Deaths 1874

Liverpool Mercury Jan 16th, 1874


BERRILL, Jan 9th, 11 Hadassah Grove, Lark Lane, Sarah, aged 65, wife of Thomas BERRILL

BROWN, Jan 9th, 28 Leicester Rd, Loughborough, Mrs Elizabeth BROWN , aged 68, late of Liverpool, formerly of Nottingham

BUTLER, Jan 11th, Margaret, aged 18, daughter of Joseph and Catherine BUTLER

DAKIN, Jan 15th, 27 Ridley St, Birkenhead, Arthur Biddulph, aged 4, only son of Arthur DAKIN

ELLIS, Jan 13th, 18 Stanley St, Fairfield, Maria, aged 17, eldest daughter of Thomas ELLIS

FREEMAN, Jan 14th, Elizabeth D, aged 66, wife of Capt Thomas F. FREEMAN, Apsley Villa, Merston Rd, Bootle

GREENWOOD, Jan 8th, 7 Greek St, Catherine, aged 52, wife of Joshua Thomas GREENWOOD

HUTCHINS, Jan 11th, 74 Margaret St, Everton, Charles Edward, aged 18.

JONES,, Jan 14th, 39 Netherfield Rd, North, Alfred James, aged 3, 4th son of William JONES

KAVANAGH, Jan 14th, John, aged 45, of 5 Carpenter's Row

LLOYD, Jan 13th, Heath Bank, Liverpool, Robert I, aged 57

MOLYNEUX, Jan 14th, Stanley Corn Mill, Westminster Rd, Henry aged 30, eldest son of Benjamin MOLYNEUX

MOON, Jan 4th, 65 Starfield Rd, the wife of Thomas G. MOON, aged 26, only daughter of James MUSKER

NICHOLL, Jan 12th, Jane Harriot, aged 77, widow of the Right Hon John NICHOLL, Merthyr-Maur, Glamorganshire

PRIDE, Jan 14th, Aughton, Mary aged 76, relict of Samuel PRIDE, coach proprietor of Preston

STRINGER, Jan 12th, 301 Beaufort St, William, aged 14, son of William STRINGER

WATERFALL, Jan 11th, 32 Kilshaw St, Seymour, aged 70

WEBSTER, Jan 10th, Pen-y-Nant, Ruabon, North Wales, Dorothea Lynn, wife of Robert Charles WEBSTER, Esq.

WILLIAMSON, Jan 10th, Liverpool, Ellen Pershouse, aged 69, relict of Charles WILLIAMSON Esq, formerly of Manchester

WILSON, Jan 13th, 35 West Derby St, Paul WILSON, aged 64.


Liverpool Mercury Jan 27th, 1874


ATKINSON, Jan 26th, Orwell House, Kirkdale, James aged 35, horse slaughterer, North Dingle, Kirkdale

BADDELEY, Jan 24th, 6 Adelaide Square, Bedford, Miss Martha, aged 36

BOSTOCK, Jan 25th, brother-in-law's residence, 4 Bold Place, William aged 45, son of the late Samuel BOSTOCK, this town

CALLON, Jan 26th, 129 Islington, William John aged 8mths, son of Dr W. J. CALLON

EVERY, Jan 25th, 11 Colville Square, Bayswater, London, Kate aged 48, wife of William EVERY, late this town

HALIDAY, Jan 25th, Belgrove Villas, Welling Kent, Hugh aged 49, barrister at law, formerly of Belfast

HANCOCK, Jan 25th, Pensby Cheshire, Edward aged 67

HAYDOCK, Jan 24th, 60 Lance St, John aged 41

HUGHES, Jan 14th, 7 Reservoir St, Richard Goodman aged 48

HUNT, Jan 21st, 60 Mill St, Dominick, late of 9 and 10 High St, Sligo, Ireland

KELLY, Jan 25th, Crown Hotel, Lime St, James aged 47

LANGLEY, Jan 25th, Wilaston Cheshire, William LANGLEY aged 84

LEACH, Jan 25th, 22 Crosfield Rd, John aged 57, late of Sandiway Lodge, Cheshire

LEES, Jan 23rd, Alice Isabel, aged 28, beloved daughter of John Nield LEES, Springfield, Aughton Moss, Ormskirk

LEES, Jan 22nd, Sidlow Rectory, Surrey, Catherine, aged 83, wife of the late Joseph LEES Esq, Clarkfield, Lancashire

LINDOP, Jan 23rd, 60 Goldsmith St, Percy William Christopher aged 3, 3rd son of John Rowe LINDOP

LINGEN, Jan 22nd, Peulanole nr Rhayader, Henry LINGEN Esq, aged 72, of the Middle Temple, J.P, and Deputy Lieutenant for the county of Radnor

LOUDOUN, Countess of, Jan 23rd, at Ventnor, her ladyship married in 1853, Charles Frederick CLIFTON, 3rd son of the late Thomas CLIFTON of Clifton and Lytham, who with her ladyship assumed the names of Abney-Hastings on succeeding to the estates of the late Sir C. ABNEY-HASTINGS, of Willesley Hall, county Leicester. By this gentleman who survives her the Countess leaves six children, the eldest of whom, Charles Edward HASTINGS, Lord Mauchline, succeeds as 11th Earl of Loudoun.

M'AULAY, Jan 24th, 154 Windsor St, Elizabeth widow of John M'AULAY

SNAPE, Jan 26th, 73 Rodney St, Mabel Irma aged 3mths, daughter of George SNAPE

TEECE, Jan 22nd, 34 Hamilton St, Birkenhead, Susannah TEECE, aged 32

THORNTON, Jan 25th, 40 Everton Valley, Elizabeth aged 68, relict of William THORNTON, this town


Liverpool Mercury Dec 23rd, 1874


BALL, Dec 20th, son in laws residence, Mr Robert CLARKSON, 27 Derby Rd, Southport, Alice, aged 85, relict of Gilbert BALL

CAMPBELL, Dec 21st, at Dromore Lodge, Warrenpoint, Jane aged 68, relict of Hugh CAMPBELL

CROSS, Dec 21st, at Athy, County Kildare, Marianne, aged 68 widow of Mark CROSS Esq and mother of the Rev Prebendary CROSS, vicar of St Andres Southport.

DRUMGOOLE, Dec 15th, 15 Rupert Rd, London, Frederick, late of Liverpool

EDWARDS, Dec 14th, London, General Peter EDWARDS, aged 84, formerly on the staff of General the Right Hon Sir Thomas MAITLAND. K.B.

GALE, 6. Shakespeare St, Everton, John William, aged 24, son of John

GOLLIN, Dec 21st, 75 Upper Parliament St, Marcus, aged 18, son of B. GOLLIN

GRAHAM, Dec 19th, 69 Dombey St, Jane aged 56, wife of Arthur

HOLT, Dec 21st, 7 Upper Parliament St, Robert, aged 41, of the Old Porter Butt, Sir Thomasís Buildings

HUDSON, Dec 22nd, George Fredrick, infant son of John HUDSON, this town

JONES, Dec 22nd, 307 Breck Rd, George, aged 3, youngest child of Henry R. JONES

MC CALLUM, Aug 30th, Patea province of Taranaki, Janet Scott Moffat, wife of Rev Neil MC CALLUM

MERRY, Dec 19th, 1 Rehoboth Place, South Circular Rd, Dublin, Lavinia Laura Amanda, wife of George Ellis MERRY.

NEWBURN, Dec 20th, Apsley Cottage, Oxton, Hannah, aged 68, widow of John

SEACOME, Dec 18th, 47 Moville St, George, aged 36 of H. M. Customs, and son-in-law of the late Samuel KINLEY, Douglas, I.O.M.

SPRAGG, Dec 21st, 7 Manfred St, Robert Henry aged 4, youngest son of James SPRAGG

WILSON, Dec 21st, 8 Paulton St, Elizabeth aged 37, wife of George WILSON and eldest daughter of the late Capt Joseph SUITER of Maryport, Cumberland

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