Deaths 1855

Liverpool Mercury Jan 5th 1855


Dec 16th, Aylesbury, Bucks, John TURNER Esq, aged 70.

Dec 19th, Thomas BRETT, aged 37, of the Gresham Hotel, Dublin, late of the Mitre Hotel, Ramsey, I.O.M.

Dec 19th, Scutari from the effects of wounds received in the battle of Inkerman, Major General Henry W. ADAMS, C.B.

Dec 23rd, Carlisle, Rev J. S. LOWRY, aged 50, of Crosby-on-Eden

Dec 24th, Henry BARBER, aged 74, of this town

Dec 24th, Bloom St, George JOHNSTON, joiner and builder.

Dec 25th, suddenly, Rev Thomas THEXTON, vicar of Darton, Yorkshire.

Dec 25th, Rev W. WILLIAMS, B.D, aged 80, vicar of Stokesay, Shropshire.

Dec 27th, Thorpe-next-Norwich, Rev Sir G. STACEY Bart, aged 84.

Dec 27th, Rev Thomas NUNNS, aged 53, incumbent of Holy Trinity, Church, Leeds.

Dec 28th, Isabella, aged 57, widow of the Rev Edward IRVING. M.A.

Dec 28th, Greenheys, Manchester, Helen, relict of John LIFE, formerly of Ripley, Yorkshire.

Dec 28th, Chesterton, Salop, J. BACHE Esq, aged 72.

Dec 29th, Rockstone Place, Southampton, Lieut General A. McLACHLAN, aged 74.

Dec 29th, Tarbuck, Mary aged 76, relict of James CARTWRIGHT.

Dec 29th, James WYATT Esq, aged 75, brother of the Rev George WYATT of Burghwallis Rectory.

Dec 30th, London, General Samuel HUSKISSON, aged 81, brother of the late Right Hon William HUSKISSON, M.P for Liverpool.

Dec 30th, Blackstone St, Hannah, aged 78, relict of the late William WILD of Sheffield.

Dec 30th, Ann aged 59, wife of Robert DONAL, late master mariner, Edgar St

Dec 30th, Bray, the Rev G. W. LAMPREY, rector of Ballintemple, county Wicklow, son of the late Alderman LAMPREY of Dublin.

Dec 31st, William GELLION, aged 37, plumber and glazier, Chester.

Dec 31st, Canning St, Margaret, aged 76, relict of Moses BENSON Esq.

Dec 31st, Elizabeth, aged 37, wife of John RIMMER of Aigburth, Ash.

Dec 31st, Manchester, rather suddenly, Richard BESWICK, the well known and respected chief superintendent of the police force of that city. The deceased was 43yrs of age, and spent nearly 23yrs of his life in connection with the Manchester police establishment, having been appointed a constable in May 1832.

Jan 1st, Miss Ellen FELL, aged 63.

Jan 1st, suddenly, Thomas Worthington JONES, aged 40, of Bedford Vaults, Bedford St, Toxteth Park.

Jan 1st, Edmund HAWORTH Esq, aged 91, of Sale Lodge, Cheshire and of Althorpe in the county of Lincoln.

Jan 1st, Emily, aged 8yrs 9mths only daughter of John QUAYLE, 33 Park Rd.

Jan 2nd, Mrs WOLFENDEN, aged 78, of Queen St, Oldham, mother of Mr Alderman REDFERN.

Jan 2nd, Frances Maria, aged 14, eldest daughter of Capt FAULKNER, staff-officer of pensioners.

Jan 3rd, Mersey View, Birkenhead, James Burton RAYNER Esq, aged 66, merchant.

Dec 3rd, Wem Shropshire, Mr C. D. MEREDITH, registrar of births deaths and marriages, son of the late Joseph MEREDITH formerly of the Royal Hotel, Prescot.

Jan 3rd, George Lofthouse RICHARDSON, aged 47, of Lord St.

Jan 3rd, Richmond Terrace, Breck Rd, Frances Margaret Eleanor, aged 9mths, daughter of Henry MACGROTTY Esq.

Jan 4th, John aged 20, son of the late David WATSON of this town.


Northern Daily Times

March 1855


9th inst, Aberdeen, Mrs Mary MEARNS, aged 110

17th inst, Bootle, William Henry, aged 17, 3rd son of Edmund MOLYNEAUX timber merchant, Great Howard St.

18th inst, Thomas PRIOR, aged 64, late master of No 12 pilot boat.

19th inst, William R. F. HILL, aged 12mths, son of William C. HILL, Shipsmith, Bridgewater St.

20th inst, Great Newton St, Charles Stewart, aged 3, son of John MOLYNEUX

20th inst, Derwent Lodge, West Derby, James RAWDON.

20th inst, Norton St, F. WILSON, Surgeon.

20th inst, Workhouse, Preston, Ann DEWHURST, weaver, aged 101

21st inst, Chester, Thomas OíHARA, aged 59.

21st inst, Emily Maiben, 4th dau of John SHORE, New Brighton.

21st inst, Sarah, aged 30, wife of John BARNES, Hallwood, Melling.

21st inst, Thomas, aged 20, son of T. B. SPENCER, Crofton St, Burnley

21st inst, Mrs F. BURY, aged 49, of Everton, sister of Mrs T. S. SHUTTLEWORTH, West Cliff, Preston

21st inst, Margaret wife of F. BURY Esq, Jubilee St, Everton.

22nd inst, George Francis, infant son of Richard HOLDEN, West Derby.

22nd inst, at brotherís residence, James GARTHSIDE, Surgeon, Rodney St, John William GARTHSIDE, aged 56, Surgeon, Chorley, eldest son of the late Capt Joshua GARTHSIDE, 21st Light Dragoons.

22nd inst, Mount Pleasant, Thomas BERRY, aged 81

22nd inst, Elm Vale, Fairfield, Alice, aged 24, wife of Thomas HOLDEN.

23rd INST, St Martins Hill, Canterbury, Rev John Bowes BUNCE. M.A, aged 35, chaplain of H.M.S. CONWAY.

23rd inst, Anne Gray aged 9mths, only dau of John JONES, Victualler, Cable St.

23rd inst, At nieceís house, Withy Tree, Cottage, Bamber Bridge, Preston, Jane TABERNER aged 71.

23rd inst, Mistley Essex, Mary, aged 67, wife of Capt CRISP, mother of John LOWE, inspector of patrol this town.

24th inst, Agnes Elizabeth, wife of Edmund DUFTON, 4th dau of the late John SWINTON, this town.

24th inst, Beach Castle, Exmouth, Alice Mary, aged 73, 2nd dau of the late Rev COTTON of Lancaster.

24th inst, Colebrook Row, Islington, London, of pulmonary consumption, Eliza eldest surviving dau of E. CHESTER, Solicitor, Staple Inn.

24th inst, Nun Appleton, Yorkshire, Sir W. M. S. MILNER Bart, aged 76.

25th inst, Leeds, Edward YATES, Veterinary Surgeon, formerly of Blackburne

25th, Croxteth Hall, Lady Catherine MOLYNEUX, sister of the Earl of Sefton.

26th inst, Eldon Place, Henry DORAN, Iron merchant.

26th inst, John JONES, Clerk, aged 31, Barberís buildings, Upper Mann St.

26th inst, Denmark Hill, Camberwell, William B. GURNEY, aged 78, shorthand writer for the House of Lords and Commons.

27th inst, Vale Mount, Whalley, Miss Charlotte WILKINSON.

27th inst, Fairview Toxteth Park, Hugh LEWIS, aged 67, formerly of Douglas, I.O.M.

28th inst, Tiger Inn, 70 Dale St, Martha WOOD

28th inst, Thomas Cook, infant son of James J. BIBBY Esq of Stanfield, Liverpool


Liverpool Mercury May 4th 1855


March 22nd, Miss Ruth ROBY, aged 63, farmer of Altcar, near Formby.

March 24th, Constantinople, John STEILL, late engineer of the steamship Fayal.

March 27th, of fever and inflammation of the chest caught while working in the trenches before Sebastopol, Robert CLARKE, bandsman, 52nd Regiment, from which he volunteered into the 18th royal Irish.

April 10th, Eliza, wife of the Rev David DOBIE, of Plattsburg, New York, and daughter of William WALKER of St Helens in this county.

April 16th, Mrs Sarah HUNTER, aged 71, school-mistress, Rupert St.

April 23rd, Hill St, Toxteth Park, William RIDING, aged 73.

April 24th, London, Frank, infant son of Mark LEMON.

April 25th, 6 St Anne St, Mr James HOGARTH aged 73, for 40yrs connected with the Dale St Copper and Brass Works.

April 25th, father-in-law's House, William GRAHAM, Falkland St, Thomas FOSTER, aged 36.

April 25th, suddenly, W. MORGAN, aged 36, rigger, Upper Mann St.

April 26th, William LAYFIELD, builder, Martin St, West Derby Rd.

April 26th,Trefusia House, Exmouth, General Charles DALLAS, aged 87, formerly governor of St Helena

April 26th, York, Bernard HAGUE Esq, aged 63, Deputy Lieutenant.

April 27th, Anne wife of William EVANS, druggist, Islington.

April 27th, Whiston, Thomas HOWARD aged 63.

April 27th, E. RIMMER aged 85, brewer of Fernier.

April 28th, Martha, aged 21mths youngest daughter of Edward CALVERT, stonemason, this town.

April 28th, Cambridge, Thomas Henry Carr, aged 23, 4th son of the late John BURDER Esq, of Parliament St, Westminster and Norwood, Surrey.

April 28th, after a short illness, Mary aged 33, wife of Mr Buckley LIVESEY, Snig Brook, youngest daughter of John SEFTON, Blackburn.

April 29th, Caroline Emma, aged 1yr 10mths infant daughter of Samuel HOLLIWELL, Queen's Pierhead, Liverpool.

April 29th, Frederick, aged 7mths son of W. G. SEDDON, stationer, St Helens.

April 29th, Folkestone, John WILSON, aged 80, for 32yrs a member of the Incorporated Society of British Artists.

April 29th, Bootle, James W. LASCELLES Esq.

April 29th, James STUART, Esq, M.D, aged 50, of Wigan.

April 29th, Richard F. GREENHALGH Esq, aged 37, of Cheshamfield, Bury.

April 29th, Rake Hall, Stanney, nr Chester, Emily Jane aged 15, 3rd daughter of the late George H. Minto ALEXANDER, judge of Bands, East Indies, grand-daughter of the late Major General James ALEXANDER. H.E.I.C.S.

April 30th, St Leonards-on-Sea, Mary aged 30, wife of Lieut-Colonel I. Ireland BLACKBURNE.

April 30th, Blackburn, John KAY, aged 50.

April 30th, after but a short time previously undergone a painful surgical operation, Sir Henry BISHOP, aged 74, his numerous and graceful works will entitle him to a place in the foremost rank of English composers.

April 30th, Robert Harrison aged 3, son of R. JONES Jnr, Clevedon Terrace, South St.

April 30th, Robert KENYON, aged 44, watch finisher, I Linden Terrace, Netherfield Rd, North. Deceased was for 10yrs in the employ of Mr J. PENLINGTON, St Geprges Crescent, and formerly with Mr HESS, South, John St. Few excelled him in ability, none in uprightness and industry.

May 1st, Paris, Armar Lowry CORRY, rear-admiral of the white. This gallant officer had gone through a most active career in various services, he was captain-superintendent of the packet service at Southampton, and was last year 2nd in command of the Baltic Fleet, until; ill health obliged him to relinquish his post.

May 1st, Marian, aged 5, 2nd daughter of Captain William HARRISON of the royal mail steam-ship Africa, and on the same day, aged 12hours his son Samuel.

May 1st, suddenly, William QUARRELL, aged 70, late of Basnett St.

May 1st, Elizabeth, aged 62, the wife of James HARDY, Pennington St, this town.

May 2nd, William ADAMS, aged 62.

May 2nd, John James, only son of John HINDLE, Blake St.

May 2nd, Thomas CLARKE, aged 61, cooper this town.

May 3rd, Stephen Albert, aged 23, eldest son of Stephen Isaac BROMLEY, Clevedon St.


Liverpool Mercury Oct 13th 1855


Aug 6th, Allahabad, north west provinces of India of cholera, aged 36, William Henry EBORALL Esq. C.E, eldest son of the late Lieut S. EBORALL. R.N.

Sept 21st of consumption, Thomas Halley, aged 25, only son of James COTTERELL of Flatbuali Avenue, Brooklyn, U. S, formerly of Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire.

Sept 24th, on board the Orinoco at Scutari, of epilepsy, Miss CLOUGH, one of the lady nurses from Balaclava.

Sept 25th, Cairnfield, Scotland, Hugh McWILLIAM, aged 28, draper, Liverpool Rd, St Helens.

Oct 1st, Catherine Georgina aged 4mths, daughter of Joseph JONES, Suguall St.

Oct 1st, Boulogne-sur-Mer, John Michael and Oct 7th, Robert Watkin, only surviving children of John WYNNE Esq, of Garthme?lo, Denbighshire.

Oct 3rd, Bradford, Richard PERKINS of the firm of Messers Stavert, Zyomala and Co, eldest son of the late Richard PERKINS, formerly of Eden House, Ackworth and eldest grandson of the late John PERKINS Esq, Braithwaite Hall, nr Barnsley.

Oct 3rd, Church Copperhill, Crewe, Sarah, aged 84, wife of Charles PARKER, farmer.

Oct 3rd, Jane aged 30, daughter of John YEARSLEY, of Gorstage, Cheshire.

Oct 3rd, Gore Crescent, Pendleton, Mendel ALBRECHT Esq, merchant of Manchester.

Oct 3rd, Geneva, William ROMILLY, aged 57, eldest son of the late Sir Samuel ROMILLY

Oct 4th, Walburgo, aged 12 mths youngest daughter of John McEVOY. Upper Frederick St.

Oct 4th, Bury New Rd, Manchester, Thomas NICHOLSON, aged 35, fustian manufacturer, Spring Gardens, and nephew of the late Samuel BOWERS Esq of that city.

Oct 4th, Old Bank Chester, Capt Charles Stanhope JONES of Beaumaris

Oct 4th, John ADAMSON, Esq aged 68, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Deceased was an eminent member of the legal profession in the district, and secretary to the Newcastle and Carlisle Railway Co and to the Society of Antiquaries at Newcastle. He was also a member of the Antiquarian and other learned societies in the metropolis. His translation of Cumoe?s, the great poet of Portugal, has long had an extensive reputation.

Oct 4th, Rev Samuel BARBOUR, aged 52, for 16yrs superintendent of the Leeds Town Mission.

Oct 4th, Chester Capt C. S. JONES, aged 58, of the royal Anglesey militia, and late Capt of H. M., 59th Foot

Oct 5th, Mountjoy Square, Dublin, Ross MOORE Esq, M. P. for Armagh.

Oct 5th, Merrion Place, Higher, Broughton. Thomas NEILD Esq, aged 44, solicitor, Manchester.

Oct 5th, suddenly on his road from Ballaugh, I.O.M, to Douglas, for the purpose of proceeding to Liverpool, John HALLIBURTON, late draper of Douglas.

Oct 5th, Great Oxford St, David POWER, aged 28, master of the ship Dorchester of this port.

Oct 5th, Dawlish, Devon, George DEANE Jr, late of this town formerly of Manchester

Oct 6th, Union St, Emily Moore, youngest daughter of Charles PARKER.

Oct 6th, at Mrs HOLT'S, Seaforth, Ellen wife of James AMBROSE, aged 33.

Oct 6th, Robert John, aged 3, son of Robert DICKINSON

Oct 6th, Richmond Terrace, Martha wife of Catten SYMONDS

Oct 6th of congestive fever Richard Joseph DOWNING Esq, formerly connected with the English and Irish press.

Oct 7th, Falkner Crescent, Bootle, Louisa wife of Walter Maberly CURTIS Esq of Atherton one of H.M Justices of the peace for this county.

Oct 7th, Warrington, Miss Alice GILL, aged 64

Oct 7th, Prospect Vale, Fairfield, Alexander aged 27, 4th son of John WRIGHT of this town.

Oct 7th, St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh, Robert Hardie, youngest son of Walter DOUGLAS

Oct 8th, Scotland Rd, Mary wife of J. R. NORMAN, druggist.

Oct 8th, Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Ellen relict of Samuel BURGES Esq, late captain of the royal invalids, and eldest daughter of the late Charles DREASING Esq of the Royal Hospital.

Oct 8th, Henry Mills aged 6mths, youngest son of W. P. HORNBY, West Seacombe Terrace, Seacombe.

Oct 8th, Catherine Agnes, aged 3mths, daughter of C. A. MATHER Esq of Everton.

Oct 9th, Anne wife of Joseph HIGHAM this town

Oct 9th, after a short illness, William GILLGRASS, Park View, Hill St, Toxteth Park.

Oct 10th Great Sutton Cheshire, Capt Henry CUBBON, aged 40, late of the barque Regulus.

Oct 10th, Mount Pleasant, Anne QUICK, aged 79.


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