Deaths 1862

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 24th 1862


ACKERLEY, Dec 9th, at Buenos Ayres, Eliza aged 31, wife of C. F. ACKERLEY

ATKINSON, Jan 20th, Hutton-roof parsonage, Westmoreland, Mary aged 75, younger daughter of Rev Myles ATKINSON, formerly vicar of Walton, this town, afterwards Leek, Staffordshire

DUNCAN, Jan 21st, Chapel St, Devonport, Rev Peter DUNCAN, aged 64, in the 44th year of his ministry, Wesleyan minister and chairman of the Devonport district

FOSBROOKE, Jan 12th, on board the ship Salem, off Falmouth, G. W. FOSBROOKE, aged 18

GIBBS, Jan 20th, Tyler's Green, Bucks, Rev Walter Carmichael GIBBS, M.A, incumbent of that place and formerly of Halliwell, Lancashire

MASSEY, Jan 22nd, 80 Crown St Christopher Joseph MASSEY, surgeon aged 82

PARTON, Jan 19th, Beambridge Cottage, nr Nantwich, Mary the only child of the late Thomas PARTON Esq

POSTHILL, Jan 23rd, son-in-law's house, John WHITTY, Globe Inn, Wilton St, Mrs Catherine POSTHILL, aged 66

READ, Jan 17th, Elizabeth aged 34, wife of John READ, Grapes Inn, Woolton

ROSS, Jan 19th, Southsea, Hants, Henry William ROSS Esq, aged 79, late of this town

SMETHURST, Jan 20th, drowned whilst skating at Malvern, Charles Frederic aged 15, son of Richard SMETHURST Esq, Park Rd, Chorley

THORNTON, Jan 18th, Margaret, aged 54, wife of John Ransford THORNTON, of this town


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 7th 1862


AFFLECK, Jan 27th, accidentally drowned at Antwerp, aged 18 [13]? William Dickson, eldest son of Capt AFFLECK this town

ATHERTON, Feb 3rd, Thomas, aged 4, second son of Thomas ATHERTON, Esq, Chapel House, Speke

CHEADLE, Feb 2nd at Southport, Rev James CHEADLE. MA, aged 54, 24 yrs vicar of Bingley in Yorkshire.

DUTTON, Feb 6th, at Aigburth, Nathan DUTTON, aged 58

HAWKINS, Jan 18th, at his sisters residence, 1 Patteson St, Phythian St, William HAWKINS, aged 38

MOORE, Jan 29th, 8 Plan St, Emma, aged 11, daughter of the late Brian and Mary MOORE of Wybun?dry, Cheshire

WILLIAMS, Feb 4th, Richard, aged 77, for nearly 40yrs employed by the Liverpool Gas Company


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 20th 1862


BELL, Feb 18th, 59 West Derby Rd, Ann 43, wife of John, late of Ulverston.

BOARDMAN, Feb 17th, suddenly in Rock Terrace, Old Swan, Mary wife of Thomas.

BRUCE, Feb 18th, 9 Heath St, Catherine, aged 58

DOUGLAS, Feb 18th, 113 Upper Parliament St, James Esq, aged 72

DUCK, Feb 17th, John aged 63 of this town

EARLE, Feb 17th, niece’s residence, Mrs W. C. TOWNLEY, 1 Anderson St, Everton, Elle, widow, aged 65

FAULKNER,. Feb 16th, Malpas, Elizabeth, aged 65, relict of the late William of Edge

FLETCHER, Dec 15th, Alma Rd, St Kilda, Australia, Rev Richard FLETCHER, Congregational minister, formerly of Grosvenor St, Chapel, Manchester.

HAMMOND, Feb 13th, Brinkley Rectory, Rev Henry, vicar of Stetchworth, Cambridgeshire, aged 40.

HUGHES, Feb 4th, Penrhos, Ligwy, Anglesea, Rev Stephen R, rector of Llanengrad, Anglesea. Deceased was truly a Christian philanthropist, as might be adduced in innumerable instances, but most especially on the occasion of the loss of the Royal Charter in Moelfra Bay, when, by his hospitality and laborious deal in the cause of the sufferers and their relatives, he was the theme of universal admiration.

JOHNSTON, Feb 17th, James youngest son of the late James JOHNSTON merchant this town, and formerly of Charleston, South Carolina.

JONES, Feb 11th, Huyton Quarry, J. of this town.

LAWRENCE, At 5 Lynedoch St, West Derby Rd, Ellen, 83 or 23 ?

PEARCE, Feb 8th, Cottenham St, Kensington, Henry John, aged 5mths son of Robert and Louisa PEARCE, Feb 10th, George Charles twin brother of above.

PRENTICE, Feb 12th, Wray Park, Reigate, W. J. Esq son-in-law of the late William LEFTWICH Esq, Regents Park

RICHARDSON, Feb 14th, Mary Ann, aged 70, eldest daughter of the late Thomas RICHARDSON this town.


The Liverpool Mercury July 15th, 1862


CROSS, July 13th, 8 Devonshire Rd, Prince's Park, after an illness of 2 days, Jane aged 54, wife of Henry CROSS, solicitor of this town

DANSON, July 10th, brother-in-law's residence William LEGGE Esq, 18 Balsize Rd, Hamstead, Edward, aged 24, son of Edward DANSON Esq of Gateacre, this town

DOIG, July 11th, 1 Albert Terrace, Birmingham, Jane wife of Charles DOIG, and last surviving daughter of William CARTWRIGHT, printer, Newton-le-Willows, late of Edinburgh

DUNCAN, 17 Wilbraham St of rheumatic fever aged 58, Isabella, wife of George DUNCAN, printer's engineer

IRVING, May 26th, Bonny, West Coast of Africa, of yellow fever, Captain John IRVING, aged 38, of the barque Flora Maciver

JELLARD, July 12th, 82 Pembroke Place, Mary Chadder aged 34, wife of William JELLARD

PENNELL, July 12th, 32 Richmond Terrace, Everton, Harriet, aged 73, relict of Frederick PENNELL of Gloucester

RYERS, July 12th, 126 Clarence St, Edge Hill, John RYERS, aged 44


Liverpool Mercury, Nov 7th 1862


CRAFTER, Nov 4th, Parkgate, Richard, aged 60, proprietor of the Chester Arms Hotel and late of Rock Ferry.

FERGUSON, Nov 2nd, Miles St, Toxteth Park, Martha, aged 76

HUDSON, Nov 2nd, Brighton, Mary Anne, wife of James, pilot, and daughter of the late Mr GRISDALE, pawnbroker this town

KERSHAW, Nov 5th, 6 Milner St, London, Mary Anne, wife of William Esq, niece of the late David TAYLOR Esq, Edge Lane, this town.

LAWTON, Nov 4th, Laurel Cottage, Sandown Lane, Wavertree, John aged 49, pipe manufacturer of 16 and 17 Gildart Gardens

ROBERTS, Oct 7th, Bombay, of fever on board the George A. HOLT, Hugh ROBERTS, aged 24, son of William and Elizabeth ROBERTS, 9 Tenterden St, Scotland Rd.

SINGLETON, Nov 5th, father’s residence, Esther aged 18, eldest daughter of George SINGLETON, Toxteth Park.

SUTTON, Nov 2nd, Beechwood, Aigburth, Hugh Gaskell, aged 51 son of the late William SUTTON Esq this town.

WELLS, Nov 2nd, 114 Warwick St, George, aged 28.

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