Deaths 1868

Liverpool Mercury Jan 1st, 1868


ACKERLEY, Dec 30th, 117 Shaw St, Letty Dale, infant daughter of Benjamin Esq

APPLEBY, Dec 16th, 18 Beloe St, Mary aged 80, widow of William, this town

ARCHDEACON, Dec 30th, suddenly from disease of the heart, aged 57, John Esq

BELL, Church St, Birkenhead, William Edward, aged 4, only son of the late C. T. M. BELL of London and stepson of the late John TAYLOR Esq of Bonny, West Coast of Africa

BINGHAM, Dec 29th, 100 Upper Parliament St, John infant son of John Esq

EAST, Dec 30th, 70 Copperas Hill, John aged 69

FISHER, Dec 9th, 8 Wrexham St, Birkenhead, Margaret, aged 57, wife of John, late of the 5th Dragoon Guards

HUGHES, Oct 27th, Dunedin New Zealand, Maria Elizabeth, aged 7, only child of John that city, late of this town

HUSBAND, Dec 30th, Southport, Sydney Otway, aged 41, solicitor this town

MACDOUGALL, Dec 30th, Edinburgh Patrick Campbell, aged 61, professor of moral philosophy at the University of Edinburgh

MARSH, Rainhill, Ann aged 55, wife of Oliver

NEWTON, Dec 29th, 52 Upper Hill St, John Broadhead aged 2, only son of John, also Dec 30th, Eliza Ann aged 4, eldest daughter of John.

RIMMER, Dec 28th, Chester, William Tyrer, aged 60

ROWLANDSON, Dec 27th, 75 Latham St, William infant son of William Jnr

SPENCE, Dec 26th, 2 Georges St, Whitehaven, Martha aged 77, wife of Henry

SUTTON, Dec 29th, Woodhouses, nr Frodsham, Cheshire, Mr SUTTON, aged 76

TAYLOR, Oct 21st, drowned off the Cape of Good Hope, off the Abyssinian transport steamer BOSPHOROS, Charles aged 28, son of William TAYLOR painter this town, late of Warrington

WATSON, Dec 25th, 10 Upper Essex St, Toxteth Park, Henry aged 13, son of Thomas

WHITGREAVE, Dec 28th, John, aged 69, J.P, formerly of Walsall, late of Kirkham Lancashire.


Liverpool Mercury Jan 2nd, 1868


BRAITHWAITE, Dec 28th, 6 Derwent Terrace, Stoneycroft, James aged 42, formerly of Lyth, Westmoreland

BROCKBANK, Dec 30th, 10 Shannon St, Elizabeth aged 2, only daughter of Isaac BROCKBANK

DICKSON, Dec 28th, Newton Villa, nr Chester, James Husband, aged 72

GASQUOINE, Dec 31st, Normanston, Claughton, Butler Cleveland, aged 1, son of Butler GASQUOINE Esq

GLASS, Dec 20th, Brixton, Joseph, aged 76, inventor of the machine which secured the emancipation of the climbing boys of Great Britain

GUEST, Dec 23rd, 149 Boundary St, Kirkdale, Elizabeth aged 34, wife of William [see births]

HUGHES, Dec 31st, 17 Louisa St, Everton, Annie, aged 12mths daughter of John

JONES, Dec 29th, Samuel aged 76, superintendent registrar of Ruthin union.

KALMAN, Dec 30th, 7 Church Rd, De Beauvoir Rd, Kingsland, London, Henry, many years in business in Byrom St, this town

REDISH, Dec 29th, Matlock Bridge Derbyshire, Margaret aged 80, widow of Joseph, formerly of this town

SMITH, Dec 31st, Higher Walton, nr Warrington, Maria Barbara Allen, aged 6mths, daughter of W. A, this town

TEALE, Dec 31st, St James Lodge, Leeds, Thomas P, surgeon, aged 67

TURNOUR, Dec 28th, Grove House, Denbigh, Frances Helen, wife of Arthur, M.D.

WRIGHT, Dec 29th, Mottram Hall, Cheshire, Mary Catherine, widow of Rev Henry WRIGHT


Liverpool Mercury Jan 3rd, 1868


BLAKE, Dec 22nd, Guernsey, George BLAKE Esq, formerly of this town

DOBSON, Dec 31st, Landsdowne Lodge, Cheltenham, Rev William DOBSON. M.A, late fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, for many years principal of Cheltenham College

FAIRWEATHER, Jan 1st, 7 Walnut St, William, mason, formerly of Arbroath

MAHONEY, Dec 30th, 50 Benledt St, Zelinda, aged 4.

WARD, Jan 1st, 13 Hatfield St, Susan aged 47, wife of Edward


Liverpool Mercury Jan 4th, 1868


ANDERSON, Jan 2nd, 25 Amelia St, Isabella, aged 27, wife of David [see births Jan 4th]

BATES, Oct 21st, lost at sea by the wreck of H.M. Ship BOSPHOROS, Zitzekama Point, Cape of good Hope, Thomas aged 16, son of the late Thomas BATES shipwright this town

BOARDMAN, Jan 2nd, Liscard, Esther aged 73, relict of the Rev Mr BOARDMAN

BOOTH, Dec 23rd, Bankfield St, Kirkdale, Frederick James, aged 2, son of George

BROWN, Dec 31st, 38 Somerville St, Birkenhead, Mary aged 17, youngest daughter of George

CAPEWELL, Dec 28th, 84 Chatsworth St, Edge Hill, Ann aged 70, wife of Rupert

CROMBIE, Jan 1st, 111 Marybone, Mary wife of Henry

DUNN, Dec 27th, Battersea, Surrey, Phoebe aged 57, wife of James John

EDWARDS, Dec 28th, Rose Cottage, Alvanly, John aged 24, only son of J. EDWARDS, builder

GARNETT, Dec 26th, 37 Redrock St, Joseph aged 52

GOSTELLER, Dec 29th, Blackpool, Annie aged 19, 2nd daughter of John, this town

ILLINGSWORTH, Jan 2nd, 79 Upper Canning St, William aged 77

MADDOCKS, Dec 27th, daughterís residence, 7 Hurst St, Duckinfield, Cheshire, Sarah aged 65, wife of Henry

MAROCHETTI, Dec 29th, Passy Paris, Baron MAROCHETTI. B.A, aged 63

OWENS, Dec 30th, 29 Hibbert St, William aged 32

RAINEY, Dec 29th, 2 Tooke St, West Derby Rd, John, bookkeeper, for over 20yrs in the employ of Messers H. C. SMITH and Co, merchants of this town

RAY, Dec 29th, Heanor Hall, Derbyshire, John aged 85

SHERLOCK, Jan 1st, 53 Haigh St, Everton, John Jnr aged 26

SWIFT, Jan 1st, Guernsey, James Adams, aged 38, of this town

TAYLOR, Dec 25th, 6 Dunkeld St, West Derby Rd, Edward Montague, aged 33

THOMAS, Jan 2nd, 40 Gildartís Gardens, James aged 5, son of James, cartowner

TROOP, Dec 28th, suddenly at East Retford, Edwin, aged 28, formerly of Macclesfield

WATERHOUSE, Jan 1st, Aigburth, nr Liverpool, Rogers aged 61

WILLIAMS, Dec 2nd, drowned through falling over board at Georgeís Pierhead and has not been found since William WILLIAMS mate of the tugboat IRON KING, formerly of No 9, Pilot Boat, deeply regretted by his wife and friends.

WINSTANLEY, Dec 31st, of apoplexy, John of Ivy Cottage, Huyton, late parish clerk, for 50yrs faithful servant with the Rev Ellis ASHTON, deeply regretted by a large circle of friends an acquaintances.


Liverpool Mercury Jan 6th, 1868


ANDREWS, Jan 3rd, Selby, Yorkshire, Susanna, aged 37, daughter of Mr ANDREWS builder.

ATKINSON, Jan 4th, Breeze Hill, Walton, Edith Maud, aged 6, youngest daughter of Jonathan ATKINSON

CHRISTOPHERSON, Dec 28th, New Cross, London, Ella, aged 1, only child of William Butler CHRISTOPHERSON

FERRIDAY, Dec 9th, New Orleans, U.S, Joseph Charlie, youngest son of of the late William FERRIDAY Esq, of Madeley, Shropshire, and nephew of the late Egerton SMITH Esq.

HUGHES, Jan 3rd, Roscommon St, Everton, Elizabeth Mary, infant daughter of Dr HUGHES

HUGHES, Jan 4th, 17 Wilbraham St, Mary wife of John

JENKINSON, Jan 4th, Speke Farm, Speke, Sarah, aged 68, relict of John

JONES, Nov 22nd, drowned on his passage from Benin to Bonny, on the royal mail steamship CALABAR, Henry John, aged 26, eldest son of Charles JONES, H.M, Customs.

PETCH, Jan 3rd, Andrew infant son of James PETCH this town

PLATT, Jan 3rd, Dacre Hill, Rock Ferry, Helena Elizabeth aged 4, eldest twin daughter of Thomas PLATT

PRATT, Jan 3rd, 76 Whitefield Lane, Everton, Isabella, aged 5, daughter of Thomas PRATT

PRIOR, Jan 4th, 47 Shaw St, Hannah widow of Thomas C. PRIOR

TYSON, Nov 9th, Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope, John James, aged 37, eldest son of John TYSON, Fletcher Grove, Edge Lane

WHITFORD, Jan 1st, 18A, Boundary St, East, Ellen, aged 7, eldest daughter of William WHITFORD, Bookseller, late of Scotland Rd.


Liverpool Mercury Jan 7th., 1868


ARCHDEACON, Dec 30th, suddenly at Camberwell Surrey, John Potts, aged 34, eldest and dearly beloved son of C. ARCHDEACON Esq, Royal Navy, leaving a widow and four young children to mourn his irreparable loss.

BAKER, Jan 6th, son-in-laws residence, Edmund L. HUDSON Esq, 10 Bedford St, South, Ann widow of John BAKER, formerly of Dartmouth, Devon.

BROMILOW, Dec 27th, Prince of Wales Inn, Earlestown, James aged 43.

BUCKLEY, Dec 26th, Motherís residence, New Ferry, Edward, aged 16 4th son of the late Peter BUCKLEY.

EDWARDS, Dec 31st, 21 Rockingham St, Henry Nathaniel, aged 51,boat builder.

GOLDSMITH, Dec 29th, 8 Field St, Daniel, late of Ramsey, I.O.M.

HULTON, Oct 21st, drowned by the wreck of the Abyssinian transport steamer BOSPHOROUS, at Zitzikama Point, Cape of Good Hope, Henry, aged 18, youngest son of James HULTON, 8 Prince Edwin St, this town.

JONES, Jan 3rd, 18 Gerald St, aged 36? 86, John, wood carver, of this town.

LAWLER, Jan 4th, 7 Kermode St, Samuel, aged 75.

MC LACHLAN, Jan 2nd, 30A Smith St, Mary Anne, aged 36, wife of Robert and daughter of John STARK, Crete St, Kirkdale

MC WHAE, Dec 20th, 8 Clarence Grove, Everton, William Douglas aged 7, 2nd son of Andrew B. MC WHAE, also Jan 4th, aged 4, Peter Brown, youngest son of the above.

MILLER, Jan 5th, 188 Park Rd, Mary Jane aged 11mths, daughter of W. K.

OGILVIE, Jan 4th, 28 Tetlow St, Walton Vale, Elizabeth aged 53, wife of Laurence.

PEARCE, Jan 2nd, son-in-laws residence, 152 Salisbury St, Charlotte aged 67, relict of J. N. PEARCE of Bristol.

SPARKE, Nov 27th, Umballa, East Indies, Major John Guyse SPARKE, Bengal Staff Corps, eldest and beloved son of Dr J. G. SPARKE of Huyton Park near this town.

SYERS, Jan 6th, Altrincham, Catherine aged 53 wife of John Milne SYERS, late this town.

WATSON, Jan 6th, 42 Wilbraham St, Agnes 3rd daughter of the late William Thomas WATSON, Master rigger.

WOODWARD, Jan 4th, 61 Squires St, Edge Hill, William George, aged 2, son of William.


Liverpool Mercury Jan 8th, 1868


ARMSTRONG, Jan 6th, Broomhill, Higher Broughton, Manchester, Thomas, aged 76.

ATKINSON, Jan 7th, Amy Margaret, aged 7, 6th daughter of Jonathan ATKINSON, Breeze Hill, Walton

BAILIEFF, Dec 15th, suddenly at New Orleans of congestive fever Robert Donaldson BAILIEFF of Havana

BUNTING, Jan 6th, at the house of Henry PHIPPS, Merton Rd, Bootle, Miss Elizabeth BUNTING

CRICHTON, Jan 7th, Emma, 2nd daughter of T. COWAN Esq of this town.

DAVIS, Jan 5th, 18 Sugnall St, Henry Louis, aged 47

DIAMOND, Jan 7th, Wigan, Charles Edward, aged 20

FLONLEY, Jan 6th, Brunswick Square, Kirkdale, Elizabeth Marshall, aged 16, eldest daughter of Capt W. F.

FOWLER, Jan 3rd, Oxford Rd, London, John 11, aged 52, second son of the late John FOWLER, this town.

HALL, Jan 2nd, 17 Parliament Place, Mrs Mary, aged 64.

HUGHES, Jan 6th, 17 Louisa St, Mere Lane, Everton, Henry, also Dec 31st, aged 12mths Annie, twin children of John HUGHES.

JINKIN, Jan 7th, son in lawís residence, Mr John T. THOMAS, Balliol House, Bootle, Elizabeth, aged 87.

LYON, Jan 2nd, sonís residence, Rodney St, James aged 78.

MC INTOSH, Jan 2nd, 20 Duke Terrace, Duke St, Catherine aged 52.

MARSHALL, Jan 3rd, Scarborough, Agnes Phoebe, aged 57, widow of Thomas MARSHALL Esq of Hartford Beach, Cheshire.

NELSON Jan 3rd, Trafalgar, nr Salisbury, Albert Horatio, aged 5, son of the Earl and Countess NELSON

PRING, Jan 5th, Anfield, Miss, aged 57, late of Guernsey

RAMSAY, Jan 6th, North View Terrace, Egremont, Mary Anne, aged 74, widow Capt J. R.N.

SCHOFIELD, Jan 6th, Rochdale, Mary aged 52, wife of Thomas SCHOFIELD, Tea dealer and 3rd daughter of the late William GARSIDE, Druggist, Ormskirk.

STONELEY, Jan 4th, Homer Terrace, Seaforth, William, aged 52.

THWAYTES, Jan 1st, sonís residence, Capt THWAYTES, Temple Sowerby, Westmoreland, Margaret aged 84, relict of William THWAYTES Esq, Holesfoot Lodge, Westmoreland.

TOMB, Jan 6th, 37 Bedford St, North, Martha, relict of David Esq.

TRABUCCO, Jan 7th, George, aged 18, 2nd son of John TRABUCCO Licensed Victualler, 277 Scotland Rd.

WALSH, Jan 4th, Wexford, Eliza relict of James De Courcy WALSH Esq of that town.

WOODWARD, Jan 4th, Thomas WOODWARD, eldest son of the late Richard WOODWARD, Gate Wharf Farm, nr Warrington.


Liverpool Mercury Jan 10th, 1868


ADAMSON, Jan 9th, 3 Brighton Terrace, Brighton St, Seacombe, Isabella Murray, 2nd surviving daughter of John W. ADAMSON

BRACEGIRDLE, Jan 5th, Manchester, Amanda aged 21, wife of Samuel and daughter of Mr John WRAGG, Neston, late of this town

BRETT, Jan 9th, 74 Gloucester St, Rebecca, aged 81 relict of John of South Ormsby, Lincolnshire

BROWN, Jan 8th, West Kirby, Henry, aged 82, late of Grange

CANNELL, Jan 6th, Janet aged 82, wife of Thomas Bartley, of this town

CHEW, Jan 5th, Ash Villa, Freehold St, Fairfield, Henry Newton, aged 4 wks, son of Robert

DUMAGHU, Jan 4th, 46 Field St, Henry aged 2, son of Robert

FERRIDAY, Dec 9th, New Orleans, U.S., Joseph Charles youngest son of the late William, Madeley, Shropshire.

HANNAH, Dec 27th, at son in laws residence, T. HOWARD, High St, Denbigh, Elizabeth of this town

JACKSON, Jan 4th, Mrs, of Netherfield Rd, North

LUNT, Jan 6th, Ann aged 77, wife of Bryan of Sefton

MCWILLIAMS, Jan 7th, Knight St, James, aged 68, late of Londonderry

PEMBERTON, Jan 6th, Sankey Lodge, Warrington, Edward James Esq, aged 75

PIERS, Jan 5th, 11 Trafalgar Rd, North Egremont, Elizabeth Mary, aged 48, wife of Charles

WARRY, Jan 8th, Claughton, Birkenhead, Charles Silvester, youngest son of John

WATSON, Jan 8th, Winter St, Mary widow of Thomas, this town


Liverpool Mercury, Oct 22nd 1868


ARONSBERG, Oct 19th, Manchester Rachael ARONSBERG, aged 74, mother of Mr ARONSBERG, Optician, Castle St

BRYDE, Sept 21st, son's residence, Claremont Villa, Oxton, Birkenhead, Jane aged 62, widow of Charles R. BRYDE, this town

CARTER, Oct 20th, 1 Oxford St, Thomas Walmsley CARTER, Architect

EDWARDS, Oct 14th, 22 Oakley Square, London, N.W, Anne aged 2yrs 9mths, of scarletina, daughter of Thomas John and Elizabeth Theresa EDWARDS, both formerly of this town

GLENDINNING, Oct 21st, 73 Boundary Lane, Charlotte, aged 25, wife of Walter GLENDINNING

RIGBY, Oct 20th, Northern Hospital, William RIGBY aged 27, of 62 St James Place

WEBSTER, Oct 21st, uncle's residence, George WEBSTER, Mossley Hill, Susan Mary aged 9, only surviving daughter of the late John WEBSTER Esq


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