NOV 1st 1888 at Geelong Australia Sarah wife of Richard BAKER dau of the late William PIERPOINT of Liverpool

NOV 14th 1888 on board the Barqe CORDILLERA, 4 S. 38 W outward bound from Liverpool, for Callao, Capt James Edward HIGGINS of Portwilliam Wigtownshire.

NOV 16 1888, 7 Keble Rd Bootle, David DREW late of the Clarence Hotel Regent St

NOV 18th 1888 aboard the S.S.HEVELIUS Mary Barbara wife of George E. CATTY Sauce Grande Bahia Blanca Buenos Ayres only dau late James L CROSS Liverpool

Nov 20th 1888 Residence of son-in-law Hon William McLELLAN M.L.A North Fitzroy Melbourne, Capt James B. MOODIE late of Liverpool

NOV 28th 1888 at Rio de Janeiro on the ship BEN NEVIS of Glasgow, Andrew WARNER age 49, intered at San Fransisco Cemetary, Havur, Brazil

DEC 5th 1888,BUENOS AYRES age 37 Augustus Charles 4th son Richard ? ACKERLEY M. D. Liverpool

DEC 14th 1888, at Albany Western Australia, Elizabeth age 23 eld dau of J. GOULD of Meols

DEC 17th at Gijon Province Asturias Spain age 43 Charles Henry TURNBILL engineer late Birkenhead also in memory of his wife Jane died 31 Dec 1887

Dec 17th 1888 Pau South of France Pedro BLANCO late of Liverpool

DEC 25th 1888 death of Capt Edward FRIEND lost on the steamer GULF OF GUAYAQUIL, late of the company's S.S. VALPARAISO, Capt FRIEND was well known on the west coast of South Africa

DEATHS Dec 26th 1888, Robert GILLAND age 43 of 223 Marsh Lane Bootle, joiner White Star Co

DEC 28 Highfield Cresent Rockferry Hugh WEST age 12 son of Capt Hugh WEST and Mary CROSKERRY

DEC 28 age 70 George INNES ? Toxteth Park

DEC 28 22 Onslow Rd Fairfield age 71 Philip RATHBONE Mercantile Marine Office

DEC 29 th 1888 at Liverpool House Hoylake age 18 Emily Jane only dau the late T BREWER interment at Holy Trinity

DEC 29th 1888 59 Derby Lane Stoneycroft Thomas William MERCER for 25 yrs H,M Asst Inspector of Schools interment at the Necropolis

DEC 30th 1888 Richard Cheshire SMITH 13 Virginia St ,Late with Muirhead and Sons interent St James

DEC 30th 1888 at Cannes Alpes Maritimes France Fanny Shaw HATTON youngest dau of Thomas HATTON Jnr of Liverpool.

DEC 31st 1888 5 Osborne Terrace Oxton age 75 Sarah dau the late Middleton SMITH BARTON Lincolnshire

DEC 31st 1888 32 Brook Rd Bootle George Norman infant son of Charles and Ellen WOODS

DEC 31st 1888 114 Anfield Rd age 80 Elizabeth DAW Relict of the late Peter Gardener Greenock

DEC 31st 1888 At San Francisco age 37 Richard WILLIAMS eldest son the late Robert Cheshyre Janion Grove Wood Woolton<

JAN 1st 1889, Agnes age 78 relict of David MACONOCHIE, 32 Desmond St, of Apoplexy, Dundee Paper Copy

JAN 1st 1889 age 63 Mary wife of Thomas SPRING 1 Pym St Walton

JAN 1st, Res at mothers home 13 Apollo St, Caroline JOHNSON (Carrie) aged 20 youngest dau late William BOSTOCK

JAN 1st, Adelaide BRUNTON age 31 of 25 Albert Edward Rd Kensington wife of Joseph CLEWORTH

JAN 1st, Thomas WYNNE age 39 of 8 East St Waterloo interment St Lukes Crosby.

JAN 1st, William HENDERSON Dayton Grove Peckham only son of John of the District Bank Liverpool.

JAN 1st, Elizabeth PLUMTOT in Chester of Bronchitis, of 3 Spencer St Everton Rd, Wife of Prof L.P. PLUMTOT , Interment at Wrexham her native place.

JAN 2nd, James Rogers WINSTANLEY age 74 of 9 Deans Rd Fairfield.

JAN 2nd, Archibald BENNIE age 59 at 21 Conyers St Kirkdale, late of Govan Campsie.

JAN 2nd, Major REILLY age 58 late Oxfordshire Light Infantry mass at St Philips

JAN 2nd, Margaret age 82 at sons residence 1 Thornhill Childwall Rd Wavertree widow of the late William SIMPSON.

JAN 2nd 1889 5 Lawrence Rd Wavertree age 28 Fredrick W [Bob] youngest son William and Francis JUDD Weymouth

JAN 2nd, Charlie age 3 , 15 Powis St Princes Pk son of Francis BURKE

JAN 3rd, at 3 Eversley St Princes Chr, Hyidt VANKERVEL interment Smithdown Rd

JAN 3rd, William ATHERTON age 85, 84 Huskisson St.

JAN 3rd, At Valparasio Capt Henry S. RAWCLIFFE age 38, of RMS John Elder, of Typhoid Fever.

JAN 3rd, James GUNN aged 48, 47 Orlando St, Bootle, husband of Annie Gordon, Glasgow papers copy

JAN 3rd, Thomas Lawrence YATES age 30, at mothers res of 62 Edge Lane.

JAN 3rd, Robert ECCLES aged 63 of 24 Guilford St, interment at the Necropolis.

JAN 3rd, Geoffrey. W, seventh son of George Wright OWEN at Blundelsands of convulsions.

JAN 3rd, Edith Mary age 2yrs 8mths, dau of Charles and Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR of 220 Whitefield Rd, interment at Smithdown Rd.

JAN 4th, Alice Mabel age 10 at Woodhey Rockferry dau of G.F and M.J, DUTTON.

JAN 4th, Annie MOLINEUX age 82 of Albert Park .

JAN 4th, William age38, second son of Joseph PRICE of B'Head at Hotel Tap Egremont.

JAN 4th, Margaret SIMPSON aged 82, 1 Thornhill Childwall Rd Wavertree, Widow of late William of Anfield

JAN 4th, Hugh TOOLE aged 78, brother of Very Rev Canon TOOLE Manchester, interment St Oswalds Old Swan.

JAN 4th, Mary age 67, 22 Shaftsbury Terrace Stoneycroft wife of William BOSTOCK.

JAN 4th, John SMITH age 43, Ravenswood Victoria Rd Grappenhall , eldest son of John SMITH Market Gate Warrington

JAN 4th, Joseph PEARCE age 45, 70 Phillips St Hulme , Machine room Examiner and Times Manchester

JAN 3 OR 5th Harold Challiner aged 2yrs 9mths, 275 Breck Rd, youngest son of Arthur and M. E. WALTERS, interment St James Jan 6th.

JAN 5th Charlotte ROURDON aged 90, Rozel Torguay widow of the late Christopher J. P of Elm House Anfield.

JAN 5th 1889, Killed instantaneously in collision while on board S.S. MONTANA Nr Baltimore Maryland, U.S.A. Robert McLaren YOUNG, 2nd son of the late Rev YOUNG Kinclaven Perthshire

JAN 5th, 1889, Hamukua, Hawaian Islands, Emma wife of John Scott MUIRHEAD, daughter of John BARKER, Imperial Hotel Prescot.

JAN 6th, Mary ROBINSON, Broomhill St Greenock, widow of the late George PATON, Mother of George Hartington Rd

JAN 6th, Joshua ALLANBY age 56, 22 St Domingo Vale

JAN 6th, Jane aged 38, 37 Aigberth Rd, wife of Cuthbert BROOKFIELD, interment Childwall.

JAN 6th, Rev. J. A. LOBLEY M. A. aged 49, Vicar of Sedbergh.

JAN 6th, Needham Rd Edge Lane Annie ADAMS infant grandaughter of the late Thomas CHARNOCK Stanley St Fairfield interment at Walton-on-the-Hill

JAN 7th, James Teesdale MILNES, The Oaklands Bury Lancs

JAN 7th, Philip BEACALL aged 65, 34 Priory St B'Head former Wem Salop.

JAN,7th, Suddenly infant dau of Nathan and Alice MOSS, Cyril House Lancaster Ave Sephton Park.

JAN 7th, John JAMES , Taylor of 62 Dover Rd Birkdale, formerly Armagh Ulster.

JAN 8th, John W. JELLICOE age 36, Great Float Hotel , 51 Upper Beckwith St

JAN 8th, The Vicarage Llanddaniel Gaerwen, Anglesey. Jessie Louise dau George Charles STEWART Liverpool. Wife of Rev W. E. JONES

JAN 9th, Robert HETHERINGTON, age 53 of 20 Norwood Grove

JAN 9th, Sarah Eleanor FORDE, age 19 eldest dau W. H. FORDE Builder and Contractor Trentham Villa Grosvenor Rd Claughton

JAN 9th, James BRYCE age 82, 48 Hilton St, B'Head

JAN 9th, Douglas HOLDEN age 7, 23 Ponton St son of H and M. HOLDEN

JAN 9th, William JACKSON age 35, 87 Parliament Terrace only surviving son of the late John JACKSON, interment at the Necropolis

JAN 9th, Marth KAY age 65 at her Son-in-Laws residence 9 St Hilda St widow of the late Thomas KAY of Dryden St

JAN 9th, Martha CHATTEN age 73, 18 Elm Rd Higher Tranmere widow of the late Charles West CHATTEN Master Mariner Elborough Suffolk

JAN 10th, William Whitley BANNISTER age 60, 63 Paddington son of the late Banastre BANNISTER of Aughton Nr Ormskirk

JAN 10th, Margaret BENNETT age 34, West Ridge Oxton wife of George interment at Flaybrick Hill Cem

JAN10th, John COBHAM age 52, 53 Lord St and Fearns House Waterloo interment at Sephton

JAN 10th, Sarah Jane TASSELL age 26, 3rd dau William TASSELL 19 Norwood Grove

JAN 10th, Mary Elizabeth WELLINGS wife of William WELLINGS Norham Villa Fairfield St Fairfield, interment at Smithdown Rd

JAN 10th, at Calcutta George Fredrick PARKINSON 2nd son G. F. PARKINSON Pilot of Liverpool

JAN 11th, Mary Edith NORMAN age 4, youngest dau of William NORMAN 7 Balmoral Rd New Brighton

JAN 11th, Emma WOOLFALL age 57, widow of the late James WOOLFALL 24 Helena St Walton

JAN 1th, Golland House, Kinross, N. B. James DOWIE age 54 late Liverpool and West Kirby youngest son of late Kenneth DOWIE Merchant Liverpool

JAN 11th, Sydenham Place, Birch Lane, Longsight Manchester Lena wife of G. A. SEEBOHM

JAN 11th, Monton Terrace, Eccles, Henry SNAPE age 84 interment at Worsley Church

JAN 11th, Dell Court, Bedford, James Theodore VALE, M.D.formerly B'Head

JAN 12th, 8 Queensland St, Edge Hill, James McNEIL age 70 formerly Maryport Cumberland

JAN 12th, 68 Hartington Rd, Margaret Jane MITCHELL late Devonshire Rd

JAN 12th, 5 Finborough Rd, South Kensington, London, Henry Eugene eldest son of the late Eugene B. HUSSON formerly Liverpool

JAN 12th, At Royal Albert Dock, London, drowned while serving on S. S. BALMORAL CASTLE, James ROBERTSON age 47 late of Stranraer and Liverpool

JAN 13th, At Waterloo, Samuel Peak PEARSON age 36 3rd son the late Henry PEARSON Liverpool, Interment at St Lukes Crosby

JAN 13th, 59 Gordon Sq, London, Eleanor wife of D. DAVIES sister of Mrs Allen S. CAINE, 14 Gambler Terrace, Liverpool

JAN 13th, 97 Park Hill Rd, John COCKING age 70

JAN 13th, 357 New Chester Rd, Rockferry ,John COTTRELL, interment at Bromborough

JAN 13th, 220 Whitefield Rd, Maud Millicent TAYLOR, age 12mths, 2nd and only child of Charles Fredrick and Mary Elizabeth TAYLOR

JAN 13th, 35 Hope St, James WRIGHT, age 72, interment at the Necropolis

JAN ?? 50 Bellevne Rd, Seacombe, Marian CASE, age 6mths only child of Edward and Mary CASE

JAN 14th 13 Yanwath St, Mary GARDNER, age 68, Widow of John

JAN 14th, Blackford Brae, Edinburgh, John Johnson STITT, formerly of Elm House Liverpool

JAN 14th, 9 Wood Grove, Edge Lane, James TAYLOR, age 79, interment at Walton Church

JAN 14th, Rockferry, Elizabeth ROUGHSEDGE, widow of the late James Liverpool

JAN 14th, At sons residence, 64 Eldon Place, Hannah REA, age 72, widow of the late John RAE Joiner of Liverpool

JAN 14th 1889, Santos Brazil of Yellow Fever, age 22yrs 6mths Joseph HURST eldest son of John and Mary HURST, late of Maryport Cumberland

JAN 15th, 35 Hope St, James WRIGHT, age 72, interment at the Necropolis

JAN 15th, at granddaughters residence, 7 Milton Rd, Edge Lane, Elizabeth GOODE, age 91, Formerly of Gloucester

JAN 15th, At Toxteth Cemetary, David GRIFFITHS, age 49, Registrar

JAN 15th, 7 North View, Egremont, at nieces residence, Ann HUGHES, age 70 sister of Henry WEEDON

JAN 16th, 12 Berry St, age 58, Annie wife of John GREGSON, Req Mass at St Peters, Seel St

JAN 17th, 1889, Church Rd, Waterloo, Margaret SIZER, age 80, late of Oxton Rd, B'Head

JAN 17th, 8 Kelvin Grove, Princes Pk, Harriett Wilhelmina McClintock, Widow of the late Charles Cooney OVEREND, Mother of Charles Edward Lane Clarke, Capt Wiltshire Regiment.

JAN 18th, Leighton South Borough, Tunbridge Wells, Thomas Dodson CHALMERS, M.D, aged 43, Eldest son of David CHALMERS, M.D. Liverpool

JAN 18th, Pampisford Cambridgeshire, Jane Ellen wife of George JONAS, dau of the late K. A. PAYNE Solicitor Liverpool

JAN 18th 1889, 27 Shatlot St, Ellen LOUTTIT relict of the late Capt Gilbert LOUTTIT of Liverpool

JAN 18th, At Folkestone, M. A. A. FLINT [Addie] eldest dau of the late J. D. S. FLINT of Uttoxeter

JAN 18th, Rev John STOCK. M.A, age 71, for 38yrs Vicar and incumbent of St Georges, Parish Chorley

JAN 19th, At New York, Annie Jane TOD, age 18, second dau James TOD

JAN 19th, Halford View, Johnston, Ruabon, Lily, age 29, wife of William John ROGERS, Interment at Rhos

JAN 19th, 148 Wigan Lane, Wigan, William HEATON, age 53

JAN 19th, 27 Westmoreland St, John HOGAN aged 78, for 35yrs servant of Henry JUMP and Sons

JAN 19th, 6 Morpeth St, Richard FAZAKERLEY age 81, father of Rev G. B. FAZAKERLEY. O.S.B. Aberford, interment at Old Swan

JAN 19th 1889, Ellen WEARING [Dorsman] ,37 Stevenson St, Wavertree, wife of Capt Robert WEARING

JAN 19th, 18 Carlingford St, Jane aged 46 wife of James CHARLESWORTH.

JAN 19th, 14 Alexander Terrace, Mary Nelson aged 13mths dau of Edwin and Mary FARGHER Handcross Sussex

JAN 19th, Sunnybank, I Croxteth Rd, Joseph Leopold ROSENHEIM, Aged 54, interment Deanes Rd

JAN 20th, 31 South View, New Ferry, John Alfred WARING, age 13mths, son of J. S. and Elizabeth H, WARING

JAN 20th, In London, Helen Laura DUCKWORTH, age 41, wife of Walter

JAN 21st, 12 Norton St, Margaret CORNETT, age 62, Widow of the late George , interment at Toxteth Park

JAN 21st, 3 Ellel Grove, Dora Chancellor MACKEOWN, you dau of J. J. MACKEOWN, interment at Belfast

JAN 21st, Dinorwic Rd, Anfield, Edward son of Richard R. MARTIN

JAN 21st, Eccleston Ferry, Julia PARTINGTON age 25, dau of Enoch

JAN 22nd, Beech Cottage, Allerton, Sirian ROGERSON age 47, wife of George R. ROGERSON

JAN 22nd, Umballa India, Robert Alexander STEWART age 27, of typhoid ,Lieut R. H. A son of Rev Canon A STEWART Rector of Liverpool

JAN 22nd, 10 Mill Lane, Liscard, David JONES aged 75 late of Falkland Rd, eld son of Rev John JONES, Holywell, Deacon of the Welsh Calvanistic Chapel for 46 yrs. Interment at Wallasey

JAN 22nd, 27 Albert Rd, late of, 13 Bouverie St, Elizabeth KAY age 54 wife of John KAY

JAN 22nd, at the residence of Nephew George PAYNTER, 11 Alexander St, Elizabeth PRITCHARD age 83, widow of the late Edward PRITCHARD, Governor of Flint Castle

JAN 22nd, 12 Olive St, Henry BEBBY age 58, late Inspector of Liverpool Police

JAN 22nd, 37 Grey Rd, Walton, Alicia Agnes LEDGETT age 36, Wife of Joseph A .LEDGETT. Interment at Ford Cemetary

JAN 22nd , 12 William St, Seacombe, Robert McKEE, late of Malore

JAN 23rd, 72 Mason St, Edge Hill, Jacob HEWSON, age 72, interment at Smithdown Rd

JAN 23rd, 369 Edge Lane, Son-in-Law's residence, Margaret McMAHON age 68, wife of Patrick Mc MAHON, Interment at Old Swan

JAN 24th, At Sebastopol, William EDMOND age 33, Engineer at Sirocco

JAN 24th, At Cotheridge, Nr Worcester, Susan age 38, you dau of the late William CONEY, From Middle Battenhall Nr Worcester

JAN 24th, 11 Chrysostom St, Robert Charles CATLEY aged 12mths, son of Robert and Annie CATLEY

JAN 24th, 472 New Chester Rd, Lucy youngest dau of the late James MARRINER of B'Head, interment at Lower Bebington

JAN 24th, 1 Cedar Grove, Lodge Lane, James PENN age 32, interment at Smithdown Rd

JAN 25th, Res of dau, Mrs ROLLINGS, 17 Canterbury St, Mr BYRNE, interment at Ford Cemetary, In Memory of Elizabeth wife of above died Nov 16th 1887

JAN 25th, Plas Lsaf, Nr Ruthin, John BAGSHAW age 50, of Nethway Rock Park, Rock Ferry, interment Bebington Cemetary

JAN 25th, Royal Castle Hotel, Tranmere, William SIMMS age 46

JAN 25th, 57 Lime St, Lawrence aged 3 mths , son of I. PHILLIPS, interment Deane Rd

JAN 25th, 144 Hartnup St, Sarah wife of Louis JUST

JAN 25th, Res of dau, Mrs ROLLINGS, 17 Canterbury St

JAN 26th, Allerton, William Mackenzie FERGUSON age 32, Glasgow papers please copy

JAN 26th, Convent Notre Dame, Mount Pleasant, Marianne SHARPLES age 25

JAN 26th, Croxteth Park, Edith Olive,11yrs 11mths, 2nd dau of William W and Olive E SESSIONS, interment West Derby

JAN 26th 1889, 12 Tynwald Hill, Capt George Dent PEARSE, Age 50, late of Newport

JAN 26th, 17 St Davids Rd, Anfield, Agnes Blanche SLOAN age 27, wife of James SLOAN

JAN 26th, Holly Bank Rd, Clifton Pk, B'Head, Jane wife of Edward DAVISON Master Mariner,and dau of the late, Edward LONGTON of Manchester and Southport

JAN 27th, 64 Needham Rd, Thomas Edwin SUTER age 5yrs 4mths, 3rd son of E. C. SUTER

JAN 27th, 17 Clarence Rd, Kirkdale, Margery Age 63 or 65 Widow of the late Robert RAY Builder of Liverpool, interment at Southport

JAN 27th, Residence at India Terrace, Laird St, B'Head, Richard SMITH age 51 of the firm GILCHRIST and SMITH Shipwrights, interment at Flaybrick Hill

JAN 27th, 145 London Rd, Thomas TATE age 32, late of Everton Coffee House

JAN. 27th, Old Hall Sephton, George WOODS, 3rd son of the late William WOODS, Grandson of the late William Molyneux ROTHWELL, of the Grange Sefton

JAN. 27th, 8 Stanley Rd, Waterloo, Francis Edmund ASHTON age 36, interment at St Peters and St Pauls Crosby

JAN 27th, Suddenly at Karachi aged 49, Capt Charles William HOSEASON, while in the employment of Messers D and C MACIVER [American papers copy]

JAN 28th, 39 Bank Rd, Bootle, Edward TUMILITY Age 47

JAN 28th, 18 Albany Rd, Stoneycroft, Harriet Elizabeth age 21, youngest dau John and Sarah WILTSHIRE

JAN 28th, 13 Moses St, George BRUCE age 5yrs, son of George and Sophia BRUCE

JAN 29th, 8 Brunswick St, Garston, Elizabeth FOULKES age 72 wife of William FOULKES

JAN 29th, 144 Grove St, Elizabeth ADAIR age 54, formerly of Workington

JAN 29th ,4 Victoria Terrace, Arthur William, eldest son of the late Arthur BEATTIE of 10 Victoria Rd, Aigberth

JAN 29th, Bute Gardens, Hilhead, Glasgow, Margaret KINGHORN, wife of D. KINGHORN

JAN. 29th, 76 Price St, B'Head, P. W. WALLACE age 74, Cartowner

JAN 29th, Old Swan, Mary Ann, age 71, wife of Charles PERCIVAL, formerly of London

JAN 29th, St Modwen's, Sefton Park, Edward Lewis WIGAN, age 68, interment at Smithdown Rd

JAN 30th, At her Grandma's residence in Liverpool, our little Gladys Danum SHAW, interment at St Peters Heswall.

JAN 30th, Matlock Bridge, Sarah age 78 widow of the late William ROBY, Attorney of Liverpool.

JAN 30th, 307 Upper Parliament St, Thomas DODD age 67, interment Smithdown Rd

JAN 30th, Lorne Villa, Falkland Rd, Egremont, Edward George WOLFSOHN, age 16, eldest son of E. W. WOLFSOHN of London, and nephew of Mr and Mrs Mosley HAYWARD

JAN 30th Belfast 16 Stanfield Rd, Betsy age 68 wife of John BOYD

JAN 31st 19 Halcyon Rd, B'Head, Elizabeth age 60 relict of the late Henry CARTWRIGHT, 464 Price St, interment Flaybrick Hill

JAN 31st, 68 Wavertree Rd, Margaret relict Henry WARD of Eccleshall, interment Smithdown Rd.

JAN 31st, Seacombe, Jane Charlton DOWNS age 42, wife of C. G. DOWNS, interment at Wallasey

JAN 31st at New York, James SEFTON, age 32, 2nd son of the late Peter SEFTON of Stanley Liverpool

JAN 31st Boston U.S.A, Duncan SMART age 31 only surviving son of Alexander SMART , Victoria Rd, Tranmere was interred Mount Hope Cemetary

February 1889

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