Deaths 1883

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 20th, 1883


ABLETT, Jan 19th, 15 Wellington Rd, Wavertree, Mary Ann aged 41, wife of Charles ABLETT.

BELLIS, Jan 18th, Northern Hospital, Anne aged 31.

BLAKELEY, Jan 17th, Queens Rd, Liverpool, Ellen, aged 72, wife of Thomas.

BROCKLEHURST, Jan 17th, 11 Oak Vale, Broadgreen, Elizabeth aged 42, 2nd daughter of the late Capt BURTON of Whitehaven.

CAVE, Jan 18th, 35 Uxbridge St, Sarah aged 63, wife of John H. CAVE.

ECCLES, Jan 18th, 120 Greyrock St, Thomas aged 74.

EVANS, Jan 18th, 137 Vine St, Ann aged 52, widow of Joseph EVANS of Wavertree

HANCOCK, Jan 11th, Thomas HANCOCK, Plaistow.

HATTON, Jan 16th, 100 Breck Rd, George Cooper HATTON, aged 35

HUSBAND, Jan 13th, Barwick-on-Tweed, John HUSBAND, aged 72.

HELSBY, Jan 15th, Schoolhouse, Cambridge St, Thomas aged 70, son of the late John HELSBY this city.

KENNY, Jan 18th, 31 Chester Rd, Tuebrook, Arthur Thomas KENNY, aged 28, only son of Robert Wolfenden KENNY of Ashford, county Wicklow, late of Holly House, Bankfield Rd, Tuebrook

LAURIE, Jan 17th 60 St James St, Thomas aged 32 or 82 ?

JONES, Jan 12th, 21 Cardigan St, Elizabeth Williams aged 58, 2nd daughter of Peter JONES, Yaceiflog.

JONES, Jan 17th, Llanrug, Herbert Lloyd, aged 14mths, son of the late John Edward JONES, 9 Everton Rd, Liverpool.

KIRBY, Jan 18th, Sansfield, Crosby Rd, South, Waterloo, Henry aged 67

MINNS, Jan 19th, Frederick aged 24, youngest son of R. H. MINNS, Birkenhead.

NOLAN, Jan 16th, 17 Andrew St, Rice Lane, Walton, James Francis NOLAN aged 65, for many years connected with St Vincent's and St Patrick's schools, Liverpool. Interment at Ford Cemetery on Sunday.

MORRIS, In memoriam, Jan 22nd 217 Park Rd, Clara aged 21, eldest daughter of the late W. MORRIS

MORRIS, Jan 15th, Queen's Park, Chester, Rev John MORRIS late of Tattenhall, aged 96.

PETERSON, Sept 1st, on the voyage out to San Francisco, on the ship Bremen, William PETERSON, aged 48, late of 7 Willaston Place, Birkenhead.

SWINDELLS, Jan 14th, The Firs, The Lea, nr Ross, Israel SWINDELLS, aged 74, late of Moore, Cheshire.

STONER, Jan 10th, 85 Phythian St, Lowhill, Ebenezer aged 27, 2nd son of the late Joseph STONER

SHAW, Jan 15th, 1 Orange Street Ave, St Paul's Bristol, Thomas, aged 48, late of Liverpool.

TORBETT, Jan 11th, 3 Bridge Grove, Southport, James William TORBETT, aged 70, Royal Engineers, [civil staff] late of the War Office, Dublin.

WHITTEL, Jan 13th, Edinburgh, James WHITTEL Jun, for many years of the North Shore Mills, Liverpool.


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 2nd 1883


BARWICK, Jan 27th, 219 Breck Rd, Everton, Amy aged 11days, daughter of Thomas Townley BARWICK

BELL, Jan 16th, St Louis, U.S.A, George Sanford, aged 14mths, only remaining son of J. K. BELL, late of Garston.

DERHAM, Jan 23rd, 19 Houlton St, Kensington, Elizabeth, aged 35, wife of William.

DICKMAN, Jan 11th, 37 Lord St, Sarah aged 66, relict of William DICKMAN, formerly of Bidston, Cheshire.

DOWBIGGIN, Jan 31st, 29 Aspin Grove, Lodge Lane, Annie, aged 28, the wife of Edward DOWBIGGIN GRAHAM, Feb 1st, 44 Cobden St, Tranmere, Mary aged 73, wife of John GRAHAM, formerly of Wigton, Cumberland [Australian and New Zealand papers copy].

HARRISON, Jan 28th, Maypole Farm, Sefton, Peter aged 28, 2nd son of William HARRISON.

HENDERSON, Jan 24th, 16 Dorset St, Bootle, Maggie Agnes aged 13, eldest daughter of W. M. HENDERSON.

JONES, Dec 30th, Jersey City, United States, Anne wife of Evan R. JONES, formerly of Shewsbury, daughter of the late John VOWLEY, Black Park, nr Chirk.

LONG, Jan 31st, 22 Windsor Rd, Tuebrook, Edward Charlton, aged 15mths, son of John LONG.

LOGUE, Jan 30th, 46 Russell St, Francis Joseph, aged 5, youngest son of F. J. LOGUE

MICHOLS, Feb 1st, 44 Rawcliffe Rd, Walton, Emma aged 22, youngest daughter of the late John MICHOLS

McNICOLL, Feb 1st, 12 Thornton Place, Mrs aged 81, relict of A. McNICOLL

NEWTON, Jan 29th, 7 Sackville St, Agnes aged 60, widow of the late James NEWTON

PARK, Jan 28th, Nottingham, Ann aged 72, widow of Capt Thomas PARK of Maryport.

PRITCHARD, Jan 30th, 54 Lavan St, Helen aged 30 or 38 ? wife of William PRITCHARD.

PRESTON, Jan 25th, Vine Cottage, Davenham, Leonora, aged 19, only daughter of the late Frank PRESTON of Lymm, Cheshire.

RICKETTS, Jan 27th, 22 Argyle St, Birkenhead, Eliza aged 70, wife of Charles RICKETTS. M.D.

ROBISON, Jan 30th, Beechlands, Mossley Hill, Margaret widow of Frederick ROBISON, of Liverpool and elder daughter of the late Thomas HEYES of Upholland.

SCOTT, Jan 30th, 32 Celt St, Isabella, aged 77.

SIMON, Jan 24th, 34 Railway Terrace, Southport, James aged 56.

WATKINS, Jan 31st, 40 Newsham Dr, John aged 62, The Pentre, Raglan, Mon.


Liverpool Mercury June 26th, 1883


BOARDMAN, June 23rd, daughter’s residence, The Cottage, Walton-le-Dale, nr Preston, Thomas, aged 70 late of Knotty Ash, will be interred Knotty Ash Ch, 28th inst.

BRIERCLIFFE, June 22nd, 2 South Fort St, Leith, Capt Donald, aged 73 of Abbey Cottage, Creetown, Scotland.

GALATTI, June 14th, at Smyrna, John S, aged 45, late of Liverpool

GRIFFITHS, June 23rd, 44 Church Rd, Higher Tranmere, Hugh Jones, aged 18, youngest son of John GRIFFITHS, Birkenhead.

HALES, June 24th, William Jebb, aged 68, of this city, formerly of Salop.

MILMOW, June 24th, 100 Rishton St, Everton, Matthew, aged 60

OWENS, June 24th, 53 Salisbury Rd, Everton, Margaret aged 70, relict of John Samuel OWEN of Everton, interment at Fazakerley tomorrow

ROBINSON, June 22nd, Brixton, London, Peter aged 47, of Liverpool Rd, Birkdale, Southport, 2nd, son of the late Samuel ROBINSON of Crank, Rainford

SHONE, June 22nd, 8 Dacre St, Smithdown Rd, Thomas aged 18

WOOSNAM, June 16th, or 18th ?, Ann aged 69, wife of Thomas, Brook Terrace, Mochdro

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