6th, January 1877


ADAMSON, Jan 3rd 7 Windsor Cres, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Lawrence ADAMSON, aged 83 , formerly of Seneschal. I.O.M.

AYSHFORD Dec 30th, Clifford Cottage, Egremont, Mary Christian relict of Capt Miles James AYSHFORD, formerly this town

BARNES, Dec 27th, ??? age 60 Mr Ja ?

BRAUN, Dec, ? Caroline ?

BIRLEY, Dec 30th, Milbanks Kirkham, Lancs Arthur Leyland BIRLEY

BRAITHWAITE, Dec 31st, Kendal, Mary Agnes aged 28, wife of George Foster BRAITHWAITE Jnr

BRANDRETH, Dec 30th, Bournmouth ???? of the Rec Canon BRANDRETH ???? Lancs

BRASSEY, Jan 3rd, St Leonards-on-Sea, aged 66, the wife of the late, Thomas BRASSEY, 56 Lowdnes Sq London

BROWN, Dec 18th, Great Meols nr Hoylake, Richard BROWN, aged 71, late of Tithebarn St, Liverpool.

BROWN, Dec 15th, on board the SOBRAON to Melbourne, James William aged 34, son of the late Rev Charles J. BROWN. D.D, Edinburgh

BURGESS, Jan 1st, Warrington, Esther aged 85, wife of William BURGESS late of Frodsham

CARUS, Dec 30th, Gt Crosby, Maria Newton CARUS, aged 77 relict of James CARUS of Blackburn and Davenport. U .S

CALLOW, 12 Russell St, Margaret wife of Daniel

CLEMENI-SMITH, Dec 29th, John Neville infant son of the Rev Herbert CLEMENI-SMITH. M.A of Manchester

DE MENASOE, Jan 3rd, at Cairo Egypt, Baron Joseph L. DE MENASOE age 32, Hyde Park, London, Son-in-Law of B. GOLLIN Esq, 75 Upper Parliament St

DYKE, Jan 2nd, 19 Handier Cres Brighton, infant son of John DYKE, Esq Canada Govt agent at Liverpool

EDWARD, Jan 3rd, 67 Phoebe Anne St, Jane wife of Ezra EDWARD

ERVING, Dec 31st, Royal Albert Asylum Lancaster, Frances Eliza age 15 yrs youngest dau of the late Daniel ERVING this town

FARSTER, Jan 4th, 73 St Annes St, Anne only surviving dau of the late John FARSTER of Bromborogh, Cheshire

FLETCHER, Dec 25th, Pithcombe House, Staid, Sir Richard John FLETCHER Bart aged 72 yrs

FRAZIER, Dec 28th, Manor Cottage, Liscard, Mrs Mary FRAZIER aged 69 yrs

GEE, Jan 1st, 20 Crosby Green, West Derby Village, Betty age 95

GREENWAY, Dec 31st, Frank Henry aged 11, son of Rev Charles GREENWAY, Darwin Bank, Darwin

GOWLAND, Jan 4th, 18 Rockwood St, Low Hill Mary aged 86, widow of the late William GOWLAND of Sunderland

HAIGH, Jan 2nd, 2 Chirkdale St, Kirkdale, John S. HAIGH aged 50, for many years inspector of Bootle Lane station for Lancs and Yorkshire, Railway Co

HARBORD, Jan 1st, 44 Tweed St, Mary aged 29, wife of W.H. HARBORD this town

HICKIE, Dec 14th, 145 Arkwright St, Andrew aged 9mths, Dec 25th, James aged 2.1/2 yrs beloved sons of James R. HICKIE

HILL, Jan 2nd, 87 Aigburth Rd, Grassendale, Betsy aged 54, wife of William HILL

HUGHES, Dec 28th, 32 Troughton St, Edge Hill, Evan aged 35, eldest son of Evan HUGHES.

JAFFRAY, Jan 4th, New Ferry Park, John Stang aged 28 son of the late John JAFFRAY Esq, Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Pk, London

JAMES, Dec 21st, Secunderabad, Henry Northage Land JAMES. M.D, F.R.C.S, Edinburgh, aged 33, son of Henry JAMES Esq M.D, of Ireton Wood, Derbyshire

JERVIS, Dec 28th, George Langworthy, late Capt 2nd Roy Lancs Militia, son of the late Thomas Barlow JERVIS, Croft Lodge, Windermere

JONES, Jan 3rd, Swan View Fairfield, Mary aged 68, widow of the late Daniel Jones, eldest dau of the late Rev Henry WILLIAMS, Rector of Llanedi, South Wales.

JONES, Dec 28th, Winchester at Brother-in-Laws residence J. J.UTTERSON Esq, Jane 2nd dau of the late Hugh JONES. M.D, Bangor, Carnarvonshire

LISTER, Dec 22nd, at Greenhill Hall Derbyshire William LISTER Esq aged 86 yrs

MADDOCH, Dec 30th, Bebington Miss Susan MADDOCH aged 84.

MAYBRICK, Dec 31st, 44 Gt George St, Anne aged 74, relict of Michael MAYBRICK. Esq

MCDERMOTT, Jan 4th, Michael aged 35yrs

NODDER, Dec 29th, lost at the wreck of the CIRCASSIAN, off Long Island nr New York, Andrew Allan son of Richard J. NODDER of Wavertree

NICKSON, Jan 3rd, 163 Vine St, Nicholas NICKSON aged 74.

PATERSON, Jan 1st, Park View House, Rock Ferry, Annie aged 48, wife of Robert PATERSON Esq, Solicitor this town.

POTTER, Dec 31st` Vicarage, Tong-cum-Alkrington, Cyril Beaumont aged 11 mths, son of Rev James POTTER

POWELL, Dec 25th, 6 Nichol St, Swansea Henry aged 71 formerly of Wells Somerset

ROBERTS, Jan 1st, 20 Lowndes St aged 3yrs 3mths, Margaret and Jan 2nd aged 6yrs, Sarah Davies ROBERTS beloved daughters of Mr John ROBERTS late of Holywell

RYDER, Dec 31st, Chatham St, Mary aged 81, wife of the late James RYDER, Bradley Bank, Frodsham

SAUNDERS, Dec 28th, Poets Rd, Highbury, New Pk, London, Margaret wife of Frederick SAUNDERS Esq of Parker St Liverpool

SEVERN, Dec 29th, Penybont Hall, Radnorshire, Mary Ann relict of the late John C. SEVERN Esq

SIMMS, Dec 31st, Caledonian Rd, Leeds, Harriet Elizabeth aged 60, widow of the late William SIMMS

SMALL, Dec 31st, Sidney N.S.W, George Richmond SMALL Esq aged 26, formerly of SMALL and CREIG Liverpool.

SMALLEY, Dec 27th, at Mold, Mary aged 75. Widow of the late Rev John Samuel SMALLEY, formerly, vicar of Cwm Flintshire

SMALLWOOD, Jan 1st, 16 Renshaw St, Ann aged 49, wife of E. SMALLWOOD

STAMP, Jan 1st at Waterloo, Rev William W. STAMP.D.D, Wesleyan Minister, aged 78

SMITH, Jan 3rd, 18 Derby Rd, Bootle aged 12mths ? ? ? W. SMITH

SNOW, Jan 5th, Stanfield, Great Crosby, Terence Alexander SNOW, aged 61yrs.

THOMAS, Jan 1st, 29 Church St, B’Head, J. W. THOMAS, Traffic manager Birkenhead docks

THURSBY, Dec ?? Graige Le Llandudno, Harriet Matilda wife of James Legh THURSBY

WAKEMAN, Dec 29th, ?? London W.C aged ???

WALMESLEY, Jan 2nd, at ??William Gera? Aged 35

WAY, Dec 31st, 4 Mornington Terrace, Egremont Elizabeth aged 34, wife of Thomas WAY

WILKINSON, Dec 21st, Everton, Albert aged 4.1/2 son of Alfred WILKINSON

WINSTANLEY, Dec 27th, 18 Mar??, John aged 29

WRIGHT, Jan 4th, ?? Esq of Hollins Hey, N. B ? of the Peace of this town.

ZIGOMALA, Jan 3rd The Hollies, Sale, Eliza Ann aged 46, relict of the late N. E. ZIGOMALA, this town, 4th dau of the late Samuel OULESTON, Ashton House, Cheshire

Liverpool Mercury Jan 11th, 1877


ALLAN, Jan 7th, 112 Beaufort St, Andrew aged 33, eldest son of Andrew

BAXTER, Jan 7th, 25 Brownlow Hill, Jane wife of William

BELL, Oct 11th, at sea, on the passage home from Benin, Capt Joseph, aged 53

BOUTFLOWER, Jan 10th, The Grove, Huyton, nr Liverpool, Harriet, aged 76, widow of Rev Henry Crewe BOUTFLOWER, late rector of Elmdon, Warwickshire

BRAITHWAITE, Dec 27th, Rock Mount, South, Old Swan, John, aged 66

CASE, Jan 8th, 27 Inverness Terrace, Kensington, Gardens, London, Robert, aged 34, of 54 Huskisson St, Liverpool

CORKILL, Dec 27th, Thomas, aged 69, of 7 Mona Terrace, Douglas, I.O.M, late this town

CUNLIFFE, Jan 7th, Myerscough Hall, Robert Anlezark, Esq, aged 49

GORDON, Jan 10th, 13 Lorne Rd, Oxton, Sarah wife of John

HIND, Jan 9th, Haydn Cottage, Walton Vale, William aged 64

HOPKINSON, Jan 9th, 78 Beaufort St, Isabella Mary, aged 82, relict of George

JEFFREYS, Jan 7th, Mile End, Llandovery, South Wales, Walter Powell, aged 69, ex-member of Liverpool Town Council

JONES, Jan 4th, Blenheim House, Llandudno, Jane aged 37, daughter of Job JONES, Great Ormeshead, Lighthouse

JONES, Jan 8th, Dolgelly, Mrs Lowry Jones aged 88, relict of Evan JONES and mother of Dr William JONES, Ruabon and Dr John JONES, Welchpool

LENTON, Jan 6th, 63 Myrtle St, James S, aged 62, late of London

SMITH, Jan 6th, 3 Fernhill St, Ada aged 4yrs, eldest daughter of C.H.

TWIST, Jan 10th, Springhill, Wavertree, Harry youngest child of Thomas Kenyon

Liverpool Journal

13th, January 1877


ALLAN, Jan 7th, 112 Beaufort St, Andrew ALLAN Jnr, aged 32.

ALLEN, Jan 10th, The Cedars, Bulmer, Essex, Louisa Harriet, aged 30, wife of Robert ALLEN Esq, youngest dau of the late W. H. WHITEHEAD.

BELL, Oct 11th, last, At sea on passage home from Beniu, Capt Joseph BELL, aged 52.

BLAIR, Jan 7th, Whalley House, Whalley Range, Manchester, Mary Anne Campbell, only dau of C. B. BLAIR Esq.

BOUTFLOWER, Jan 10th, the Grove, Huyton, Harriet aged 76, widow of Rev Henry Crewe BOUTFLOWER, Late Rector of Elmdon, Warwickshire.

BRODBELT, Dec 31st, last, Florence Grove, Sea view, Rothsay, Isle of Bute, Janet aged 76, relict of the late Thomas BRODBELT Esq, late of Bolton.

BANYARD, Jan 7th, Rock Ferry, Gerald aged 3 weeks, son of W. F. BANYARD.

BRIDGE, Oct 24th, last, Homebrook, Southbridge, N. Z. Charles Joseph, youngest son of the late James Oakes BRIDGE Esq, formerly this town.

BULL, Jan 6th, Cae Glas, Oswestry, Jane aged 60, wife of W. I. BULL, Solicitor

COPPLE, Jan 9th, 29 Litherland Rd, Bootle, Sarah, aged 54, wife of Joseph COPPLE.

CUNLIFFE, Jan 7th, Myersclough Hall, Lancashire, Robert Anlezark CUNLIFFE Esq

CLARK, Dec 23rd, last, 63 Grafton St, Toxteth Park, Isabella, aged 26, daughter of the late Edward CLARK, this town.

CROSFIELD, Jan 8th, 23 Deane Rd, Alfred CROSFIELD, aged 40.

CROSFIELD, Jan 11th, Oaklands, Aigburth, Elizabeth wife of Henry CROSFIELD.

CASE, Jan 8th, 27 Inverness Terrace, Kensington, Gardens, London, Robert CASE Esq, aged 34, of 54 Huskisson St, Liverpool.

DANSON, Jan 5th, Son-in-Laws residence, 100 Edgeware St, Ellen DANDON, aged 53, relict of J. B. DANSON.

DAVIES, Jan 4th, 93 Solway St, Lodge Lane, Foulkes DAVIES, aged 57.

DUTTON, Jan 2nd, Sailisbury Terrace, Wavertree, Mary, aged 50, wife of Joseph DUTTON.

FALCONER, Jan 8th, Fairview Seaforth, Anna Christina, only child of the late Archibald FALCONER of Trinidad, West Indies.

FARMER, Jan 9th, 12 St Domingo Vale, William Taylor, aged 11mths, son of John Harvey FARMER.

FOWLER, Jan 10th, 21 Marmaduke St, Maggie aged 41, wife of Donald FOWLER.

GRICE, Dec 30th, last, 91 High Park St, William, aged 27, 2nd son of Richard GRICE

GIBSON, Jan 5th, 89 Geraint St, Joseph GIBSON, aged 58, this town.

GORDON, Jan 10th, 13 Lorne Rd, Oxton, Sarah, wife of John GORDON.

HEYCOCK, Dec 30th, last, At Mane, Edwin HEYCOCK Esq, aged 73, formerly of Bombay.

HOPKINSON, Jan 9th, 78 Beaufort St, Isabella Mary, aged 82, relict of the late George HOPKINSON.

HICHELL, Dec 31st, last, 53 Stanley St, Tranmere, William HICHELL, aged 64.

HIDE, Jan 7th, 2 Kingston Terrace, Holt Rd, Tranmere. Mary Judith, aged 28, wife of Samuel HIDE.

HIGNETT, Jan 11th, 110 Copperas Hill, Joseph HIGNETT, aged 45.

HOLLIDAY, Jan 11th, 57 Derby Rd, Kirkdale, Hannah HOLLIDAY, aged 83.

HOPE, Jan 11th, Gateacre, James HOPE, aged 49, late of 145 London Rd, interment at Anfield.

HOUGH, Jan 6th, 10 Queensland St, Elise Jane, aged 34, wife of Thomas HOUGH.

HUDDLESTONE, Jan 9th, 19 Bentinck St, Birkenhead, William HUDDLESTONE.

HUDSON, Jan 7th, 44 St Albans, Capt A. C. HUDSON, this town, aged 49, late Master of the BEN NEVIS.

HAY, Jan 9th, 12 Langsdale St, William HAY, aged 69, son of the late John HAY, of Perth.

HAYWOOD, Jan 7th, The Lea, Newport, Salop, Charles HAYWOOD, Esq, aged 56.

HIBBERT, Jan 5th, Urmston Grange, Stretford, Manchester, Eliza Anne, aged 54.

HORNBLOWER, Jan 6th, 97 Camden St, Birkenhead, Elizabeth, aged 61, wife of the late William HORNBLOWER, late of Huddersfield.

HULME, Jan 11th, 68 Whitechapel, Anne, aged 77, wife of the late George HULME.

JONES, Jan 8th, Birkhouse, Huddersfield, Fredrick Robert JONES, aged 87.

LANCASTER, Jan 6th, 67 Chatham St, Elizabeth Jane, aged 29, 2nd dau of the late John LANCASTER, this town.

LEECH, Jan 7th, Grove House, Gateacre, Elizabeth, aged 54, relict of Samuel Edward LEECH, late of West Derby

LEES, Jan 3rd, 24 Joliffe St, Toxteth Park, Richard, aged 14mths, son of Richard LEES.

LEWIN, Jan 6th, 174 Alexandra Rd, St Johns, Wood, London, Kennedy B. H. LEWIN, aged 19, youngest son of D. Duncan LEWIN.

LLOYD, Jan 16th, At Bombay, Capt John LLOYD, aged 38, Grey Rock St, West Derby Rd.

LACE, Jan 8th, Christleton Old Hall, Chester, Theodosia Fanny, aged 42, wife of J. Verney L. LACE Esq.

MARSHALL, Jan 5th, 116 Copperas Hill, Maud Mary, aged 1yr 8mths, youngest dau of James MARSHALL.

MORGAN, Jan 8th, Sisters residence, Maria MORGAN, aged 40, late of Belgrave Hotel, Spencer St, 2nd dau of the late Benjamin MORGAN, Higher Bebington.

NIMMO, Jan 11th, 2 Horne St, West Derby Rd, Mary Ann, aged 46, wife of James NIMMO, Christchurch, Timaru N. Z, papers copy.

PATTERSON, Jan 11th, Townsend House, West Derby, Arthur James, aged 21, 3rd son of Alexander PATTERSON

PUNCHARD, Dec 22nd, last, Galveston Texas, Jane Maud, aged 4 yrs 3 mths, only child of Fredrick D. PUNCHARD, late this town.

RANDLES, Dec 13th, last, Mother-in-Laws, house, 66 Aquila, Havana, [Mrs LINDSAY] William RANDLES, aged 54, late of this town.

RHODES, Jan 10th, 39 St John St, Birkenhead, Jane, aged 75, relict of the late Robert RHODES, this town.

ROBERTS, Jan 8th, 4 Great Oxford St, George ROBERTS, aged 68, and Jan 9th, same address, William Walter Ernest, infant son of George ROBERTS Jnr and grandson of the above.

SEDDON, Jan 11th, Rice Lane, Walton, Henrietta Maria, infant daughter of Edward SEDDON.

SHERLOCK, Jan 10th, 16 Neptune St, Birkenhead, William SHERLOCK, aged 52.

SMITH, Jan 6th, 3 Fernhill St, Ada, aged 4 yrs, eldest dau of C. H. SMITH.

STUBBS, Jan 6th, Moss Cottage, Litherland, Henry, aged 14mths, youngest son of James STUBBS.

TWIST, Jan 10th, Spring Hill, Wavertree, Harry, youngest child of Thomas Kenyon TWIST.

WILSON, Jan 4th, At Brother-in-Laws residence, 59 Troughton St, James C. D. WILSON, aged 23, youngest son of the late John WILSON of Glasgow.

Liverpool Journal, 20th Jan 1877


ADKINS, Jan 13th, son’s residence, 70 Kirkdale Rd, Hannah, aged 77

BYRNE, Jan 16th, Son’s residence, 285 Upper Parliament St, Mary Wafer, relict of Myles BYRNE, formerly of Kilcorkey, County Wexford

BENT, Jan 8th, Sarah, dau of the late William COLEMAN, this town

BOLTON, Jan 11th, 63 Upper Warwick St, Alice, aged 48, wife of James

BURNS, Jan 15th, 13 Albion St, Richard

BELL, Jan 5th, Alderley Rectory, Cheshire, Mary, wife of Rev E. T. BELL, Rector of Alderley

BARRETT, Jan 5th, at Queenstown on board the barque RIBBLE, Capt J. A. BARRETT, aged 46, late of Stonehouse.

BROOKE, Jan 14th, at Pabo, nr Conway, Jane Emily, wife of Edward BROOKE. J.P, of Caen Wood Towers, Highgate and Pabo, nr Conway

BROOKE, Jan 14th, Belmont Hall, Cheshire, Eleanor Henrietta, inf dau of George F. BROOKE Esq, of Summerton, County Dublin

BELLYSE, Jan 11th, Audlem, Cheshire, Richard Baker BELLYSE, aged 67, M.R.C.S, England, L.S.A

BAILLIE, Jan 18th, 18 Admiral St, Sarah Agnes, aged 1yr 7mths, dau of Capt W.

BARTLEY, Jan 18th, Hope Villa, Michael Head Green, Sutton, Joseph, aged 58, friend and faithful servant of Messers RAWLINS and Son, Brook Works, Rainhill, for 45yrs, and for 37yrs, their confidential and trusted manager

BARTON, Jan 17th, 19 Hibbet St, Everton, Alice, wife of John, and only dau of William LOWE, this town.

BRADY, Jan 17th, 135 Field St, Everton, John Frederick, aged 34, Vocalist

BREITENSTEIN, Jan 15th, Amsterdam, Willie, aged 6yrs 7mths, son of William and Frances

BROWN, Jan 17th, 49 Dingle Rd, Tranmere, Margaret Ecking, aged 63, wife of William

CARSON, Jan 5th, 44 Medlock St, off Westminster Rd, Kirkdale, Florence, aged 7yrs 1mth, eldest dau of Peter CARSON

CRANE, Jan 12th, 33 Beresford St, Nicholas, aged 34

CHADWICK, Jan 18th, 18 Plumpton St, Everton, James, aged 41

DICK, Jan 14th, Prescot, Margaret Elder, aged 67, wife of Rev William DICK

DIXON, Jan 14th, 10 Winifred St, Edge Hill, William John, eldest son John Atkinson DIXON

EDWARDS, Jan 16th, 93 Wellington Rd, Dee Bank, Corwen, Margaret, aged 58, wife of Robert

FAIRS, Jan 10th, 171 Bridge St, Birkenhead, John Snr, aged 59

FAIRCLOUGH, Jan 10th, Oddfellows’s cottage, Poulton-le-Fylde, Thomas, aged 77

GLOVER, Jan 16th, 45 Crompton St, Everton, Jessie Catherine, aged 16, dau of John

GREGORY, Jan 17th, daughters residence, Mrs JACKSON, 42 Rupert Lane, Everton, Mary, aged 91, relict of the late Thomas

HICKEY, Jan 12th, 6 Colquitt St, Thomas, aged 74

JONES, Oct 25th, washed overboard from the ship CASSIOPE, while on a voyage from Liverpool to Melbourne, David, aged 20, 2nd son of Hugh JONES, late of Heyworth St, Everton

IRWIN, Jan 9th, Floraville, Whitehaven, Mary, aged 77, relict of the late Capt John IRWIN

JONES, Dec 30th last, Mona View Conway, John, aged 44, son of the late Hugh JONES of Holyhead

JOHNSON, Jan 13th, 97 Hamilton St, Birkenhead, Samuel, aged 62, late of Ness Cheshire

JOYCE, Jan 14th, 5 Canning St, Arthur John, aged 34, only son of the late Capt A. W. JOYCE. H.M, 3rd Buffs

KELLY, Jan 14th, 22 Priory Grove, Everton, John, aged 1yr 6mths, youngest son of John KELLY

KENNEDY, Jan 17th, 9 Albion St, Everton, David, aged 74, elder son of the late William

LANGFIELD, Jan 6th, W. H. aged 36, late of 6 Tweed St

LEIGHTON, Jan 14th, 35 High Park St, Andrew, aged 61

LEYLAND, Jan 17th, 137 Falkner St, Anne Jane, aged 68, widow of the late John, this town

MEREDITH, Jan 15th, Oaklawn, Hamlet Rd, Upper Norwood, London, Henry Warter, Lieut Denbigh and Merioneth, Militia, only son of Lieut Col MEREDITH, late 45th Regt

NORRIS, Jan 13th, Ashton House, Green Lane, Eleanor, aged 37, wife of George

PARLE, Jan 14th, Mill St, Stephen, aged 66

PETHERICK, Jan 12th, Gorran’s Haven, Cornwall, Katherine Harriettte, aged 49, elder dau of the late Capt EDLMAN, Royal Scots Greys, and wife of John PETHERICK, late Britannic Majesty’s Consul Kartoum

PETER, Jan 17th, Bala, North Wales, Rev Prof John PETER. F.G.S, Tutor of Bala Congregational College

PIGOT, Jan 15th, 45 Talbot St, Southport, James Creswell, aged 53

QUICK, Jan 10th, this town, Miss Martha, aged 80

RAMSAY, Jan 12th, Walton Park, Arthur Wellesley Ewing, aged 26, son of the late James RAMSAY, Swarbrick Hall, Fylde

RADCLIFFE, Jan 11th, 18 Venmore St, Wilfred Stanley, aged 4yrs 5mths, 2nd son of William

REYNOLDS, Jan 15th, Robert, aged 68, late of the Free Public Museum

SCOTT, Jan 13th, Draycott House, Derbyshire, Cicely Violet, only surviving dau of William Hugh SCOTT

SLACK, Jan 13th, Rangoon, Capt John SLACK, aged 29, of the ship MINDORA, only son of Mrs SLACK, 73 Falkner St, Liverpool

SNODGRASS, Jan 15th, 43 Everton Rd, Sarah Elizabeth, infant dau of Robert SNODGRASS

SOWERBY, Jan 18th, 4 Abbey Rd, Anfield, Joseph Bowers, late H. M. Customs

SPEED, Jan 16th, Briarley, Aigburth, Joseph, the faithful and trusted Butler, for 42yrs of John A. TINNE Esq, Briarley Aigburth

STALEY, Jan 15th, Halsall Lane, Ormskirk, Harriet, wife of A

STONE, Jan 14th, Knighton, nr Leicester, Maria, wife of Samuel Francis, 4th dau of the late Charles GILLHAM, this town

STUBBS, Jan 13th, 189 Canning St, John, aged 72

SWINNERTON, Dec 28th, last, Alexandria, Waterworks, Egypt, Margaret Ann, aged 2mths, dau of John

THOMAS, Jan 13th, The Priory, Dial Rd, Higher Tranmere, Humphrey, aged 70

TRABUCO, Jan 11th, John, aged 83, this town

TRUMAN, Jan 13th, 24 Enid St, Toxteth Park, Alice, aged 30, wife of George

WARD, Jan 17th, dau residence, Mrs BRIGHT, Oakfield Terrace, Gateacre, Elizabeth, aged 86, widow of Joseph WARD Esq of this town and Demerara

WHITEHEAD, Jan 11th, 23 Roderick St, Thomas Reeves, aged 64

WILKINSON, Jan 15th, Elizabeth,, wife of Thomas Blyth WILKINSON, Team owner and dau of the late Charles KERSHAW, Interred Anfield Cemetery, 19th inst.

WILLIS, Jan 13th, Greenford Rectory Middlesex, Jane, aged 86, widow of Richard WILLIS Esq, late of Rock Ferry

WILLIS, Jan 15th, Plas Bellin, Northop, Flintshire, Bella, wife of Lieut Col WILLIS, Royal Flintshire Militia

WILSON, Jan 13th, at sea on board the barque VANGUARD, aged 6mths, Robert son of Capt R. S. WILSON

WILSON, Jan 17th, the Lamb Hotel, Wavertree, Mary Ann, aged 88, relict of the late John WILSON

WOODSTOCK, Jan 16th, John, aged 67, of Rock Ferry

YOUNG, Jan 12th, Bradford, Yorks, William, aged 63, formerly of London

Liverpool Journal, 27th Jan 1877


BAYES, 23 Marmaduke St, Edge Hill, John, aged 40

BURROWS, 20 Heath St, William, aged 65, late of Whitchurch, Shropshire

DAVIES, Jan 24th, 294 Park Rd, Sarah Knox wife of Robert, dau of the late James THOMPSON this town

HART, Jan 25th, 146 Walton Rd, Solomon, aged 58

HILL, Jan 21st, 36 Heyworth St, Moss Side, Charles Frederick, eldest son of William HILL Esq, Laurel Bank, Alexandra Pk, Manchester, of heart disease.

LOMAX, Jan 26th, 6 Overton St, Edge Hill, Emily Mary Frances, youngest child of John Jnr

MARTIN, Jan 22nd, Gateacre, SARAH, Maria, aged 10mths

ONEILL, Jan 25th, 2 Wilkin St, Kirkdale, George, aged 23, 4th son of Henry

POTTS, Jan 24th, mother’s residence, 56 Hyde Park Rd, Leeds, Hannah, youngest dau of Samuel this town, interment at Anfield on Monday next, 29th inst

SQUAREY, Jan 23rd, brother-in-law’s residence, Horace Jeaffreson, Deputy Commissary, West Hill, Wandsworth Sq, London, Robert, aged 35

WALKER, Jan 24th, of Hull, Gertrude, aged 14, dau of the late E. P. WALKER

WILLIAMS, Jan 25th, sons residence, 66 Sefton Terrace, Princes Rd, Rebecca, relict of the late S. B. WILLIAMS


Liverpool Mercury, July 28th 1877


CARTWRIGHT, July 26th, Mary aged 35, wife of William, late of the Greyhound Inn, Speke

CHRISTIAN, July 25th, son in laws residence, Capt William SMITH, 17 Nile St, Hannah aged 79, widow of George CHRISTIAN of this town

DITCHFIELD, June 17th, Quittah, West coast of Africa, Julia Emily, aged 21, wife of Edmund Augustus, late of Rock Ferry and only daughter of Nathaniel NATHAN Esq, of Dover and British Sherbro [see births]

DITCHFIELD, June 27th, Quittah, West coast of Africa, Julia Emily, aged 11days, only daughter of Edmund Augustus, late of Rock Ferry [see births]

DOSSOR, July 23rd, 238 Park Rd, John Francis, aged 3mths son of William

ELLISON, July 26th, Park Rd, Matilda wife of Thomas

GILMORE, July 23rd, 96 Westbourne St, Mary wife of Capt GILMORE

GREIG, June 26th, Clyndir, Gareloch, Herbert Lee aged 7, July 25th, George Alexander aged 8, sons of J. R. GREIG, Claremont, Langside, Glasgow

HOLDEN, July 15th, 39 Pall Mall, Robert aged 38

HOWARTH, July 2?, Holly Bank, Leigh, Mary aged 36, daughter of the late Martha and William HOWARTH of Runcorn

HUSON, July 24th, 12 Speke St, Wavertree Rd, Elizabeth S, daughter of the late William HUSON, West Derby.

JONES, July 18th Southport, Sarah Ann wife of John JONES, 43 North Hill St.

LAWS, July 24th, Queen St, Runcorn, James aged 53

LEWIN, July 26th, Balliargey, Onchan, I.O.M, Robert J. aged 77.

ROBERTS, July 15th, Wavertree, Henry aged 69, and on July 17th, Martha aged 70 his wife.

SHAW, July 26th, 76 Bostock St, James aged 50

SMITH, July 26th, son in laws residence, Capt FINCHAM, Rock Ferry, Mary aged 90, in her 36th year of widowhood, mother of Capt Robert SMITH of Birkenhead

SPEAKMAN, July 26th, 4 Portwood St, Thomas Venables late of Frodsham

TOTHILL, July 27th, Widnes, Robert Thompson, aged 43

YATE, July 25th, Dover, Rev William YATES, Minister of St John’s Mariner’s Church and founder of the Dover Sailor’s Home.

Liverpool Mercury, Nov 7th 1877


ARCHER, Nov 6th, 100 Queensland St, James Percy aged 15mths, youngest son of Mr J. W.

BAMFORD, Nov 6th, Eliza, aged 66, wife of Mr Thomas Beckett BAMFORD this town

EVANS, Oct 31st, 1 Grosvenor Terrace, Hoylake, Sarah aged 11yrs, Nov 3rd, Evan aged 4yrs and Nov 4th, Ellen aged 7mths, children of Edward EVANS.

HUGHES, Nov 6th, Winnington Terrace, Hoylake, Arthur Llewellyn, aged 3, youngest son of William HUGHES

HUGHES, Oct 28th, 24 Gwydir St, Princes Park, David Charles, aged 9, 4th son of Vincent HUGHES.

JONES, Nov 4th, Bulkeley Square, Menai Bridge, Lewis JONES, aged 36, surgeon and physician, medical officer to Bangor and Beaumaris Union and the Bangor Normal College.

MOSS, Nov 4th, Halewood, Edward, aged 59

NEWALL, Nov 6th, Ellen Frances, aged 39, wife of Joseph, Imperial Hotel Tranmere

PORTER, Nov 5th, 11 Mola St, Thomas, aged 40 son of the late Thomas PORTER of Epworth St.

QUINN, Nov 6th, 113 Derby Rd, Bootle, Patrick, aged 78, interment Ford cemetery tomorrow.

SCOTT, Oct 28th, at his residence 45 Liffey St, Windsor, Robert S. aged 68.

STRUTHERS, Nov 2nd, at he residence, Falkner House, Clwyd St, Rhyl, James Osborne last surviving son of the late J. STRUTHERS Esq of this town

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