Liverpool Journal Jan 1st 1881


AIKMAN, Dec 24th, 15 Buckingham Terrace, Glasgow, Ann Nichol, aged 80, widow of William A. AIKMAN

ASQUITH, Dec 27th, 41 Pembroke St, Sissy aged 4yrs

BALDWIN, Dec 27th, 41 Gloucester St, Jane, aged 32, wife of Peter

BEDDOWS, Dec 27th, 67 Napier St, St Helens, William aged 53

BOOTHROYD, Dec 29th, Warley House, Southport, Elizabeth, aged 55, wife of Samuel BOOTHROYD. J.P

BOTSFORD, Dec 22nd, Stanley Grove, Oxford Rd, Manchester, John William, aged 59

BROCKBANK, Dec 25th, 20 Huskisson St, Robert, aged 72

CAHILL, Dec 24th, Alice, 2nd dau of the late John of Scotland Rd.

CHAPMAN, Dec 17th, Madeira, George H. aged 56, of Waterloo, Liverpool

DAVIES, Dec 25th, 70 Dairyimple St, Mary, aged 75, of this city

DAVIES, Dec 24th, at his parents residence, Llysfaen, North Wales, David, aged 34 of Oxton Rd, Birkenhead.

DEMPSEY, Dec 25th, 38 Catherine St, Anne, aged 83, widow of the late James

DICKMAN, Dec 27th, 32 Nursery St, Jane, aged 61, widow of the late Richard

DIXON, Dec 20th, At the Royal Infirmary, John aged 37

DUCKWORTH, Dec 24th, at sons residence, 19 Stockwell Park Rd, London, S. W. Alexander, aged 60, of Liverpool, eldest surviving nephew of Mr William MACKENZIE of Liverpool, partner in the firm of Messers BRASSEY and MACKENZIE, the celebrated Railway Contractors.

DOUGHERTY, Dec 22nd, 21 Baker St, Ellen, aged 64, relict of Henry, this city

EVERY, Dec 24th, Waterloo, William, aged 77, late H. M. Customs this port.

FISHER, Dec 24th, 73 Bedford St, South, Thomas, aged 79

FLOOD, Dec 22nd, 51 Harrowby St, Princes Rd, James, aged 60

FRANKLIN, Dec 26th, Isaac A, M.R.C.S aged 68, of Park Villa, Fallowfield, Nr, Manchester

GATER, Dec 24th, 21 George St, Birkenhead, Sarah, aged 62, widow of the late John W, this city

GLOVER, Dec 27th, Park Rd, West Claughton, Theresa Florence, aged 14, daughter of Edward

HALEWOOD, Dec 25th, 30 Linacre St, Southport, George, aged 50, late of Formby

HALL, Dec 24th, at his residence in Paris, George Otis HALL, formerly of New Orleans and eldest surviving son of the late William HALL, this city

HANKINSON, Dec 19th, 4 Holt St, William, aged 20

HARKER, Dec 28th, Mersey View Rd, Brighton-le-Sands, Elizabeth, aged 75, widow of the late James

HEPTONSTALL, Dec 28th, Thomas, aged 60, Farmer of Little Crosby

HERON, Dec 22nd, Upper Brook St, Manchester, William, Solicitor

HOGARTH, Dec 27th, 47 West Derby St, Theresa Lydia, aged 39, wife of William Daniel

JONES, Dec 24th, at sons residence Greenside, Mary aged 75, widow of Richard JONES, Miller

KERR, Dec 23rd, 5A Whittle St, John, aged 55

LYNCH, Dec 25th, Coughton House, Green Lane, Wavertree, Rev John Jerome LYNCH. O.S.B, aged 32, of St Marys, Catholic Chapel, Edmund St

MACGROTTY, Dec 28th, 11 Richmond St, New Brighton, Henry Norton, aged 30

MACINTYRE, Dec 28th, 31 Marine Cresent, Waterloo, Arthur Sherwood, aged 1yr, youngest son of Archibald

MADDOCK, Dec 25th, Grammer School, Sanbach, Cheshire, John Frederick, aged 27, 6th son of the late Rev H. W. MADDOCK, Vicar of All Saints, St Johns Wood, London

MARSHALL, Dec 24th, Halewood Bank, Freshfield, Formby, William, aged 65

MAWSON, Dec 28th, 38 Macbeth St, Thomas, aged 29

MAXWELL, Dec 23rd, Springfield House, Soho St, George, aged 38, of this city, late of Rockcliff, Cumberland

MOUNTFORD, Dec 22nd, 38 Phoebe Anne St, Jane Ellen, aged 28, wife of Alfred

MYERS, Dec 24th, 150 Park Lane, Mary Meals, wife of T. B. MYERS, only daughter of John ALLINSON, Brewer, this city.

NICOLL, Dec 27th, 6 Harland Rd, Higher Tranmere, David aged 3mths, youngest son of David, Longsight, Manchester

PARKER, Dec 15th, at Garliestown, Wigtonshire, Peter, aged 44, late of, 2 Gregson St, Liverpool

PHILLIPS, Dec 22nd, Church Rd, Rhos, Ruabon, Edward, aged 64

ROBERTS, Dec 19th, 29 Baron St, John, aged 40

ROBERTS, Dec 27th, 33 Onslow Rd, Elms Pk, Beatrice Emily Cissy, infant daughter of Charles ROBERTS

ROBERTSON, Oct 31st, New Zealand, Jane Campbell ROBERTSON, aged 9, daughter of George Sinclair ROBERTSON, late of Liverpool

ROBINSON, Nov 13th, Tacna Peru, John, aged 28, only son of Donald, this city.

ROWLANDS, Dec 29th, 16 Monastry Rd, Anfield, Ernest Robert, 2nd youngest son of John, this city

SLATER, Dec 26th, Bolton, George Steele SLATER, formerly this city

STEEL, Dec 28th, Wamphray, Joseph, aged 60, of Kirkwood, Dumfriesshire and South Hill Grove, Liverpool

STRYPE, Dec 26th, 41 Norwood Grove, Arthur Ernest, age 51/2yrs, eldest son of William H.

SYKES, 50 Church Rd, Richmond, Surrey, Emma, aged 42, wife of Samuel, late this city.

TWEDDLE, Dec 29th, 75 Bold St, Arthur, aged 24, only son of the late Robert

VAUGHAN, Dec 27th, 54 Belmont St, Southport, Elizabeth, aged 38, wife of Thomas, daughter of the late Luke DAVIES, Master Mariner, Liverpool

WANNOP, Dec 29th, 54 Mount Pleasant, Fanny, wife of John

WARD, Dec 23rd, Montagu Villa, Broadgreen, Sophia, relict of J. L. WARD of London

WICKHAM, Dec 21st, Gresford Village, Ven Robert WICKHAM, aged 78, vicar of the parish, late Archdeacon of St Asaph.

WILLIAMS, Dec 27th, 17 Percy St, Peter, aged 67.

WILLIAMS, Dec 24th, 33 Berkerley St, Martha, aged 70, relict of the late Robert

WOOD, Dec 24th, Railway Cottage, North Docks, Regent Rd, this city, Henry aged 25, 2nd son of Thomas

YOULTON, Dec 29th, 23 Grey Rd, Walton, William, aged 51/2 yrs

Liverpool Journal 8th Jan 1881


ARCHER, Jan 2nd, 8 Berwick Square, Maud Mary, age 1yr 5mths, only dau of George

ATKINSON, Jan 6th, 1 Ford House, Egremont, Capt Benjamin Ledford, aged 67

ATKINSON, Dec 16th, Glenbrook, Victoria Mount, Oxton, Thomas, aged 52

BANCROFT, Dec 30th, Grave St, George Chappell BANCROFT, late Major, 2nd Royal Lancashire, Militia, eldest son of Peter BANCROFT, Beechley, Allerton

BEARDSWORTH, Jan 4th, 37 Great Nelson St, North, Edward, aged 62, eldest son of the late James this city.

BEATTIE, Jan 4th, 10 Victoria Rd, Aigburth, Arthur, aged 72

BLEASE, Jan 6th, 23 Aigburth St, Minnie, aged 6, only surviving dau of William Ryder BLEASE

BUCKLEY, Jan 1st, 94 Huskisson St, Edmund, aged 66

BURNS, Jan 5th, 9 Park St, Bootle, Elizabeth Graham, aged 52, wife of William BURNS

CAWKITT, Jan 3rd, 90 Canning St, Capt James M, aged 63

CHAMBERLAIN, Jan 1st, 6 Epworth St, Thomas Joseph, aged 2yrs 2mths, only son of John S.

CLANAHAN, Jan 5th, Whithorn, New.Brighton, Alexander, aged 65, late H. M. Customs, Liverpool

CONBOY, Dec 21st, 4 Rupert Terrace, Everton, John, aged 37

CONEY, Dec 29th, Worthing, Joseph, aged 39, 3rd son of William CONEY, Middle, Bolton Hall, Worcester

DOWLING, Dec 25th, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, John, aged 60

EVANS, Jan 1st, 47 Faraday St, Everton, John, aged 74

FAINT, Jan 2nd, Fathers residence, 29 York St, Walton, Thomas, aged 41, late of Bolton

FRAHER, Jan 2nd, Fulwood, Preston, Maria, aged 48, wife of Supr Barrack Sergeant J. FRAHER

GOODACRE, Jan 2st, 71 Upper Parliament St, Ellen, aged 49, wife of John

HALLOWES, Harriet, aged 75, daughter of the late Thomas HALLOWES of Liverpool

HARDMAN, Dec 27th, 96 Molyneux Rd, Mrs Abigail, aged 72

HINGELEY, Dec 13th, 37 Turpin St, Trenton, New Jersey, U.S.A, Catherine Frances Stewart, wife of Joseph L. HINGELEY, late this city

HOLLIDAY, Dec 25th, 4 Olive Mount, Cherry Lane, Elizabeth, aged 92, widow of Joseph.

HOUGHTON, Jan 4th, Fernhill St, Mary Elizabeth [Pollie], aged 20, dau of the late Banjamin, Dock yard

HUGHES, Dec 31st, 40 Linenhall St, Chester, Mary, aged 45

IRVINE, Jan 5th, Brucklay House, Mossley Hill, George, aged 64

KING, Jan 2nd, Elm Villa, Ainsdale, , Martha, eldest surviving dau of the late William, Spellow Lane, Walton

KISCH, Dec 22nd, Zwolle Overyssel, Holland, Dr J. I. KISCH, Surgeon, aged 79, Father of Dr S. KISCH, this city.

KNIPE, Dec 30th, William Redmayne, aged 7mths, youngest son of W. R. KNIPE, The Cresent, Rochdale, late this city

LAWTON, Jan 2nd, John, aged 77, eldest son of Thomas, joiner and builder, Edge Hill

LEATHER, Jan 1st, Springfield, Breckfield Rd, North, John, aged 29, 3rd son of Joseph LEATHER

LOADER, Jan 3rd, 38 Windsor Rd, Tuebrook, Harriet Emma, aged 22, youngest dau of John LOADER

MCLEAN, Dec 31st, Mill Farm, Adrossan, Annie, aged 18mths, infant dau of James A. MCLEAN, this city

MADDEN, Dec 28th, 83 Luther St, Everton, James, aged 56

MC DERMOTT, Dec 31st, Annie, eldest dau of P. J. MC DERMOTT, 2 Calderbreck Terrace, Wellington Rd, Wavertree

MORGAN, Dec 30th, 14 Beaumaris St, Kirkdale, , John Llewellyn, aged 2yrs 11mths, youngest son of Joseph MORGAN

MUNDAY, Jan 1st, 76 Redrock St, William, aged 68, formerly of London

OULTON, Dec 25th, Hollywood, nr Belfast, Rev Richard OULTON. B.D, aged 68, late of Queens College

RINGER, Jan 3rd, Woodlands, Dacre Hill, Rockferry, Ellen H, aged 87

ROBERTS, Jan 3rd, 6 Courtney St, Waterloo, William ROBERTS. J.P, aged 61

ROBERTS, Jan 5th, 76 Troughton St, Edge Hill, James Alexander, aged 31, son of the late James ROBERTS, Car proprietor this city

SLOAN, Jan 4th, Sisters residence, Mrs GARDNER, 14 Napier St, Everton, Margaret, aged 61, widow of William SLOAN, Manchester

STOCK, Jan 3rd, Knolle Park, Woolton, of Typhoid, John Ernest, aged 22, an undergraduate of Oxford, youngest son of John STOCK

STUBBS, Dec 28th, 15 Yanworth St, James, aged 47

TAYLOR, Jan 1st, Pilch Lane, Roby, William, aged 33, senior partner of GREEN and TAYLOR, this city

THOMAS, Jan 2nd, Old Chester Rd, Tranmere, George, aged 25, only son of the late James

THOMAS, Jan 3rd, Heywood Lodge, Chester, Jane, aged 69, wife of Rev R. D. THOMAS

THOMAS, Dec 30th, Edinburgh, David Lewis, age 1yr 7mths, son of Dr THOMAS, Brynhyfryd, Amlwch

THORPE, Dec 25th, Harlesden Hill, Willesden, nr London, Mary Gertrude, aged 25, wife of William H. THORPE

TOUGH, Jan 1st, 29 Grove Rd, Rockferry, Nellie Mackie, infant dau of Alexander TOUGH

TOWSON, Jan 3rd, 47 Upper Parliament St, John Thomas, aged 76

TYRRELL, Jan 3rd, 32 Borough Rd, Birkenhead, Andrew, aged 36, late of the Dingle Hotel, Park Rd, Liverpool

WARBURTON, Dec 25th, 22 Elm Rd, Walton, Mostyn WARBURTON, aged 46, watchmaker of Liverpool and London

WATERS, Jan 3rd, 62 Boaler St, Mary Ann, aged 30, daughter of Aaron, WATERS late of Worksop, Notts

WILSON, Jan 1st, Elizabeth Billingham, Beech House, Upper Clapton, London, Widow of Francis WILSON, Surgeon this city

WOODS, Jan 5th, 23 Aberdeen St, Park Rd, Ellen, aged 98, widow of Thomas WOODS, of Belfast

Liverpool Journal, 15th Jan 1881


ALLCARD, Jan 9th, Albion Buildings, 14 Canning Place, Mary Breda, age 16, dau of William J.

ALLEN, Jan 2nd, 173 West Derby Rd, James aged 61

ATKINS, Jan 9th, 1. St Judes Place, North, Sarah wife of George

BANKS, Jan 9th, 5 Essex St, Ann, aged 61, wife of the late Robert

BENNETT, Jan 10th, Green Bank, Seacombe, Elizabeth Jane, aged 33, wife of Herbert

BOLTON, Jan 10th, Brooklands, Nr Wrexham, William, 4th son of Robert Lewin BOLTON of Laurel Mount, Aigburth Rd

BOYD, Jan 9th, Fatherís residence, Kindar House, New Abbey, Dumfries, James Clerk BOYD Jnr, late of Bleak Hill House, Earlestown, Lancs

CAMITIAN, Jan 7th, 28 Upper Hope Place, Sergius, aged 34, of this City, late of Ismid, Asia Minor

CASE, Jan 8th, 29 Huskisson St, Mary Jane, aged 53, wife of Henry

CHADWICK, Jan 12th, 19 and 21 Fairclough St, John William, aged 46

CLARE, Jan 9th, 73 Beaufort St, James, aged 70

COBB, Jan 8th, 2 Spekeland Rd, Thomas Rowling, aged 39

COPELAND, Jan 3rd, 56 Upper Gloucester Place, London, William Ernest, aged 8 mths, son of the late Supt COPELAND

DEAN, Jan 4th, 88 Lovat St, William, aged 53, late Sgt Royal Art and Drill Instructor, 1st L.A.V

DIXON, Jan 11th, 73 Wordsworth St, Capt Henry, aged 38

DOVASTON, Jan 12th, 73 Squires St, William Henry, aged 19, eldest son of William of this City.

EMERSON, Jan 9th, 70 St James St, William Frederick, aged 31/2 mths, only son of W.F EMERSON

GALLOWAY, Jan 11th, 82 Canning St, Agnes, aged 66, widow of Rev James GALLOWAY, late of Glasgow and Little Sutton

GAVAN, Jan 9th, 99 Squires St, Edge Hill, Edward, aged 56

GRANT, Dec 15th last, 30 Seaton St, Kensington, William, aged 70

GRIMSDITCH, Jan 13th, 33 Falkner St, Mary Ellen, aged 20

HALL, Jan 13th, The Cottage, Lark Lane, Aigburth, Marion Lucy, aged 9, youngest dau of J. A. HALL

HALL, Jan 7th, Ashton-on-Ribble, aged 23, the 7th surviving daughter of James Bowman HALL, formerly Tideswell Derbyshire

HANSON, Dec 14th, Leribe, South Africa, Killed in Action, aged 21, Oliver William HANSON, Capt in Ferreiras Horse, son of the late James Oliver HANSON, Cavendish Park, Rock Ferry

HANNAN, Jan 8th, Son-in-Laws residence, Birton Villa, Edge Lane, Elizabeth, aged 78, relict of the late Thomas.

HENRY, Jan 6th, Moss Lane Farm, near Maghull, Peter Henry, aged 47, late of Liverpool

HILL, Jan 7th, 12 Gilbert St, Garston, Henry, aged 47, 3rd son of the late Benjamin HIILL of Shrewsbury

HINDE, Jan 9th, 175 Heyworth St, Jane, aged 73, widow of Thomas

HOGG, Jan 6th, 42 Winifred St, Gibson, aged 47

HOUGH, Jan 11th, Bootle Lodge, 85 Park St, Bootle, Henry, aged 67

HOUGHTON, Jan 7th, William George, aged 3yrs 10mths, son of William

HUGHES, Jan 1st, 3 Marquis St, James aged 62

HUGHES, Jan 13th, St Johnís Rd, Bootle, William Wilson, aged 1yr 6days, son of W. E. HUGHES

ISAAC, Jan 9th, Suddenly at Southport, Benjamin Ralph, aged 63, of 61 Bedford St, this City

JOHNSON, Jan 8th, 74 Pembroke Place, Thomas, aged 36

JONES, Dec 23rd last, Thomas, aged 61 of Trebeirdd Mold

JONES, Jan 10th, Plasuchaf Talsarnau, Merionerthshire, Dorothy, aged 83, mother of J. Lloyd JONES and W. Pryse JONES, Lord St, this City

KAYE, Jan 8th, 133 Royston St, James, aged 71

KEAN, Jan 10th, 15 Price St, James Henry, aged 24, 2nd son of James Anthony

LEWIS, Jan 9th, Chasenwood, Didsbury, Manchester, Sara, aged 32, wife of A. S

LYNNE, Jan 9th, Vanderies St, Mrs Catherine, aged 65

MCARDLE, Jan 12th, 4 St Paulís Sq, James Patrick, aged 7, son of James, this city.

MCCRACKEN, Jan 7th, Goth St, William Alexander, aged 42, of Belfast

MCKIBBIN, Jan 8th, Broughton, West Derby, Alexander, of this city and Wanborough, Surrey

MAGUIRE, Jan 7th, 81 Roscommon St, John, aged 24

MILES, Jan 6th, 241 Great Homer St, Harold Dixon Miles, aged 13 days

MITCHELL, Jan 11th, 10 Moira St, Joseph, aged 75

MOSS, Jan 8th, Victoria Cottage, Brighton St, Seacombe, Isaac aged 1yr 9mths, youngest son of Abraham

OSBORNE, Jan 9th, 5 Princes St, BíHead, Maria, eldest dau of William

OWEN, Jan 12th, 38 Edge Lane, Jane, 4th dau of the late John of Coxhead, Childwall

PERRY, Jan 11th, 8 Orient St, Everton, Eleanor Jane, wife of J. H. PERRY

PILCHER, Jan 10th, 26 Fitzclarence St, Sarah, aged 72, wife of Edward M. PILCHER, dau of the late George KERFERD of Everton

POSTANCE, Jan 8th, at Malta, Alfred aged 34, R. N. [retired list] eldest son of Rev H. POSTANCE, this city.

POVER, Jan 7th, 116 Farnworth St, Charles Townley, aged 67

POWELL, Jan 10th, 21 Mount Pleasant, John Edge, aged 12mths, son of John

PRITCHARD, Jan 8th, 9 South St, Ann relict of the late C. Robert PRITCHARD

RATCLIFFE, Jan 9th, Belle Vale Rd, Little Woolton, Joseph, late Colour Sergeant, 7th Royal Fusiliers, aged 70

ROSS, Jan 8th, 5 Southampton St, Thomas Stanley Derby, infant son of John ROSS

RUTTERFORD, Jan 12th, 24 Pitt St, Charles W, aged 31

SHAW, Jan 10th, Bold Villa, Victoria Rd, Tuebrook, , William, aged 87

SHEPHERD, Jan 10th, 49 Garden Lane, Bootle, Joseph, aged 86, late of St Helens

SINNETT, Jan 9th, At Morecambe, William John, aged 29, son of the late Robert of Castletown, I.O.M

SLEEMAN, Jan 8th, Laurel Bank, Woolton Rd, Wavertree, Emily, widow of Thomas, this city

SMALLEY, Jan 10th, Lune Villa, near Lancaster, Emma, aged 31, wife of Richard

SMITH, Jan 10th, Wavertree, Elizabeth, aged 22, 2nd dau of Thomas SMITH

STAMP, Jan 10th, 8 Voelas St, Margaret, aged 31, wife of J. H. STAMP, 2ND dau of James WILSON, this city.

STEWART, Jan 7th, 16 Allen St, Beatrice Ann, aged 2yrs 6mths

SYMONS, Jan 9th, 23 Florence St, Charles, late Engineer, this city

THOMAS, Jan 10th, 32 St Anne St, Victoria Elizabeth, aged 12, youngest dau of William

THOMPSON, Jan 8th, 22 Ponsonby St, John Brooks, aged 74, late of Winsford

THORNBOROUGH, Jan 12th, Fylde Lodge, Great Crosby, Henry Ernest, 5th child of Henry.

TOBIN, Jan 9th, Ballincollig, County Cork, Sir Thomas, D. L, J. P, F.S.A, aged 73

TURNER, Jan 12th, 56 Ulswater St, Mary, aged 52, wife of Richard

WHITE, Jan 10th, 58 Foxhill St, Catherine Anne, wife of J. WHITE

WHITTINGTON, 64 Dombey St, John Rowland, aged 81/2 yrs, son of Rowland

WILLIAMS, Jan 10th, 4 Upper Duke St, Ellen, aged 86, mother of Mr WILLIAMS, Hairdresser of Lime St and Upper Duke St.

WOLLEY, Jan 8th, 22 Soho St, John, late of Chester and Llandudno

WRIGHT, Jan 10th, 58 Willoughby St, Edge Hill, James Beattie, aged 9mths, youngest son of John

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