DEATHS Jan 1859

1st Jan Woodville South Australia Whitley infant son of William Falla CLARKE of Port Adelaide

1859 27 Jan of apoplexy at Foo-Chow-Foo age 42 Cap William Bruce Richardson on board the Bargue Sorata of this Port

29th January Henry occupation sailmaker son of Henry BEAUFORT 30 Clarke St Toxteth Park drowned when falling overboard from the SOVEREIGN of the SEAS Calcutta



9th Feb John BEAUCAMP of this town age 47 at D//Prahran Melbourne [difficult to read]

11th, Feb At Bonny Africa, Capt E. CHRISTIAN of the OSPREY

19th, Feb at Mobile,U.S, Thomas E, age 21, eldest son of Capt SHIPLEY late of the ship UNDERWRITER.



4th March, John CROSS Age 47 Conveyancer late Rainhill of North John St

22nd Mar at Mobile of inflammed lungs Cap J W BLENNERHASSETT of Ship HERCYNA of this port.

24th March at Mhow Robert F. HARRISON Lieutenant H. M. Regiment youngest son of Arnold HARRISON Liverpool

24th, Mar at Rome Elizabeth last surviving daughter the late Charles SANDS

26 Mar at Rainford age 88 Elias PICKAVANCE

26 Mar age 5yrs 5mths George J R beloved child of John McDERMOT 35 Great George St

26th March, at Maranham South America of Yellow Fever Elizabeth age 29 wife of John RANDELSON Liverpool

26TH, March at house of Brother-in-Law Mr Joseph DIXON, Miss BOARDMAN, age 57

27TH Mar, R. ROBINSON, Farmer age 84 of Thingwall Cheshire.

27 Mar Age 12 mths Alex John, son of Peter SLOAN Islington

27 Mar age 73 Thomas BENSON Hatter 35 Birkett St

29 Mar age 36 William ROXBURG of Islington

29th, New York the infant son age 3mths of Christopher K. WILLMER

30 Mar Thomas CHAPMAN Esq Beaufort Terrace Seacombe

30 Mar Mrs THEWLEY relict of John THEWLEY Esq Edge hill

31st Mar Edward age 12mths youngest son of James HARKER, Sefton Arms Hotel, West Derby

31st, Park Rd, Arthur SMITH age 74 youngest son of James Whitfield SMITH of Barbados formerly Liverpool



Apr 1859

1st, Apr 20 Sir Howard St, Martha age 3yrs 8mths dau of John and Ellen BROWN.

1st, Apr Bankside Woolton, Charles HOPLEY age 50, formerly of Rio-de-Janiero

1st at Nice France Martin MURPHY Superintendant Crewe Railway Co late Liverpool

1ST, At Crewe John Humphrey age 2 only son of John ANDREWS of Toxteth.

1st, 128 Duke St, Everton Elizabeth Macmillen age 15 youngest daughter of Alexander BLACK

2nd William Everard Age 38 at Sutton Hotel Chester, son late Thomas Worsley SMITH Liverpool

2 nd Apr Age 34 Margaret Mary only dau of Charles Ellis PARRY H M Inland Revenue Grand dau of Owen PARRY of Pendre Angelsea at Fairfield

2nd, Fairfield Margaret Mary age 30 wife of B. H. CREWE only dau Charles Ellis PARRY of Claughton Vale BíHead

3rd Apr age 3 Margaret Hannah 2nd Dau J BAKER cartowner of Beach St

3rd, 37 Bathwick Hill Bath, Thomas ROSCOE Solicitor late of Knutsford

3rd, At Manchester, Mary age 58, relict of John BOND of Liverpool

3rd, Mary EGGINGTON age 52 of Manchester at fathers residence

3rd, James McM?DO of Canning St.

3rd, 72 Westbourne St, Arthur youngest son of George BROADBRIDGE.

4 Apr Isabella Wife of William CLEGG, of Stawberry Hill Manchester at Southport

4 Apr age 38 Charlotte after a painfull debilitating illness wife of Henry POWELL, 10 Mill St Tranmere

4 Apr David SCOTT, of H M Customs Liverpool at 43 Hutchison St

4th, New York of Consumption J. DENNITT of Litchfield Staffordshire

5th, John WOODWARD, age 48 son of the late Agustus WOODWARD Liverpool.

5 Apr Eliza youngest and last surviving child of Thomas ROBINSON from Woodhouse Cumberland at 17 Baker St

5th, 53 Marybone, James HOOK age 86 late Kirby Longtown Cumb

5th, 104 Chatham St, John CLARKSON age 47

5th, Old Swan, James BENNETT. W.S, of Edinburgh

5th, At Leeds, Matthew COUST age 61 formerly of Sowerby Thirsk Yorkshire

6th, 34 Falkner St, Mary relict of the late James BENSON

6TH, 50 Bedford St, Charles Wesley age 14 second son of William NEWETT

7th, age 3 yrs James Henry son of Mr SHOTWELL 267 Crown St

7th Jane age 80 relict Edward ROGERS Rhosbrynbwa melford, at sons residence Edward ROGERS Bodynfol Hall Montgomeryshire, mother of John ROGERS Draper Great George St

7th Claughton BíHead Edith age 4 youngest daughter of Mr MELLOCATTA

7th, 5 Kent St, Mary relict David JOHNSTON of Liverpool

7th, Wycliff Chapel House Stoke Devonport, Rev John PYER age 69

8th, 8 Gunler Grove Brampton London, Jane wife of B. F. OLIVER formerly Liverpool.

8th on passage home from New Orleans age 29 Edward Burchell ARCHER

8th, Grove Rd, Clapham Pk Surrey, Reginald Holme age 9 son of John PILKINGTON

8th, Gateshead Low Fell, Elizabeth age 55 wife of James GREGORY formerly of New Brighton

9th, Headingly Hill nr Leeds, Eliza wife of Rev Samuel Bradshaw STEWART of Adelaide

9th, Esther age 4yrs youngest dau of George COHEN Oldhall St

9th Elizabeth wife of John LORD town engineer at Athy Lodge Athy, late Liverpool

9th, Rock Villa Rock Ferry, Thomas CASE age 69

9th, 60 Upper Parliament St, Mary Wittewronge eldest dau late Edward BARNETT of Kirby Stephen Westmoreland

10th Ann Age 59 wife of William MORTON Pilot Liverpool

10th, Chester, Catherine age 73 wife of Jonathan SCOTT Ship Bread maker of Liverpool

10th, Templeton Ireland, Agnes Graham MITCHELL age 21, 2nd dau of the late James KERR Contoller H.M. Customs Glasgow

11th Bertha Kate age 13mths sec dau of Mr S SCHINSTADT 42 Upper Stanhope St

11th Helen STEWART 7 South St, St Georges Hill.

11th Fanny Age 2 wks dau of W GILLING North John St Everton.

11th Mrs HARPER age 76 relict of Richard Harper Low Hill.

11th Amelia Age 26 sec dau of late P W BYRNE Walton-on-the-Hill at Loretto Convent Manchester

11th, Everton, Francis BURY age 55

11th, Poulton Hey Cheshire John Deane CASE, Magistrate age 76

11th, Everton, Fanny daughter of Mr W. GILLING North John St his second bereavement in 2wks

11th, Pontack Lane, Christian St, James age 10 eldest son of James MULLIGAN

11th, Residence of his mother 30 Hunter St, John age 29 youngest son of the late Joseph PANNELL of Liverpool

12th, Market Place, Preston, John PEEL engraver of advanced age.

12th George ALLCOCK Park Rd late cashier for 30 yrs to Mr FLETCHER fruit broker

12th Newferry Arabella age 43 Widow of Capt Thomas NICHOL dau late William TAYLOR Tenterden St

12th James GILBERTSON ,Old Windmill London Rd Liscenced Victullar , late clerk BARTLETT and WOODS Jarvis St

12TH, Freckleton Nr Preston Thomas MAYOR Snr age 90

13th Elizabeth wife of E. MOSS at Kirkdale

13th George Parry YATES age 38 Woburn Hill Green Lane West Derby

13th Dora age 5mths dau Henry SHARP Haymans Green West Derby

13th Frances Age 73 relict of Capt Mac DOWELL at son-in-laws residence Mr George NICHOLSON Rose Mount Oxton

13th Peter HENSHAW age 28 from injuries last september while working in Salisbury Dock as a gate man.

13th William NICHOLSON at Dumfries late provost of Liverpool

13th, Ayr, James PATON Macnairs Town

13th John ROTHWELL age 57 of Thornton.

13th Elizabeth Jane age 29 wife of W P CLARKE Aigburth

13th Richard Arthur age 17 son of late John BRISTOW.

13th Apr Melbourne Australia age 41 Mary Jane Sammanby wife of William EDWARDS Esq eldest dau John BARWISE Esq this town

13th, Melling House Birkdale Pk, Southport, Sarah relict William KERSHAW Edge Hill.

?? died recently on passage from China on the DORA, Thomas Maggison ROCHESTER, Newcastle-on-Tyne, late of Liverpool.

14th, age 3yrs 10mths George son of John McCULLEN, Engineer, 35 Anderson St Everton, same day Mary his daughter age 18mths.

14th Annie Maria age 2yrs 8mths dau of John and Elizabeth RIGBY Dovecot Cottages Knotty Ash

14th Elizabeth age 57 wife of Thomas COURT Cresswell St Everton

14th Jane Elizabeth age 3 dau the late Capt Dugald McLACHLAN, 2O Park Place

14th Herbert Vickers age 3yrs 3mths 2nd son of Missionary Thomas WORRALL 4 Greenwood St Everton

14th at residence of Mother 30 Hunter St John age 29 youngest son of late Joseph PANNELL

15 th Wilson 3rd son of Thomas HALL Mill St.

15th Helen GRIFFITHS 5th dau of the late John WATKIN Islington

15th, Harriet GRIFFITHS 5th dau of the late John WATLANS

15th Bridget Age 36 wife of Amon P BROADBENT 44 Upper Stanhope St.

15th Thomas BARNES of the Queens Arms Hotel Tranmere age 29 youngest son of Ann BROUGH

15th William GODSILF Drowned in Salisbury Dock H. M. Customs of Albert St Everton

15th Jane age 80 wife of C. E. RAWLINS Blackbourne Terrace Hope St

16th Susan Maria age 34 wife of Robert HARRISON Breckfield Terrace 16th Sarah Elizabeth age 1yr 8mths dau R. McGREGOR Bootle

16th Hannah BAKER age 56 Richmond St

16th Jane at Ramford relict of Richard DURNING dau of the late Rev M ROBINSON. Incumbent of Rainford.

16th at Chester Sarah age 59 wife of John MEACOCK late Liverpool.

17th Robert OATS age 80 father of Mrs Ashton Great Howard St at his sisters residence Mrs DRURY Snugborough Braddon I.O.M.

17th Henry THOMPSON age53 Chemical manufacturer late Clitheroe of 65 Huskisson St.

17th Wife of Walter BADENACH age 26 at Linacre Lane Bootle. [gave birth to a son April 8th]

17th John PINNINGTON age 51 32 Gore St

18th Kate 2nd dau of late Solomon SAMUEL 2 Canning St

18th Margaret age 5, 4th dau William KILYGOUR Esq 20 Richmond Terrace

18th at Lydiate Thomas age 14yrs son the late Thomas NAYLOR Byrom St Liverpool

19th Jane age 61 wife of Mr RADLEY of Liverpool

19th At Malvern Mary age 39 eldest dau of the late Robert STATTER of Knowsley , wife of James MOORE late of Ewarrvile Huyton..

19th Richard JONES age 49 of the Orchards Lower Bebington

19th In Guernsey, Mary second dau late James CUMMINGS of Liverpool

19th [Mrs ] Alfred PIERCE age 85 of Canning St

19th, Edinburgh, Anne GILCHRIST 4th dau of the late Andrew Mac PHERSON.

20th Ann 35yrs Wife of Mr H. S. WILKINSON

20th George BROWN Builder Chapel Place Waterloo

20th Elizabeth WALTON age22 of 101 Mill Rd Everton of consumption

20th Jane HILES age 34 .at brothers residence Mr WOOF Bright St Everton

20th Elizabeth age 47 wife of Henry GUEST Upper Dawson St

20th Mary Thomasine age 21 dau Rev J. H. STAFFORD

20th, Upper Parliament St, Suddenly age 21 Catherine wife of John McINTOSH

21st Sophia Agnes age 2 youngest dau William KILGOUR 20 Richmond Terrace [ above Margaret dau died 18th]

21st Ann FOLEY age 78 at sons residence Gregson St Everton, James FOLEY of H. M. Customs

21st James FREWIN age 50 at 39 Gill St late publican of Liverpool and Chester.

21st.James BECKITT age 72

21st Henry age 19mths son of Charles Mc BRIDE Woburn Hill West Derby

22nd Eliza age 33 wife of John ROBERTS leather dealer 99 Vauxhall Rd

22nd William.P, age 9 mths son of William P. WRIGHT Esq New York late Liverpool

22nd, 74 Rodney St Jessie wife of Rev Dr CHRISTIAN of Liverpool.

23rd at fathers residence 48 Pleasant St North Kirkdale Thomas Berry McCARTHY Age 23

23rd John Charles BEZER age 53 late H, M, Customs this Port at Bootle Mount.

23rd Sarah Ann relict John HIGGINSON Esq Breck Hey Breck Rd Everton

23rd Samuel Thomas age 9 eldest son of James BINGHAM Elton Cottage Rainhill.

23rd Ellen PARRY 14 Bedford St

23rd Mrs NAPIER age 56, 40 Duckenfield St Brownlow Hill

24th James KENNEDY age 74 Late Inspector of Police , 28yrs in Police 13yrs of which as Inspector, at election riot several years ago was badly injured and took along time to recover was pensioned off by Watch Committee

24th Joseph or John [duplicate entry] SHEPPARD age 72 Appleton House Widnes.

24th Susan JONES youngest dau of William ENTWISTLE Musician formely of Bolton

24th Ellen relict of William ASHORT File Manufacturer Ellenborough St Liverpool

24th William SHEPPARD age 60 Ruthin North Wales

25th George NOBLE Solicitor age 60 at Derby Place Edge Lane late Prescot

25th Lucy Amelia age 18mths dau of George James ASPINALL Chemist Waterloo

25th James age 5yrs 5mths eldest son of Michael BEATTY Currie St

25th Eveline Ada age17mths beloved daughter of William John and Louise NEWMAN Great George St.

25th Mary BARTON age 4 of croup, youngest child of Thomas FARRELL Devon St

25th Sarah AIREY age 88 relict of John AIREY. R. N

25th, at her residence Hamilton Ave Brooklyn, N. Y, Ann aged 64 relict of James WILLS of Liverpool.

25th, at Paralba Brazil, James WETHERALL age 36 British Vice Consol

26th Elizabeth wife of Joseph WHITING Warehouseman 51 Johnson St Kirkdale .

26th Owen HUGHES [Celebrated Harpist] only surviving son of Hugh HUGHES Lisc Tailor and Draper South John St

26th Mary age 19 dau of Andrew and Anne TYRRELL

27th Jane age 57, at 26 Spellow Lane Kirkdale, relict of Charles HUMBEASTON Esq of Brookfield Liverpool.

27th Frederick HYDE age 24, of Brickhouse Hawerden Flint, at his fathers residence Birkenhead

27th Samuel PLUMBE age 21 of consumption.

27th At Amlwch Margaret age 34 wife of William WILLIAMS Saddler Liverpool

28th Edith age 14mths youngest dau J. MICHOD Everton Village

28th at mothers residence Harbord St Jean Dick age 28 wife of William.H. BEBINGTON

28th, Dacre Park Rockferry, Mary, age 70 relict of the late John JONES, formerly Mrs PLATT Tea Dealer Castle St Liverpool.

28th, Gresford ? 3rd son of Thomas PIERCE

29th Salisbury St Everton Sgt John FAY late 10th Royal Hussars served under Wellington during the whole of the Penninsular War and Waterloo 2 medals and Clasp bearing inscriptions , Orthes, Toulouse, Vittoria, Waterloo was employed at Derby Museum Slater St at time of death.

29th Christina age 35 wife of Joseph HUGHES Engineer Bootle Village

29th Thomas NORRIS Painter Circus St

29th Thomas MASON Tailor and Draper South John St

29th, Christan St Elizabeth LAWRENCE

30th Elizabeth wife of Thomas NEWALL

30th, the son of Hugh HUGHES Victullar Everton and St Thomas buildings

30th At West Derby Rd Elizabeth HARRIS age 58 formerly Manchester



1st May Club Moor, John WRIGHT age 7?

1st, 1 Stafford St, WALSH formerly Mount Pleasant and ? Dominica West Indies

1st Susannah GARDINER age 87

1st May Sandown Park Wavertree age 8yrs 8mths Robert eldest son of Thomas G. EDWARDS

1st May River view Seacombe Cheshire Elizabeth eldest dau late Beath SEARIGHT

1st May Dalston near London Christopher WATSON age 88 Retired Bank of England in Liverpool 1846

2nd, Thorn Heys Oxton Georgina Blanche wife of A. D. ANDE?

2nd May drowned at sea from the Brig JANE on passage from Constantine to Alexandria John KEEGHAN 17yrs, nephew of Thomas ROONEY 24 Hardy St

2nd May James CARNEY of Burlington St advanced in age

2nd May Joseph MELBOURNE age 55

3rd May Arthur SHINGLER age 62 Chester St Birkdale clerk for 50yrs for Earl of Balcarres

3rd May Mary widow of John Curtis HALLOWES of Liverpool at Belgrave House Down Clifton

3rd, Margery wife of Thomas WILSON Falkner St

3rd, Alexander son of Joanna COX artist Liverpool

4th May John Tyson infant son of Samuel HOLT

4th May Isabella wife of John SMITH Tea dealer 4 Park St

4th, Halewood, Thomas 15mths son of Thomas BRANDON

4th, Crown St, R. WIDDOWS for 48yrs tax collector Liverpool

5th May Jane eldest dau of the late Richard HOUGHTON at Kirkdale advanced age

5th May at Fardon Hall Academy age 12 Henry James 3rd son H. WILLEY , Cutler of Dale St

6th May North Allerton Yorkshire Mr James McBRYDE age 49 tea dealer native of Parish Minnigraff Scotland brother of Anthony McBRYDE Tallow Chandler Liverpool

6th May Elizabeth age 52 widow of John WILSON, Carter Seaforth

6th May Com James DRYDALE .R.N. age 76 of 40 Upper Stanhope St

7th May Alfred John age 18mths of convulsions youngest son of Mr F.C.DARDIER

7th 89 Queen St Edge Hill David Currie youngest son of John CHALMERS

8th May Cornelious age 17 son of John Holmes CLEMENTSON Solicitor Grove St

8th Mary Elizabeth 5mths 2nd dau Henry BARNES Wool broker 34 Margaret St Everton

8th May William age 3yrs 6mths son of Dr DUKE 33 Croston St Kirkdale

8th May Henry LOURY 26 London Rd managing asst to Mr ROOK 31 Lime St and 26 London Rd

9th May Bryan HOLMES age 45 of Bush Inn 12 James St

9th May John GRACE age 53 Draper Berry St, at 22 Hope Place

9th May Edith infant child of Richard WAIT or WATT Speke Hall Lancs

10th May Susan Cushman wife of Dr Sheridan MUSPRATT

10th May Roderick age 12mths youngest son William KILYOUR 20 Richmond Terrace

10th May William brother of Mr SCOTT Bridewell keeper

10th, Charles HEWITT age 40 cowkeeper

11th, at her residence in the City of Brooklyn, hours after her husband had arrived from Liverpool Annie wife of Mr S. SAMUELS Commander of the ship DREADNOUGHT of N. Y

11th May Richard BEESLEY age 56 Boundary St Kirkdale

11th May Lewis LEWIS age 12 fell from mast of schooner RESOLUTE

11th May Cecielia SMITH age 19 sack of corn fell on head in Price St

11th May Elizabeth age 34, 40 Portwood St, wife of Capt WOODFINE Afircan Ship TAPLEY

11th May John Levatt EYRES age 59 at his residence 5 Market St Everton formely Railway Inn Lime St, late the Cottage Villars St

12th May Ann wife of William REED Mill St Toxteth Pk youngest dau Mr ROWSON Scotland Rd

17th 279 Crown St George age 4yrs 9mths, son of Jonathan HODGSON Pilot

20th whilst visiting Staffordshire, Arthur age 21 son of James ECKERSLEY Esq Liverpool

21st, at his residence Edge Hill Christopher Clapham BURTON 2nd son of James BURTON Seacombe

21st, Alfred age 11 son of George BROWN Esq Edge Lane

21st, at sea George CANNING age 21 youngest son James GILL Esq of Orrell

22nd at Mrs LEES Residence Belmont Higher Bebington, Louisa Anne wife of Henry LAFONE Esq Aintree, eldest dau thr late John M. LEES Esq Manchester

23rd Claremont Gardens Glasgow Patrick James MILLS Esq

23rd Hannah age 53 wife of George PIXTON 1 Duke St Edge Hill 23rd William Henry infant son of William EATON Esq 16 Grove Park Liverpool

23rd Thomas HEWITT of Renshaw St, a dau stillborn

23rd Margaret Jane age 5yrs 4mths of Diptheria only child of William PARLANE .

23rd Mary relict of John WOOD late Workington Cumberland

24th, County Wicklow Ashford House Simon MORAN Esq Bishop of Grahams Town S. Africa

24th Francis Fenton,17mths son of William LISTER Great George St after a few hours illness.

26th 153 Breck Rd Everton, Mary age 50 wife of George Fredrick BROCK

26th Mary age 85 relict of John CHAMBERLAIN Late of Church St

27th Egremont, Alison age 81/2 yrs only dau of Alfred GARLAND 63 Oxford St

27th at Horton Hall Chester Mr William Williams MADDOCKS age 90

27th, William MYERS age 16 only son of T. MYERS South Bank Rd Aigburth

27th Greencastle Donegal William Alexander BROWN age 70 for 50 yrs resident at Liverpool

27th, at the residence of her mother Mrs McLAINE Corporation St, Belfast, Jane wife of Edward Mc DOWELL Esq Liverpool [ see above gave birth to a dau 26th May]

27th, Sarah aged 41, dau of the late William FIELDING Liverpool

28th, Lingdale Lodge B'Head Joseph age 36 3rd son the late William RAVENSCROFT Esq

28th, Clifton Clara age 25 you dau of the late Thomas MOORCROFT Esq

28th 3. Thomaston St, Rebbecca Molland infant dau of Cap James STEWART

28th Workhouse Hospital, Ann ROBERTS age 72 late Old Mill Vaults Clayton Sq

29th, at sisters residence Moss St Harry age 28 son of the late James SHEWELL Esq of Much Woolton

29th, at Shipton in Craven Yorkshire William BELL aged 53, Surgeon, 2nd son of the late Peter BELL of Garstang.

29th, Isaac DIXON, at Richmond Row, Cooper of Liverpool

29th, Ellen aged 39, wife of Robert RABY, 19 Pitt St.

29th, Margaret age 59 wife of William TALBOT Farmer of Rainhill Stoops.

30th, Henry age 3, son of Henry HILL of Huyton Quarry

30TH Thomas W, age 14, youngest son of William CROOK, Claughton-Vale, BíHead.

30TH May at Chester Allan MACLEAN formerly this town

31st, Edith Fiffe, infant dau of J. FLETCHER Jnr Rainhill.

31st, Emily, of consumption, dau of the late John Heron SOMMERVILLE, 309 Smithdown Rd, silk merchant



JUNE 1st, James age 26 , after a few days illness, 3rd son of the late Rev John Dobie LANGHOLME M. B 55 Claremomt Terrace Manchester.

3rd, Isaac MOORCROFT age 25 of 94 Pythian St bookkeeper at Messers Lawrence

3rd, Hannah BAKER age 66 wife of John EDWARDS of Oxton Cheshire

4th Jun age 2yrs 6mths Holland George only son of Henry ELLIS, Pilot of Clarence Grove Everton

5th Jun age 21yrs W. Arthur son of J. W. HUNT, Gas fitting works, 28 Hanover St this town

6th Jun Claremont Hill, Shrewsbury, Louisa Thomasin youngest sister of B. BENNETT Esq Surgeon this town

6th Jun Park Hill Rd aged 62 Richard FOSTER Esq

7th Jun 64 Duke St of consumption Elizabeth eldest dau the late John ANDREWS this town

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