Deaths 1875

Liverpool Mercury Feb 5th, 1875


CROMPTON, Feb 3rd, 37 Rimrose Rd, Bootle, John Parker, aged 17, 3rd son of Robert

DARK, Feb 4th, Talbot Hotel, Vernon St, Edward Wellington, aged 16mths, only son of Edward S.

EDWARDS, Jan 28th, 72 Rose Place, Miss Mary, aged 85, late of Parkgate

GAWTHROP, Dec 12th, William, chief officer of the steamship, MONGOL, wrecked near Hong Kong.

GODFREY, Feb 1st, 9 Windsor Place, Cardiff, Maria Johanna wife of W. H. E. GODFREY Esq of H.M. Customs, Cardiff

GRIERSON, Jan 8th, Oxford, Thomas Snell, aged 44, only son of the late Thomas GRIERSON this town

JACKSON, Jan 8th, accidentally drowned at, New Orleans, John aged 39, late of Toxteth Park, Liverpool

KING, Feb 2nd, 69 Sackville St, Everton, Miles aged 49

LINDSAY, Feb 2nd, 125 Stanhope St, Samuel, aged 68, formerly of Belfast

MCWATTLE, Feb 3rd, 61 Lord St, Birkenhead, James aged 68.

MAKINSON, Jan 28th, Grange Lane, Gateacre, Elizabeth aged 73, wife of Thomas

PARKES, Feb 1st, cousins residence Kirkdale, Mary aged 61, wife of Joseph, 75 St Anne St.

PARKIN, Feb 4th, George Frederick, aged 9mths, son of George.

PARRY, Feb 3rd, 45 Premier St, Lizzie Spencer aged 7, only daughter of William PARRY, Pilot this port.

SAUNDERS, Feb 3rd, Eliza wife of Daniel, manager of the New Star Music Hall

SEDDEN, Jan 4th, son-in-laws residence, 7 Roe St, Robert aged 63.

WRIGHT, Jan 2nd, Flixton House, Margaret Amelia aged 53, wife of William Wright Worthington WRIGHT


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 17th, 1875


ABRAM, Feb 12th, Sefton, Mrs ABRAM aged 89, relict of Mr ABRAM of Thornton.

BARCLAY, Feb 15th, 86 Flinders St, Kirkdale, Elizabeth aged 78.

CLARKE, Feb 9th, Kerridge nr Macclesfield, Fanny the wife of Rev William CLARKE, late of Little Sutton, Cheshire.

CRICK, Feb 13th, 6 Back Bedford St, North, John aged 42.

ECCLES, Feb 15th, Wynnstay Cottage, 100 Seaview Rd, Bootle Mount, Bootle, John Mackereth ECCLES, aged 52, for 31yrs surveyor to the Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Company, youngest and only surviving son of the late Thomas ECCLES Esq, tanner and morocco and spanish leather manufacturer, Eccles St, Vauxhall Rd, Liverpool and Lakefield House, Sawrey, Westmoreland.

EDGE, Feb 9th, 42 Fairview, Park Rd, George aged 73.

ELLIS, Feb 14th, Peter ELLIS, Pool St, Carnarvon.

HERD, Feb 14th, 5 Adelaide Terrace, Waterloo, Lilly Frances, aged 12mths, daughter of John HERD Jnr.

HUGHES, Feb 18th, Rothesay House, Pittville, Cheltenham, David HUGHES Esq, M.D, aged 62, late of Carlton Lodge, Rainhill, and formerly of Llangollen and Denbigh.

HUGHES, Feb 12th, 62 Hunter St, Mary aged 54, wife of Richard HUGHES.

JONES, Feb 15th, at the residence of Capt TOWLE, 6 Upper Hill St, Thomas JONES aged 67, for many years foreman to Messers Evans, Brunswick Dock.

KAY, Feb 11th, Colwyn, North Wales, Eddie, aged 15, son of James F. KAY of Tranmere, Cheshire.

LEE, Feb 11th, Park House, Flixton, Miss Ann Wright LEE, aged 86.

MACKINLAY, Feb 15th, 39 Holland Park, London, Caroline Matilda, aged 53, relict of Edmund MACKINLAY Esq.

MANDERS, Feb 15th, son-in-laws residence, Laurel House, Fairfield, Ann aged 72, relict of Thomas MANDERS.

NICHOLSON, Feb 16th, suddenly, 10 Anson St, Liverpool, John aged 66.

NICOL, Feb 3rd, Georgina aged 11, also Feb 16th, Thomas Halewood aged 5, children of John NICOL, Clarence Pierhead, master.

PARRY, Feb 12th, 53 Rathbone St, John Charles aged 13mths, son of Joseph PARRY

PARRY, Feb 11th, 43 Melbourne St, Everton, William Richard, aged 12mths, son of William PARRY.

TALFOURD, Feb 12th, St Peters Rd, Margate, Rachael aged 83, widow of Sir Thomas Noon TALFOURD, D.C.L.

WEATHERILL, Dec 16th, Colac, Australia, Gerard Hornby, aged 53, son of the late Samuel WEATHERILL sen, watch manufacturer this town.

WOODWARD, Feb 12th, 9 Beaumont St, Kate Clarke, aged 23, daughter of Thomas WOODWARD.

YOXON, Feb 14th, son's residence, 97 Brownlow Hill, Ann YOXON, aged 60


Liverpool Mercury, Oct 1st, 1875


BENNETT, Sept 25th, the Wilderness, Bracondale, Norwich, John Hughes BENNET. M.D, late professor of the Institutes of Medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

BILLINGE, Sept 27th, John Green BILLINGE, aged 79, printer of this town.

CAMERON, Sept 29th, Starrbank, Cupar, Fife, John R. CAMERON, formerly of Liverpool.

CORRIS, Sept 27th, Douglas, I.O.M, Thomas CORRIS, coal merchant.

DOUGHERTY, Sept 28th, 44 St George's Hill, Everton, Matthew DOUGHERTY, aged 69.

GORDON, Sept 24th, Annahilt, Lisburn, County Down, the Rev John F. GORDON, rector of Annahilt.

HARRINGTON, Sept 25th, Imperial Hotel, Douglas, I.O.M, J. Miller HARRINGTON, aged 37, barrister-at-law, Carlisle.

KELLY, Sept 29th, Egerton Terrace, Douglas, I.O.M, John James KELLY, aged 22, painter.

KERR, Sept 28th, Stockport, John KERR, Manager of the Ramsey Branch of Dumbell's Banking Company, I.O.M.

LINN, Sept 30th, 121 Upper Parliament St, Margaret, aged 74, widow of John LINN Esq.

OKELL, Sept 29th, Frances Margaret, aged 19, eldest daughter of William OKELL Esq, Falcon Brewery, Douglas, I.O.M.

OWEN, Sept 30th, 22 Cochrane St, Everton, Hugh OWEN, aged 63.

PLATTS, Sept 28th, Horatio St, Birkenhead, Emily aged 28, wife of George PLATTS Jnr, plumber.

TAYLOR, Sept 30th, 26 Greta St, Toxteth Park, Herbert aged 17mths, son of Edward TAYLOR, blockmaker.

WALKER, Sept 28th, Joseph WALKER, aged 70, surgeon, Burslem.

WENT, Sept 27th, Bradford, James Francis, aged 4mths, son of Rev James WENT, 2nd master of the Grammar School.

WILLSON, Sept 30th, 53 Vine St, Mary aged 78, relict of William WILLSON, master mariner of Dover [Dover papers copy]

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