Liverpool Journal, 7th January 1882


BRADSHAW, Jan 2nd, 68 Prince Edwin Lane, Ellen, aged 68, relict of the late John.

BUCKLEY, Dec 27th, at Talk-o’-th’-Hill, Robert, aged 33, compositor late this city.

BAKER, Jan 4th, 33 Beaconsfield St, James Richard, aged 33, late Capt of the British and African Steam Navigation Co, steamer VOLTA.

BRIDGEWATER, Jan 4th, 8 Solway St, Elizabeth, aged 80, relict of the late Joseph, formerly of Stourbridge

BRICK, Jan 5th, 1 Kingsland Rd, Oxton, Sarah Mary, aged 7 mths, dau of George

BUXTON Jan 4th, her residence Manchester, Charlotte, aged 85, relict of the late Joel, from Sheffield.

COSGRAVE, Jan 1st, 22 Derby St, Oxton Rd, Catherine Margaret, aged 18 mths, dau of John

COSENS, Dec 29th, Bedford St, South, Jessie, wife of G. H. of disease of the heart

CLOVER, Dec 30th, 5 Moon St, George Ripley, aged 23, eldest son of George

CLUBB, Jan 1st, 2 Harrington Dock, Henry, aged 55

CAPPER, Dec 31st, 38 Houghton St, Southport, Emma, aged 38, wife of John

CARRUTHERS, Dec 30th, 82 Park St, Bootle, William George, aged 5, eldest son of Robert

CARTER, Dec 29th, John, aged 45, killed on board the steamer PALESTINE in the Alexandra Dock.

DUTTON, Jan 1st, Penketh Lodge, Warrington, John, aged 75

ESTILL, Dec 31st, 2 Christchurch Rd, Birkenhead, Elizabeth Lamb, aged 78, wife of the late Edward ESTILL, late of Liverpool

EVANS, Jan 5th, 34 Upper Stanhope St, Ann, aged 73, relict of Peter

GREEN, Jan 2nd, 16 Alfred St, Henry, aged 79

GREGSON, Jan 2nd, 16 Copperas Hill, Ann, aged 69

HAWKINS, Dec 31st, Southport, Jane Tolson, aged 47, wife of Frederick James HAWKINS, Solicitor of Liverpool

HARGRAVES, Jan 1st, London, Joseph, aged 45, eldest son of the late Robert HARGRAVES this city.

JAMESON, Jan 4th, 4 Brighton Terrace, Rothesay, Elizabeth Ann, last surviving dau of William JAMESON, late this city.

JAMES, Jan 3rd, 27 Church Rd, Higher Tranmere, Herbert Bradley, aged 13 mths, youngest son of Francis

JONES, Jan 4th, Manchester House, Mold, John Williams JONES, aged 67

KERR, Jan 2nd, 21 Harland Rd, Higher Tranmere, Catherine Duncan, aged 60, relict of the late Capt John KERR this city

LOWE, Dec 30th, Richmond Lodge, Rowson St, New Brighton, William, aged 47, of Chorley

MC BRIDE, Dec 30th, cousin’s residence, 83 West Derby Rd, Nellie.

MURPHY, Jan 1st, Formby, James Michael, aged 22, son of the late Capt Paul MURPHY and nephew of Capt MURPHY, Cunard Service

MOORE, Jan 5th, 110 Heyworth St, Frederick, aged 1 yr 10 mths, youngest son of T. MOORE

NETTERVILLE – DAVIES, Dec 28th, Liverpool, Geoffrey Paul, aged 69, late of Kentstown and Netterville House, County Galway, Ireland.

NEWBY, Dec 29th, 11 Harrington St, London, William, infant son of G. W. NEWBY

OGG, Dec 29th, 50 Brock St, Kirkdale, Arthur, aged 1, son of Robert L. OGG

POTTER, Dec 30th, Ivy Bank, Alexandra Mount, Litherland, Alice Howard, youngest dau of the late Dr POTTER this city

PRIEST, Jan 3rd, 163 Canning St, Elizabeth Jane, wife of Jocelin PRIEST, Solicitor this city.

ROBERTSON, Dec 5th , 8 Higher Park St, aged 11 yrs 7 mths, and Dec 28th, aged 10 yrs 8 mths, sons of William ROBERTSON

ROBERTS, Dec 31st, 21 Claypole St, Edge Hill, Edward, aged 54

RATCLIFFE, Dec 31st, 1 Waterloo Rd, Waterloo, George Edward, only child of George RATCLIFFE Jnr

RIGG, Jan 1st, 71 Warrington Rd, Maidavale, London, Elizabeth, aged 71, widow of Rev Arthur RIGG, formerly principal of Chester Diocean Training College

SADDLER, Dec 27th, 63 Gwendoline St, Frances, aged 36, wife of John D. SADDLER

SHINGLER, Jan 5th, 17 Harewood St, Everton, Catherine Jane, aged 17, eldest dau of the late, W. F. SHINGLER

SMITH, Dec 28th, 9 Thornton Place, Wellington Rd, George Frederick, aged 18 mths son of F. H. SMITH

SMITH, Dec 1st, 1881, at Marigot, French Division, St Martin, West Indies, Nellie, aged 26, wife of Rev Richard SMITH, Wesleyan Missionary and dau of the late Peter HALLIWELL this city.

TOPPING, Dec 30th, Sarah wife of James

THORPE, Jan 1st, 36 The Promenade, Southport, Caroline, dau of the late William THORPE, Ardwick Green, Manchester

WILKINSON, Jan 3rd, 69 Stanhope Terrace, Upper Stanhope St, Elvira Florence, 3rd dau of William WILKINSON this city

WORRALL, Jan 5th, Higher Tranmere, Rev Thomas WORRALL, aged 63, Minister of Emmanuel Free Church, Everton

WEBSTER, Nov 9th, Lyndhurst New Town Rd, Mary [Minnie] Ogilvy Christian Jane, wife of A. B. WEBSTER, Merchant, Brisbane, Queensland

WESTRAY, Jan 3rd, Queens Rd, Everton, Thomas, aged 77

WHITTLE, Dec 30th, 83 Landseer Rd, Everton, Edward Stanley, aged 22 mths, youngest son of Robert WHITTLE

WHYTE, Jan 2nd, 6 Rainford Gardens, Whitechapel, Williamson James, aged 31, this city.

WILLIAMS, Jan 2nd, 48 St Hilda St, Henry Seymour, aged 3 mths.

WILLACY, Jan 1st, S. N. Whalley, Clitheroe, Ann, aged 81, formerly Upper Parliament St.

Liverpool Journal, Jan 14th, 1882


ALCOCK, Jan 10th, Walton-on-the-Hill, Elizabeth, aged 73, relict of the late Thomas, formerly of Kirkdale

ACKERS, Dec 15th, 13 Sun St, Thomas of this city

ASHWORTH, Jan 6th, 12 Towson St, Elizabeth, aged 77, relict of John

ASPINALL, Jan 3rd, Richard, aged 1 yr 10 mths, youngest son of Samuel

BIBBY, Jan 8th, 25 Yewtree Rd, Walton, Clara Emma, aged 4 and a half yrs, daughter of John P.

BOLD, Jan 7th, 11 Welfield Place, Toxteth Park, Elizabeth, eldest dau of the late Rev Thomas BOLD this city

BROADBENT, Jan 7th, Foveran, Victoria Pk, Wavertree, Richard Tertius, 3rd son of John Harvey BROADBENT. H.B.M’S Vice Consul, Dusseldorf

BURN, Jan 6th, 2 The Elms, Princes Pk, Ann aged 29, 4th dau of the late Amos BURN of Hull

BOWMAN, Jan 2nd, 81 East Clyde St, Helensburg, Martha Black Leslie, aged 1, youngest dau of James

BAILEY, Jan 7th, 41 Smollett St, Emily Eliza, aged 12 mths, dau of William

COOPER, Jan 9th, Netherfield Rd, Everton, Georgina Louisa, aged 11, dau of Charles

CONNELL, Jan 10th, 175 Grove St, Falkner Sq, William Cuthbert

CROSFIELD, Jan 10th, Fulwood Pk, Aigburth, Anne, aged 65, 2nd dau of the late James CROSFIELD

CRUM, Jan 9th, of Typhoid fever at Calcutta, Walter Erving, youngest son of the late Walter CRUM of Thornlie Bank, Renfrewshire

CAMPBELL, Jan 8th, South Hill Grove, Toxteth Pk, John CAMPBELL. J.P, aged 82

CRANE, Jan 6th, Ashton House, Anfield Rd, Lilian, aged 2 yrs 10 mths, 2nd dau of George J. CRANE

DOMVILLE, Jan 6th, 7 Friar St, James Alexander, aged 7 mths only child of James

DUGDALE, Jan 9th, 27 Salisbury St, Catherine, aged 55, dau of the late William DUGDALE, this city

DOWLING, Jan 10th, 63 Hope Place, Sarah, aged 70

FLETCHER, Dec 13th, Alamada, California, Margaret, wife of Charles A. FLETCHER

FRANKLIN, Dec 17th, Selma, Alabama, Alice wife of James H. late this city [see births]

GREEN, Jan 10th, 24 Salop St, Kirkdale, John Wilson, eldest son of the late John GREEN, Shipbuilder this city

GATES, Jan 11th, 53 Rokeby St, John, aged 57, late of Whitehaven

HARRIS, Jan 11th, Rice Hey Villa, Egremont, Cheshire, Edmund R. HARRIS. M.I.C.E. Manager of the Wallasey Gas and Water works

HARGRAVES, Jan 1st, Dulwich nr London, Joseph, aged 45, formerly with William GILLING, Wholesale bookseller, late of 49 Lord St, Liverpool

HERIOT, Nov 2nd, drowned while bathing in Wodongu Australia, John son of William HERIOT, formerly Breck Rd.

JONES, Jan 4th, Maes-y-Llan, Ruthin, Henry Idris JONES, late of 21 Frodsham St, Higher Tranmere

JONES, Jan 9th, 16 Tennyson St, Elizabeth, aged 73, widow of Robert

LELLEG, Jan 9th, 116 Pitt St, Bernard, aged 33

LEWIS, Jan 7th, brothers residence, 5? Phoebe Ann St, Sarah, aged 52

LOMAX, Jan 7th, 6 Overton St, Edge Hill, Robert Neale, aged 9, 2nd son of John LOMAX Jnr

MACK, Jan 6th, 50 Balliol Rd, Bootle, Frederic, infant son of James J. MACK, of Waterloo

MADDOCK, Jan 8th, Whiteby nr Chester, Thomas, aged 74, merchant, formerly of Liverpool

MOORES, Jan 9th, 68 Brougham St, Tranmere, Walter infant son of Thomas MOORES

MORRISH, Jan 8th, 97 Church Rd, Higher Tranmere, Louisa, aged 77, relict of Francis, late of Bath

MYRES, Jan 6th, Victoria Rd, New Brighton, Edward, aged 67

MOSS, Jan 9th, 3 St Pauls Rd, Kensington Park, London, Thomas, eldest son of the late William MOSS, of B’Head

O’SHAUGHNESSY, Jan 9th, Margaret, aged 43, wife of Thomas

PEARSON, Jan 7th, Grassendale, Isabella, aged 79, widow of Arthur Hugh PEARSON. M.A [priest], 2nd dau of Hon Richard Fitzgerald KING. M.A [priest] and granddaughter of Robert 2nd Earl of Kingston

PAYNE, Jan 12, 62 Hope St, Margaret, aged 74, relict of R. A. PAYNE

QUINN, Jan 9th, 2 College St, North, John, aged 6?, late of St John’s Market

ROBERTS, Jan 6th, 72 Erskine St, Harriet, aged 6?, wife of John, late of 33? Queen Anne St

ROBERTS, Ponterwyl, Mold, Barbara aged 87, wife of Edward ROBERTS

ROBINSON, Jan 6th, 41 South Rd, Waterloo, Charlotte, aged 60, wife of John

RIMMER, Jan 10th, 45 Combermere St, Toxteth Pk, Thomas, aged 53

RICE, Jan 8th, Eliza, aged 50, wife of William this city

SHAW, Jan 7th, 100 Queens Rd, Fanny youngest dau of Richard

SMITH, Jan 8th, fathers residence, John only son of William, 40 Great George Sq

TAYLOR, Jan 6th, 52 Tweed St, West Derby Rd, Mary, aged 80

TODD, Jan 9th, 26 Kirkdale Vale, Mary, aged 58, late of Whitehaven

TOWNSON, Jan 7th, 55 Shaw St, Mary, aged 61, wife of Benjamin TOWNSON, Surgeon

TEMPLE, Jan 2nd, 77 Mills St, Mary Anne, aged 35, wife of Henry

THOMAS, Jan 8th, 41 Dunluo? St, Walton, John, aged 27, son of Abraham THOMAS, this city

THOMAS, Jan 3rd, 4 Vivian St, Ethel, aged 3, only dau of Henry

TURTON, Jan 9th, Rose Vaults, Wavertree, John, aged 16

VERNON, 12 River Avon St, William Henry, aged 5 mths, youngest son of William Henry VERNON

WILLIAMS, Jan 9th, Joshua John, 1 yr 4 mths, son of Joshua WILLIAMS, of Stone House, Wallasey

WILLIAMS, Jan 9th, sons residence, 5? Fernhill St, Jabez, aged 81

WILLIAMS, Jan 11th, 45 Winifred St, Lewis, aged 35

WILSON, Jan 11th, 19 Arundel St, Princes Rd, Mrs Mary Ann

YOUNG, Jan 6th, Barrow in Furness, John, aged 50, of Ivy St, B’Head

Liverpool Journal, 21st, January 1882


ASHTON, Jan 11th, Ralph of Woolton, aged 69

ALEXANDER, Jan 17th, 3 Horatio St, Birkenhead, Robert W, aged 66

BENNETT, Jan 16th, 30 Newland St, Anne, aged 3mths, dau of J

BAILEY, Jan 11th, The Hollies, Halewood, Miss Elizabeth

BOYD, 21 Guilford St, Everton, Benjamin Nieley, aged 30

BOLTON, Jan 15th, Kathleen Rose, ,aged 2yrs 6mths, youngest child of Francis Lee BOLTON of Highfield, Rock Ferry

BOSOMWORTH, Jan 16th, at son’s residence, Wavertree Terrace, Wavertree, John, aged 88, late of Helperby, Yorks

BENTON, Jan 18th, 71 Whiterock St, Emma wife of James

CLEGG, Jan 18th, 4 Chiswell St, Kensington, Mary Ann, aged 44, wife of Jesse

CRIDDLE, Jan 14th, 19 Trafalgar Rd, North Egremont, Maria, aged 31, wife of W. E

CURTIS, Nov 14th, Nelson, New Zealand, Annie, aged 46, wife of Herbert Evelyn. J.P, formerly of London

CAWLEY, Jan 15th, Scarborough, Harriet widow of the late C. E. CAWLEY. M.P, The Heath, Kersal, Manchester

CLARKE, Jan 16th, From sunstroke at Graaf Reinct, Cape Colony, Arthur Stanley, aged 23

DUTTON, Jan 19th, The Willows, Moor, nr Warrington, James, aged 67

EARL, Jan 12th, 14 Vanguard St, Barbara, dau of George

FARAGHER, Jan 13th, 65 Bentinck St, Birkenhead, J. Henry E, aged 42, last surviving son of the late Thomas, this city

GRUNDY, Jan 12th, Gertrude, Evelyn, aged 12mths, youngest child of John of Sutton, nr Chester

GANNON, Jan 16th, 163 Kirkdale Rd, Edith, aged 3yrs 1mth, dau of George

GIBB, Jan 16th, at Mother’s residence, 122 Bucks Rd, Douglas, I.O.M, Eliza Ann, youngest dau of the late Richard KELLY of Malew and wife of Robert GIBB Esq, 19 Radstock Rd, Elm Park, Liverpool

HAYWOOD, Jan 18th, 14 Winfield Terrace, Old Trafford, Manchester, Thomas, aged 70

HARRISON, Jan 16th, 80 Whitefield Rd, Everton, Martha, aged 46, wife of Thomas

HARRISON, Jan 10th, 38 Ormskirk St, St Helens, Arthur Frederick, aged 3yrs 9mths

HOWORTH, Jan 14th, 124 Linden Rd, Mary Anne, wife of Thomas, only dau of the late Thomas BROOKS

HOLLAND, 13 Wrayburn St, wife of William, aged 36

IRVINE, Jan 11th, Zion Hill, Garstang, Janet Gardner, aged 15mths, dau of Dr T. J. IRVINE

JONES, Jan 18th, 10 Bentley Rd, Princes Park, Miss Mary, aged 76, formerly of Brighton

JAMES, Jan 7th, 74 Price St, Birkenhead, Annie Olga Maud, aged 9mths, only dau of George

KRUGER, Dec 20th, on board the steamship ESPANA on the homeward bound voyage from Manilla, John Robert Plessen, aged 52

LAMBERT, Jan 16th, 44 Pluto St, George H, aged 66

LOUGHRAN, Jan 15th, 1 Princes Walk, Great Howard St, Robert, aged 26

LAWRENCE, Jan 14th, Beechmount, Aigburth, Lilian, aged 17, child of Edward and Janet Harrison LAWRENCE

MARSDEN, Jan 12th, 31 Whitford Rd, Higher Tranmere, Catherina, widow of Ephraim

NOLAN, Jan 15th, 38 Byrom Terrace, Thomas, aged 59

O’SULLIVAN, Jan 13th, Bedford Rd, Rock Ferry, Timothy Dennis, aged 43

PRINGLE, Sept 15th, Nyarua Wahia, New Zealand, Elizabeth relict of the late Capt Richard

PARRY, Jan 16th, 86 Tweed St, Robert

PRITCHARD, Jan 12th, 15 Georges Rd, Mary, aged 82, wife of the late William of Kingsley Hall, Cheshire

PROWSE, Jan 12th, River View, Overton, John, aged 63

ROBERTSON, Jan 17th, 41 Bagot St, WAVERTREE, Helen Mary, aged 15mths only child of Thomas D.

RYAN, Jan 15th, 62 Moss Lane, East, Manchester, Anne Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Taylor, this city

READ, Jan 13th, Laurel Rd Fairfield, and 74 Lord St, Liverpool, Joseph, aged 66

REDHEAD, Jan 13th, 37 Ballington St, Sarah, aged 35, wife of James

ROHRER, Jan 15th, Southport, Rembrandt Dukah, aged 25, eldest son of Simon, this city.

ROBERTS, Jan 18th, Liscard, Emma, aged 68, wife of Thomas

STEWARDSON, Jan 15th, 6 Suffolk St, John, aged 68

SMALLMAN, Jan 14th, 48 Dacre Hill, Rock Ferry, Richard, aged 32

SHEPHERD, Jan 14th, 38 Wesley St, Ann, relict of John, this city

SULLIVAN, Jan 6th, Hanna, aged 23, eldest dau of John of Portsmouth

SUTTON, Jan 15th, Oakfield, Aigburth, Charles, aged 34, Capt of 6th L.A.V

TUDOR, Jan 12th, 121 Handbridge ? Chester, Henry, aged 69

WILSON, Jan 11th, 113 Hartnup St, Mary relict of Capt John D. WILSON, and eldest dau of William MACKAY this city.

WEST, Jan 12th, Orwell House, Orwell Rd, Ada Buckley, aged 1yr 5mths, dau of James

WHISHAW, Jan 16th, 5 Parkfield Rd, Alexander, aged 59, Chaplain of the School of the Blind, Liverpool

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