Deaths, 1894

Liverpool Mercury, January 2, 1894


GALE, Dec 31st, 21 Greek St, Ellen, aged 55, the wife of Ben GALE, interment Anfield tomorrow.

GLOVER, Dec 31st, 30 Chadwick Mount, Everton, Elizabeth aged 76, widow of the late Samuel GLOVER of Toxteth Park. Shrewsbury papers copy

GRAY, Dec 30th, Bulkeley Square, Llangefni, Richard GRAY, aged 51, solicitor, Bangor

GRIFFITHS, Dec 29th, William Andrew aged 8, son of William and Ann GRIFFITHS, 215 Netherfield Rd, North, interment Tuesday at Kirkdale Cemetery, Longmoor Lane

HARRIS, Jan 1st, 13 Deane Rd, sister's residence [Mrs H. B. HARRIS], Anne HARRIS [Aunt Anne] relict of Henry Paget HARRIS

HAYES, Dec 30th, Fairfield, Leigh, Lancashire, Thomas Travers HAYES. J.P, aged 43

HORTON, Dec 28th, Smedley's, Matlock Bank, Margaret Ann HORTON, aged 76, widow of the late Rev Peter C. HORTON, Wesleyan minister, Southport

JEFFREYS, Jan 1st, 39 Everton Brow, Robert Halsall, aged 44, husband of Elizabeth JEFFREYS, of the firm John JEFFREYS and son, auctioneers, interment Thursday at Kirkdale Cemetery, Longmoor Lane

JENSEN, Dec 31st, 16 Monastery Rd, Anfield, George aged 50, husband of Mary Ann JENSEN

JONES, Dec 31st, 104 Windsor St, Elizabeth, aged 46, wife of Robert JONES, late of Northbrook St, eldest daughter of the late Evan EVANS, Bamber St.

JONES, Dec 29th, Wynstay House, Bethesda, Jane, aged 72, widow of the late Robert JONES, foreman, Fekin Fawr, Penrhyn Quarry, only sister of Robert ROWLAND, J.P, Plas Isaf, Penmorfa, near Portmadoc.

LEAROYD, Dec 30th, 23 Croxteth Grove, William aged 88, formerly of Gilling, Yorkshire, interment Smithdown Rd tomorrow

LOWTEN, Dec 29th, Springfield, Maghull, Thomas Wainwright, 2nd son of the late T. LOWTEN, LOWTEN of Manley Cheshire, interment Smithdown Rd, today.

MASON, Dec 30th, Hoylake, Cheshire, George MASON, aged 62, solicitor, Liverpool, interment Smithdown Rd, today.

ROBERTS, Dec 30th, 36 Everton Valley, Catherine, aged 73, widow of Owen ROBERTS, of this city, interment at Anfield Thursday

ROWLINSON, Dec 31st, 41 Falkner St, Harriet aged 83.

TOMKIES, Dec 31st, Rose Villa, Town Green, Dorothy TOMKIES, aged 76 or 70 ?

TYSON, Dec 31st, 34 Tynwald Hill, Stoneycroft, Elizabeth widow of the late Henry TYSON, Steelfield Hall, Cumberland, interment West Derby Cemetery tomorrow

WILLIAMS, Dec 31st, 13 Kimnel St, Rhyl, Owen WILLIAMS, aged 64, late pier master Huskisson Dock, for many years with the Mersey Docks and Harbour Board. Interment at Rhyl tomorrow

WILLIAMSON, Dec 28th, 36 Roscoe Lane, William Hampson WILLIAMSON, husband of Mary, interment Anfield today


Liverpool Mercury, January 3, 1894


AUSTIN, Jan 1st, 3 Clarence St, Charles Herbert, aged 8, son of William and Elizabeth Ann AUSTIN

COULSON, Jan 1st, 40 Connaught Rd, Elizabeth S. [Cis], wife of Henry COULSON, interment Smithdown Rd, Friday

EDELSTEN, Dec 23rd, 108 Tunnel Rd, Edgehill, Maria, widow of the late Robert Peters EDELSTEN, advanced in years


MOORE, Jan 2nd, 44 Newstead Rd, Alice Julia, aged 30, wife of James MOORE. interment Smithdown Rd, tomorrow

RICHMOND, Dec 28th, Tremynfa, Cernaes, Anglesey, Eliza aged 52, wife of John H. RICHMOND, late of Liverpool and Chorley, daughter of the late Benjamin FOWLER, of Liverpool, interment at Llanfechell, Jan 1st

RIDGWAY, Jan 1st, 8 Abercromby Square, Martha daughter of the late John RIDGWAY, of this city, interment the Necropolis tomorrow

ROBERTS as above

SCOTT, Jan 1st, 7 Claremont Terrace, Seacombe, Herbert Horsfall SCOTT, aged 33, interment at Wallasey Parish Church tomorrow

TYSON as above

In Memoriam

MEIKLE, I. L. M, of Alexander MEIKLE, who died Jan 3rd 1891, not forgotten by his son-in-law and daughter John and Sophia STAINTON


Liverpool Mercury, January 4, 1894


BATES, Jan 1st, 39 St Anne St, Frederick T, aged 58, husband of Sarah, interment at St James Cemetery this day

COULSON as above

DOUGHTY, 58 Othello St, Kirkdale, W. A. DOUGHTY of the Rock Light Cleansing and Boiler Fluid Company, 11 South Castle St, aged 48. Member of the Stanley Masonic Lodge, interment at Fazakerley Jan 7th.

HOOD, Jan 3rd, 124 Breck Rd, Anfield, Thomas Wilkins, aged 42, husband of Anne. Member of the Kirkdale Masonic Lodge, 1756. Interment at Anfield on Sunday

JENSEN, Dec 31st, 16 Monastery Rd, Anfield, George aged 50, husband of Mary Ann JENSEN, eldest son of the late George JENSEN, shipbroker of Hull, interment West Derby Cemetery this day.


STOCKDALE, Jan 2nd, 80 Derby Rd, Kirkdale, Eliza aged 2yrs and 8mths youngest daughter of Richard and Eliza STOCKDALE.

WILLIAMS, Jan 2nd, 6 Quorn St Jesse Winward, aged 59, nephew of the late Jesse WINWARD, mathematician, West Derby, interment Walton Parish Church tomorrow

In Memoriam

SIMPSON, I.L.M, of dear grandma, Margaret, who died Jan 4th 1889, remembered by all.


Liverpool Mercury, January 5, 1894


CARRICK, Jan 1st, Trowbridge Place, Cambridge, Mass U.S, Henry Chambers younger son of the late George CARRICK of this city.

CORR, Dec 16th, John CORR, aged 67, violin player, husband of Mary CORR, was interred Ford Cemetery, Dec 19th. 126 Latham St, off Stanley Rd.

COULSON, HOOD, as above

KELLY, Nov 21st, 1893, South Terrace, Adelaide, Australia, Lucy Charles, relict of the late L. R. KELLY, sister of the late R. D. WILLIAMS, Porth yr Aur, Carnarvon [see births]

LAVER, Jan 3rd, 8 Arvonia Terrace, Egremont, Minnie, aged 1yr 9mths, only daughter of John C. and E. A. LAVER

MORRIS, Jan 3rd, Penally, Island Rd, Garston, Thomas MORRIS, aged 56, of 72 Lord St

RAYNER, Woodleigh, Orrell Park, Aintree, Evelyne daughter of Gilmour George and Helen RAYNER, interment Anfield tomorrow

SYRED, Jan 3rd, Everslie, Cressington Park, Margaret wife of Horatio SYRED, interment Farnworth tomorrow

YEVILY, Jan 3rd, 117 Lodge Lane, Mary aged 83, late of Oswestry

In Memoriam

KINCAID, I.L.M, James William [Willie] KINCAID, died London Jan 1st 1888 or 89 ? aged 26.


Liverpool Mercury, January 6, 1894


CHAMBERLIN, Dec 2nd, Durban, Natal, Kate daughter of the late Charles CHAMBERLIN of Crouch Hill, London, formerly of Liverpool

DUNN, Jan 4th, Croxteth Mews, Sefton Park, Thomas DUNN aged 45, interment Smithdown Rd Cemetery on Monday

HOOD, as above

M'GILL, Jan 3rd, 38 Butterfield St off Walton Lane, Willie, 4yrs 10mths, youngest son of William and Ellen M'GILL

MORRIS, SYRED, as above

SEVERN, Jan 5th, 11 Heath Rd, Bebington, Harriet wife of George SEVERN

VICKESS, Jan 5th, 8 Cairns St off Princes Rd, Elisa aged 72, wife of Jabez VICKESS, interment the Necropolis Monday

WATTS, 27 Dacre St, Samuel aged 76, for 51 yrs employed at Milner's Safe Works, interment Smithdown Rd Cemetery Saturday

WILKINSON, Jan 5th, Lurlie, Breeze Hill, Bootle, Thomas WILKINSON aged 72, interment St Mary's, Walton-on-the-Hill Tuesday

WILSON, Jan 5th, 60 Harington Rd, Sefton Park, while visiting a friend, Charlotte Ann, widow of the late Henry WILSON, 33 Hartington Rd. Interment Smithdown Rd Cemetery Monday

WOODS, Jan 5th, 26 Highfield Rd, Stoneycroft, Sarah, aged 52, youngest daughter of the late Thomas WOODS

In Memoriam

GIBB, I.L.M, of our dear father Andrew C. GIBB, late of Edinburgh who died Jan 7th 1883, aged 72

Oh for the touch of a vanished hand

And the sound of a voice that is still.

SMITH, I.L.M, of our dear father and mother Thomas J. SMITH late pilot this port, who departed this life Dec 23rd 1892, also Margaret wife of the above who departed this life Jan 6th 1888, late 19 Upper Stanhope St. Though lost to sight, to memory ever dear.


Liverpool Mercury, January 8, 1894


DOWNEY, Jan 6th, Dorrie, aged 18mths youngest daughter of Andrew DOWNEY

DUNN as above

HERIOT, Jan 7th, 26 Hampden St, David Fernie HERIOT

KURTZ, Jan 5th, Frederick Everard, aged 33, son of the late Charles KURTZ, Liverpool

MILLINGTON, Jan 5th, from the result of an accident at Londonderry, John aged 33, eldest son of the late John MILLINGTON. Funeral from his mother's residence 23 Florence Rd, Seacombe, on Wednesday morning, Wallasey Cemetery.

THURLOW, Jan 5th, 29 King St, Egremont, Cheshire, Leonard A, aged 20, son of the late H. W. THURLOW, C.E, this city, Australian papers copy


WORTH, Jan 5th, 17 Ranelagh St, Marie wife of T. H. WORTH, proprietor Commercial Temperance Hotel, London and Australian papers copy

In Memoriam

BROOKS, I.L.M, of my dear husband John BROOKS, who departed this life Jan 7th 1889, at St Hilda Hotel, 141 Walton Rd

A bitter grief, a shock severe,

To part with one we love so dear,

Our loss is great, we'll not complain,

But hope to meet in heaven again.

BROOKS, I.L.M, of my dear father John BROOKS, who departed this life Jan 7th 1889, 141 Walton Rd

He hath gone, the grave hath received him.

Twas Jesus who called him away.

He has gone to the Lord who redeemed him

From night to the splendour of day. - T.F.

RICHARDSON, 1.L.M, of my dear son John Charles RICHARDSON, who died Jan 7th, 1893, aged 37, and was interred at Longmoor Lane Cemetery.

Beloved on earth, regretted gone,

But remembered in the grave.

M. R. 153 Walton Lane


Liverpool Mercury, January 9, 1894


CUNLIFFE, Jan 6th, 3 Arvonia Terrace, Egremont, Esther Ann wife of James CUNLIFFE, formerly of Darwen and Manchester, interment tomorrow at Wallasey Parish Church.

DRIFFIELD, Jan 7th, Brock Cottage, Prescot, Mary aged 64, of pneumonia, widow of Walter Wren DRIFFIELD, solicitor of Prescot and Liverpool. Funeral at Prescot on Thursday

EVANS, Jan 7th, Burnley, Evan aged 35, son of the late Griffith EVANS of Penmount Pwilheli, shipbuilder and brother of J. Bennett EVANS of this city

FALK, Jan 8th, Catsclough, Winsford, Cheshire, Anne aged 71, wife of Herman E. FALK, funeral tomorrow at Whitegate Church

GRIFFITH, Jan 7th, 12 Wellesley Rd, Princes Park, the Rev Thomas GRIFFITH, aged 43, senior curate at St Silas's Toxteth Park, funeral service at St Silas Thursday, interment Smithdown Rd, Cemetery

MEADOWS, Jan 5th, Hillside Aylestone Hill, Hereford, Thomas MEADOWS, J.P, late of the firm Thomas Meadows and Co, Liverpool

PRICE, Jan 6th, Great Meolse, Nathaniel Dawson PRICE aged 68, interment today at Hoylake Parish Church.

TOMLINSON, Jan 6th, 3 Richmond Terrace, Whitehall, London, Sarah aged 85, of Heysham, Lancaster, widow of the late Thomas TOMLINSON Esq, of Preston, and one of the Masters of the Bench of the Inner Temple, London

TOWERS, Jan 6th, 130 Bedford Rd, Rock Ferry, Priscilla aged 74, also Jan 7th, aged 76 Elizabeth, daughters of the late James TOWERS, of Liverpool

WHITE, Jan 5th, sister's residence, Marl Lodge, Llandudno, Elizabeth aged 79, widow of the late William WHITE of Liverpool, and eldest daughter of the late Samuel FRICKER, of Tros-y-Canol, Carnarvonshire, was interred Monday at Llandysillio, Menai Bridge

WILKINSON, Jan 5th, Lurlei Breeze Hill, Bootle, Thomas WILKINSON, aged 72, interment St Mary's Walton-on-the-Hill today

In Memoriam

STEERS, I.L.M, of Thomas Peter Ross STEERS, who died at Capetown Jan 9th 1892, 3rd son of the late Spencer James STEERS of Halewood, Liverpool, brother D. R. STEERS


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 16th 1894


BLOOMFIELD, Jan 15th, 104 Northumberland Terrace, Mary Rebecca, aged 37, eldest daughter of the late Thomas BLOOMFIELD, interment at Anfield Friday

BROWN, Jan 15th, Alderley Villa, Hoylake, Ann Glover aged 85, widow of Andrew BROWN, interment Morton Church tomorrow.

BRYAN, Jan 14th, son-in-laws residence, Broadgreen, Elizabeth BRYAN, aged 80, widow

CAIN, Jan 15th, 33 Sandy Rd, Seaforth, Elizabeth aged 83, relict of the late Christopher CAIN, of Bootle and Seaforth, interment at Anfield on Thursday.

MILES, Jan 15th, 7 Lowwood Grove, Birkenhead, William Robert MILES, aged 61, funeral at Flaybrick Hill, Cemetery Thursday

OWEN, Jan 13th, 14 Water St, Egremont, Alfred R. OWEN, aged 24, 2nd son of G. OWEN, grandson of the late J. LUSTY, interment at Wallasey Cemetery, Tuesday.

POWELL, Jan 14th, 8 Buchanan Rd, Egremont, Stanley aged 4mths 2wks, son of Alexander and Elizabeth POWELL

ROWLANDS, Jan 15th, 23 Green Lane, Stoneycroft, William B. S. ROWLANDS, aged 60, of Green Lane Nurseries, Funeral Knotty Ash Church on Thursday

RYE, Jan 12th,Wellingboro, Northamptonshire, Maria aged 70, widow of Joseph RYE, late of Irthlinboro, same county

SMITH, Jan 15th, her birthday, Thurstaston Hall, Birkenhead, Mrs Elizabeth Kennan SMITH, aged 73, daughter of the late Captain Hugh STEWART R.N.

SPENCE, Jan 14th, 8 Bridgecroft Rd, Liscard, Elizabeth Ellen, wife of James J. SPENCE, 22 Clifton Rd, Tuebrook, interment Wallasey Cemetery tomorrow

VENMORE, Jan 12, Vrendeg, 11 Anfield Rd, formerly timber merchant at 19 Stanley Rd, William VENMORE, aged 72, interment at Anfield this day

In Memoriam

ARCHER, I.L.M, Eliza Ann wife of Charles ARCHER, youngest daughter of the late James BARTON, sen of Windsor, who died 16th Jan 1893, aged 49, at Great Crosby, sadly missed

HENDERSON, I.L.M, of our dear father Isaac HENDERSON, who died Jan 15th 1891

KEAY, I.L.M, of James KEAY, who died Jan 16th, 1892, aged 64, Great Mersey St.

Not gone from memory, not gone from love.

But gone to his heavenly home above.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 17th 1894



CASTLES, Jan 15th, 33 Diana St, Walton, Cissie, aged 39, wife of Matthew CASTLES and eldest daughter of the late Dugald CAMERON of Kirkdale, interment Longmoor Lane Cemetery tomorrow.

DRYBURGH, Jan 16th, 11 Windsor St, New Brighton, Gladys, aged 3, youngest daughter of Mary DRYBURGH and the late Charles H. DRYBURGH

KNOTT, Jan 15th, 24 Brae St, Estherada, aged 53, wife of Henry KNOTT.

MARTIN, Jan 14th, 164 Delamore St, George MARTIN, aged 77, late piermaster Salisbury Dock, interment at Anfield tomorrow

ROBERTS, Jan 12th, Ffynon Newydd, Llanrwst, Robert ROBERTS, aged 87, brother of the late D. ROBERTS Esg, Tanralli Abergele, and Hope St, Liverpool, funeral tomorrow.

ROBERTS, Jan 15th, 26 Clifton Rd, Birkenhead, Robert ROBERTS, aged 89, interment Flaybrick Hill Cemetery tomorrow.


STRONG, Jan 15th, 30 Rock Park, Rock Ferry, Elizabeth aged 81.

THOMPSON, Jan 15th, 40 Crown St, Martha aged 76, relict of the late Thomas THOMPSON

In Memoriam

FAWCETT, I.L.M, Sophia FAWCETT, widow of 25 Hemans St, who died 18th Jan 1891, and was interred at Smithdown Rd, Cemetery, aged 80.

HENDERSON as above

MAGEE, I.LM, Norman Augustus the youngest and dearly beloved son of James and Helen S. MAGEE, who died at Willow Bank House, Priory Rd, Anfield, Jan 18th, 1893, aged 4yrs and 3mths.

WANDS, I.L.M, of David Cunningham WANDS, who died Jan 17th 1893, aged 34. To memory ever dear.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 22nd 1894


BIRCH, Jan 20th, 43 Cardwell St, William late of 166 Smithdown Lane, interment St Mary's Walton Rd, Wednesday

BLACKMORE, Jan 19th, 16 Wentworth St Jane S, aged 38, eldest daughter of the late David CADDICK, will be interred today at Anfield

DANIEL, Jan 21st, 15 Pym St, Walton, Annie wife of George DANIEL, late of 73 Egerton St

GIBSON, Dec 31st 1893, at Waterval, Transval, South Africa, David GIBSON, aged 31.

GOOLD, Jan 19th, 75 Ullet Rd, Hugh GOOLD, aged 76, late surveyor H. M. Customs, interment Smithdown Rd Cemetery today.

HOUGHTON, Jan 21st, 105 Kensington, Eliza Ann, wife of Isaac HOUGHTON, 3rd daughter of the late William TREVITT this city, interment Smithdown Rd Cemetery Wednesday

MANSBERGH, Jan 17th, 25 Parkfield Rd, Sefton Park, Jane aged 70, widow of the late Robert MANSBERGH, of Lancaster

RICHARDSON, Jan 18th, 36 Harcourt St, Annie E. aged 3mths 2wks, [little Nellie] daughter of Joseph and Annie RICHARDSON, interred Anfield Jan 21st

In Memoriam

PARKINSON, I.L.M, my dear husband James PARKINSON, who died Jan 22nd 1891, at his residence Mount-pleasant Inn, Wigan. The memory of the just is blest.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 23rd 1894


BIRCH, as above

COSTINE, Jan 21st, 150 Islington, William Lowden COSTINE, interment at the Necropolis tomorrow,

COUCHE, Jan 21st, 132 Duke St, Edward Denton aged 25, 3rd son of H. P. P. and Frances COUCHE, interment Smithdown Rd Cemetery tomorrow.

GOULDER, Jan 21st, 71 Belgrave Rd, St Michaels, Charles Whitfield, aged 5, only son of Alfred and Jennie GOULDER

HEWITT, Jan 20th, 8 Clifton Terrace, St Annes, St Helens, Joseph HEWITT, aged 70.

HOUGHTON as above

M'LAREN, Jan 22nd, 14 Grove St, Bootle, John M'LAREN aged 63, will be interred at Anfield Cemetery on Thursday

OWEN, Jan 18th, Rome, Elizabeth aged 53 of Aberdovey, the devoted servant and much loved friend of A. M. HORNBY, in whose family she had lived for 38yrs.

THORNTON, Jan 18th, 5 Norbrook St, James aged 63, late of 57 Egerton St

In Memoriam

HIGGINS, I.L.M, Dr T. M'CULLOCH HIGGINS, who died Jan 23rd 1892, at 42 Durning Rd.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 25th 1894


BURNYEAT, Jan 23rd, Millgrove, Whitehaven, son's residence, William BURNYEAT, aged 75, of Whitehaven and Liverpool, interment Roby Churchyard today.

GRAHAM, Jan 23rd, 84 Soho St, Francis Joseph, aged 21 youngest son of the late James Vere GRAHAM, Birkenhead

GREEN, Jan 18th, Smithdown Lane, Hospital, James GREEN, aged 75, gardener, late of 37 Siddeley St, Lark Lane. American and Australian papers copy

HAVERY, Jan 22nd, 61 Park Rd, East, Birkenhead, George HAVERY, aged 50, husband of Ellen.

JACOB, Jan 24th, 3 Sandon Rd, Egremont, Celia Jane aged 67, widow of the late Edmund JACOB, of this city, interment Smithdown Rd Cemetery Saturday.

M'LAREN as above

SLOAN, Jan 24th, 4 Falcon Rd, Birkenhead, Jane Isabella [Janey] aged 2yrs 4mths, daughter of John SLOAN

SMITH, Jan 17th, Townsend-cross, Cronton, John Horace SMITH, aged 22, was interred Farnworth Church on 20th inst

TOYNE, Dec 25th, off Berriby and was buried at sea next day off Cavally, Elijah TORNE, chief cook of the ss Sherbro, for 20yrs late cook on the White Star Line, Nottingham papers copy.

TWEDDLE, Jan 18th, at Dunkirk, suddenly through an accident, John Irving TWEDDLE, of 2 Shaftsbury Rd, Upton Park, Essex, youngest son of the late William TWEDDLE this city.


Liverpool Mercury, Dec 15th 1894


ALLAN, Dec 13th, Argentine Villa, Liscard, James aged 43, for many years with Messers James BEAZLEY and Son

BROWN, Dec 12th, 26 Cotswold St, Holt Rd, Henry aged 59, interment Smithdown Rd, Cemetery on Monday

CHESTON, Dec 13th, Wem Salop, William aged 69, master mariner, formerly of Liverpool

CLIFFORD, Dec 12th, father's residence, Mary Ann aged 28, wife of Talbot CLIFFORD, and eldest daughter of Adam GRIEVE, this city

COVENTRY, Dec 12th, Edwin aged 28, 2nd son of Joseph and Ann COVENTRY, saddler at 141 County Rd, Walton

ELDER, New York, Maxwell E. ELDER, aged 44, engineer steamship Campania

EVANS, Dec 14th, 63 Grange Mount, Birkenhead, Alderman Thomas EVANS. J.P, aged 75, interment at Flaybrick Cemetery on Monday

FRASER, Dec 12th, 71 Crown St, Annie, widow of William FRASER, interment at the Necropolis this day

GRACE, Dec 13th, 16 Quarry St Woolton, William aged 78, funeral at St Peter's Woolton this day

GROGAN, Dec 11th, 1 Corporation St, Tuebrook, Thomas aged 55,, 32yrs postman, pensioned, interment West Derby Cemetery tomorrow

HAYWARD, Dec 12th, Brough, East Yorkshire, Ella McLean aged 29, beloved wife of Charles Young HAYWARD, 2nd daughter of Rev Robert LOWE, funeral St Luke's Church, Great Crosby, 17th inst

JONES, Dec 13th, 9 Sandown Lane, Wavertree, Thomas aged 59, interment at Childwall Church on Monday

LESLIE, Oct 17th, Kurrachee, John LESLIE, engineer, son-in-law of R. P. DAVIS this city

LEWIS, Dec 13th, 21 Deane Rd, Liverpool, Rev George LEWIS, aged 74

LITHERLAND, Dec 14th, Derby House, Laurel Rd, Edge Lane, Elizabeth aged 65, sister of the late William LITHERLAND

PORTER, Dec 14th, 27 Well Lane, Rock Ferry, Charles Alfred aged 43, husband of Annie PORTER, funeral at Flaybrick Cemetery, Birkenhead, on Tuesday next

SIMISTER, Dec 14th, 4 The Crescent, West Kirby, Florence Edith aged 5mths, only beloved child of Thomas and Sarah SIMISTER

WILLIAMS, Dec 13th, 244 Westminster Rd, Rowland aged 69yrs and 9mths, joiner and contractor, funeral at Anfield Cemetery, 17th inst

In Memoriam

DONNELLY, Dec 8th, 39 Westminster Rd, aged 2yrs 2mths, William beloved son of Richard and Elizabeth DONNELLY, who departed this life Dec 8. 1894

HATTON, I.L.M, of Margaret [Maggie] dearly loved 6th daughter of James and Anne HATTON, West Kirby, Cheshire, who died Dec 3. 1889

LAWSON, I.L.M, William late of this city and formerly of Airlie, Forfar, who died at his residence 44 Newstead Rd, Dec 15. 1892, for over 30yrs connected with the City Police Courts

MURPHY, I.L.M, Thomas, dearly beloved husband of M. MURPHY, who died Dec 15. 1882, also Marion [Minnie] eldest and dearly beloved daughter who died June 8. 1892

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