Deaths 1860

Daily Post, Jan 1860




19th Sept, Poona Bombay, Edward ROTHWELL of the 8th Hussars, 5th son of Mrs ROTHWELL, Newsagent this town

29th Nov, lost on the LADY FRANKLIN, Henry Charles LANGWORTHY, aged 43, of 17 Wesley St this town formerly of Dartmouth Devon

23rd Dec, Rev John STOKES, Vicar of Cobham, Rector of ? Kent, aged 86

24th Dec, sisterís residence, Mrs BELL, 36 Upper Beau St, Mary SHEPHERD, aged 61

24th Dec, John WOOD Snr, aged 68, farmer of Simonís Wood

25th Dec, at Manchester, Elizabeth, aged 74 relict of the late Booth HOPPER, formerly in the book selling business this town and Manchester as HOPPER and Son

26th Dec, Orrell Cottage, Seacombe, Jane ROACH, aged 60, niece of the late Richard and Patrick DONOVAN formerly of Seacombe

27th, Dec, Bootle Lane, Edward Rogerson, aged 32, son of Richard ELLISON

27th Dec, Castle Eaton, Wilts, Rev CLARKE, Rev of Castle Eaton and former incumbent Shipley, Sussex.

29th Dec, Gateacre, Betsey daughter of the late Richard SPAKEMAN

29th Dec, Watson St, Birkenhead, John WARING, aged 80, late of Bebington

30th Dec, Anne aged 11, youngest child of Charles GIFFORD Esq of Birmingham and grand daughter of John SMITH Esq of Waterloo nr Liverpool

30th Dec, Catherine Terrace, Old Swan, Ann, aged 65, relict of Mr G. H. PLANT this town

30th Dec, 5 Ashfield Wavertree, Ann aged 75, wife of Peter WEBB Esq

30th Dec, 22 Holt St, Edge Hill, Thomas HARRISON, aged 39

30th Dec, Drowned in the Mersey by the sinking of a boat George aged 16, son of James JOHNSON, Joiner, Everton

30th Dec, Harriette, aged 4?, wife of John Burrows HARRISON Esq this town and formerly Manchester

30th Dec, Southport, Emily, aged 65, wife of William RIGBY late of Halsall and Barton, Lancashire

30th Dec, Ann aged 52 wife of John TAYLOR hairdresser and perfumer, Whitechapel, this town

31st Dec, Crofness-by-Aberfeldy, Margaret wife of John CAMPBELL, late shipbroker this town

31st Dec, Bournemouth, Elizabeth, 2nd dau of John REA, this town

31st Dec, Mrs John Travis aged 54, only surviving sister of Mrs RAE, Scotland Rd

31st Dec, Seymour St, Elizabeth aged 57, relict of the late Benjamin GREETHAM this town


1st Jan, Freshfield, Margaret relict of William PROCTOR. R.N, County of Devon

1st Jan, Wigan, Charles PIGOT Esq, aged 4?.

1st Jan, 9 Grange Terrace, Wavertree, Alicia aged 31, wife of Joseph ATKINSON and youngest dau of Hon William LEE, late Attorney General, Antigua

1st Jan, Spital Cheshire, William ROBERTSON Esq, aged 78, late of this town

2nd Jan, William MAWDSLEY Esq, aged 61, of Clent, Maghull

2nd Jan, Sarah, aged 26, wife of Samuel BENNELL

2nd Jan, 95 Hornby St, Mary wife of R. J. CAMPION Esq, Physician

2nd Jan, Mary, aged 58, wife of Peter ROBERTS, 8 Duke St

3rd Jan, 214 Mill St, John Sydney JONES, Provision Dealer, aged 33

3rd Jan, Egerton Villas, Rockferry, Margaret, aged 11mths, dau of Mrs Simon LEWIS Jnr

3rd Jan, Orrell View, Marsh Lane, Linacre, William Robinson CALLON Esq

4th Jan, Edward, aged 21, youngest son of the late Edward OWEN, formerly of Regent St, this town

4th Jan, son-in-lawís residence, 47 Upper Warwick st, Sarah, aged 67, relict of Mr Edward Stephenson CHARLES

4th, residence of Rupert CLARK Esq, Reading, Susan widow of the late Benjamin ADAMS Esq of Islington, London, formerly Newcastle-under-Lyne

4th Jan, Rock Park, Elizabeth Strong, youngest dau of William REID

4th Jan, Seaforth Hall, Mrs DARCY, aged 55, relict of Richard DARCY Esq

4th, Jan, Rock Ferry, Theophila Jane, aged 67, youngest dau of the late Edward THOMPSON Esq of Gayton, Staffordshire

4th, Mersey View, Toxteth Park, Agnes, aged 59, wife of Alex GRAY

5th Jan, Mananburg Terrace, Wavertree, Hannah, aged 56, wife of Mr PALETHORPE

5th Jan, Kirkdale Rd, Thomas HYDE, aged 40

5th Jan, at Birkenhead, Samuel WADE, aged 82

6th Jan, Alfred Sandars CLAXTON, 4th son of the late William CLAXTON Esq, South Hill Grove

6th Jan, Sophia aged 32, wife of George LONEY of the Dispensary, Newington

6th Jan, Robert eldest son of the late John PATTINSON Esq, this town

6th Jan, Ashleigh, G. F. BEYER Esq, aged 46

6th Jan, Mill Lane, West Derby, Miss LAMB, aged 59

7th Jan, St Anns, Eccleston, Jessie Thomson LOGAN, aged 3yrs 8mths

7th Jan, Toxteth Villa, Marianne, aged 84, relict of the late Mr W. M. DUNCAN

7th Jan, Charlotte, aged 27, eldest dau of Edward ROGERS, Builder, Clifton nr Bristol

8th Jan, E. EASTON, for 26 yrs nurse in the family of James CAW Esq, Edge Hill


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 6th 1860


Dec 7th, Montego Bay, Jamaica, James Frederick, aged 18, son of James CASSELL, H.M. Customs this port.

Dec 25th, Salford, Elizabeth, aged 74, relict of Mr Booth HOPPER, formerly this town

Dec 27th, Bootle Lane, Edward Rogerson, aged 32, eldest son of Richard ELLISON

Dec 31st, Mrs John TRAVIS, aged 54, only surviving sister of Mrs RAE, Scotland Rd

Dec 30th, 22 Holt St, Edge Hill, Thomas HARRISON, aged 39

Jan 3rd, sonís house, Mr W. B. MOUNTFIELD, Claremont, Shrewsbury, William MOUNTFIELD Esq, of Laverock Bank, Wellington Rd, Liverpool

Jan 4th, after a lingering and painful illness, John B. RIGBY, aged 37, cooper brother of James W. RIGBY of the North Free Lending Library.

Jan 4th, son in laws residence, 47 Upper Warwick St, Sarah, aged 67, relict of Edward Stephenson CHARLES

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 7th 1860


Marienburg Terrace, Wavertree, Hannah, aged 56, wife of Mr PALETHORPE

Sept 19th, Poonah, Bombay, Edward ROTHWELL late of the 8th hussars, 5th son of Mrs ROTHWELL, newsagent this town.

Nov 29th, lost in the LADY FRANKLIN, Henry Charles LANGWORTHY, aged 43 of 17 Wesley St, formerly of Dartmouth Devon.

Nov 30th, drowned at Rio de Janeiro, Anthony Thomas, aged 24, only son of John WILLIAMS Esq, Railway contractor, of that city.

Dec 19th, Thomas D, aged 15, youngest son of the late Capt ROBERTSON of this port

Dec 30th, drowned by the upsetting of a boat from the GRAND TRIANON in the Mersey, William aged 14, son of Edward JONES, 142 Limekiln Lane

Dec 30th, 20 Clare St, Charlotte, aged 74, wife of James PYE this town

Dec 30th, Southport, Emily, aged 65, wife of William RIGBY late of Halsall and Barton

Dec 30th, drowned on Carnarvon Bar, Thomas KELLY, aged 19, late of Whitehaven, 2nd mate of the SIR HENRY POTTINGER

Jan 1st, at Wigan, Charles PIGOT Esq, aged 40

Jan 2nd, William MAWDSLEY Esq, aged 61 of the Clent Maghull

Jan 3rd, 214 Mill St, John Sydney JONES, aged 33, provision dealer

Jan 3rd, Orrell View, Marsh, Lane, Linacre, William Robinson CALLON Esq, aged 68

Jan 4th, 19 Upper Pitt St, John BENNISON aged 27, of consumption, son of John BENNISON, late of Whitehaven

Jan 5th, Leith, Mr John BROADFOOT, principal partner of the firm John BROADFOOT and Son, Australian merchants, agents, and ship insurance brokers

Jan 6th, Mr Robert PATTINSON, eldest son of the late John PATTINSON Esq this town

Jan 6th, Alfred Sanders 4th son of the late William CLAXTON Esq, South hill Grove

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 13th, 1860


Dec 7th, of yellow fever at St Thomas, Peter aged 10, son of Capt Peter BROWN of the ship JULIE of Cork, also Dec 9th, of yellow fever, Capt Peter BROWN father of above

Jan 7th, Everton, Benjamin Southern, aged 6mths son of Benjamin and Eleanor COLEMAN

Jan 9th, Atherton St, Everton, Martha wife of John CORK

Jan 12th, Egremont, nr Birkenhead, Isabella aged 10, daughter of William SHERWOOD and Isabella TYRER

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 19th 1860


Oct 23rd, St Thomasís, of yellow fever, John DEVENNY Jnr, aged 18, sail maker this town

Oct 28th , his residence, Lochton, nr Melbourne, Australia, William M, aged 35, only surviving son of the late James HUNTER Esq, Hafton, Argyleshire

Jan 14th, New Road, Great Bridge, Dudley Port, of Diphtheria, Abraham BUTLER, aged 38, huckster. The preceding day he followed his wife to the grave at Old Tipton churchyard, she having died on Wednesday of the same disorder.

Jan 14th, at Chester, Thomas BECKETT, aged 68, late of Horsegreen, Marbury

Jan 15th, Elizabeth, aged 58, wife of Edward S. WILLIAMS, joiner this town

Jan 16th, at the residence of his son in law Charles HASWELL, Foregate St, Chester, Robert Mansfield LLOYD, aged 83

Jan 17th, Catherine, aged 79, relict of Thomas TAYLOR, master cooper, this town

Jan 17th, London, George JOHNSON Esq, pf Llanrhydd, Ruthin, North Wales

Jan 18th, 1 Sandon Terrace, Annie, infant daughter of Rev Charles Henry BURTON. M.A.

Jan 18th, Mary Beaumont, aged 14, youngest daughter of Edward ESCILL, Oakdeane, Knotty Ash


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