Deaths 1880

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 2nd 1880


CHADWICK, Dec 30th, David aged 76, of Warrington

DIXON, Dec 30th, Miss Jane DIXON, aged 43, Mill St, Ormskirk

EDGE, Dec 31st, Thomas aged 57, of Burscough

JOHNSTONE, Jan 1st, at the Northern Hospital through an accident on board the steamship Ohio, William 2nd son of the late George JOHNSTONE, teamowner this town.

LEATHERBARROW, Dec 28th, David aged 68, of Aughton St, Ormskirk

LEGGE, Dec 31st, Birkenhead, Mary aged 77, relict of the late Rev William LEGGE, of Fakenham, Norfolk

LINDSAY, Jan 1st, 1 Greenhey's Rd, Prince's Park, John aged 38 or 58?

MARTIN, Dec 27th, Iken House, Beckenham, niece's residence Mrs R. E. BARNES, in her 92nd year, Hannah MARTIN

OLIVER, Dec 31st, 8 Caerwys Grove, Higher Tranmere, John Washington aged 39.

ORME, Dec 2? 26 Pickering St, Mary Ann, aged 78, widow of John ORME, daughter of the late Captain Adam ELLIOT

PARKINSON, Jan 1st, 14 Waterloo Rd, Alice aged 3mths, daughter of James PARKINSON

PEARSON, Jan 1st, Ivy Thorn, Wavertree, William aged 79

PENLINGTON, Dec 27th, son-in-law's house, J. SLATER 17 Springfield Terrace, Lancaster, Mary relict of Samuel PENLINGTON, formerly of Liverpool.

PHILLIPS, Dec 27th, The Lightwaters, Panfield, nr Braintree, Essex, son-in-law's residence, John BARNARD Esq, Jane Sarah widow of Deives PHILLIPS, Esq, and relict of Joseph CROOK late of the firm WILLIAMS and CROOK, Lord St, Liverpool and beloved mother of Mrs DITCHFIELD, Rock Ferry.

THIELEBEULE, Dec 26th, 31 Seymour St, Higher Bebington, Louis Trippet, 2nd son of the late D. L. A. THIELEBEULE

THOMPSON, Dec 31st, 8 Regent St, Harral Oliver, aged 14mths son of John THOMPSON

WARD, Dec 17th, Zillah, aged 79, late of the Almshouses

WILSON, Dec 29th, Thomas aged 80, of Higher Lane, Bretherton


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 5th, 1880


BINGHAM, Jan 4th, Wiston House, Mossley Hill, Elizabeth Elliott wife of Thomas BINGHAM

BRICKLEY, Jan 4th, Waterloo Rd, Ellen, aged 33, wife of Richard BRICKLEY

CAIN, Dec 23rd, Kirk, Michael St, Peel, I.O.M, Jane aged 65, wife of Thomas CAIN, late of Re?sheut Malew

CAIN, Jan 1st, son's residence, Castle Mona Gardens, Douglas, I.O.M, William CAIN, aged 68, formerly of Kirk Michael.

CLAGUE, Dec 30th, 1 Fahey St, Douglas, I.O.M, Joseph, aged 78, mariner

CRISPE, Dec 29th, 1 Pomona St, Emma, aged 45.

CUBBON, Dec 30th, Ballelby, Dalby, I.O.M, Miss Isabella CUBBON, of Colby, 36 or 86?

DALE, Jan 1st, 17 Stafford St, George aged 8mths, only child of George DALE

DICKIE, Dec 2nd, Stratford-on-Avon, aged 52, John Ted DICKIE

GARDNER, Dec 31st, West View, Huyton Quarry, Elizabeth aged 69

GREEN, Dec 31st, 34 Great Crosshall St, Benjamin aged 39

HILL, Dec 28th, The Brooke, Abergavenny, James Charles HILL, aged 64, magistrate for the county of Monmouth

HINDE, Jan 3rd, 21 Netley St, Walton Rd, Alfred William, aged 33

MATTINSON, Jan 1st, 11 Grove St, Wavertree, Mary aged 10, only child of Thomas MATTINSON

METCALFE, Dec 29th, John James aged 1day

METCALFE, Dec 16th, Joseph Stamper, aged 26

MORRIS, Nov 3rd, Sydney Australia, Thomas aged 33, of Cressage, Shropshire.

SHIRRES, Dec 20th, Gateshead, David aged 35, L.R.C.P, Edin, 2nd son of D. L. SHIRRES, J.P, Kincardineshire, brother of the vicar of Harwood.

WALTER, Jan 2nd, 19 Church Rd, Tranmere, Michael in his ?9th year

WILSON, Jan 2nd, 33 Sandown Lane, Wavertree, Emily aged 11mths, daughter of William WILSON


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 8th 1880


BELLIS, Jan 7th, 22 Noel St, Lodge Lane, Aaron aged 65

BRADBURY, Dec 22nd, Great Longstone, Derbyshire, Rebecca wife of T. H. BRADBURY

CROOK, Jan 6th, 65 Canal St, Bootle, James Miller CROOK, aged 52, boat builder

FORBES, Dec 1st, at the Camp Suchima, Naga Hills, from the effects of a spear wound received on the 22nd November at the storming of Konoma, whilst gallantly leading a desperate charge of his men, in his 22nd Year, Lieutenant Henry Hodges FORBES of the 44th N.1, the dearly beloved eldest son of Lieut-Colonel and Mrs Henry T. FORBES

FORSAITH, Jan 6th, 53 Deane Rd, Edge Lane, Mary wife of Alfred J. FORSAITH [see deaths 12th]

FRASER, Jan 5th, Leamington, Anne, aged 18, daughter of the late Colonel James FRASER, Culduthel, Inverness and Ravenhead House, Sutton, Lancashire

KEGG, Jan 2nd, Arbory St, Castletown I.O.M, the wife of John S. KEGG, merchant aged 24

KYNASTON, Jan 6th, 139 Price St, Birkenhead, Robert Roberts, only son of William KYNASTON, Birkenhead

LEE, Jan 5th, 40 Nickleby St, Toxteth Park, Jessie aged 2, youngest daughter of William LEE

LIDGATE, Jan 6th, 28 Stanhope St, William Ernest aged 2, youngest son of Thomas LIDGATE, this town

M'ADAM, Jan 7th, Lawrence Francis, aged 10mths, youngest son of John M'ADAM

MOORE, Jan 3rd, Catherine aged 67, wife of William MOORE

QUICK, Jan 7th, 5 Hughes-buildings, Thompson St, Charles Edward aged 21 mths.

REICHELT, Dec 30th, 106 Bank Rd, Bootle, Mary aged 23, wife of George REICHELT

ROBERTS, Jan 6th, Edinburgh, Rev John ROBERTS, aged 71, secretary Sabbath Alliance of Scotland

ROMERO, Jan 4th, 1 Pall Mall, John aged 4, son of Christopher ROMERO

RULE. Jan 7th, 51 Upper Pitt St, David P. RULE aged 37.

WYNN, Jan 7th, 162 Vauxhall Rd, Jane Ann aged 40, widow of Thomas WYNN

YOUNG, Jan 5th, I Lully St, Grove St, Charles aged 44


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 14th, 1880


BELL, Jan 12th, Green Lane, Egremont, Cheshire, Ellen aged 94, widow of Thomas BELL of Wallasey

BURLEIGH, Dec 14th, Calcutta, Hercules Willes, infant son of Captain H. E. BURLEIGH

DONALDON, Nov 2nd, from the effects of a fall on board the barque Craig Mullen whilst on the homeward passage, William youngest son of the late William DONALDSON

EDWARDS, Jan 11th, 65 Wrexham St, Mold, Ellen aged 34, youngest daughter of the late Thomas EDWARDS

FORSAITH, Jan 12th, 53 Deane Rd, Edge Lane, Fred William Lewis, infant son of Alfred J. FORSAITH

FRANCIS, Dec 19th, Liverpool Rd, London, Sarah aged 64, wife of George FRANCIS, formerly of Russell St, Liverpool

HAYDOCK, Jan 12th, 38 Bridge St, Birkenhead, Eleanor Martha aged 27, wife of Alfred H. HAYDOCK

JONES, Jan 12th, 6 Newark St, Walton-on-the-Hill, Harry Hague, aged 3, youngest son of John B. JONES

LEAVERSUCH, Jan 12th, Manchester, Edith Jeannie, aged 1mth, only child of Edwin LEAVERSUCH of this town

LLOYD, Jan 10th, Elizabeth aged 78, widow of John LLOYD, The Iddon, Anglesey

MOORE, Jan 10th, 14 St Georges Hill, Everton, Elias MOORE, aged 70, shipwright

O'NEILL, Jan 10th, 17 Houghton St, aged 67, John O'NEILL, interment Flaybrick Hill Cemetery tomorrow

OWEN, Jan 11th, Gwindy, Ab??erch, nr Pwilheli, Howell OWEN, aged 68.

PARRY, Jan 9th, 66 Holland Park, London, Elizabeth aged 46, wife of Mr Sergeant PARRY, and a few hours afterwards in his 64th year Mr Sergeant PARRY

PICKEN, Jan 13th, 7 Delamere St, Kirkdale, Sarah Ann aged 45, wife of Ambrose Swann PICKEN, eldest daughter of the late Israel BAIRSTOW of Halifax, Yorks

ROBERTS, Jan 11th, 13 Cardigan St, Birkenhead, Charles ROBERTS aged 68, for 37yrs in the employ of the Birkenhead Commissioners as an engineer at Woodside Ferry.

ROBERTS, Jan 12th, 2 Sefton Park Terrace, Gladys Vaughan aged 15mths, only daughter of Richard William ROBERTS, late of Widnes

ROBERTS, Jan 11th, 5 Windsor St, Mary aged 71, widow of Robert ROBERTS, car proprietor this town

ROBINSON, Jan 4th, brother's residence, The Willows Formby, Mabel youngest daughter of the late Henry ROBINSON, Howe Farm, nr Cockermouth

STILL, Jan 12th, 7 Upper Woodlands, Tranmere, Arthur Tryon aged 4mths, son of Arthur STILL

WILLIAMS, Jan 1?, 5 New Park Terrace, Castle Fields, Shrewsbury, John WILLIAMS aged 86, father of Rev J. H. WILLIAMS, [Methodist New Connexion], Belfast, Rev J. C. WILLIAMS, Stoke-on-Trent, and Rev S. Fletcher WILLIAMS, Everton, Liverpool, for many years a member and officer, lay preacher of the Methodist New Connexion Church, Shrewsbury.


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 20th 1880


COCKER, Feb 14th, Southport, Maria aged 88

COX, Feb 18th, 7 Blackburn St, infant son of W. T. COX

CROPPER, Feb 19th, 116 Mount Pleasant, John W, aged 66

CUNLIFFE, Feb 18th, 8 St Vincent St, George aged 12mths, only son of George CUNLIFFE

DODD, Feb 13th, 117 Towson St, Everton, Georgina aged 20, wife of Thomas DODD

DOVE, Dec 28th, Footscray, Melbourne, son of the late John DIOVE, H.M. Customs

EHRENHOFF, Feb 16th, 11 York Place, Portman Square, London, Carl aged 71, formerly of Rodney St, Liverpool and Waterloo.

HALL, Feb 4th, at Malta, Surgeon Major A. B. HALL of dysentery contracted when serving in the campaign in Afghanistan

HEWER, Feb 16th, Stoke Cannon, Devon, aged 94, Sarah HEWER, for many years a faithful friend and housekeeper in the family of the late Sir William BOLLAND

HOLLYOAK, Feb 19th, 91 Bamber St, Henry aged 64

MONAGHAN, Feb 14th, Ivy Cottage, Poulton, Mary aged 71, widow of John MONAGHAN

MORRISON, Feb 19th, 65 Netherfield Rd, North, Mr B. J.. MORRISON, builder aged 40, Watmough St, will be interred at Anfield Cemetery on Sunday

NAPIER, Feb 16th, The Sycamores, Knutsford, Cheshire, Richard C. NAPIER, aged 61, late of Preston

ORMEROD, Feb 14th, Adur Lodge, Shoreham, Sussex, Rev Oliver ORMEROD. M.A, aged 74, rector of Presteigne-with-Discoyd, deputy lieutenant for the county of Radnor and J. P for the counties of Hereford and Radnor

PRESCOTT, Feb 18th, 29 Ca??m St, Robert Alfred aged 10, youngest son of the late George PRESCOTT

PRIESTLEY, Feb 18th, Mary aged 69, relict of the late John PRIESTLEY, this town

ROBINSON, Feb 15th, 78 Gloucester Crescent, Hyde Park, London, Mary wife of John Park ROBINSON, and eldest daughter of John Grant MORRIS, Allerton Priory, Woolton, Lancashire

ROYLES, Feb 15th, Storeton Hall, Elizabeth aged 22

SELLARS, Feb 19th, 52 Bridge St, Birkenhead, Elizabeth Anne aged 37, wife of J. C. SELLARS

SMITH, Feb 13th, John aged 42, 2nd son of the late William SMITH, Braggs House, Woolton Rd

WAREHAM, Dec 27th, New Zealand, killed by the falling of a tree, Thomas Edward, aged 18, youngest son of W. WAREHAM, White Hall, Hook, near Surbiton

WEBB, Feb 14th, John aged 53, son of the late Alfred WEBB of Stanley, Liverpool

WEBSTER, Feb 13th, Derby, Henry, aged 50, late of this town

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