Liverpool Mercury, Jan 9th 1895


ASPLET, Jan 6th, 66 Carter St, Captain Abraham ASPLET, aged 68, of this city, interment at Toxteth Cemetery today

CUSSONS, Jan 8th, St Georges Hotel, Heyworth St, Alfred beloved husband of Adelaide Squire CUSSONS, interment tomorrow, Anfield

FIRTH, Jan 8th, brother's residence, Latrigg, Aigburth Rd, Mary aged 74, widow of Edward FIRTH, of Retford and daughter of the late James HAKES, of Manchester Square, London, interment at Retford

GREEN, Jan 4th, 47 Moreland St, Breck Rd, Margaret [Maggie] aged 17yrs 5mths, 2nd daughter of Henry and Louisa GREEN

HOWATT, Jan 5th, 11 Wesley St, Jane aged 64, relict of Thomas HOWATT, interment at St Jame's Cemetery today

HUGHES, Jan 8th, Townsend Lane, Anfield, Ann widow of Captain Josiah HUGHES, beloved mother of Harriet S. CUSHNIE, 76 Shaw St

JONES, Jan 6th, 56 Grey Rd, Walton, John Josiah JONES, aged 50, for many years with George WALL, Liverpool, interment at Walton Cemetery, Rawcliffe Rd, today

LAVER, Jan 7th, 19 Thompson St Tranmere, Ann aged 82, widow of Captain Henry LAVER

RIMMER, Jan 8th, 23 Wilson Patten St, Warrington, aged 74, Phoebe Wade, widow of Edward RIMMER, Birkenhead

SLEDDON, Jan 6th, Sylvio, Rhyl, Sarah widow of Francis SLEDDON of Hull and sister of the late Thomas PENNINGTON, surgeon, Liverpool, interment at Toxteth Cemetery tomorrow

STANANOUGHT, Jan 6th, 1 Lyra Rd, Waterloo, Charles, aged 35, surveyor of Lord St this city, funeral at Ford Cemetery today, requiem mass at St Thomas's, Waterloo

WILLIAMS, Jan 4th, Bryn Afon, Llanrwst, Jane aged 68, 3rd daughter of the late Edward WILLIAMS, Caer Melwr, Llanwrst

WOODWARD, Jan 6th, 11 Great Orford St, Thomas aged 53, interment at Anfield today

In Memoriam

KNOWLES, I.L.M, of John Abram KNOWLES, dearly beloved husband of Ada KNOWLES, who died at Colwyn Bay, 6th Jan 1894

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 10th, 1895


FIRTH, as above

FOX, Jan 8th, Grove House, Harrogate, Mary Anne aged 54, the wife of Samson FOX

HUGHES, as above

M'ALLISTER, Jan 4th, at Newcastle, N.S.W, Florence wife of Captain John M'ALLISTER of the ship Langdale

MOIR, Jan 8th, 65 Merlin St, Elizabeth aged 69, widow of the late Thomas MOIR, master mariner, this city

OLIVER, Jan 9th, 118 Smithdown Lane, Ada Alice, aged 25

RICHARDS, Jan 9th, 5 Gambier Terrace, Kate the wife of David RICHARDS, of Liverpool and Argoed Cardiganshire

RIMMER as above

SLEDDON as above

TYRER, Jan 8th, St Saviour's Vicarage, Everton, Hannah aged 76, widow of the late John TYRER, Scarborough House, Malvern

In Memoriam

JOHNSTON, I.L.M, of my dear uncle Isaac [Idy] who died Jan 10th 1891, Peace, perfect peace, with loved ones far away, In Jesus keeping we are safe and they.

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 12th 1895


BECK, Lost in the storm on Dec 22nd, George aged 42, husband of Annie, 97 Market St, Hoylake, and captain of the fishing smack "Stag", also John BECK cousin and his two sons Harry and John.

COCKRILL, Jan 9th, Drowned at Poulton while skating, aged 14, Frank Bell, son of Thomas William and Ellen Grace COCKRILL, of Egremont, Cheshire, funeral service today at St John's Church, Egremont. interment Wallasey Churchyard.

COOMBS, Jan 10th, after a long illness, Amy Hooper, wife of John COOMBS of Thurstaston, Cheshire, interment Thurstaston on Monday

DOBBIE, Jan 10th, Edge Vale, Smithdown Lane, Robert aged 74, interment Smithdown Rd, tomorrow.

EDWARDS, Jan 5th, 11 Chester St, Mary Jane Louise aged 50, wife of Victor EDWARDS.

HIRSCH, Jan 11th, Nunclose, Oxton, Jonas aged 82.

JOHNSTON, Jan 8th, 18 July Rd, Mary A, relict of the late Bernard JOHNSTON, oyster merchant this city, interment tomorrow, Ford Cemetery.

KIDD, Jan 11th, Belgrave Villa, Rock Ferry, Margaret, aged 56 wife of John KIDD.

PATTERSON, Jan 10th, 95 Overbury St, Robert aged 25, son of Margaret PATTERSON

PRESTON, Dec 27th, at sea on board the Johnston Line steamer Sedgemore, George aged 36, husband of Emma PRESTON, 81 Errol St, St Michael's for many years chief engineer in the above company.

ROBERTS, Jan 10th, 97 Stanfield Rd, Harriet aged 76, widow of the late John ROBERTS of Pant-y-Carw, Llanfair, Denbigh.

TURNER, Jan 10th, Albert Villa, Huyton, son's residence, Charlotte aged 56, relict of the late John A. TURNER of this city, interment at Anfield this day.

TYRER, Jan 8th, St Saviours Vicarage, Everton, Hannah aged 76, widow of the late John TYRER, Scarborough House, Malvern.

WOOD, Jan 11th, son's residence, 151 Bedford Rd, Bootle, Charlotte widow of the late James WOOD, late of the Cunard Co.

In memoriam

GIBB, I.L.M, our dear father Andrew C. GIBB, late of Edinburgh, died Jan 7th, 1892, aged 72, gone but not forgotten.

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 15th 1895


CHISHOLM, Jan 13th, The Moorings, Clarendon Rd, Seacombe, Captain D. CHISHOLM, chief surveyor and wreck agent for the Liverpool Salvage Association, funeral Wallasey Cemetery tomorrow.

CORISH, Jan 14th, 53 Newland St, Patrick aged 69, husband of Mary Ann, interment at Anfield, Wednesday.

DAVIES, Jan 10th, Cornelius aged 84, of Mellyn, Carnarvon.

EDWARDS, Jan 12th, 23 Westbourne Rd, West Kirby, after a lingering illness, Susan Bailey, youngest daughter of John EDWARDS, late of Oxton.

HIRSCH, Jan 11th, Nunclose, Oxton, Jonas aged 82. Interment at Flaybrick Cemetery this day

KEYS, Jan 14th, Richmond Villa, Belmont Rd, Mary Anna [Minnie] youngest daughter of the late John A. KEYS

MARSDEN, Jan 14th, Ash Villa, Litherland Park, John aged 69, interment Kirkdale Cemetery, Longmoor Lane, Thursday next.

MARTIN, Jan 13th, 29 Wesley St, Emma aged 67, wife of Charles MARTIN, shipwright of this city, interment today at Smithdown Rd, Cemetery.

ROGERS, Jan 13th, William Edwin [Willie], aged 28, only son of Edwin and Anne ROGERS, 12 York Rd, Birkdale, interment Bebington Cemetery 17th inst.

TINNING, Jan 11th, Vetnor Cottage, Heswall, [late of 49 Peel St] Jane eldest daughter of the late Nicholas TINNING, of this city, the cortege will leave 76 Woodville Terrace, Everton, this day for interment at Anfield Cemetery

WILKINSON, Jan 13th, The Gables, Claughton, William aged 62, eldest son of the late Thomas WILKINSON of Birkenhead, interment at Flaybrick Hill, Cemetery on Thursday.

WILLIAMS, Jan 9th, at Torquay, suddenly, Miss R. J. WILLIAMS, late of Fairholme, Denbigh, interred Llanrhaiadr Churchyard, Jan 12th.

In memoriam

LIPPINCOTT, I.L.M, of Margaret the only daughter of the late G. KELLY, who died at her residence Longbranch House, Parkway, Jan 15th, 1888, also Clealand A. LIPPINCOTT, third and last surviving son of the above who died March 27th, 1890.

Another year has passed,

Another season come, And we are nearer those we love

Asleep within the tomb.

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 16th 1895


BALL, Jan 12th, 40 Argyle St, Birkenhead, Emma aged 78, widow of the late Joseph BALL, chemist of Oxton, interment at the Necropolis this day.

BENTON, Jan 15th, 75 Moscow Drive, James husband of Sarah, interment at Anfield Cemetery, 19th inst.

CHISHOLM, Jan 13th, as above.

CORISH, Jan 14th, as above

HART, Jan 14th, 31 Granby St, the only sister of Mr Mordecai HART

JUST, Jan 15th, Bankfields, Eastham, William aged 83, interment Smithdown Rd, Cemetery, 18th inst.

KEYS, Jan 14th, as above

MARSDEN Jan 14th, as above

NEWCOMBE, Jan 14th, 30 Pelham Grove, Sefton Park, suddenly, Catherine Bovill wife of W. H. NEWCOMBE, Funeral service at St Paul's Church, Princes Park, tomorrow

ROGERS, Jan 13th, as above

WILKINSON, Jan 13th, as above

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 17th 1895


BEST, Jan 16th, 17 Halkyn Ave, Clara Jane the eldest daughter of Joseph and Laurinda BEST.

CARPENTER, Jan 15th, 53 Renshaw St, Mary Esther Raggett, wife of J. A. CARPENTER, interment at Anfield on Sunday

JONES, Jan 14th, 26 Berwick St, Elizabeth aged 84, interment at Anfield Cemetery this day.

JUST, Jan 15th as above

KEYS, Jan 14th, as above

MARSDEN Jan 14th, as above

M'KAY, Jan 16th, 105, Upper Stanhope St, Henry Cross M'KAY, interment at Smithdown Rd, Cemetery tomorrow

RETEMEYER, Jan 14th, at Colwyn Bay, Jeannetta.

ROGERS, Jan 13th, as above

In memoriam

SMITH, I.L.M, of our dear son John Horace SMITH, who died at Townsend Cross, Cronton, Jan 17th 1894, T and M. S.

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 18th 1895


BRIDGE, Jan 15th, 20 Kirkdale Vale, Margaret aged 74, widow of the late John BRIDGE

CARPENTER, 50 Freehold St, Fairfield, Edwin aged 47, naturalist of 61 Lime St, interment Smithdown Rd, Cemetery tomorrow.

CORDAREY, Jan 15th, 55 Devon St, Elizabeth Maud, beloved child of James Frederick and Margaret CORDAREY, interment Anfield Sunday next.

DERBYSHIRE, Jan 2nd, 15 Tudor Rd, Tranmere, Anna Maria, daughter of Ellen and the late James DERBYSHIRE of the Magazines, Bromborough, Cheshire.

ELLIOT, Jan 16th, 22 Bridport St, Otto, for many years one of Mr Sam HAGUE'S troupe latterly with Charles W. POOLE'S Realisations at St Jame's Hall, interment at Anfield Cemetery today.

EVANS, Dec 29th, at the Cambria, Menai Bridge, Captain E. EVANS, aged 83, formerly of the schooner William Henry, of Carnarvon. Also on Jan 8th, Mabel daughter of the above, aged 45.

HOLT, Jan 17th, 48 Trueman St, Francis aged 40, for 19 years with Messers Threlfalls, interment at Anfield Cemetery tomorrow.

WEBSTER, Jan 15th, 10 John St, Portobello, Edinburgh, Mrs James WEBSTER widow of the late James WEBSTER of this city. Funeral at St Jame's Cemetery tomorrow.

In memoriam

LOUTTIT, I.L.M, of our dear mother Eleanor [Ellen] relict of the late Captain Gilbert LOUTTIT of this city, died Jan 18th 1889.

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 19th 1895


AULD, Jan 16th, 23 Keble Rd, Bootle, Hugh aged 2yrs 7mths, beloved son of Hugh and Annie AULD.

BERRY, Jan 11th, Hyde Park Corner, London, suddenly, Joseph Edward aged 37, late of Newton Heath.

BEST, Jan 16th, 17 Halkyn Ave, Clara Jane, the eldest and dearly loved daughter of Joseph and Laurinda BEST, interment at Toxteth Park, Cemetery this day.

BUNTING, Jan 17th, 4 Stanley St, Seacombe, Samuel aged 40, eldest son of the late Samuel BUNTING, of Oakdale Cottage, Seacombe.

COCHRAN, Jan 17th, Patrick aged 56, with Bancroft and Co, 19 years.

FARMER, Jan 16th, Southfield, Waterloo, Mary aged 80, wife of the late John FARMER, this city.

HAYHURST, Jan 16th, Gilbert aged 19, only son of Gilbert and Emma HAYHURST of Park Rd, interment at Smithdown Rd, Cemetery this day.

HENDERSON, Jan 16th, Durban, Natal, Jennie the beloved wife of Dr G. C. HENDERSON, Addlington Hospital, the daughter of the late David SMART.

HOLT, Jan 17th as above

HOW, Jan 16th, Lynwood Torquay, Samuel aged 80, late of Liverpool and Claughton.

JELLY, Jan 18th, 76 Bedford St, son-in-law's residence., Robert B. CROWE. Elizabeth aged 80, widow of the late Thomas JELLY of Escrick, Yorks, interment at Smithdown Rd, Cemetery 21st inst.

KENDRICK, Jan 17th, 72 Rathbone St, William aged 65, interment St Jame's Cemetery on Monday next

PARRY, Jan 17th, at Roby of deep decline, Mary aged 22, [for 5 years with Madame Val SMITH, Church St]

PRINCE, Jan 18th, 48 Myrtle St, Ellen aged 68, widow of the late William PRINCE, sen, interment Smithdown Rd, Cemetery 21st inst.

SINCLAIR, Jan 17th, 3 Harper St, J. B, aged 55, late of the Shakespeare Pantomime, interment at the Necropolis tomorrow.

THOMSON, Jan 18th, James aged 24, the dearly beloved son of Jane and the late Robert THOMPSON, of 64 Great George St.

WATSON, Jan 6th, 39 Date St, Seaforth, Isabella Dawson, aged 72, wife of the late James WATSON, late of Alloa, Scotland.

In memoriam

JONES, I.L.M, of my dear and beloved wife Margaret, who died Jan 14th, 1892, at 15 Hunter St, and was interred at Anfield Cemetery, Jan 17th. Until the day break and the shadows flee away.

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 21st 1895


FAY, Jan 17th, 73 Inverleith Row, Edinburgh, the home of her sister Mrs MASON. Catherine Meason Sanderson, widow of Bernard FAY, late of Laurel Cottage, Coolderry, Carricknacross, County Monaghan and of H. M. Customs, Liverpool.

HARGREAVES, Jan 17th, Oxford Rd, Waterloo, William Baisbeck aged 38, interment at St Jame's Cemetery this day.

JELLY, Jan 18th as above

JOHNSON, Jan 20th, 17 Sandon St, Falkner Square, Mary aged 77, relict of the late William JOHNSON, this city.

KENDRICK, Jan 17th, 72 Rathbone St, William aged 65, interment St Jame's Cemetery this day.

LUNDIE, Jan 20th, The Manse, Fairfield, Liverpool, Robert Henry LUNDIE, M.A, D.D, aged 71, in the 45th year of his ministry, minister of Fairfield Presbyterian Church.

MANNION, Jan 15th, 25 Park Lane, Margaret [Maggie] aged 15 dearly loved daughter of Patrick and Catherine MANNION, interred at Ford Cemetery, Jan 17th.

ROGERS, Jan 18th, 3 Gloucester Rd, Birkdale, Esther Jane eldest daughter of Emma and the late William ROGERS of Sabdford House, Bootle and Liverpool.

WOOD, Jan 14th, Esther aged 52, relict of William WOOD, interred Andreas Churchyard, I.O.M, Jan 16th.

In memoriam

FAWCETT, Sophia of 25 Hemans St who departed this life Jan 18th, 1891 and was interred in Smithdown Rd, Cemetery.

HOUGHTON, I.L.M, of our dear sister Eliza Ann, third daughter of the late William TREVITT, who departed this life Jan 21st 1894. Gone but not forgotten by her loving sisters and brother.

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 22nd 1895


BOWMAN, Jan 19th, Rosamond, aged 65, wife of David BOWMAN, 29 Upper Pitt St, Derbyshire papers please copy.

CARTER, Jan 21st, suddenly, 28 Aubrey St, Alice Christian, wife of Edwin CARTER [nee A. C. KIDD, 91 Brunswick Rd]

COOKE, Dec 12th, 1894, on his homeward voyage near St Helena, Captain Joseph COOKE, aged 35 [ship Khyber] of Blantyre Rd eldest son of the late Joseph COOKE, of Mossley Hill and Wavertree.

FARMER, Jan 16th, as above

HALL, Jan 16th, Montreux Switzerland, Alison aged 82, the last surviving daughter of the late William HALL and sister of R. C. HALL this city.

HENTON, Jan 20th, 22 Kingsmead Rd, North, Oxton, Alfred aged 7 months only son of Frank HENTON and Isabel CARVER.

JONES, Jan 20th, 6A Bidston Rd, Oxton, Mrs Hannah JONES, aged 76.

LUNDIE, Jan 20th, as above

MALLEY, Jan 20th, 124 Lodge Lane, James aged 82, interment Smithdown Rd, Cemetery tomorrow.

MASON, Jan 20th, 13 Higher Lane, Fazakerley, Henry R. MASON, interment tomorrow at Anfield Cemetery

MORRIS, Jan 19th, 288 Park Rd, Henry aged 55, interment Smithdown Rd, Cemetery tomorrow

PAGAN, Jan 16th, Crewe, Donald Robison aged 21, eldest son of Joseph and Isabella PAGAN, and grandson of the late Donald ROBISON, this city.

TREFRY, Jan 1st Arcadia, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Hallet C. TREFRY, aged 41, husband of Ada.

The palace walls I almost see

Where dwells my Lord and King.

O grave, where is thy victory;

O death, where is thy sting.

In memoriam

PARKINSON, I.L.M, of my dear husband James PARKINSON, who died Jan 22, 1897, at his residence Mount Pleasant Inn, Wigan. The memory of the just is blessed.

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 23rd 1895


CARTER, Jan 21st as above

CARVER, Jan 20th, 22 Kingmead Rd, North Oxton, Alfred Henton, only son of Frank Henton and Isabel CARVER aged 7 mths.

DUFF, Jan 10th, Royal Infirmary Belfast, William aged 57, late of 45 Great Patrick St, Belfast, interred at Saintfield Jan 14th, American papers please copy.

GILLET, Jan 20th, at her son Joseph's residence 14 Delamore St, Kirkdale, Ann aged 86, widow of the late Joseph GILLET, late of Toxteth Park.

HARDING, Jan 21st, Alice Overton after a few days illness aged 25, 3rd daughter of Thomas HARDING, Huyton, interment tomorrow at Anfield Cemetery

MASON, Jan 20th as above

M'LEAN, Jan 20th, 173 Moscow Dr, James A, aged 54, interment today at Anfield Cemetery

O'DWYER, Jan 21st, St John's, Newfoundland, John. L. S, aged 34, 2nd son of the late Hon R. O'DWYER.

ROBERTS, Jan 22nd, 104 Ritson St, Samuel aged 56, husband of Charlotte, late of Regent Rd, Bootle.

WEBSTER, Jan 21st, George Hotel, 19 West Derby Rd, Charles Edward aged 43, husband of Mary, interment Smithdown Rd, Cemetery tomorrow

WOOD, Jan 21st, 15 Elm Grove, Samuel Henry aged 64, interment at Bebington Cemetery tomorrow.

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