Liverpool Mercury, May 4th 1892


BOGGIANO, May 2nd, 28 Adelaide Rd, Phoebe aged 24, wife of Joseph BOGGIANO, interment Anfield this day

CARROLL, May 1st Valley Field, Aigburth, aged 75 Patrick, mass at St Austin's, Grassendale, Wednesday morning

GIBSON, May 2nd, 73 Renshaw St, John Harris GIBSON, aged 53, of this city, interment Anfield tomorrow

GORE, 22 Rumney Rd, Kate wife of Richard J. GORE, pilot.

HAILES, May 2nd, 136 Anfield Rd, Mary E, wife of Myles HAILES, interment at Anfield tomorrow

HORT, April 31st, San Francisco, Samuel HORT Esq, aged 75, late of the firm, C. ADOLPHE LOWE and Co [Governor Lowe of California] and uncle of Mrs W. H. DREAPER

HUGHES, May 3rd, Elm Grove, Carnarvon, Ellen Dew, wife of Rev John HUGHES, D.D, funeral at Llanerchymedd on 7th inst.

KERR, April 28th, 42 Longcross St, Roath, Cardiff, Donald KERR, aged 41, marine engineer, interred at the New Cemetery, Cardiff, 30th April

MARKS, May 1st, 23 St James Rd, Eliza wife of J. J. MARKS, interment Smithdown Rd, Cemetery this day.

MIDDLETON, May 2nd, 6 South Rd, Waterloo, Ann aged 69, wife of Heney MIDDLETON

MOULTON, May 3rd, father's residence, 80 Salisbury Rd, Wavertree, William James aged 23, eldest son of Capt John MOULTON, interment the Necropolis tomorrow, Welsh papers copy.

PRICE, 121 Northumberland St, William aged 23, husband of Isabella, interment Toxteth Park, Cemetery tomorrow

READ, Nov 27th, 1891, 11 days out from Liverpool for Calcutta on the ship Bengal, Captain Thomas READ, aged 44, of 68 St Domingo Vale, formerly of the ships, Molanope and Queen of Australia, Australian papers copy

RILEY, April 23rd, Stanley Hospital, Martha aged 59, wife of Benjamin Scott RILEY, was interred at the family vault Walton Church, on 2nd May.

STEPHEN, May 1st, 20 Brookland Rd, Stoneycroft, George D. F. STEPHEN, aged 55, interment Anfield this day.

TACKABERRY, May 3rd, 110 Granby St, Henry TACKABERRY, aged 64, funeral Smithdown Rd, tomorrow.

WOOD, April 30th, Southport, Edward Ashton WOOD, aged 45, late of Bowden and Liverpool

In Memoriam

HUXLEY.I.L.M, of Jane HUXLEY, wife of Joseph who died May 5th 1891, aged 51

PARTINGTON, I.L.M, of Florrie only child of W. K and Lizzie PARTINGTON, who died May 4th, 1890, aged 2yrs and 2mths

WOOD, I.L.M, of my dear sons, Thomas Piggott WOOD and Charles Clifford WOOD, who both died May 4th 1891.


Liverpool Echo

July 1st 1892


CLEGG, June 27th, 175 Upper Canning St, Clara wife of the late William, 42 Kirkdale Vale.

HOWORTH, June 29th, Hampsteads, Judges Dr, Newsham Park, Thomas, aged 74, interment Smithdown Rd, 2nd inst

HUGHES, June 29th, Harrowby St, Mary widow of the late Rev John HUGHES, Welsh, Wesleyan Minister, interment Smithdown Rd, 2nd inst

JONES, June 28th, Berthlywd, Conway, Harriette, wife of Thomas JONES, Five Elms, Grassendale, interment Smithdown Rd, today

PALMER, Feb 27th, at Santos of Yellow Fever, Thomas of 365 Great Howard St

In Memorial

ADAMS, I.L.M, our dear sister Amy Everline who died at Walton on June 1st 1891, aged 15.

COLLINS, I.L.M, George dearly loved husband of Elizabeth and only child of Mrs CARNEY, departed this life, 23 Townsend Lane, June 30th 1889.

JONES, I.L.M, of our dear brother Thomas Hedley, died at Colon, June 30th 1891.


July 4th 1892


BRASS, 6 Upper Parliament St, aged 56, Joseph T. W. BRASS. M.D, interment at Toxteth cemetery today.

CALDER, July 1st, 4 Northcote St, aged 20, Isabella [Bella] dau of John CALDER, this city.

DAWSON, July 1st aged 58, James late of 29 Oldhall St, cortege leaves 128 Dale St, today, interment at Ford cemetery

GOEGHEGAN, July 2nd, 51 Hertford Rd, Bootle, aged 41, John A, coal merchant, Crown St and Stanley Rd, interment at Ford cemetery on Wednesday.

HARKNESS, July 1st, 15 Hazel Rd, Tranmere, aged 54, James Henry, interment at Flaybrick cemetery tomorrow.

HAWKINS, June 26th, Charlotte Augusta, aged 36, 3rd dau of the late J. R. BANKS and widow of the late C. J. HAWKINS, both this city, interment at Smithdown Rd cemetery June 29th.

KELLY, July 2nd, 41 Wesley St, Catherine, aged 92. Interment Necropolis tomorrow

MC KECHNIE, June 30th, at the Royal Southern Hospital, John, aged 46, interment at Longmore Lane cemetery today, cortege will leave his residence, 6 Rollo St, Kirkdale.

MC QUIE, July 2nd, Sunnyside Neston, Cheshire, Mona Mary, wife of P. B. MC QUIE, younger dau of the late Capt EDLMAN, Royal Scots Guards.

MUNRO, July 3rd, 51 Belmont Rd, Maggie Bryden only dau of Robert MUNRO

MUSKER, July 1st, The Lodge, Rathbone Rd, Wavertree, Charles, for many years respected sexton of St Marys Parish Ch, Wavertree.

PURCELL, July 2nd, Penrhyn House, Princes Park, Margaret, aged 63 for 31yrs a faithful friend and servant of the BOWRING family of St Johns, Newfoundland.

ROBERTS, July 1st, 50 Shenstone St, Jane Ann youngest surviving dau of the late John ROBERTS, slater, this city.

SCRAGG, July 1st, 7 Dingle Rd, Higher Tranmere, William only son of the late William, interment at Flaybrick cemetery tomorrow.

TINDLE, July 1st, Mossley Hill, aged 60, Jane only surviving sister of the late Rutherford TINDLE of 98 Islington.

WALKER, July 1st, 2 Denton Grove, Newsham Park, at sons residence, Ann, aged 78, relict of the late Capt James Hood WALKER, whom she survived 40yrs.

WEIR, July 3rd, Stanley aged 2yrs 2mths, son of William and Margaret WEIR, 23 Arnold St, interment at Toxteth Park cemetery tomorrow.

WILSON, July 1st, 4 Fell St, James, after a long illness.


July 5th 1892


ANDERSON, July 4th, 4 Ellel Grove, Newsham Park, Harriet relict of the late William ANDERSON of the Bank of England, and dau of the late William ATKINSON, this city.

BAINBRIDGE, July 3rd, 34 Fern Grove, Mabel Eliza youngest dau of the late Henry Findlater BAINBRIDGE.

FLOOD, May 25th, of fever at Old Calabar, W. C. Africa, William, aged 29, only son of John FLOOD of Toxteth Park.

JONES, June 22nd, The Moat, Maesbrook, nr Llanymynech, Ellen, aged 73, wife of Evan JONES late of Haughton, Llandisilio. Interred at Kinnerley Churchyard, June 25th.

RAE, May 24th, killed on board the Cunard liner ETURIA, Andrew, seaman late of Kirkcudbright, Scotch papers copy.

WILSON, July 3rd, 60 Merton Rd, Bootle, Mary Ann, aged 69, widow of James WILSON, Shipbuilder, funeral at Anfield tomorrow.

In Memory

I.L.M, CAIN, George husband of Jane died July 3rd 1890

I.L.M, COLLINS, Thomas Phillip, who through an accident died at Wallasey Cottage Hospital, July 4th 1890, also Sarah Selina, who died Nov 12th 1889, at 70 Nelson St, children of John and B. COLLINS, 70 Nelson St.

I.L.M, KAVANAGH, Patrick husband of Esther, died July 3rd 1891, aged 38.


July 6th 1892


BALDWIN, July 3rd, in London of acute pneumonia, William youngest son of the late Joseph BALDWIN this city, interment at Anfield tomorrow.

JONES, July 4th, 31 Ivy St, Birkenhead, John, aged 71, interment at Flaybrick tomorrow.

MACNICOL, July 3rd, Tulloch Cottage, Dingwall, N. B, Angus Eric Hope son of Capt and Mrs MACNICOL, 10 Arnside Rd, Birkenhead.

PAPE, July 4th, 11 Hollybank, Liverpool, Rachel, widow of the late Mongo PAPE of Cumberland, funeral Smithdown Rd cemetery tomorrow.

TEEBAY, July 4th, St Joseph’s College, Upholland, Very Rev Charles James Canon TEEBAY, aged 68.

WHITTLE, July 3rd, Weston Rhyn, Chirk, after life long suffering, aged 41, Joseph Ewing, youngest son of Henry Fortescue WHITTLE, Saxonhurst, Rock Ferry.

In Memory

WAREING, I.L.M, dear mother Frances Ann WAREING, died July 6th, 1891, at her residence, 18 Hardman St, Liverpool

What might have been we cannot say,

But he knew what for us was best,

For she is now a cherub fair,

Among the ransomed and the blest.

J. W. W.


July 7th 1892


BATHE-HUNTER, July 5th, 8 Congress St, William John, aged 65

BLAYNEY, July 6th, 25 Gainsborough Rd, Wavertree, Cyril Frederick, aged 10mths, son of Robert B and Emily A. BLAYNEY.

BRADSHAW, July 5th, Rev James W. BRADSHAW. C.S.S.R, Solemn Requiem and funeral at Bishop Eton tomorrow [Friday]

CATTREALL, July 3rd, Eliza wife of the late William, late of 4 Lyon St, was interred at the Necropolis July 6th.

CHRISTIE, July 4th, 204 Smithdown Rd, Sefton Park, John, fruiterer, interment at Smithdown Rd, cemetery today.

GILLETT, 1 Albert Drive, Victoria Park, Aintree, Ellen relict of the late John GILLETT Esq, of Park Cottage, Chorley.

GREENE, July 5th, 26 Linden Gardens, Bayswater, Rev William Clayton GREENE. M.A, aged 76, late headmaster of Claremount School, Wallasey.

HALE, July 1st, 5 Vronhill St, Peter aged 64, husband of Mary for many years foreman of Messers DAVIS and JONES, block mast and spar makers, Canning Place.

JACKSON, July 4th, 11 Winifred St, Wavertree, Robert, interment at West Derby cemetery tomorrow.

JONES, July 5th, within a fortnight of her husband and daughter, Catherine, aged 59, of Trallwyn Lodge, Chwilog, mother of R. L. JONES, 65 Newcombe St.

WALLACE, July 5th, 59 Grange Mount, Claughton, Quintin Macadam WALLACE. M.D, aged 30, Funeral Saturday next from Holmhill, Thornhill, Dumfriesshire.

In Memory

M’GHIE, I.L.M, dear sister Jeanette Newton, died at her residence, 2 Claremont Villas, Pool Rd, Egremont, July 6th, 1888 - L. A.


July 8th 1892


PEARCE, July 4th, 66 Beatrice St, Great Homer St, Elizabeth, aged 73, widow of the late William.

PULSON, July 2nd, Ann Jane wife of James, Milford, New Haven, late of Liverpool, interred Fazakerley July 6th.

TIFFIN, July 7th, 49 Myrtle St, Liverpool, Robert aged 60, joiner and cabinet maker, interment at Smithdown Rd, cemetery tomorrow [Saturday]

In Memory

ATKINSON, I.L.M, of Arthur Oliver, youngest son of John James and Louisa ATKINSON of 140 Upper Parliament St.


July 11th 1892


BLAKE, July 7th, aged 9mths 20 days, Thomas Joseph son of Frederick G and Margaret BLAKE, 43 Annerley St.

BUSTARD, July 8th, 64 Hope St, Alice wife of John.

CROSSLEY, July 8th, 228 Picton Rd, Wavertree, Joseph aged 62, cooper, interment at Holy Trinity Ch, Wavertree tomorrow.

DAVIES, July 6th, Trafalgar Drive, Lower Bebington, Ruth youngest dau of George and Anne DAVIES, interment at Bebington cemetery tomorrow.

PRINCE, July 6th, Seaview Hoylake, Ann, aged 64, widow of the late Peter.

STALKER, July 7th, 25 Arundel Ave, Sefton Park, Rev Alexander McLaren, formerly of Southport, interment Smithdown Rd cemetery tomorrow.

WOODCOCK, July 9th, 85 Cansbrooke Rd, Walton, Joseph, aged 76, for over 50 yrs faithful and valued servant of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Co, interment at St Marys cemetery Kirkdale, Wednesday next.

In Memory

BARK, I.L.M, Albert who was accidentally drowned in the Canning Basin, from No9 Pilot Boat, July 10th, 1891, aged 21.

LAWRENCE, I.L.M, dear grandchild, Maud Vivian LAWRENCE [Maude] died July 11th, 1890, aged 9.

An angel came and took my flower,

But why should I repine,

For Jesus in His bosom wears

The flower that once was mine.


July 12th 1892


AINSLIE, July 8th, 8 Skelwith Bridge, Ambleside, Ruth infant dau of Richard M and Mabel B. AINSLIE

BUSTARD, July 8th, 64 Hope St, Alice wife of John

CRADDICK, July 9th, Royal Infirmary, William George, aged 29, youngest son of John and Henrietta CRADDICK, interment tomorrow at Kirkdale cemetery.

FARRIE, July 9th, Barkby Leicestershire, James aged 3, younger son of James Charles FARRIE Jnr.

GEORGE, Mar 28th, Rangiora, Canterbury, New Zealand, Mary, aged 28, wife of Richard GEORGE of Invercarquil, N.Z, formerly of Liverpool.

INKESTER, July 10th, 75 St Domingo Vale, Emma, aged 35, wife of T. F.

OWEN, July 9th, brother’s residence, 11 Ogwen St, John S, [Jack], aged 37

WILLIAMS, July 9th, Rhewl House, nr Llanasa, Richard of Elm Bank, Rock Ferry, interment at Penmorfa Ch, Thursday next.

WORTHINGTON, July 11th, Bromborough Pool, George Henry Burdett, aged 29, eldest son of Rev W. R. WORTHINGTON.

In Memory

TAIT, ILM, dear mother Anna Eliza TAIT, died July 11th, 1887 - W. TAIT

TREVITT, ILM, dear husband, Henry TREVITT, died at his residence 24 Farnworth St, July 12th 1890 - wife and family.

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