

DAVIES, Jan 19th, Wavertree Nursery, Ann aged 74, widow of Stephen

DEAN, Jan 18th, 286 Anfield Rd, Mary Hocking aged 69, widow of James

DONNELLY, Jan 18th, St James Mount, Thomas, C.C., aged 46, mass at St Peters, Seel St, interment at Ford Cemetery

EVANS, Jan 8th, Tanyronen, Portmadoc, Henry, M.R.C.S. England, L.R.C.P. Edinburgh and L.S.A

FORSHAW, Jan 13th, 318 Hawthorne Rd, James aged 54, engineer of the Dominion Co, 5mths after his wife

HARRISON, Jan 18th, 29 Cavendish Rd, Blundellsands, Samuel aged 91

HAYTHORNE, Jan 17th, 1 Mason St, James aged 30

HIESLEY, Jan 16th, 11 Ancaster Rd, Otterspool, Johanna aged 24, only child of William and Charlotte

JONES, Jan 13th, Glendower, Princes Ave, Capt Edward Daniel Wynne JONES, aged 52, late of Olinda Rhyl

KEHOE, Jan 14th, 14 Breck Rd, Elizabeth aged 65, widow of Richard of Kirkdale

LAVIS, Jan 8th, 11 Connaught Mansions, Prince of Wales Rd, London. S.W, Walter Clement late of Birkenhead, of consumption after 5mths illness

LEA, Jan 14th, West Kirby, Cheshire, Elizabeth Catherine aged 70, widow of Frederic Simcox LEA. M.A, Rector of Tedstone Delamere and prebendary of Hereford Catherdral

LEADSOM, Jan 13th, 74 Great Crosshall St, Henry John aged 30, husband of Annie and eldest son of Richard and H. E. LEADSOM of Toxteth Park

LENTON, Jan 14th, Holmleigh, Rockferry, Henry

LOWNDES, Jan 17th, The Swallows Harrow, Rev Edward Spencer, aged 72, for 14yrs Rector of Little Comberton, Pershore.

MACKINTOSH, Jan 10th, brothers residence, 22 Holt St, John Laughlin, aged 61, eldest son of the late Peter MACKINTOSH of Edinburgh

MELLOR, Jan 19th, Rutland House, Nicholas Rd, Blundellsand, Amy Margaret aged 13, daughter of John and Mary Elizabeth MELLOR

METCALFE, 37 Allington St, St Michaels, Arthur Frederick youngest son of J. W. and E. METCALFE

MOONEY, Jan 14th, daughter’s residence, Sir Patrick DUN’S Hospital, Dublin, Mary mother of Capt John MOONEY of 66 Isaac St, Toxteth Park

MUTTER, Jan 16th, at Falkirk, John husband of M.F, and son-in-law of John CARTER, 14 Hill St, Toxteth Park

REES, Jan 19th, Hollybank, Birkenhead, Griffith aged 64, interment at Flaybrick 21st inst

SCOTT, Jan 12th, 83 Victoria Rd, New Brighton, Eveline Daisy, aged 17, eldest daughter of Frank and Martha

STORER, Jan 19th, 57 Kenilworth St, Seacombe, Mary Frances aged 33, wife of H. C., and daughter of Mr J. B. SUMNER

WEIR, Jan 14th, 398 Hawthorne Rd, Bootle, Mary Josephine, aged 48, wife of James

WELLS, Jan 12th, daughter’s residence, Mrs John WILSON, Oakmere Cheshire, Janet Woodburn, aged 86, widow of William, formerly of Runcorn and Prestatyn.

WILLIAMS, Jan 11th, 21 Wadham Rd, Bootle, Jane aged 55, wife of Rev Peter [Pedr Hir], Bapt minister Bootle late of Tredegar

WILLIAMS, Jan 13th, 50 Belmont Rd, Sister-in-laws residence, Catherine, relict of Capt WILLIAMS, last surviving child of Michael TUITE, Hawke St this city

WILLIAMS, Jan 15th, Lewis eldest son of the late W. WILLIAMS, Edge Lane

WILLIAMS, Jan 16th, Ernest Edward, aged 26, eldest son of T. Thomas and Harriet WILLIAMS of Penmaenmawr

WILLIAMS, Jan 19th, Bodeuron Elwy St, Rhyl, Rev John, C.M. Minister, aged 83

WILSON, Jan 15th, 30 Rodney St, Arthur Henry, Surgeon, aged 39

WINNING, Jan 13th, Kilnwick Percy Vicarage, Pocklington, Yorkshire, Eleanor Jane, wife of Rev W. and 2nd daughter of Capt John CHAMBERS

In Memorial

CATTERALL, I.L.M, daughter Lilian, fell asleep, Jan 2nd 1895 at Rosslyn, Richmond Park, mother P. CATTERALL

JONES, I.L.M, Elizabeth Jane [Mrs JONES, 48 Selbourne St, eldest daughter of Daniel and Sarah DANIEL, 19 Amberley St, died Jan 18th and was interred Jan 20th 1897 at Smithdown Rd, cemetery aged 28.

LATHAM, I.L.M, of William husband of Sarah who died Jan 13th 1896

LOUTTIT, I.L.M, Mother Eleanor [Ellen] widow of Capt Gilbert LOUTTIT this city, died Jan 18th 1889

PARKIN, I.L.M, Jan 21st 1896, 10 Chestnut St, Mount Pleasant, husband George

PARKINSON, I.L.M, husband James died Jan 22nd 1891, Mount Pleasant Hotel, Wigan

SPENCER, I.L.M, Mother died Jan 14th 1896 at Willow Bank, Palmerston Drive, Litherland. A. S

TEED, I.L.M, of husband John, Jan 19th 1898


Liverpool Mercury April 6th, 1899


BERNARD, April 5th, 39 Arnold St, Toxteth Park, aged 45, George, interment at Anfield on Saturday.

COOMER, April 5th, 161 Falkner St, Sarah aged 80, widow of the late John, interment Saturday at Smithdown Rd.

DOW, April 2nd, suddenly at 27 Upper Parliament St, Robert, interred April 5th at Anfield

GRIFFITHS, April 3rd, Green Bank, Grassendale, Fanny aged 50, wife of William, interment at Smithdown Rd. today.

HUGHES, April 3rd, Bradford Infirmary, James, aged 65, [Sgt 2nd 14th Foot Regt] interment today at Bowling cemetery.

ILOTT, March 30th, Fever Hospital, Netherfield Rd, Mary E, aged 43, for 23yrs the faithful servant of Capt and Mrs WALLACE, 302 Rice Lane.

INGLIS, April 3rd, nephew’s residence, Walter INGLIS, 12 Soho St, Liverpool, Miss Agnes, aged 90, late of Redpath, near Melrose, N.B.

JENKINS, Mar 31st, Station Rd, Harborne, Birmingham, Elizabeth Jane, wife of Hugh Surrey JENKINS late of Liverpool and Egremont.

KITCHEN, April 1st, Northern Hospital, Eliza wife of John, 97 Upper Stanhope St , interred at Smithdown Rd, 4th April.

LUCY, April 5th, 197 Edge Lane, Elizabeth aged 64, widow of the late Layton G. LUCY, interment at Smithdown Rd tomorrow

MC CONECHY, April 4th, 103 Carisbrook Rd, Walton, Duncan Campbell, aged 17, 5th son of the late John MC CONECHY, funeral at Anfield cemetery tomorrow.

MORLAND, April 5th, 79 Berkley St, Gertrude aged 22, 6th daughter of Robert and Alice MORLAND.

NAYLOR, April 3rd, 231 Boundary St, Kirkdale, Ann aged 80, wife of the late John, of Liverpool interment at Anfield today.

NEVIN, April 2nd, 15 Reservoir St, Everton, William, aged 58, husband of Sarah, for 20yrs steward in the White Star Line, interment at Anfield today.

POLLEX, April 4th, Dale End, Borough Rd, Rock Ferry, Gustav Rathke aged 82, funeral at Bebington cemetery tomorrow.

STARKEY, April 5th, 167 Falkner St, Martha aged 57, wife of Joseph, interment Smithdown Rd cemetery on Saturday.

WALSH, April 4th, Clarendon Hotel, Watson St, Birkenhead, Mary aged 41, wife of Peter

In memoriam

JONES, I.L.M, of our dear mother Jane JONES, died April 6th 1895, at Morningside Villa, also our dear brother Edward who died March 11th 1887.

We miss there cheery faces,

Their kind and thoughtful ways,

Those two dear faces we oft have kissed.

How sweet their memory, but oh, how sadly missed.

Martha and Mary.


Liverpool Mercury June 16th, 1899


BALL, June 15th, at the Royal Infirmary after a brief illness, Charles aged 74, late of Sunnyside, 5 London Rd, Liverpool, interment at Anfield cemetery, tomorrow, 17th.

CAMPBELL, June 15th, 3 Marmonde St, Robert aged 18, youngest son of Edward

DILWORTH, June 15th, Yew Tree House, Childwall Rd, Wavertree, Sarah Ann aged 52, wife of Isaac, interment at Childwall Church tomorrow

EVANS, June 14th, Cheyney Cottage, Cheyney Rd, Chester, Mary Jane [May] wife of J. W. EVANS, 4th daughter of the late John RICHARDS, St Domingo Vale, Liverpool formerly of Pwilheli, interment Chester cemetery 17th

KEMPTON, June 13th, 105 Bedford St, South, Sterndale Gibbons Puleston, aged 23, 4th son of William J and Margaret KEMPTON, funeral Smithdown Rd cemetery 17th

KYFFEN, June 14th, 58 Admiral St, Louise wife of Thomas, interment, Smithdown Rd cemetery 17th

LAWRENCE, June 13th, Norton Villas, Penmaonmawr, Mary Elizabeth aged 80, widow of the late Charles LAWRENCE of Louth Lincoln.

MACCABE, June 13th, of acute meningitis, Alice aged 2yrs 2mths, daughter of T. B. MACCABE, 72 Rawson Rd, Seaforth, interment St Lukes Crosby this day

MACKAY, May 4th, off Cape, St Paul, West Coast of Africa, John, chief officer of the ss Palmas and brother of Mary DRYBURGH, 5 Westmoreland Rd, Liscard

TANNER, June 14th, nephew’s residence, 6 Prospect Vale, Fairfield, John Emmett, 2nd son of of the late John TANNER of Gill St, interment at Anfield today

WIGGINS, June 14th, 11 Albert Rd, Waterloo, Mary Alice [ladies nurse] aged 71.


Liverpool Mercury, July 11th, 1899


BRAMLEY MOORE, July 10th, suddenly at his residence, May Bank, Aigburth, John Arthur, aged 59

CLARK, July 9th, Monkton Lodge, Anfield, aged 5yrs 3mths, Phyllis Alma, eldest daughter of John and Martha CLARK, interment at Anfield, today

CORNISH, July 9th, 7 Egerton Rd, Emma Paige, eldest daughter of Henry and Annie CORNISH, interment at St James cemetery tomorrow.

GARRETT, July 8th, Banks Rd, West Kirby, Thomas aged 53, interment Parish Church, West Kirby today.

GERHARD, July 9th, 135,Victoria Rd, Seacombe, Harriett aged 23, wife of Henry, youngest daughter of William TAYLOR of the Glasgow Arms, Birkenhead, interment, Wallasey cemetery tomorrow.

HOPPER, July 6th, Emmie wife of John J HOPPER, Ardincaple, Victoria Park, Wavertree and 5 Richmond St

HUTCHINS, July 9th, 282 Great Howard St, Jane, aged 33, wife of Samuel, interment Walton Church tomorrow.

JEFFERSON, July 7th, 12 Norwood Grove, suddenly, William aged 62, late Superintendent G.P.O, husband of Sarah A, interment Anfield today

MAHER, July 8th, 2 Park Place, late of Appleton, Thomas aged 33, interment St Bede’s Appleton today, funeral will leave Highfield Rd, 3.45.

MILLER, July 7th, 11 Grosvenor Rd, Hoylake, George aged 69, later secretary of the Wirral Water Works and West Cheshire Water Companies, funeral took place at Flaybrick on Monday last.

O’BRIEN, June 24th, suddenly, Thomas aged 46, eldest son of the late Peter O’BRIEN, Shipwright this city and only brother of Mrs DOVASTON, 51 Spurgeon St, Everton.

POOLE, July 10th, Haughton, Llanymynech, late of Albert Park, Liverpool, John aged 73.

TOUZEAU, July 9th, eldest son’s residence, 24 Lothair Rd, Anfield, Margaret widow of the late Capt James TOUZEAU, aged 80, will be interred at Kirkdale Cemetery, tomorrow


Liverpool Mercury, July 28th, 1899


CAIN, July 26th, Marine Parade, Hoylake, Alfred Dean CAIN of Barn Hey, Aigburth Rd, husband of Mary and 2nd son of Robert CAIN this city, interment at Flaybrick tomorrow.

DAVIS, July 25th, Onslow, Cable Rd, Hoylake, Isabel youngest daughter of the late Joseph DAVIS, this city, funeral Smithdown Rd, today.

EDWARDS, July 25th, 27 Harvey St,, John aged 35, instructor of the Balfour Institute Gymnasium and true comrade of Thomas EVANS, interment Smithdown Rd, today.

HARDY, July 25th, 19 Island Rd, Garston, Mary aged 79, relict of the late Samuel, interment St Michael’s Ch, Garston today.

HARRISON, July 26th, 19 Bonds Lane, Great Crosby, Margaret daughter of the late Richard and Ester HARRISON of Moss Lane, Litherland, interment Sefton Parish Ch, today.

JONES, July 27th, 38 Derby St, Garston, Richard husband of Jane and son of the late Edward JONES, Mynydd-Dwlan, Montgomeryshire, interment St Michael’s Ch, Garston tomorrow.

PRITCHARD, July 25th, 9 Northumberland Terrace, Everton, Edgar Owen, aged 7mths, son of Ellis and Mary PRITCHARD.


Liverpool Mercury, July 29th, 1899


CAIN as above

JONES as above

NEWTON, July 21st, Llanddensant, Anglesey, John aged 6, 2nd son of Frederick NEWTON, 5 Harcourt Ave, Seacombe, interred 25th at Maeshyfryd cemetery, Holyhead.

In memoriam

CORLESS, I.L.M, of William eldest son of the late Richard CORLESS, hemp and jute dealer, who died July 28th, 1893, aged 41, American papers copy.

IRVINE, I.L.M, of Lalia daughter of P and S. IRVINE who departed this life July 29th, 1892, aged 17yrs, 121 Park St.

TAYLOR, I.L.M, Margaret daughter of John and Margaret TAYLOR, who departed this life at 13 Hampden St, Walton, July 22nd, 1898.


Liverpool Mercury, Aug 15th, 1899


BRAND, Aug 11th, North Side, Clapham Common, Deane husband of Kate BRAND son of the late W. F. BRAND of Liverpool and Waterloo.

CALLISTER, Aug 14th, 17 Prospect Vale, Fairfield, Margaret widow of Edward Fletcher CALLISTER this city.

DARBY, 41 Bank Rd, Bootle, James aged 74, master shipwright this city, interment at Anfield tomorrow.

DUNNING, Aug 13th, 114 Bedford Rd, Bootle, , Margaret, aged 50, wife of Robert, Funeral at Anfield on Thursday.

ELLIOTT, July 7th, on the steamship MONTPELIER, while on a voyage to New Orleans, and was buried at sea, John Irwin, 47 Peel St, Princes Park, Liverpool, formerly of Dundalk.

LANGLANDS, Aug 14th, at Prestatyn, Ellen formerly of Liverpool.

LORIMER, Aug 13th, at Claremont, Victoria Rd, Great Crosby, Charles late of Anfield Rd, aged 58, late Past Master of Anfield Lodge No 2215, husband of Christina Fleming, eldest daughter of Thomas BINNIE, this city, interment at Anfield tomorrow.

OWEN, Aug 13th, West Kirby, Hugh aged 65, of 31 Selborne St, Liverpool, for 33yrs with Messers Thomas Edwards and Co, Tarleton St.

PERRY, Aug 12th, suddenly, through an accident at Chester, Henry aged 45, husband of Frances PERRY, 89 Paddington, interment today at West Derby cemetery. Late of South Castle St and Wavertree Rd, member of Dramatic Masonic Lodge No 1609.

RABY, Aug 12th, suddenly at 131 Thornton Rd, Bootle, Isabella Sarah, aged 29, wife of Robert, interment at Flaybrick tomorrow.

ROBERTS, Aug 12th, Upton, Cheshire, Evan L, aged 46, late of 24 Laurel Rd, Tranmere, for 30yrs in the Liverpool Cotton Market, interment at Flaybrick today.

TODD, Aug 11th, Brown Cow, Rice Lane, Walton, after a short illness, Hannah wife of John Moorhouse TODD.

WOODFIELD, Aug 13th, Jane widow of the late William of West Derby, interment at Smithdown Rd, cemetery today.

YATES, Aug 13th, 64 Arundel Ave, Mary aged 75, interment at Smithdown Rd, cemetery tomorrow

In memoriam

I. M. Dear father William WRIGHT who departed this life Aug 15th 1892, gone but not forgotten. W.W.


Liverpool Mercury, Nov 6th, 1899


CALLENDER, Nov 2nd, 42 Well Lane, Rock Ferry Johannah wife of John CALLENDER, R.N, interment Bebington cemetery today

CLEGG, Nov 4th, 42 Upper Parliament St, James aged 83.

FORD, Oct 31st, Claremont, South Town, Dartmouth, Juliana aged 83, widow of the late William FORD Esq, formerly of 35 Falkner Square, Liverpool.

GRAHAM, Oct 31st, Stoneleigh, Birch Rd, Lower Bebington, Hannah aged 65 eldest daughter of the late John GRAHAM, of Bebington, interred at Lower Bebington Church on 4th inst.

HAYES, Nov 4th, 14 Balmoral Rd, Fairfield, Joseph Barry, aged 76, husband of Sarah Matilda.

MAHLER, Nov 5th, Sudworth, New Brighton, , John aged 66, cremation at Anfield tomorrow.

PERCY, Nov 4th, 15 High Park St, Fanny aged 74, widow of the late Edward, interment Smithdown Rd tomorrow.

RONSON, Nov 2nd, 32 Taylor St, Isabella widow of the late Thomas, interment at Anfield today.

SMITH, Nov 3rd, 34 Grey Rd, Walton, Samuel of the Old Hall, Liverpool, interment at Anfield tomorrow.

WILLIAMS, Nov 2nd, Moss Bank, 45 Bentley Rd, Hannah, 3rd daughter of John WILLIAMS, interment Smithdown Rd today

WITHERS, Oct 31st, 13 Needham St, Birmingham, Henry aged 74, for 45yrs with the L and NWR Company.

In memoriam

MOULD, I.LM. of Emma wife of John Spragg MOULD, of the city, who departed this life, Nov 5th 1898.

FORESTER, I.L.M, of my dear son George who passed away, Nov 3rd 1898, father and sister.


Liverpool Mercury, Dec 9th 1899


BARTON, Dec 6th, Avondale, Llangollen, Thomas TINLEY, aged 87

BRANSON, Nov 28th, 17 Buckingham Rd, Aintree, James aged 54, interred Kirkdale Cemetery Dec 1st 1899

HALLIDAY, Dec 6th, Arley House, Llandudno, Eleanor A, wife of William HALLIDAY

MOLDENHAUER, Dec 7th, 119 Beaufort St, Toxteth Park, Jane wife of the late Matthew Routledge MOLDENHAUER, this city

PHILLIPS, Dec 4th, 176 North Hill St, Norah [Dollie] aged 5yrs 10mths, beloved daughter of A. PHILLIPS, and granddaughter of the late William WEIR, 22 Crooked Lane, Liverpool

PRICE, Dec 8th, 24 Spellow Lane, John aged 75, interment Anfield, Monday next

TIMOTHY, Dec 5th, 10 Brunswick Square, Westminster Rd, Anna Elizabeth wife of E. TIMOTHY, interred at Ford Cemetery on Friday

WAYMAN, Dec 8th, 44 Osborne Rd, South Shore, Blackpool, the Rev James WAYMAN, aged 69, for many years pastor of the Congregational Church, Victoria St, Blackpool

WILLIAMS, Dec 7th, Sandycroft, Ainsdale, Robert WILLIAMS, aged 57, 2nd son of the late Capt R. WILLIAMS, Parkfield, Holyhead, interment Anfield 11th inst

In Memoriam

OWEN, I.L.M, my dearest sister Maggie, departed this life Dec 9th, 1896, at 4 Brynmor Terrace, Holyhead, youngest daughter of Mrs OWEN, late Isallt Fawr, Holyhead, sadly missed by her mother and sister

WYLIE, I.L.M, my dear and only brother James WYLIE, departed this weary life Dec 9th 1898, Dear brother not forgotten by your brother John.


Liverpool Mercury Dec 16th, 1899


BROOME, Dec 7th, Wyngate, Westbourne Rd, Birkdale, Robert late of Rainhill

DAVIES, Dec 13th, his residence, Alexandria Egypt, Thomas Foulkes, of Davies Benachi and Co, eldest son of Thomas DAVIES, J.P, of Bootle

GORST, Dec 14th, brothers residence, 51 Sykes St, Everton, Elizabeth aged 66, only daughter of the late William GORST of this city

JOHNSON, Dec 13th, Pensby, Heswall, Samuel, aged 88, interment at Woodchurch

LEIGHTON, Dec 6th, 175 Bedford Rd, Bootle, Crosby, aged 68, also Dec 14th, aged 64, Mary widow of above, interment today, Smithdown Rd.

MCKENZIE, Dec 11th, 61 Chorlton Rd, Hulme, Manchester, Thomas, aged 62, husband of Jessie [nee Johnston], formerly captain in the employment of Messers Donald Currie and Co

NOONEY, Dec 13th, Seabank Rd, Liscard, Randolph Robert, aged 13, son of James P. and M.A, interment Wallasey cemetery today

PARK, Dec 14th, 55 Worcester Rd, Bootle, Martha Campbell, aged 26, youngest daughter of Boyd PARK, interment Kirkdale cemetery, Longmoor Lane today

STAVELEY, Dec 15th, 33 Eaton Rd, West Derby, Margaret widow of Francis

In memorial

AHEARN, I.L.M of Mary widow of the late John AHEARN of Liverpool who died Dec 16th, 1890, R.I.P, “She hath opened her hand to the needy, and the law of kindness was on her tongue”


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