Liverpool Mercury, Wednesday, March 12, 1890

CURLETTE, In loving memory of John Clement [Johnnie] the only and beloved son of Clement and Elizabeth CURLETTE, who died at his father's residence Burlington St, Liverpool, March 10th, 1889, aged 19 yrs, formerly of Inch, County Down.

"His harbour passed, His anchor cast, Safe in his Father's Home."


Liverpool Mercury Aug 8th, 1890


BAYLEY, Aug 5th, Gresty, Cheshire, Abraham BAYLEY, late of Liverpool, interment at Wybunbury Church today.

DAVIES, Aug 5th, 2 North Crescent, Llandrinded, Wells, Lizzie, wife of David, tea merchant, Alexandria House, Croxteth Rd of this city, interment at Smithdown Rd today

DAVIES, Aug 3rd, 19 St Marys Terrace, Kent St, Elizabeth, aged 62, London papers copy.

ESPINA, Aug 5th, Elizabeth [Lizzie] aged 22, wife of Juan Enrique, youngest daughter of Owen WARD.

FRECKINGHAM, Aug 5th, 7 Warwick St, John, aged 64, cow keeper

MOSS, July 30th, Mary Ellen, aged 32, wife of James, 13 Netley St, daughter of J. PERRY, 47 Adelaide St

ROBERTS, Aug 6th, 1 Spring Grove, Bootle, Phoebe, aged 60, wife of Isaac, interment at Anfield tomorrow

SMELLIE, Aug 4th, 29 Chepstow St, Walton, John, late engineer, steamship Incemore. Interment at Anfield today.

THOMAS, Aug 5th, 39 Royal St, Elizabeth, wife of Owen, interment Llangefni cemetery today

In memorial

JONES, I.L.M, of a devoted mother Eliza wife of the late John Brown JONES of Holywell who died Aug 8th 1837 at 62 Woodville Terrace, Liverpool


Liverpool Mercury, Friday Sept 18th 1890


CHAPMAN, Sept 11th, 10 Dunkeld St, Liverpool, formerly of Garsdale, Yorkshire, Martha aged 86, wife of John

FLYNN, Sept 15th, 7 Edinburgh Rd, Elizabeth widow of the late William

HEAD, Sept 16th, 40 St Domingo Vale, Jane aged 83, widow of the late John HEAD this city.

MARTIN, Sept 14th, Susan Ada, aged 38, wife of T. G. Chemist late of 391 Scotland Rd

POCOCK, Sept 16th, Beechville, Hoylake, Henry A. will be interred at Anfield Sept 20th.

PRESCOTT, Sept 16th, 48 Upper Parliament St, Frances aged 68 or 63 ? wife of George PRESCOTT.

SALTHOUSE, Sept 15th, 10 Walton Village, William Nuttall, aged 5 or 6 ? youngesr son of Thomas Carter and Emily SALTHOUSE, will be interred Walton Churchyard this day

WILLIAMSON, Sept 13th, Dale St, Birkenhead, John aged 50, youngest son of the late Nicholas WILLIAMSON of Cockermouth.

In Memoriam

CULSHAW, I.L.M, Mary of Prescot, who departed this life Sept 18th, 1880, aged 55


Liverpool Mercury, Friday Sept 19th 1890


COURT, Sept 17th, Kingsdale, Devonshire Park, Birkenhead, Isaac W, aged 51, will be interred at Flaybrick Cemetery tomorrow

CRAIG, Sept 17th, Bankfields, Eastham, Margaret for more than 44yrs nurse and friend of the family of William JUST.

HALL, 40 Washington St, Bootle, Charles, aged 46, marine engineer, interred St Mary's Bootle, American and Canadian papers please copy.

JONES, Sept 18th, Menai Bridge, the Rev Joseph JONES, aged 70

KEYTE, Sept 18th, 9 Chatham Place, Edgehill, Job aged 75.

McCLELLAN, Sept 18th, Church Rd, Roby, David, aged 84, Funeral at Smithdown Rd, tomorrow.

MARTIN, Sept 14th, Susan Ada, aged 38, wife of T. G. Chemist late of 391 Scotland Rd.

MATHEWS, Sept 18th, Ellerslie, 13 Woodlands Rd, Rock Ferry, Louise Chamot, aged 17mths daughter of W. Y. MATHEWS.

POCOCK, Sept 16th, Beechville, Hoylake, Henry A. will be interred at Anfield Sept 20th.

PRESCOTT, Sept 16th, 48 Upper Parliament St, Frances aged 68 or 63 ? wife of George PRESCOTT

RIGBY, Sept 17th, 37 Shaw St, Peter Rainford, aged 19, after long and painful suffering, will be interred in the family vault, Necropolis, Lowhill on 21st inst.

ROAN, Sept 17th, The Priory Childwall, Isabella Paterson, aged 91, relict of the late James ROAN, interment the Necropolis tomorrow.

VAUGHAN, Sept 7th, Fort Macleod, N.W.T. Canada of typhoid fever, James Maclachlan, aged 26, eldest son of James and Sarah Helen VAUGHAN, The Park, Kirkby, Liverpool.

WHALLEY, Sept 18th The Hawthorns, Farnworth, Robert aged 73, late of Mill Green, Bold and Lydiate House, Lydiate, will be interred at Farnworth Church tomorrow.

WILLIAMS, Sept 17th, 81 New Rd, Tuebrook, Jane WILLIAMS


Liverpool Mercury, Oct 14th, 1890


COSGRIFF, Oct 11th, 7 Radcliffe St, William aged 25, of Ranelagh St, interment at Ford Cemetery this day

DAMSELL, Oct 12, 13 Belmont Drive, Newsham Park, Arthur Eglington aged 3 wks, only son of Arthur and Mary E. DAMSELL

DIXON, Oct 8th, 27 King St, William Andrew aged 34, only surviving son of the late Thomas and Elizabeth DIXON, and nephew of Jackson KIRBY, Queens Hotel, Carnworth, was interred yesterday at Anfield Cemetery

FORFAR, Oct 12th, 30 Sandon St, the Rev Patrick Thomson FORFAR, minister of the Church of Scotland, Oldham St, aged 51, interment Smithdown Rd, tomorrow

GIBBONS, Oct 12th, Edge Lane, John GRAHAM, aged 80, interment Smithdown Rd, tomorrow

HICKMAN, Oct 11th, in Liverpool, Jane aged 70, daughter of the late James MARTEN of Silverdale

HODGES, Oct 12th, 55 The Woodlands, Birkenhead, James HODGES, aged 56 or 66?, stationer, interment Smithdown Rd, tomorrow

LEIGH, Oct 11th, 1 Prescot St, New Brighton, Henry aged 64, interment Wallasey Cemetery today

PARKER, Oct 13th, Grange Hotel, 165 Netherfield Rd, Sonia aged 2, daughter of W. H and S. A. PARKER

REID, Oct 5th, Anne aged 60, wife of Hugh REID, 44 Jordan St

THOMAS, Oct 12th, 44 Parkfield Rd, Eric Vincent infant son of Llewellyn and Letitia THOMAS

In Memoriam

BEDFORD, I.L.M, of our dear mother Sarah, who died Oct 14th, 1889, gone but not forgotten

DAVIES, I.L.M, of Joseph who died Oct 14th, 1888, dearly beloved and in memory ever dear

LOWNDES, I.L.M, of Dr Henry LOWNDES, who died Oct 14th, 1882


Liverpool Mercury, Tuesday Nov 11th 1890


BENNETT, Nov 8th, at the Bank, West Kirby, Albert, 3rd son of the late William BENNETT, of Hawarden, Carnarvon papers please copy.

COCKS, Nov 8th, at 16 Arudugar Rd, Shepherds Bush, Eleanor aged 77, widow of the late William Lawrence COCKS. M.R.C.S, of Liverpool.

GRACE, Nov 8th, 40 Admiral St, Emily, Bevington, aged 52, wife of Isaac, interment Smithdown Rd, today.

HALLIBURTON, Nov 8th, 25 Ogwen St, Everton, Frederick Charles, aged 21, suddenly, son of Captain and Jane HALLIBURTON.

HEGINBOTHAM, Nov 9th, 84 Prescot Rd, Fairfield, Elizabeth Beatrice [Elsie] aged 3, after a short illness daughter of James.

HINDE, Nov 10th, 18 Kimberley St, Alice aged 63, wife of Peter E, will be interred Toxteth Park, on Thursday.

JONES, Nov 10th, Martins Lane Liscard, Isaac Vivian, [Vivie], aged 14, 3rd son of Samuel and Jenny JONES, interment Wallasey Churchyard tomorrow.

KELLY, Nov 9th, 28 Rockfield Rd, Anfield, Charles, aged 28, husband of Elizabeth, interment Anfield tomorrow.

KNEALE, Nov 8th, 82 Royston St, Elizabeth wife of William, cabinetmaker, formerly of Douglas I.O.M, Manx papers please copy

LORD, IN remembrance of Benjamin who died at his residence 3 Gregson St, Nov 9th, aged 37.

MAKIN, Nov 8th, Summerfield, Oxton, Elizabeth widow of the late Thomas MAKIN Esq, barrister-at-law.

MORRIS, Nov 10th, 74 Bamber St, Ralph, aged 76, inspector of scavengers.

REDFERN, Nov 9th, 19 School Lane, William, many years employed at the Liverpool Mercury Office, interment at Smithdown Rd tomorrow.

RIGBY, Nov 10th, suddenly, John, aged 68 of 25 Potter St, for 25yrs in the employ of Muspratt Brothers and Huntley, interment Melling Church, on Thursday.

TILLOTSON, Nov 4th, Robina, aged 58, wife of the late F. TILLOTSON, was interred Friday at St Mary's Walton-on-the-Hill.


Liverpool Mercury, Nov 25th, 1890


AMBLER, Nov 24th, 21 Martin's Lane, Liscard, Thomas AMBLER aged 75

BAKER, The beloved daughter and son, Sarah Alice and George, of Edgar and Jane BAKER, 6 Falstaff St, aged respectively 4yrs and 5mths, 2yrs and 4 mths, will be interred tomorrow at Kirkdale Cemetery.

BLACK, Nov 19th, 15 Huntley Rd, Fairfield, son's residence, James BLACK, aged 75, of Timperley Cheshire, formerly Liverpool, interment at Anfield Nov 22nd.

BURT, Sept 29th, at uncle's residence J. J. BURT, Sydney, N.S.W, Mary aged 17, daughter of the late Captain W. H. BURT

COSGRIFF, Nov 22nd, 35 Ranelagh St, Margaret aged 55, interment at Ford Cemetery this day

DAVIES, Nov 23rd, 2 Brighton St, Seacombe, Theophilus John, aged 10, son of John DAVIES, interment at Wallasey Cemetery tomorrow

EDWARDS, Nov 22nd, 49 Grey St, Captain Richard EDWARDS, of the Liverpool Tug Company, aged 87, interment at Anfield tomorrow

FODEN, Nov 20th 50 Arthur St, Dingle, Alice aged 2 beloved daughter of William W and Emily FODEN

HAUCK, Oct 9th, Loango, S. W. Coast Africa, Charles HAUCK, aged 45

HORROCKS, Nov 23rd, daughter's residence Sunnyside, September Rd, Anfield, William HORROCKS aged 75, interment at the Necropolis tomorrow

JONES, Nov 22nd, Menai Bridge, Mary Emily [Emmie] aged 23 youngest daughter of the late Rev Joseph JONES

LLEWELLYN, Nov 21st, ?96 Vincent Rd, Sheffield James LLEWELLYN, manufacturer aged 61

MARRIOTT, Nov 22nd, 179 Walton Lane, Liverpool, Rev J. T. MARRIOTT aged 39, late of Manchester, funeral at Blackley today

NEWALL, Nov 22nd, Imperial Hotel Higher Tranmere, Joseph aged 54 husband of Elizabeth, interment Thursday, Christ Church, Higher Bebington

PAUL, Nov 23rd, 38 Rodney St, Gerald Rathbone infant son of Frank and Geraldine PAUL

SHEARER, Nov 21st, 136 Beatrice St, Bootle, James aged 47, husband of Elizabeth, interment at Anfield this day

TAYLOR, Nov 22nd, 8 Pembroke Rd, Bootle, Helena Lock, aged 29, daughter of Mary Elizabeth and the late John TAYLOR

TOOLE, Nov 19th, 105 Pugin St, Walton, James aged 64, husband of Julia, for many years foreman at Hugh M'ELROY and Sons. Interred Ford Cemetery yesterday

WALLS, Nov 22nd, 9 Picton Rd, Wavertree, Robert aged 57

WILLIAMS, Nov 22nd, 83 Shaw St, Sarah aged 55, wife of Dr D. M. WILLIAMS. Interment at Smithdown Rd this day

WOLSTENHOLME, Nov 1st, Rio de Janeiro, Kathleen Marjory infant daughter of W. L. WOLSTENHOLME

In Memoriam

PENQUITT, I.L.M, Catherine beloved wife of John Frederick PENQUITT who died Nov 25, 1889, aged 54. Thy will be done

YARE, I.L.M, our dear father Fairer YARE, who died Nov 25, 1888. Oh for the touch of a vanished hand, The sound of a voice that is stilled.


Liverpool Mercury Dec 26th, 1890


BANKS, Dec 22nd, sister’s residence, 37 Clifton Rd, Birkenhead, Capt R. F. N. BANKS, aged 61,

BOYLAN, Dec 23rd, 54 Russell St, Michael, aged 79, funeral at Ford cemetery tomorrow

BUNNEY, Dec 22nd, Wellbrow House, Mere Lane, Sarah, wife of Arthur Henry, funeral at Anfield cemetery today

ENYON, Dec 22nd, Hylas Rhuddlan, John elder soon of the late Robert and Sarah

FINDLOW, Dec 22nd, 28 Brook Rd, Bootle, Charles William, aged 37, late of the Inman Steamship Co, 2nd son of the late Charles, interment St James cemetery tomorrow.

HOLME, Dec 24th, son in law’s residence, 38 Aubrey St, Everton, Margaret aged 75, widow of the late Abraham of Garsdale, interment St Johns Church, Garsdale tomorrow

HORNBY, Dec 23rd, the Vicarage, Walton-on-the-Hill, Rev Thomas, aged 90, funeral 27th at Walton Church.

HUGHES, Dec 22nd, Liscard Rd, Liscard, William, husband of Annie, interment Wallasey cemetery tomorrow.

HURST, Dec 22nd, 55 Kremlin Drive, West Derby, William, aged 31, C.E, F.R.S.A.

LAUGHARNE, Dec 15th, 30 Chepstow St, Walton, Mary Ann, aged 61, wife of W. Master mariner.

LAW, Dec 23rd, 2 New Ferry Terrace, George, aged 58.

NARRACOTT, Dec 23rd, 6 Wesley St, Lucy aged 40, wife of G.R, interment the Necropolis tomorrow.

ORME, Dec 24th, 30 Old Chester Rd, Rock Ferry, Ellen, aged 69, interment Bebington cemetery tomorrow.

POSTLETHWAITE, Dec 22nd, 22 St Chrysostem St, Jane late of the Post Office, Everton Rd.

TATE, Dec 23rd, 63 Everton Brow, Robert, aged 51, interment Walton Church today.

TAYLOR, Dec 24th, 9 Pembroke Rd, Bootle, Mary Elizabeth, aged 52, widow of the late Capt John, funeral at Anfield tomorrow

THOMSON, Dec 23rd, 51 Queens Rd, Bootle, George, aged 68.

TOMLINSON, Dec 23rd, 35 New Chester Rd, New Ferry, Mary aged 69, wife of the late John, interment today at Bebington cemetery.

In Memorial

CALEY, I.L.M, of our dear sister, Margaret, beloved wife of John CALEY, departed this life, Dec 26th 1886

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