Deaths 1869

Liverpool Mercury, Mar 22nd 1869


ASPINALL, March 18th, 32 Scarfield St, Edge Hill, John, aged 24

BROMLEY, March 17th, 13 Morpeth St, John aged 7mths, infant son of Henry.

GIBSON, March 18th, Oak Bank Roby, Edith Margaret M, aged 8mths, daughter of Capt John GIBSON

GRENFELL, March 20th, at his residence, Princes Park, aged 68, John Pascoe GRENFELL, Grand Cross of St Bonto a’Avis, Grand Cross of the Imperial Order of the Rose, dignity of the Order of the Southern Cross, Admiral of the National and Imperial Navy, and Consul General of Brazil in Great Britain and Ireland.

OWEN, March 19th, 6 Prospect Vale, Fairfield, Edith Margaret, aged 6, second daughter W. T. OWEN

PEMBERTON, March 11th, suddenly on board the ship ELLEN LAMB, in the Salthouse Dock, John Johnson, aged 25, eldest son of Mr John PEMBERTON, Mill Lane, Liscard

PIGOTT, March 13th, aged 31, Philip, joiner of Hulme, Manchester

SCOTT, March 18th, The Poplars, Quarry Bank, Tranmere, Mabel Martha, infant daughter of Maxwell SCOTT

WATSON, March 16th, at his residence in Aberdeen, aged 47, from disease of the heart, Dr James P. WATSON. When the steamship Great Eastern was about to sail on her first voyage Dr WATSON received the appointment of senior surgeon on board that vessel a position he held for some time, and in which he gained the friendship and confidence of the officers and crew. Dr WATSON was in the boat with Capt HARRISON the commander of the Great Eastern when the sad accident occurred which resulted in the death of that gentleman. Dr WATSON was a man of great self-possession, professional, devotedness intelligence and a personal courage, and the heroic exertions he made at the time of the disaster to save the life of his gallant commander and the lives of others in jeopardy at the imminent risk of his own formed a theme of universal praise at the time. About nine years ago Dr WATSON settled in Aberdeen as a medical practitioner where he not only gave his professional services freely amongst the poor but in many cases where nourishing food was as much required as medicine he generously supplied from his own means what was needed.

WOORE, March 19th, at the residence of his brother, 143 Richmond Row, John, aged 67.


Liverpool Mercury, April 24th, 1869


ARROWSMITH, 22 Highpark St, John, aged 70, eldest son of Joseph ARROWSMITH, Whitby, Cheshire

ASHWORTH, Apr 21st, Kinglake St, Edge Hill, George Esq, aged 78

ATKIN, Apr 23rd, Woolton, Frederick William, only son of William ATKIN, of 33 Hanover St

COTTRELL, Apr 23rd, 27 Norwood Grove, George Henry, aged 2, 5th son of Samuel A. COTTRELL

CROWTHER, Apr 22nd, Wavertree, Robert Livingston, aged 6, eldest child and only son of Joseph CROWTHER

FOX, Apr 22nd, 11 Young St, Kensington, London, Eliza, aged 77, widow of W. J. FOX, formerly M.P for Oldham

HOLMES, Apr 20th, John, aged 16, 2nd son of the late John HOLMES, stonemason, Wavertree.

HORNBY, Apr 23rd, at the residence of Mr William HUGHES, 5 Plan St, John aged 82, late of St Pauls Square

HUGHES, Apr 18th, Plas Chambres, infant son of Henry HUGHES [see births]

HUGHES, Apr 10th, Kelsall nr Chester, Thomas aged 69, late of this town

JONES, Apr 18th, Rownall, nr Chirbury, Salop, Elizabeth aged 49, widow of John

JONES, Apr 3rd, accidentally killed on board the screw steamer City of New York, at New York, Thomas, aged 35 of this town

JONES, Apr 21st, 38 Spring Place, Christian St, William aged 16, son of Edward

JUMP, Apr 23rd, 29 Oxford St, Ann aged 81

KELLY, Apr 20th, mother’s residence, 32 Greek St, Joseph aged 24

LINSLEY, March 28th, 29 Grange Rd, Birkenhead, George William aged 10, youngest son of John Atha LINSLEY, also Apr 16th, Mary Elizabeth Frances, aged 8, eldest daughter of John Atha LINSLEY

PETERSON, Apr 18th, 20 Blackstone St, Barbara Caroline aged 18 days, only child of J. R. PETERSON

PHILLIPS, Apr 22nd, Bay Mount, Breeze Hill, Mary aged 68, relict of Thomas PHILLIPS Esq of Manchester

RAWLINSON, Apr 18th, Bridgewater St, Runcorn, James aged 37

ROBERTSON, Apr 20th, 27 Fountain Rd, Kirkdale, Agnes aged 23, 3rd daughter of James ROBERTSON, engineer

SMITH, Apr 21st, 89 Windsor St, Mary aged 45, wife of James, car proprietor

TODHUNTER, Apr 15th, Hesketh St, John aged 83, son of the late Lancelot TODHUNTER of Jericho, nr Whitehaven

WALKER, Apr 19th, Anson Terrace, Anson St, Joseph, aged 40


Liverpool Mercury, May 4th, 1869


BARROW, April 30th, Albert Villa, Huyton, Jane aged 70, relict of Francis BARROW of Kendal

BRETTEN, May 1st, 102 Upper Beau St, Everton, the infant daughter of Thomas Edgar BRETTEN [see births above]

FARRELLY, May 3rd, Jabez aged 39, 3rd son of the late Thomas FARRELLY, this town

FISHER, April 28th, 148 Conway St, Birkenhead, Joseph, aged 2 days son of Mr J. Y. FISHER

IRVING, Feb 22nd, lost overboard from the ship Cholula, Montague Calibeck, aged 23, 2nd son of Peter D. IRVING, Grange Vale, Birkenhead

JONES, April 29th, Ernest Edwin, aged 10 mths son of Edwin JONES Esq, M.D, Grange Villa, Rhyl

MURROW, April 29th, 65 Rock View, Beloe St, Southhill Rd, Henry Moore MURROW, 3rd son of the late Thomas MURROW, attorney of this town

PRESTON, April 30th, 28 Juno St, Wavertree Rd, John PRESTON, aged 48

PRITCHARD, May 3rd, 16 Bute St, Elizabeth aged 43, wife of William PRITCHARD and daughter of the late Captain PARRY, Bagillt

SMITH, April 30th, Sarah P, aged 20, 2nd daughter of the late Edward SMITH, of this town

TINKLER, April 30th, Brighton-le-Sands, James TINKLER aged 43

TITHERINGTON, May 3rd, 83 Canning St, Thomas Ackers TITHERINGTON, aged 57.


Liverpool Mercury, May 8th 1869


ATKINSON, May 6th, 31 Union St, William Charles, Parker, aged 11mths, only surviving child of William ATKINSON

CANNELL, Charlestown, I.O.M, William, aged 49, shoemaker, late of 13 Beloe St, Toxteth Park.

CAULDWELL, April 24th , Brownlow Hill, James, aged 57, clogger

DAVIES, May 6th, 140 Windsor St, John aged 69

DAWSON, April 27th, at his residence Waterloo House, Kendal, Westmoreland, Edward, aged 59.

ECHMAN, May 5th, Pilch Lane, Roby, Florence infant daughter of J. F.

FINLAY, May 2nd, 2 Tynemouth St, Mary aged 51 wife of Samuel FINLAY, Exchange Rooms.

FITZSIMON, April 30th, 18 Botanic St, Edge Hill, Rose Ann, aged 65, wife of James

HALSALL, May 4th, Rose Vale, William, aged 73

HEPPLE, May 2nd, 126 Breck Rd, Mary Ann aged 32, wife of Edmund

KELLY April 17th, Cronk Chule, Laxey, I.O.M, John, aged 76, farmer

MASON, May 4th, 50 Upper Hill St, James aged 26, son of Mrs MASON.

NEWLAND, April 30th, 62 Gregson St, James William, late of the Prince of Wales Theatre Liverpool, [Dublin papers copy]

OKLESHAW, May 4th, 23 Fairview Place, Toxteth Park, Thomas aged 1yr, youngest son of Thomas

PARLEY, May 5th, Elizabeth Gertrude, aged 59, wife of Thomas, this town

SIMPSON, May 4th, residence of brother-in-law, 21 Glover St, Oxton, Birkenhead, Isabella, aged 67, late of Urswick nr Ulverston

STALKER, May 6th, Wrexham, James, late manager of the North and South Wales Bank, in that town.

STREET, May 5th, at his residence, 42 Caird St, Joseph, aged 62

TAYLOR, April, 30th, Ashby-de-la-Laund, Lincolnshire, the wife of William TAYLOR, 51 Beaufort St, Toxteth Park

TWEEDIE, May 6th, Hoylake, Jemima Lindsay, aged 19 days, daughter of James.


Liverpool Mercury, July 6th 1869


ALDIS, July 5th, 162 Mount Pleasant, John ALDIS, aged 49

DEVINE, June 27th, Derryhaw House, county Armagh, Ireland, Mary Elizabeth 2nd daughter of James DEVINE Esq, formerly of this town

DRYDEN, June 30th, Miss Isabella DRYDEN, late of this town

EDWARDS, June 27th, Martha aged 6, 6th daughter also July 2nd, James Isaac, aged 3, only son, children of Robert EDWARDS of Everton

EVANS, July 2nd, at father's residence, J. ROBERTS, Llanfechan, Montgomeryshire, Margaret Ellen, aged 27, wife of William EVANS, this town

FOTHERGILL, July 4th, 10 Chesnut St, Ann Jane, niece of J. FOTHERGILL

HARDY, June 30th, Fall Lane, Prescot, Rev Alfred HARDY, aged 76, Unitarian minister

JONES, July 1st, Pantglas, Carmarthenshire, David JONES, aged 50, late M.P, for the county

LEACK, July 2nd, 111 Crown St, Frederick William, aged 20, only son of the late Richard LEACK, physician

LYTHGOE, July 5th, Barnston, Cheshire, Jane aged 30, wife of Captain J. C. LYTHGOE

MOSSOP, July 4th, 37 Arnold St, Prince's Rd, Mary Ellen, aged 42, wife of Clement MOSSOP

PARR, May 25th, at New York, James Hazelwood PARR, aged 82, only son of the late James PARR Esq of Mont le Grand, Heavitree, Exeter and Claughton, Birkenhead

PATON, July 2nd, 52 Highpark St, Robert, aged 9mths, youngest son of George PATON

SUTHERLAND, July 1st, 73 Oliver St, Windsor, James Callan, aged 12mths, infant son of J. C. SUTHERLAND

WILLIAMS, June 25th, Allt Goch, Pwllheli, North Wales, John infant son of Captain William WILLIAMS

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