Deaths 1867

Liverpool Mercury, March 26th 1867


BANKS, March 22nd, Croxteth Rd, Princes Park, Mary, aged 57, relict of T. M. BANKS Esq

BARKER, March 22nd, 25 Netherfield Rd, North, George William, aged 2, infant son of George Woodwork BARKER

CAMERON, March 20th, 5 Pall Mall, Elizabeth Ann aged 12mths, daughter of Claud CAMERON

COLLINS, March 18th, at sisters residence, Mrs WELPLY, Macroon, where he had been staying for the benefit of his health, James COLLINS Esq. M.D, of Liverpool, aged 72, brother of the late Right Rev Dr COLLINS, Bishop of Cloyne and Ross and of the late Rev Denis COLLINS. D.D, Mallow

DAVIES, March 20th, at his residence 16 Sandstone Rd, Green Lane, Edward aged 60, millstone manufacturer this town.

DAVIES, March, 14th, Eastham, William aged 56, car proprietor, formerly of Burton Cheshire

GLANVILLE, March 19th, Langbrook, Havant, Emma Creighton, youngest daughter of George Brydges Esq, late of Chester

GOODWIN, March 20th, Birkdale, Southport, aged 54, Francis Cornelius, M.D, late of Harparhey, nr Manchester

GRACE, March 22nd, Mrs Mary, aged 67

HAMBLETON, March 19th, Harold Pearce, aged 2, youngest son of C. R. wine merchant

HARDING, March 21st, 5 Christ Church Rd, Claughton, Maud, aged 6, only child of Joseph

HAYES, March 21st, 41 Crown St, James eldest son of the late Mr M. HAYES of Wexford

HOLMES, March 22nd, Somerville, Seacombe, Charlotte Gibson, aged 27, wife of George

HORNBY, March 19th, Little Green, Sussex, Admiral Sir Phipps, G.C.B, aged 82, Rear Admiral of the United Kingdom, 5th son of Rev Geoffrey HORNBY rector of Winwick, by the Hon Lucy Stanley sister of Edward 12th Earl of Derby.

HUGHES, March 9th, suddenly, 16 Shaws Alley, Arthur aged 35.

HUGHES, March 18th, Egerton St, New Brighton, Elizabeth, aged 21, wife of William, youngest daughter of the late Samuel WESTON of Rockferry.

JONES, March 17th, Wistaston Rd, Crewe, George Alfred aged eight and a half months, son of John JONES, Engineer.

JONES, March 21st, 122 Duke St, Sarah, aged 64, relict of Edward

JONES, March 22nd, Upper Hill St, Robert aged 81, late of Fenwick St.

KERMODE, March 21st, 49 Pleasant St, Amy Ellen, aged 10mths, only daughter of Thomas Marsden KERMODE

LLOYD, March 21st, Mill Bank, Poulton-cum-Seacombe, Elizabeth, aged 23, wife of Lewis

MC KITRICK, March 21st, 17 Alfred St, Martha, wife of Thomas C.

MEADOWS, March 19th, Great Crosby, Richard, aged 21, 3rd son of Richard

MELVILLE, March 17th, Northumbria Villa, Tranmere Park, Samuel Edward, aged 4, son of Samuel

MOORE, March 18th, residence of her son-in-law, Mr G. HOFKEN, 12 and 14 Pitt St, Mrs Mary MOORE, aged 82

MURRAY, March 23rd, 15 Wilton St, Ellen Jane Mckervall, aged 13, daughter of Thomas, draper

MUSGRAVE, March 12th, Rock Ferry, Ellen aged 41, widow of Robert, late of Chester

PARRY March 22nd, Ivy House, Birkenhead, Elizabeth Anne aged 21mths, only daughter of William

PAUL, March 18th, 291 Mill St, Martha Mary, aged 85 [35]? Wife of John

PRICE, Mothers residence 249 Frederick St, David, aged 36, upholsterer

QUINE, March 19th, Neston, Cheshire, Catherine, aged 28, wife of Joseph of Marown and eldest daughter of Philip GORRY, Peel, I.O.M

ROBERTS, March 12th, 38 Farnworth St, late Kilshaw St, South, Cadwaleder William, aged 2, son of Robert

ROBERTS, March 21st, 23 Ogwen St, Elizabeth, aged 24, wife of Robert ROBERTS, 38 Tarleton St.

ROBERTS, March 19th in childbirth, Mary aged 39, wife of William, hairdresser this town, and eldest daughter of John SPENCER, West Derby Village.

STAGG, March 21st, 1 Wilmot Terrace, Radcliffe St, Everton, William aged 37, eldest son of William late of Rafton Head, Cumberland.

STEEL, March 23rd, 62 Mount Pleasant, Elizabeth Augusta, aged 48, wife of A. B. STEEL, surgeon

STOTT, March 22nd, 4 Luton Grove, Walton Rd, Elizabeth Ann, aged 24, eldest daughter of William STOTT, Manchester

SUTCLIFFE, March 21st, Kirkmabreck House, Creetown, James, aged 67 Manager of the Mersey Dock’s Board Granite Quarries Kirkmabreck

WATSON, Jan 5th, Collingwood, Melbourne, Mr G. W. aged 72, late of Dumfries.

WILLIAMS, March 18th, 46 Ridon Place, Edward, aged 73


Liverpool Mercury, June 4th 1867


AVERILL, May 30th, 6 Acrefield Rd, Henry AVERILL, of Much Woolton, aged 64

BENNETT, May 25th, William, aged 44, of Hawarden

BROWN, 6 Cornwallis St, John BROWN, aged 36, shipwright

BURROW, May 29th, 26 Argyll Rd, Kensington, London, Elizabeth Sarah, widow of Edward Atkinson BURROW Esq, of Carleton Hall, nr Ravenglass, Cumberland

CLAYTON, May 31st, Marsh Lane, Bootle, Peter CLAYTON, aged 67, late cowkeeper of this town

CLOWES, May 31st, 16 Salisbury Terrace, Wavertree, James CLOWES aged 66

CONLEY, June 2nd, Edward CONLEY, aged 47, Stoneycroft, Old Swan

EDWARDS, May 24th, 59 Chatham St [late of Crown St] Margaret Elizabeth, wife of R. J. EDWARDS.

ELLIS, June 2nd, 87 Falkner St, Alfred Turton aged 5, youngest child of the late Alfred T. ELLIS

FISHER, May 28th, Broughton View, Pendlebury, James FISHER aged 53

GROSE, May 31st, this town, Melicent, aged 62, wife of Rev James GROSE, Wesleyan minister

HESSOM, May 26th, Catherine, aged 11, daughter of John HESSOM, baker, Birkenhead

HINDE, May 30th, Convent of Mary, Mount-vernon, Sister Mary Camillus, aged 37, daughter of William HINDE this town, in her 10th year of her religious profession.

HULBERT, May 30th, Cable St, Frederick William, aged 3, son of Richard HULBERT

JOHNSON, June 1st, 108 Berkeley St, Frances Florence, aged 3mths daughter of Thomas R. JOHNSON

LEES, May 31st, 5 Derwent Rd, Stoneycroft, Henrietta, aged 12, daughter of James LEES, Esq.

MACBETH, June 2nd, 51 Upper Huskisson St, Jane relict of James MACBETH of Glasgow

MATTINSON, May 29th, Elizabeth aged 23, 2nd daughter of John MATTINSON, Bagot St

METZLER, May 27th, 37 Great Marlborough St, London, George Richard METZLER, aged 70

MORGAN, April 8th, at sea, Captain William MORGAN, aged 53, of the ship True Briton

PARKINSON, May 15th, William aged 35, eldest son of Thomas PARKINSON, this town

PAYNE, May 31st, Old Quay House, Neston, Cheshire, Harriette, widow of George P. PAYNE, Esq, late of this town

PRESCOTT, May 27th, Richard PRESCOTT, aged 65, marble mason, this town

ROUTLEDGE, May 30th, 58 India St, James ROUTLEDGE, late of Arkwright St, late Earl St.

SMITH, April 21st, the Island of Aaboga, Panama, James aged 26, only son of the late James SMITH of this town

STEPHENSON, May 31st, 57 Upper Stanhope St, Edward STEPHENSON aged 70.

TURNER, May 24th, Grange Lancashire, Edward TURNER, Esq, aged 55.

WILDE, May 27th, Robert WILDE Snr, aged 63, retired sailmaker.

WILLIAMS, June 1st, Marsh Lane, Joseph WILLIAMS, aged 76, late master pilot.


Liverpool Mercury, Oct 28th 1867


ARMSTRONG, Oct 23rd, Eccles, nr Manchester, Rev John, aged 70.

BUTLER, Oct 12th, Beacon St, Lichfield, John aged 29, son of James BUTLER, tailor and draper of this town.

HALL, Oct 23rd, Newton-le-Willows, Angus Nicholai William, only son of Capt A. W.

HUGHES, Oct 22nd, 27 Windsor St, Richard aged 26

JONES, Oct 25th, Sun St, John, aged 68

MC GILL, Oct 25th, Grosvenor Rd, Claughton, Birkenhead, William aged 61, late of Australia

THOMAS, Oct 25th, Menai Bridge, Anglesey, Richard, surgeon.

WEISS, Oct 24th, St Georges Villa, Gloucester Rd, Regents Park, London, Willoughby Hunter, the well known vocalist, after a few days illness.


Liverpool Mercury, Nov 13th 1867


BARROW, Nov 10th, 27 Erskine St, Joseph Reynolds, aged 87 of this town

BELL, Nov 10th, at the residence of Mr Henry JONES, Roseville, Huyton Park, Esther BELL, aged 88

FLINT, Nov 8th, Waterloo, Anna Maria, aged 86, wife of William

JONES, Nov 12th, 82 Paradise St, Mary Anne, 88, wife of William

LEATHAM, Nov 11th, 61 Plumpton St, Everton, Emily aged 4, daughter of William

MAYOR, Nov 7th, 88 Norton St, Miss, aged 66

METCALF, Nov 2nd Llandudno, Sarah Ann wife of John of this town

SYROD, Nov 12th, Beechwood Rd, Aigburth, Elizabeth, aged 62, wife of Henry John


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