Deaths 1863

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 20th 1863


ALEXANDER, Feb 15th, 5 Mount Vernon Green, Deborah Slee, aged 11mths, only daughter of Kelsick.

ALLEN, Feb 15th, partnerís residence, Mr John COOK, Victoria Hotel, Queens St, Edge Hill, James Roberts ALLEN, aged 33, auctioneer

CUNNINGHAM, Feb 17th, Oakfield, Gateacre, Mary Jane, eldest daughter of the late James CUNNINGHAM Esq, of Urmston Lodge, nr Manchester.

DIXON, Feb 17th, after a lingering illness, William, aged 61

DILWORTH, Feb 12th, Seacombe, Joseph, aged 64, formerly of Leamington Priors

EASTWOOD, Feb 14th, 2 Thornton Place, Wellington Rd, James, aged 11, eldest son of Peter

GLENTON, Feb 13th, Mount Prospect, Beacon Lane, Everton, Richard Kelsall, aged 69, late of H. M. Customs, and youngest surviving son of the late J. W. GLENTON Esq, Landing Surveyor of H. M. Customs this port.

LACY, Jan 7th, Cronstadt, Russia, Margaret Morton, aged 49, wife of Capt Thomas Benson LACY of this town

MARSHALL, Feb 17th, South Bank, Grassendale, Mary aged 11mths, daughter of Henry, solicitor

MC KNAUGHT, Jan 29th, a sea on passage from Belize to this port, Capt Robert MC KNAUGHT of the WESTBOURN

PENKETH, Feb 15th, Jane Barnes, aged 51, relict of Mr Edward PENKETH of St Helens

RADCLIFFE, Feb 13th, Everton, Alfred, Esq, aged 46

RENNALLS, Feb 14th, 13 Devonshire St, Portland Place, London, William Rodon, Esq, aged 78, formerly judge of the Court of Admiralty in Jamaica and one of the benchers of the Hon Society of the Middle Temple.

STEDMAN, Feb 17th, Elizabeth, aged 74, relict of William, for upwards of 30yrs head gardener of the late John CROPPER Esq.

STOPFORTH, Feb 9th, Torquay, Edward, aged 35, eldest son of John STOPFORTH, late of Roby Farm near this town

SANDS, Feb 9th, Naples whither he had gone for his health, Matthew Park, aged 42, of Leasewood, Flintshire.

VICARS, Feb 18th, 36 Phythian St, Low Hill, Matthew Esq, aged 65

VINCENT, Feb 16th, Vernon House, Fairclough Lane, Martha, aged 30, daughter of William, organ builder


Liverpool Mercury, June 1st 1863


AUDSLEY, May 27th, East Clyde St, Helensburgh, Catherine eldest daughter of F. J. AUDSLEY this town

GILL, May 18th , Croglin nr Kirkoswald, George, late collector for the Liverpool United Gas Light Co.

JONES, May 30th, Mobile Alabama, Mary Annie, aged 8mths daughter of Jonathan

KARRAN. May 27th, brother in laws residence, Henry JOHNSON, Gellings Square, Douglas, I.O.M, Eliza relict of William J. KARRAN, Corn broker this town.

KNUBLEY, May 29th, Agnes, aged 81, relict of Thomas.

MASON, May 19th, Wilmot St, Derby, Rev William MASON, aged 80, one of the most eminent and preachers of the New Jerusalem Church, commonly called, Swedenborgians

MILL, April, 27th, in the wreck of the Anglo Saxon, in his 20th year, John Samuel, youngest son of James MILL Esq of Croxteth Rd, Princes Park

NEVITT, Lately at Sofala, New South Wales, Thomas Henry aged 53, youngest son of the late Thomas NEVITT of this town

PRITT, May 26th, 2 Boler St, Jane, aged 2, daughter of Thomas

PRYTHERCH, May 28th, Clwyd St, Ruthin, Maria, relict of Thomas, surgeon, formerly of Nantclywd House, Castle St, Chester

ROUGHLEY, May 29th, Robert aged 83, for 22yrs faithful servant to Jacob FLETCHER Esq, Obelish House, Allerton.

TENNENT, May 27th, Dumbarine, Perthshire, Christian Rainy aged 87 wife of Hugh Esq of Errol and Well Park


Liverpool Mercury, June 2nd, 1863


BANKES, May 28th, 52 Upper Pitt St, Mrs Ann BANKES, aged 72

BIRCH, May 31st, Orrell, Alice aged 72, wife of John BIRCH

BURNETT, May 28th, Kepplestone, nr Aberdeen, Mary Garden, widow of Thomas BURNETT Esq, mother of the late Commodore BURNETT, C.B, H.M.S. Orpheus

CHRISTALL, May 20th, 162 Park Rd, John Joseph, aged 2, youngest son of William CHRISTALL, master mariner this port

CHRISTIAN, May 28th, West Derby Rd, William aged 29, youngest son of the late Daniel CHRISTIAN Esq, Sumner General of the I.O.M.

DE RENZY, recently on board the British schooner Osprey, at Costa Rica, Robert 2nd son of Robert De RENZY, formerly H.M. Customs this port

GREEN, May 29th, The Elms, Upton, Birkenhead, Thomas GREEN Esq, aged 57

GRIFFITHS, May 9th, Peoria, Illinois, United States, Rev Thomas GRIFFITHS, aged 70, formerly of this town

HAMMIL, March 7th, by a fall from the maintop of H.M.S Narcissus, flagship, on the Cape of Good Hope station on board, which he was a midshipman, Hugh St Clair, 2nd son of the late John HAMMIL Esq, magistrate London and late this town.

M'LACHLAN, May 20th, Annie Jane aged 19, daughter of the late Duncan L'LACHLAN, merchant this town

PICKERING, May 13th, mother's residence, 249 Frederick St, Mary aged 26, wife of S. G. PICKERING, shipwright, 26 Vesuvius St, Kirkdale.

QUILLIAM, May 27th, Soho St, Elizabeth aged 36, wife of Joseph QUILLIAM, of the Liverpool police force.

SIDEBOTTOM, June 1st, Broadbottom near Manchester, John SIDEBOTTOM cotton spinner and manufacturer

TILSTON, May 30th, Chester St, Emma aged 29, eldest daughter of John and Elizabeth TILSTON

WELSBY, May 29th, The Cottage, Burscough, Elizabeth aged 69, relict of the late Joseph WELSBY Esq of Scarisbrick

WILLIAMSON, May 26th, Warton nr Lancaster, Elizabeth aged 84, relict of Daniel WILLIAMSON the celebrated landscape painter of Liverpool and daughter of the late John LITHERLAND of Warrington, inventor of the lever watch.

WILSON, May 31st, John WILSON, aged 67, of the Thatched House Hotel, Wavertree

WOOD, May 18th, drowned in Carnarvon Bay, aged 23, Robert, 4th son of James WOOD, of Castletown I.O.M.


Liverpool Mercury, June 30th, 1863


BARWISE, June 25th, Hetherington, aged 26, youngest son of the late John BARWISW Esq, this town

BROWNE, June 26th, son-in-law's residence, John HUBBACK Esq, Beechwood, Aigburth, Mary Ann aged 90, relict of Thomas BROWNE Esq.

BANNISTER, June 24th, 5 Wye St, St Domingo Rd, Everton, Emily, aged 8, of consumption, daughter of E. W. BANNISTER, of H.M Customs this port.

BRUCE, June 22nd, Margaret Ann aged 61, youngest daughter of the late Rev David BRUCE of this town

CURRAN, April 30th, Bonny, west coast of Africa, Joseph CURRAN, carpenter, aged 25 of the barque Merlin of this port

CONNON, June 23rd, 85 Claughton Rd, Birkenhead, Alex CONNON, aged 23, late of Peterhead. N.B.

DUGDALE, June 13th, William aged 72, for 27yrs sexton of St Mary's Church, Bootle.

ECCLES, June 26th, Richard aged 1, son of E. ECCLES, butcher, Toxteth Park

GOLDIE, May 12th, Port Elizabeth, S.A, Alexander, 5th son of the late William GOLDIE Esq, of Dumfries

GOSS, June 24th, Elizabeth, aged 24, wife of John GOSS, cotton dealer, Rose Place.

HOWELL, June 24th, Northumberland Terrace, Everton, Emily aged 3, daughter of Thomas HOWELL

HUMPHREYS, June 20th, Waterloo Place, Edgehill, Sarah, relict of William HUMPHREYS of H. M. Customs this port

HIGNETT, June 26th, 2 Mersey Terrace, Seacombe, Mary Ann, aged 27, wife of Robert B. HIGNETT

LAWRENCE, June 9th, drowned at sea on board the steamship Catalonian of this port, Thomas Hawks LAWRENCE

MACANDREW, June 26th, Edinburgh, Mary eldest daughter of Robert MACANDREW Esq.

MAXWELL, April 17th, sons residence, Pietermaritzburg, Port Natal, South-east, Africa, aged 74, Lieut Francis S. MAXWELL. R.N, formerly residing at 88 or 38 ? Duke St, and for many years captain of the salvage brigade in this town.

NICHOLSON, June 21st, 28 Louis St, Thomas Cave, aged 12mths, only son of William NICHOLSON

PELHAM,, June 23rd, Birkenhead, Caroline Villars, aged 6yrs 5mths, 28days, daughter of R. W. PELHAM, from America.

PURCELE, June 24th, son's residence, 16 John St, Toxteth Park, Elizabeth relict of Anthony PURCELE, of Workington, Cumberland.

RADLEY, June 23rd, Brighton-le-Sands, nr Waterloo, Mr RADLEY, aged 62, of the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool

RICHARDS, June 21st, 13 Devon St, Richard RICHARDS, aged 67, late of Oswestry.

RICHARDS, June 26th, Mordon House, Rhyl, aged 59, Edward Lewis RICHARDS Esq, judge of the county courts and chairman of the quarter sessions for Flintshire.

STOCKVIS, June 24th, Daniel George, aged 3, also on the 25th, John Benjamin aged 6, sons of Joseph and Mary STOCKVIS, 188 London Rd.

TILLEY, June 26th, Lovat St, Edgehill, Francis TILLEY, aged 49, of this town.

TURNER, June 24th, 33 Leigh St, Robert, aged 63.

WATSON, June 26th, father's residence, 148 Richmond Row, Samuel aged 19.

YORKE, June 23rd, grandmother's residence, Mrs SHERWOOD, Walton-on-the-Hill, Mary Elizabeth, aged 4, eldest daughter of George YORKE, 331 West Derby Rd.


Liverpool Mercury, Dec 22nd, 1863


BROWN, Dec 20th, Eliza, relict of Captain John BROWN of Nile St

BYRNE, Dec 29th, brother-in-law's residence, John HERRON, 5 Priory Rd, Everton, Jane Berry BYRNE, aged 54, late of Montreal, daughter of the late John HORSFALL Esq, of this town.

CAHILL, Dec 17th, 165 Church St, Everton, Elizabeth wife of James CAHILL, fruiterer, late of Southport

COFFEE, Dec 20th, son's residence 79 Oldhall St, Matthew COFFEE, aged 79

DOODY, Dec 20th, Alma Villas, Tranmere Park, William aged 7mths, infant son of Thomas DOODY

JAMES, Dec 18th, 66 Chatham St, William aged 2, son of Henry JAMES, 51 North John St.

MORDAUNT, Dec 19th, 57 Church Rd, Stanley, Edward MORDAUNT, aged 41.

RENWICK, Dec 20th, 3 Prince's Terrace, Higher Tranmere, Charles Kerr RENWICK, R.N, aged 40, late chief engineer, of M.M.S. Majestic.

ROBERTS, Dec 11th, at the residence of Mrs CLEGG, 142 Smithdown Lane, Mary Ann ROBERTS

STEVENS, Dec 20th, John, aged 4, eldest son of John STEVENS Esq, Belmont House, Manor Rd, North Egremont

TUNSTALL, Dec 21st, Alfred TUNSTALL, aged 48, pawnbroker, London Rd

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