Deaths 1866

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 29th 1866


BELL, Jan 20th, 8 Rockbrook St, Mary Crosthwaite, aged 3, daughter of Thomas

CLEMENTS, Jan 25th, 4 Backford Terrace, West Derby, Edmund, aged 11mths, son of Joseph

COULDREY, Jan 26th, 40 Nelson St, Great George Square, Susanna aged 38 or 88 ?

CUTTER, Jan 27th, Clarence Villa, Southport, Martha Anne, aged 55, wife of Samuel of this town

EVANS, Jan 11th, wrecked on Candy Island, Robert, aged 22, 3rd officer of the ship HANNAH MORE, eldest son of John EVANS, 17 Mackenzie St

FORBER, Jan 24th, 80 Pitt St, Margaret, aged 69, wife of Joshua, watchmaker, and daughter of the late Thomas WOOD, Tarleton St

HADFIELD, Jan 22nd, Warrington, Mary aged 88, widow of Thomas, of Millbrook, Eccleston

JACKSON, Jan 27th, Woolton, Eleanor aged 74, widow of John formerly of Kendal

MALONE, Jan 26th, Breck House, Anfield, John, aged 58

POTBURY, Jan 25th, 3 Brougham Terrace, Richard aged 65, formerly of Plymouth Devon

PRITCHARD, Jan 22nd, 16 Spring St, Toxteth Park, William aged 51

TARBET, Jan 26th, Charles, Edward, aged 10, 2nd son W. TARBET Jnr, Esq, Gambier Terrace

TAYLEUR, Jan 25th , Brynyffynon nr Ruthin, Denbighshire, Henry Esq, aged 53

WAINWRIGHT, Jan 25th, Annie, niece of H. WAINWRIGHT. Esq, Adelphi Terrace, Birkenhead

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 23rd 1866


ASHTON, Feb 12th, Eastham Village, Ellen, aged 71, relict of William of the same place

BINKS, Feb 18th, 38 Lawton St, Jessie, aged 8

BROOMHALL, Feb 21st, Hannah, aged 61, widow of William butcher this town.

BUCKELS, Feb 21st, 11 Great George St, Robert aged 68

CLUTTON, Feb 18th, 8 Kitchen St, John aged 56, for 30yrs at St James St, brewery

HUDSON, Feb 22nd, 18 Sampson St, Archibald, aged 32, eldest son of Thomas, this town

HUMPHRIES, Nov 25th, at sea on board the Chariot of Fame, hence for Melbourne, Forbes Seymour, brother of J. P. HUMPHRIES, tailor this town

MACONOCHIE, Feb 21st, Elizabeth, aged 22, wife of George and 4th daughter of Henry EVANS, Egremont

MATHESON, Feb 17th, Catherine, aged 70 relict of Dougald

MOLLEY, Feb 21st, 6 Soho St, Edward, aged 34

RAVELL, Feb 17th, Sheffield, Robert, aged 29, compositor

RUSSELL, Feb 13th, Rochdale, Richard Hart, lithograph printer, late of Basnett St, this town

SMITH, Feb 21st, son in laws residence, Mr George BRISCOE, Conway St, Birkenhead, Mary, aged 82, relict of Henry SMITH, Moreton, Cheshire.

TINNING, Feb 16th, 71 Tetlow St, Nicholas aged 68.

Liverpool Mercury, Aug 6th 1866


BOOTH, Aug 8th, Chester, Lucy, youngest daughter of H. Crompton BOOTH

BLUETT, July 20th, uncles residence, Springfield Villa, Bath, Henry Christian BLUETT, Commander in the Peninsular and Oriental Coís service, son of the late J. C. BLUETT, High Bailiff, Douglas, I.O.M.

BOWERS, Aug 5th, 5 Smith St, Kirkdale, Sarah, aged 56, relict of George BOWERS this town

CARVER, Aug 4th, Charles, aged 29, pawnbroker late of Hygeia St

CLARK, at his residence nr Ashton, Bristol, Samuel timber merchant, uncle to Mrs Sarah COPELSTON

DOBBING, Aug 4th, Robert aged 32, hatter

FRANKS, July 5th, General Hospital, Birmingham, from injuries received at New St, station on Thursday last, John Hallen, corn merchant, this town.

GALLOWAY, July 11th, brotherís residence, John CROCKER, Ardrossan, Mrs John GALLOWAY of 84 Berry St, Bootle.

GORDON, Aug 4th, 70 Cropperas Hill, Annie Catherine only daughter of John GORDON

HITCHEN, July 29th, at his residence, The Grove, Tarporley, Thomas, aged 54

JONES, Aug 2nd, Royal Military College Sandhurst, Lieut General Sir Harry David JONES. G.C.B.

LITTLER, Aug 27th, Maria, aged 32, wife of Captain J.

MADDOCK, Aug 1st, at his residence 63 Mersey St, Warrington, Joseph aged 59, late of Manchester

MALCOLM, Aug 2nd, 21 Field St, Martha aged 57, relict of Francis

MC KEE, Aug 4th, 14 Chester St, Walter Everest, aged 4mths infant son of Mr R. H.

RIDGEWAY, Aug 1st, Highfield Cottage Lymm, Cheshire, Mary aged 71.


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