Deaths 1864

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 4th, 1864


CARTWRIGHT, Jan 1st, 312 Scotland Rd, Mrs Sarah CARTWRIGHT, herbalist, widow of Thomas CARTWRIGHT, builder this town. She was in her 99th year and possessed all her faculties up until the last. She spent Christmas Day with her son-in-law Joseph SHEPHERD, late bookkeeper, Scotland Rd, at his residence Everton Crescent and appeared to be in her usual good spirits. She never was so happy as she was doing good, which thousands, both rich and poor can testify. She spent a long life of usefulness and was beloved by all who had the pleasure of her acquaintance. She will be interred at Anfield tomorrow.

EVANS, Dec 24th, Machynlleth, North Wales, William EVANS, joiner aged 79, late of Denbigh

FERGUSON, Jan 1st, 2 St Aiden's Terrace, Birkenhead, Andrew aged 5yrs 3mths, 2nd son of William FERGUSON Esq, of Kinmundy, Aberdeenshire

GOODWIN, Dec 30th, Oak Vale, Broad Green, John GOODWIN, St James St, aged 74

GREETHAM, Jan 2nd, Benjamin GREETHAM, Esq, R.N, late chief engineer of her Majesty's ship Hastings.

HOPE, Jan 2nd, Seymour St, Holt Hill, Agnes wife of Henry HOPE, of the Bank of Liverpool

KERR, Jan 2nd, 1 Croxteth Rd, Prince's Park, Robert KERR Esq, aged 60

MOORE, Dec 31st, Thomas Samuel, aged 6, son of the late Joseph MOORE of Sussex St, Toxteth Park

POOLEY, Jan 1st, Beech House, Egremont, Frank Smallman, infant son of Captain POOLEY

ROWLAND, Jan 2nd, Ann aged 65, relict of Thomas ROWLAND Esq, collector of inland revenue

WEVILL, Jan 1st, 15 Alma Vale, Great Crosby, Emma Frances, wife of Frederick WEVILL


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 15th 1864


BAYLEE, Jan 14th, St Aidan's College, Birkenhead, Matilda wife of Rev Dr BAYLEE

BURKE, Dec 30th, John aged 3, son of Jeremiah BURKE, 6 Redman Place, Circus St

CARSON, 4 Pagewood St, Beacon Lane, Margaret wife of William CARSON

CLARKE, Jan 6th, Elizabeth aged 51, wife of Abraham CLARKE, boatswain of the steamship Persia

DICKINSON, Jan 14th, 7 Cornwallis St, Jane aged 63, wife of James DICKINSON, late of Workington, Cumberland

FINDLAY, Jan 13th, Fir Vale, Wavertree, William FINDLAY Esq, aged 43

HAIGH, Sept 27th, Sydney Australia, of bronchitis, Emily Clarissa aged 5, of the same complaint, Oct 15th, Mary Jane aged 5, twin daughters of Bartin HAIGH Jnr, formerly of this town

HANBURY, Jan 12th, 16 Gloucester Villas, Brixton, Benjamin HANBURY, aged 56 of the Bank of England, treasurer of the Congregational Union of England and Wales, author of, "Historical Memorials of the Independents" etc.

JACKSON, Jan 8th, 23 Sandford St, Birkenhead, Alice aged 38, wife of Richard JACKSON, block-maker

LEWIS, Jan 13th, Church St, St Helens, James LEWIS aged 67, late of Pitt St, this town

LOWE, Jan 5th, Leycett, nr, Newcastle, Ann aged 25, wife of William LOWE, joiner etc this town, only daughter of George LAWTON, engineer Leycett

MACAULAY, Jan 12th, Larne, County Antrim, Robert MACAULAY Esq, aged 75

PHEYSEY, Jan 14th, Mary Jane aged 19mths, daughter of Mr PHEYSEY, chemist, Waterloo

PLATT, Jan 6th, daughter's residence, Earlestown Junction, Agnes aged 77, relict of Henry PLATT this town

RANKIN, Jan 13th, Begside Kilsyth, William aged 86

RULE, Jan 9th, nephew's residence, William SHAW, 10 Procter Terrace, Whirfield Rd, Everton, Ann aged 83, relict of James RULE, painter and 3rd daughter of the late John POTTS, of Whitehaven

RYLEY, Jan 5th, at the residence of Mr E. K. HOLLINGSHEAD, Parkgate, Mrs Margaret Sophia RYLEY, aged 78

SHIMMIN, Jan 13th, 150 Islington Square, Margaret Ellen, aged 16, daughter of Councillor John SHIMMIN

SHORTIS, Jan 11th, Albert Edward Care, aged 4mths, son of William SHORTIS, brushmaker this town


Liverpool Mercury Jan 16th 1864


ANDREWS, Jan 8th, son's residence, Tower Inn, 25 Whitefield Lane, Everton, aged 79, Samuel Webb ANDREWS, gasfitter, late of Narrow Wine St, Bristol.

BIBBY, Jan 10th, 41 Bamber St, Alex David, aged 17 youngest son of the late John BIBBY, of Wavertree

BIRCH, Jan 6th, 2 Victoria Rd, Great Howard St, Mary wife of Edward BIRCH

BROADFOOT, Jan 12th, John, aged 65, late master of No5 pilot boat.

CAMPBELL, Jan 11th, 41 Smithdown Lane, Mary, aged 25, eldest daughter of James CAMPBELL, late this town

CAMPBELL, Jan 12th, 1 Crompton St, Elizabeth aged 33, wife of A. CAMPBELL and youngest daughter of Mr HANDS, manufacturer, Leicester

CRAINE, Jan 11th, Ballachurry, Kirk German, I.O.M, Catherine aged 33, wife of James CRAINE

DELANY, Jan 15th, 60A. Britannia Terrace, Haigh St, Everton, John aged 27,letterpress printer, of consumption.

FINDLAY, Jan 13th, Fir Vale, Wavertree, William FINDLAY Esq, M.A, M.D, aged 43.

GIBSON, Jan 10th, Claughton, infant daughter of Mrs Emerson GIBSON

GORE, Jan 8th, 34 Duncan St, Mary aged 18, twin daughter of Mrs Mary GORE

JONES, Jan 7th, John JONES, maltster, Bailey Head, Oswestry, aged 74, father to Thomas JONES, soap and candle manufacturer, 93 West Derby Rd and 43 Byrom St this town

MACNAUGHT, Jan 15th, St Leonard's Dora wife of the Rev John MACNAUGHT, late incumbent of St Chrysostom's this town,

MOSS, Dec 15th, at the residence of Augustus MILES Esq, Blue Mountains, Jamaica, William Beard MOSS, aged 24, 4th son of William Miles MOSS Esq, this town

NAYLOR, Jan 14th, Lower Bebington, Thomas aged 28, eldest son of William NAYLOR, late of Roby.

POLLOCK, Dec 30th, Dopuglas, I.O.M, John POLLOCK, gardener, aged 70

PRYCE, Jan 2nd, Tobin St, Egremont, Cheshire, G. O. PRYCE, grocer, aged 33.

ROSS, Jan 15th, 253 Upper Parliament St, Florence Blainey, aged 7mths youngest daughter of Alexander Stewart ROSS

ROSS, Jan 10th, King St, Douglas, I.O.M, William, aged 55, pensioner.

ROSSEN, Dec 28th, 5 Penrith St, Toxteth Park, James ROSSEN, joiner aged 39

SALAM, Jan 12th, 17 Mill Bank, Highrer Tranmere Cheshire, Barnet SALAM

SAMPSON, Jan 14th, 61 Buckingham St, Everton, Margaret, aged 76.

SILCOCK, Jan 10th, St Domingo Rd, Everton, John Richard

STAFFORD, Jan 7th, brother's residence, 46 Mile St, Hannah STAFFORD, aged 56, late of 1 Church St.

TOYNE, Jan 11th, Southport, Lancashire, Tadea Christina, aged 24, wife of John Henry TOYNE

WATERSON, Jan 8th, 48 Highfield St, Mary sister of Hugh WATERSON, boot and shoe maker same address

WILLIAMS, Jan 9th, Jane aged 17, only daughter of William WILLIAMS, Tynybwarth, Llanfflewyn, Anglesey


Liverpool Mercury, March 22nd 1864


BRIDSON, Mar 17th, 122 Falkner St, George Brown, infant son of William BRIDSON

BIRKETT, Mar 18th, 3 Fairview, Toxteth Park, Barbara Johnson, aged 31, wife of Robert Henry, joiner and builder, and daughter of the late James TATE of Port Glasgow.

CRUTTWELL, Mar 17th, the Glebe, Holywood, Rev Harry Edward CRUTTWELL, M.A, aged 47

CAIN, Feb 19th, Bridgeton, New Jersey, U.S, Thomas aged 28, son of Thomas CAIN, Postoffice Place, Douglas, I.O.M.

CAMPBELL, Mar 18th, 21 Bidder St, Isabella, aged 7mths, infant daughter of Mr Hugh CAMPBELL, H.M. Customs.

CHARLETON, Mar 14th, Hunter St, John, aged 45, warehousemen.

CLUFF, Mar 11th, Warren Point, County Down, William, aged 64, late of Manchester

COOPER, Mar 13th, 22 Upper Hill St, Toxteth Park, George Bowie, aged 69, late master mariner of North Shields

CRILLY, Mar 18th, 28 Clarence Grove, Everton, Daniel, aged 56

CROFT, Mar 13th, Formby Mill, John, aged 55, miller

FLETCHER, Mar 12th, 3 Park Hill Rd, Jane aged 83, youngest daughter of the late John FLETCHER this town

FLETT, Mar 14th at the house of William BROWN, 34 Bridgewater St, Samuel FLETT, aged 20, a native of Stromuess

GREENWOOD, Mar 16th, 20 Boundary Lane, West Derby Rd, Joseph Hamerton, infant son of William T. GREENWOOD

GRIFFITHS, Mar 16th, Ruthin, North Wales, Eleanor aged 2, daughter of the late Robert GRIFFITHS, Knight St, this town

GRUNDY, Mar 11th, 88 Anthony St, Everton, Mary aged 54, wife of John

GEDDES, Mar 18th, Tynwald Hill, Green Lane, West Derby, Linda Winifred aged 5mths, daughter of William GEDDES Jnr

HOLLINGSWORTH, Mar 16th, 65 Barlow Lane, Margaret aged 40, wife of Thomas, timber merchant this town

HOUGHTON, Mar 18th, 4 Mayfield, Bootle Lane, Joseph Thomas, aged 22, son of Joseph

HUGHES, Mar 14th, Highfield St, Hugh, aged 47, at the Royal Infirmary

HUGHES, Mar 13th, 62 Athol St, Douglas, I.O.M, William Crow only son of the late Daniel HUGHES, Port St Mary, I.O.M.

JONES, Mar 15th, 90 Gerard St, Edward, aged 44, painter

KING, Mar 18th, son in laws residence, 38 Gibson Square, Islington, London, Gilbert KING Esq M.D, Inspector General of Hospitals and Fleets, R.N.

KNIGHT, Mar 17th, 2 Westmoreland Place, Elizabeth, aged 42, wife of Richard, cartowner this town

KELLICK, Old Swan, William Austin, aged 38

LEATHWAITE, Mar 16th, London, George, compositor, formerly of this town

LEE, Mar 16th, 67 Church St, Birkenhead, Elizabeth relict of Thomas this town

MADGE, Mar 17th, Church St, Everton, William, aged 27, 2nd son of William this town

OGDEN, Mar 17th, Ashton-under-Lyne, James Queen, aged 20

ORFORD, Mar 14th, Wilton Polygon, Manchester, Henry aged 6mths son of William

PRICE, Mar 16th, 3 Court, Knight St, Jane aged 61, wife of Thomas, joiner

POWELL, Eaton Cottage, Knotty Ash, Daniel aged 31 of Breck Hey, in consequence of a fall from his horse.

ROBINSON, Mar 15th, Lindon Cottage, Fairfield, Edwin youngest child of J. S. ROBINSON, H.M. Customs

ROWLINSON, Mar 20th, Letitia, aged 80, relict of Francis Valentine ROWLINSON, solicitor, formerly of the island of Jamaica, afterwards resident of this town

STRUTHERS, Mar 13th, Templeball, Hamilton, Rev Thomas, aged 75, the 52nd of his ministery, Chapel St, U. P. Church

THOMPSON, Mar 18th, son in laws residence, Insp GARDINER, 75 Ratcliffe St, James, aged 74, served through the Peninsular war in the 47th Regt of foot, then in India.

THORNELY, Mar 18th, Mount St, Miss

TURNER, Mar 11th, 33 Leigh St, Thomas, aged 13mths son of the late Robert

WILLIAM, Mar 2nd, John, for 14yrs a faithful servant in the employment of Messers Samuel WRIGHT and Son, Warwick St, saw mills this town


Liverpool Mercury June 3rd 1864


ALLANBY, May 20th, 38 Virgil St, Edward, aged 70, late of Cark, nr Ulverston

BRONSON, March 26th, 214 Chinton St, South Brooklyn, U S, America, Jane aged 58, wife of James and daughter of the late Eaglesfield Ashley, formerly of Maryport, Cumberland.

BURTON, May 29th, 3 Botanic St, Wavertree Rd, Keren, youngest daughter of of William Burton, joiner, this town

CLAYTON, May 30th, William, aged 54.

CROSS, May 29th, Ellen, aged 32.

CHANDLER, May 31st, William Alfred, aged 11, son of John Chandler, poultry dealer, 22 Hood St

DENNY, June 1st, in this town, James, aged 57, of Levenford, Dumbarton

DOULL, May 28th, 39 Windsor St, Oxton, Catherine Eleanor, aged 5mths, daughter of John Doull

FLEET, May 29th, Mary Ann, aged 41, wife of John, 68 Upper Canning St

GEORGE, May 30th, Edmund, aged 37, detective officer, eldest son of Thomas George 84 Netherfield Rd, North

GOODWIN, March 25th, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Capt J. Y. Goodwin, of Woolstone, Southampton

HARDMAN, May 27th, Hoole Lodge, Chester, Mary aged 84, relict of John Hardman Esq

HOLGATE, May 20th, Fern Villa, Great Crosby, Robert aged 37, of the firm of Holgate and Fishwick, brassfounders, Liverpool and Bury

JONES, May 22nd, Isabella, aged 19mths, daughter of Andrew JONES, Shipwright, 26 Rock St, Toxteth Park.

JONES, May 30th, Llandudno, John aged 57, of Plas Madoc, Mr Jones was a native of Holywell and was for many years in business in this town, on retirement he took up permanent residence in Llandudno, where he acted for many years as one of the first elected improvement commissioners, he was also an active director in some of the public companies in this town.

LAMONT, May 31st, 3 Blucher St, Waterloo, John Stuart, aged 8, 2nd son of the late David Lamont

MARTIN, May 14th, Elizabeth, aged 61, relict of Charles Martin, of the Liverpool Bankruptcy Court and 89 Lord St

PARRY, May 28th, 49 Cazneau St, Margaret aged 47, wife of Richard Parry, master-pilot, this port.

PARR, May 18th, Hawkstone St, Toxteth Park, Elizabeth Robinson, eldest daughter of Henry Parr, tailor, this town.

SHARPLES, May 28th, Jane aged 46, daughter of the late John Sharples Esq Saint Andrews N.B

SIMM, May 30th, son-in-laws residence, Woolton, James aged 73

SULLIVAN, May 26th, Mary aged 37, wife of Thomas, bootmaker, 2 Bath St

TOMKINSON, May 26th, Harristown, County Meath, Francis William, aged35, 2nd son of the late Rev Henry Tomkinson, Reaseheath Cheshire

TORRENS, May 27th, 16 Craven Hill, London, Lieut Colonel Robert Torrens F. R. S, well-known author of many valuable works on Economic Science

TINNE, July last while travelling up the Upper Nile, Henriette, widow of P. F. Tinne Esq of the Hague, born Baroness van Capellen

TWISS, May 29th, Robert Edward Maunsel, infant son of George Henry Twiss, 1Eldon Terrace, Old Chester Rd, Tranmere

WILSON, May 28th, Wellington Rd, Wavertree, John aged 76

WOOD, May 26th, 16 Roderick St, Soho, Edward eldest son of the late Thomas Wood, formerly of Hope, Staffordshire


Liverpool Mercury, Dec 6th 1864


ANDREWS, Nov 25th, at 253 Bedford St, Toxteth Park, Elizabeth aged 68, relict of Capt Samuel ANDREWS of Bristol.

BECTIVE, Nov 4th, Grafton St, Berkeley Square, London, the Countess of Bective.

BENNETT, Dec 3rd, Providence Villa, Huyton Park, Charlotte aged 44, wife of John BENNETT

DEANE, Dec 3rd, William Henry, aged 34.

DIXON, 34 Sherwood St, Alicia aged 3, daughter of John DIXON, Engraver

DUNLOP, Oct 4th , at Shanghae, Martha aged 35, wife of Capt James of the ship Southern Empire of this port. [see births]

FELL, Nov 30th, 40 Athols St, Thomas Lindo Henry FELL surgeon, oldest son of the late Edward FELL of Ulverston and Martinique.

HOUSTON, Nov 30th, 185 Scotand Rd, and Wigtown, Cumberland, Alexander, aged 51, tailor and outfitter.

MCLEAN, Dec 1st, Amelia, aged 29, wife of James, engine fitter of this town, formerly of Glasgow.

PRATT, Dec 5th, at sister’s house, Mrs George WRIGHT, 22 Canning St, Catherine W. PRATT.

WARING, Dec 4th, John aged 21 son of Mrs James WARING, Rose Place, Tranmere.

WHITE, Nov 26th, by the foundering of the screw-steamer TARTAR in the North sea, Capt James.

WOOD, Nov 4th, at Nevis, West Indies, Thomas Charles, youngest son of the Archdeacon of Chester

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