Deaths 1853

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 18th 1853


July 30th, Thomas aged 22, accidentally drowned off Wellington, New Zealand, son of Captain HANSBROW, governor of Lancaster Castle

Dec 16th, St Vincent, Cape Verd Islands, on his passage to the Cape of Good Hope for the benefit of his health, Henry Hamilton HOULDSWORTH, aged 29, eldest son of Henry HOULDSWORTH Esq, Oak Hill, Manchester

Dec 19th, St Thomas's West Indies of yellow fever after 4 days illness, Captain Thomas KENNEDY, aged 35, of Whitehaven, master of the British brig, Campbell

Dec 25th, Hothersall nr Ribchester, Thomas WILCOCK, aged 90. The deceased was well known through the extensive district as a measurer and valuer of property, and as a pedestrian he was rarely excelled, being able, until a short time before his death, to walk 20miles a day.

Dec 26th, New York, Samuel RIGGS Esq, aged 52, prominent merchant and banker, he commenced business at an early age in Baltimore and was attached to the firm Peabody Riggs and Co.

Jan 6th, Clonmel, Ireland, Constance wife of Louis HICKS, aged 35, 2nd daughter of Thos P. DILLON Esq, merchant this town

Jan 7th, Grove House, Lewisham, Ann relict of Captain Stephen NAINS, R.N.

Jan 8th, Ann aged ?5, wife of J. LLEWELLIN, tea dealer, Gill St

Jan 8th, Harrington, Cumberland, Elizabeth aged 65, relict of the late William FLETCHER Esq, this town

Jan 9th, Egerton Terrace, Hamilton Square, Birkenhead, Alfred James HILL, aged 19, nephew of Thomas HUGHES Esq, Roseville, Clonmel, Ireland

Jan 9th, Vevay, Switzerland, Lady Augusta BARING, daughter of the late Earl of Cardigan

Jan 10th, Walter Scott-Lockhart SCOTT, aged 27, of Abbotsford Roxburghshire

Jan 10th, Christina Helena, aged 2, youngest daughter of the late Captain JACOBSON, Seacombe St, Everton

Jan 11th, Alby Rectory, Norfolk, Rev Samuel REES, rector of Alby and vicar of Horsey

Jan 11th, Alice aged 53, wife of Edward BARTON, of Walton-on-the-Hill

Jan 11th, Thomas FINCH, aged 70, practical engineer, for 56yrs in the employment of Mr MERRYWEATHER, fire engine maker, London

Jan 12th, James IRELAND, aged 67, late of Pine Apple, Park Rd

Jan 13th, daughter's house, Mrs WHITE, Soho St, Elizabeth aged 84, relict of the late W. BIRD, tailor and draper, formerly of Bridgewater St.

Jan 14th, John MAWDSLEY Esq, aged 56, of Seacombe

Jan 14th, son's residence, James ARNOLD, surgeon, Rose Vale, Agnes aged 72, relict of the late Dr ARNOLD, Newtownards, county Down, Ireland

Jan 14th, Thomas Grindrod, infant son of John C. BLYTHE, Rock Park, Rock Ferry

Jan 14th, Portsmouth, William HARRISON Esq, proprietor of the Hampshire Telegraph, newspaper

Jan 16th, Ellen aged 22, wife of Samuel HOUGH, Cumming St, Toxteth Park

Jan 16th, Sandowne, Southport, Jane aged 49, wife of James Hardy WRIGLEY, Esq


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 15th, 1853


Jan 23rd, Edwards HANDS, aged 59, of Tralee, Ireland

Jan 26th, Rev T. SPENCER, editor of the, Temperance Chronicle, formerly minister of the C of E.

Jan 28th, Mrs Mary JONES, aged 95, of Gaerwen, formerly of Llanddyfnan, Anglesey

Jan 31st, Thomas BENNETT, aged 68, pawnbroker, late of Daw Green, Dewsbury, father to 8, grandfather to 95 and great grandfather to 9 children

Feb 3rd, Mr GRIFFITH, aged 80, Clynnog, Llangeinwen, Anglesey

Feb 6th, West Cliff, Preston, Margaret, aged 86, relict of the late Richard DICKSON Esq, Poulton le Fylde

Feb 7th, of scarletina, Margaret, aged 4, daughter of George CARTER of the Running Pump Inn, Catforth, Woodplumpton, this is the third child Mr CARTER has buried within a fortnight.

Feb 7th, William SHEPHERD, aged 43, chronometer maker, Bath St

Feb 7th, Castle Hill, Mrs CROMPTON aged 89, relict of A. CROMPTON Esq, formerly of Chorley Hall this county.

Feb 7th, at son’s residence, Mr Nicholas LEA, Innkeeper, Gin Bow-entry, Preston, aged 66, Edward LEA, late of Holmeswood nr Rufford.

Feb 7th, Crown St, James WARREN, aged 68,.son of the late James WARREN Esq, of Dublin an eminent member of the Irish Bar. Early in life Mr WARREN entered the navy as midshipman, but, taking up the quarrel of his cousin, now Sir Lovelace STAINER and having in youthful impetuosity struck his superior officer was dismissed from the service. He thus incurred the displeasure of his family and was too proud to sue for pardon, and, having spent the little means he had on travel, enlisted. During all the Peninsular war he served, and in many a hard, fought field shared the dangers and glories of his companions. Upon the 18th June 1815, he acted as orderly to the Duke of Wellington, and of this great man it was ever his pride to speak.. For some time before his death Mr WARREN was destitute and afflicted, forgotten and neglected by his relatives. He has left a widow and a poor, delicate and afflicted family.

Feb 8th Sherborne, Dorset, Walter Francis Shiel, 4th son of William Charles MACREADY.

Feb 8th, Elizabeth aged 68, wife of John DEWHURST, Land surveyor, William St, Preston.

Feb 8th, Thomas Morris, only child of Peter HUGHES, High Park Rd.

Feb 8th, John SCOTT, aged 66, formerly of Penrith, Cumberland, late Mile End, Liverpool

Feb 9th, James Peter aged 21, 2nd son of J. HABGOOD, Birkenhead

Feb 9th, John HARRISON, aged 53, coach driver

Feb 9th, at grandson’s residence, Windsor Grove, Old Kent Rd, London, Mrs Ann CHARLTON, one of the oldest sisters of Guy’s hospital, having been upwards of 52yrs in that establishment

Feb 9th, Penleonard House, , nr Exeter after a few days illness, Dorothy Elizabeth, only surviving child of the late Jackson GANDY Esq, this town

Feb 10th, Avenham St, Everton, aged 60, Joseph CURLE, bellman and town crier.

Feb 10th, Brighton Cottage, Rhyl, James SIMPSON, aged 33, late engineer of the HIBERNIA steamer plying between Holyhead and Dublin

Feb 11th, Mrs Jane ROBERTS aged 49

Feb 11th, Hemer Terrace, Linacre Marsh, Mrs ABRAM, aged 84

Feb 11th, Harriet Denson, infant daughter of Mr Robert GILL Jnr, Waterloo

Feb 11th, Holywell, Mary JONES aged 77, widow of the late Rev David JONES, Independent minister, same place

Feb 12th, This town, after a lingering illness, Alex MACGREGOR

Feb 12th, Laurel Rd, Fairfield, William MODSLEY Esq, aged 49

Feb 12th, Woolfe St, Adam SCOTT, aged 65, joiner, formerly of Whitehaven, Cumberland

Feb 13th, Mount Pleasant Sir Thomas BRANCKER, Knight, aged 69

Feb 14th, Mrs GLOVER, aged 56, widow of the late Benjamin GLOVER this town


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 22nd, 1853


Suddenly at her residence, Westmoreland Place, Scotland Rd, Maria, aged 55, wife of Edmund SHARPLES formerly of Blackburn

Lately at New York, Thomas Boardman WILLIAMS, of this town, but late of New York

At Naples, the Earl of Belfast only son of the Marquis and Marchioness of Donegal. His Lordship was but 25yrs old, and had much distinguished himself by his literary productions. The lectures he delivered at Belfast in the spring gave proofs of great leaning and genius. He was a young man of very considerable abilities, and his early decease will be deeply felt in the north of Ireland.

November last, Guaymas, Mexico, Jesse youngest son of the late Ferdinando SOUTHAM Esq of Lymm, Cheshire

Dec 5th, at the residence of Capt James GARDNER, San Francisco, of tetanus aged 32, Capt James Mitchell DOUGLAS, of the British barque Isle-of-Wight of Glasgow.

Feb 1st, Magdalen St, Exeter, Mrs M. DEAN, aged 82, her mother, father, and husband, with herself, were born in the same street and never resided out of it.

Feb 4th, Donington, Mrs Isabella KITCHEN, the deceased had made all needful preparations for her funeral, and had got ready her coffin, shroud, and all other articles in the undertaker’s list.

Feb 4th, Madeira, Princess Maria Amelia, a stepsister of the Queen of Portugal, and daughter of the Dowager Empress of Brazil.

Feb 5th, Toxteth St, Elizabeth aged 64, wife of James MONDAY.

Feb 8th, Mary, aged 57, wife of John BOARDMAN of Oldham St, Manchester, it is somewhat singular that the deceased was born on Shrove Tuesday, 1796, married on Shrove Tuesday, 1824 and died on Shrove Tuesday, 1853.

Feb 9th, St Anne’s parsonage, Halifax, Rev John HOPE, incumbent, aged 56

Feb 11th, suddenly aged 58, Jane relict of Mr George EDWARDS, provision dealer, Great Homer St.

Feb 11th, Glasgow, Rev David INGLIS, of the united presbyterian church Port Glasgow

Feb 12th, Mere Lodge, Everton, William Kilsale TAIT Esq, aged 46, formerly of Hale-a-wood, Staffordshire.

Feb 12th, Soho St, Edmund aged 12mths, son of George GOLDING

Feb 12th, Prussia St, John PEARSON, aged 47

Feb 13th, at father’s residence, Agnes aged 24, youngest daughter of George HENRY Esq, Brynhyfryd, Bagilt, Flintshire

Feb 13th, Mrs Susannah TAYLOR, aged 59

Feb 13th, Anna Maria, 14mths, infant daughter of William TAYLOR Jnr, cabinet maker, Finch St.

Feb 14th, William WHITFIELD, aged 88, plumber and glazier, Paul St, Bevington Bush.

Feb 14th, John LLOYD, aged 44, tailor of this town

Feb 15th, Catherine, wife of Henry SALT, Chief officer of the Royal Mail steamer ASIA

Feb 16th, Constance only child of the Rev Thomas MOORE. M.A.

Feb 16th, Suffolk House, Cheltenham, Jane aged 65, wife of Clement ROYDS Esq, Mount Falinge, this county.

Feb 16th, Holywell, Frances aged 19, daughter of F. MALCOLM, Shaws Brow this town.

Feb 16th, Mary Jane aged 11, daughter of William GRAHAM, joiner Brownlow Hill.

Feb 16th, after a short illness, John PRITCHARD, aged 82, for 45yrs carrier between Pwilheli and Criccieth

Feb 16th, William Waldegrave WARDLEY of Glan Helen, Carnarvon, formerly secretary of excise Ireland and after the abolition of the Irish board collector of Salop collection.

Feb 16th, Judith aged 16, daughter of Capt HANABROW, Governor of Lancaster Castle.

Feb 17th, Rock Ferry, Henry Garnett, aged 10, son of Henry JENKINS Jnr.

Feb 17th, Francis CUNDY, aged 43, of the Tower Vaults, Water St

Feb 18th, Oxton, Catherine aged 77, wife of J. R. ASHE

Feb 18th, James Armstrong infant son of Mr L. HALL

Feb 18th, at Paris Lady Coutts TROTTER, daughter of the Hon Alexander GORDON, Lord ROCKVILLE, one of the Scottish lords of session, son of William Lord Aberdeen and was married to the late Sir Coutts Trotter HART, 1802. Her Ladyship had issue four daughters, Mrs James LINDSAY, Mrs Gibbs C. ANTROBUS, the Countess of Albemarie and Miss Susan TROTTER. Lord and Lady Albemarie arrived in Paris a few days previous to her demise.

Feb 19th, at his son’s residence, Wilton St, John LEA aged 86 for many years collector of watch and highway rates of this town.

Feb 19th, at son’s house, Elizabeth aged 80, relict of the late Thomas DUKE

Feb 19th, Kildare St, Dublin, Pierce MAHONEY Esq, by his death a vacancy has been caused in the office of clerk of the crown of the court of Queen’s bench, Dublin, to which he had been appointed two years since.

Feb 19th, Rt Rev John KAYE. D.D, Bishop of Lincoln, born 1783, married 1815, to the daughter of J. MORTLOCK Esq, was formerly master of Christ College, Cambridge, was consecrated Bishop of Bristol in 1820, and was translated to this 1827, and was patron, 50 livings, the annual value of the diocese is £4000.

Feb 20th, Lower Harrington St, Mary, wife of Richard WARREN, Grocer.

Feb 20th, Jemima, aged 66, relict of the late Richard DEWHURST Esq, merchant this town.

Feb 20th, at his house Duke St, aged 61, Samuel MC CULLOCH. Esq, M.R.C.S, in his youth he served in Spain in the Duke of Wellington’s army as assistant staff surgeon to the royal horse artillery, and afterwards in the army on the Canadian Frontier. Since the close of the war he has practised as a surgeon in Liverpool, where his honourable and amiable character and his professional skill him the respect and sincere regard of all who knew him. He died after a few days illness of disease of the lungs, produced by exposure to the weather in the course of his professional duties.. The father of the deceased, who is now in his 95th year and practiced in Liverpool as a surgeon 60 to 70yrs still survives.


Liverpool Mercury March 1st 1853


Lately at Paris, suddenly Mr Ansleme HALPHEN, regent of the Bank of France. The deceased has for the last 15yrs filled the function of lay member of the general Jewish consistory.

Dec 15th, at sea off Cape Horn, William ALEXANDER, Master of the GREAT BRITAIN, of this port bound from Cardiff to Panama. The ship was sunk by a heavy sea which washed him overboard.

Dec 29th, Stie nr Wimsley, Mrs LOCKET aunt to Mrs S. EYRES, Low Hill.

Jan 2nd, Ringway, Cheshire, Mrs Elizabeth PEAK, aged 80

Feb 13th, Bowness, Windermere, William BRAITHEWAITE Snr, aged 85

Feb 18th, Skeeby, nr Richmond, Mrs BRADLEY, aged 105

Feb 18th, Linthwaite, nr Huddersfield, Jos ROBERTS Esq, aged 85, also on the same day aged 73, Elizabeth, wife of the aforesaid.

Feb 18th, aged 79, Henry SCHROUDER, copperplate printer and formerly of the Shakespeare Head, Public house, Kirkgate, Leeds

Feb 18th, aged 2, Richard, 5th son of John HOUGHTON, Barlow St, Kirkdale.

Feb 19th, Salisbury House, West Derby, Henry YATES, aged 67

Feb 20th, Walter aged 36, son of Evan JONES, Unicorn Inn, Ruthin

Feb 20th, aged 84, Mrs OLIVER, for 52yrs confidential housekeeper of John Edward MADOCKS of Glanywern

Feb 21st, Woodside, Rebecca Jessie, 2nd daughter of the late Capt Thomas E. COLE. R.N

Feb 21st, Prescot St, aged 3, Henry son of Thomas RICHARDS, printer late of Shrewsbury

Feb 21st, aged 20, Edward MC KANE

Feb 21st, Ellen, aged 47, wife of Thomas WILLIAMS of the Punch Bowl Inn, Sefton.

Feb 22nd, aged 53 Hugh HOWARD, shoemaker, Gill St, Brownlow Hill

Feb 22nd, aged 11, Peter son of William DURHAM, butcher, Netherfield Rd, North. Deceased fell through the ice whilst sliding and the body was not recovered until Thursday.

Feb 23rd, aged 45 Thomas 2nd surviving son of the late William BARRY of this town

Feb 23rd, aged 36, Edward LLOYD, Cooper, Toxteth Park.

Feb 23rd, Clare St, aged 63, Maria, relict of the late Thomas LEE, block and pump maker.

Feb 23rd, William Bibby KENDRICK, aged 53, late attorney.

Feb 23rd, Ellen, aged 59, wife of Rev William GRIFFITH, Calvinistic methodist minister, Penlone St Pwilheli, and eldest daughter of the late John ROWLANDS of the Whitehall Inn, Pwilheli.

Feb 24th, Roscommon St, Frederick John Charles aged 10mths, only son of Henry SHAW.

Feb 24th, St Anne St, Chester, Mrs Ann WHITEFIELD, aged 70, one of the oldest subscribers of the London Licensed Victuallers Society.

Feb 24th, Workington, Charles BROWN Esq, aged 73, for many years manager of the Cumberland Union, Banking Company.

Feb 24th, Brookfield House, Fazakerly, Mrs Alice HOLDEN aged 74, of the well known establishment, the Crooked Billet, Exchange St, East, a resident in this town for over 40yrs.

Feb 24th, Elizabeth St, Martha eldest daughter of the late Robert PYKE.

Feb 24th, John aged 25, eldest son of the late William LEE, of the Hare Inn, Tranmere

Feb 24th, Pembroke Place, Lieut William KENWORTHY, aged 56, formerly of the 48th Regt abd royal engineer in Van Dieman‘s Land

Feb 24th, Henry HARRISON, aged 72, farmer Litherland.

Feb 24th, Martha, aged 67, wife of Charles SMITH, Park Hotel, Birkenhead

Feb 25th, Albert Conyngham, son of Alexander BROWNE Esq of Wavertree.

Feb 26th, Woodside, Cheshire, Elizabeth wife of W. T. WILLIAMSON

Feb 27th, Great Altcar, Richard MORLEY, aged 64, late of this town

Feb 27th, Annabel, aged 14, daughter of William CLAXTON Esq, South Hill Grove

Feb 27th, Elizabeth relict of Lieut William W. WHARTEN. R.N.

Feb 28th, Ellen aged 15, eldest daughter of Thomas L. QUICK, Superintendent of police, Chester St, Toxteth Park.

Feb 28th, Matthew H. PATERSON, late of New Orleans.


Liverpool Mercury, June 7th, 1853


Oct 11th, Suddenly while off the Cape of Good Hope, on a voyage to Australia, John ROSS Esq, eldest son of the late Col ROSS of Elson, Gosport and formerly of the 23rd and St Helena regiments, the widow of the deceased witnessed his sudden death and was confined [prematurely] at Melbourne on the on the 14th January. The infant lived 3 days, and she herself expired on the 21st.

May 6th, At Lagos, on board the FORERUNNER, Mrs PALEY. The deceased and her husband a clergyman of the Church of England, attached to the mission of Abeokuta, went out with the Bishop of Sierra Leone in December last. Her husband died there on the 1st of April.

May 26th, suddenly aged 56, Joseph RYLANDS Esq

May 28th, At Lisbon, on board the steamship TAGUS on his return from Malaga, Hardman EARLE Jnr aged 28, 2nd son of Hardman EARLE Esq of Allerton Tower.

May 28th, Breckfield Rd, South, George MOORE

May 29th, Park Cottage, St Mabyn, Cornwall, Sarah relict of the late Joseph HARRY Esq, and sister of the late Mrs MILLER of this town

May 29th, Richmond Row, Capt Isaac FLETCHER, aged 42.

May 31st, London, Matilda wife of J. W. HAYTON Esq, of Ramsay, I.O.M, and daughter of the late William DONALD Esq, this town. The remains were conveyed to the I.O.M, yesterday

June 1st, Norfolk St, Capt John HARRISON, this port, aged 46

June 1st, Ancoats, Manchester, Jos COWBURN, aged 58, late of Blackburn.

June 2nd, At Bath, Sir Charles Abraham, ELTON, Bart, the deceased was the 6th holder of the title which was created in 1717, the 1st baronet was mayor of Bristol in 1710 and represented the city in 2nd parliament of George 1

June 2nd, at his seat Tortworth Court, Gloucestershire, aged 51 the Earl of Ducie, he is succeeded by his son Henry John, Lord Moreton, born in 1827. The elevation of Lord Moreton to the peerage will occasion a vacancy in the representation of Stroud.

June3rd, Bidson St, Isabella wife of J. JAMEISON

June 3rd, At Waterloo, George ETCHES Esq, aged 32

June 3rd, At Mrs CAINE’S residence, Chatham St, Mrs SPROSTON, aged 83, formerly of Chester

June 3rd, Jane Basilia, infant daughter of T. S. SMITH, solicitor

June 5th, at Liscard, Cheshire, the wife of Thomas JOYNSON Esq, aged 33

June 5th, 2 Lower Mersey View, Bootle, James aged 5yrs, 2nd son of James JACK, Victoria Engine Works, this town

June 5th, St Annes St, Eliza Jane Simpson, infant daughter of S. FRASER, Ironmonger

June 6th, Frances, aged 39, wife of William MACHAN, Victualler, Vauxhall Rd.


Liverpool Mercury, Aug 12th, 1853


May 21st, of cholera at Dak Bungalow, Burdwan, Lieut F. A. HOOK, of the 73rd Regt N.1, eldest son of the late Theodore HOOK, much and deservedly regretted by his brother officers and all who had the pleasure of his acquaintance, and by whom his generous and kindly disposition, and many other sterling qualities, will long be remembered.

June 9th, the Sandheads nr Calcutta, Capt Joseph CAREY, aged 36, of Workington, of the ship GLORIOSA of London

June 12th, Cape of Good Hope, Dr W. S. COMBERBACH of the Hon East India Company’s service

July 2nd, on his passage home from Australia, Robert Steele, 2nd son of the late Robert NEILL Esq, merchant Greenock

July 28th, suddenly at London, Alexander aged 45, son of the late Capt Alexander CATNER this town.

July 30th, Lynton, Rev H. H. HAYES, aged 84

July 31st, The Salop Infirmary, from injuries sustained from accidentally slipping of a train at the Shrewsbury station, on the 21st May, George DUTTON, aged 25, of Manchester, late guard in the Liverpool and North Western Company’s service.

Aug 2nd, Leamington, Warwickshire, Georgiana Catherine Theresa, aged 45, wife of Edward Hyde CLARKE Esq of Hyde Hall, Cheshire and Swanwick, Jamaica.

Aug 2nd, Newton House, Nairnshire, Alice aged 18mths, daughter of Harry ROBERTSON Esq late of this town

Aug 2nd, Potsgrove, Thomas aged 24, son of T. PAXTON Esq and nephew of Sir J. PAXTON

Aug 2nd, Brook St, Chester, after a long illness, John GILL aged 29

Aug 3rd, Camp Hill, Birmingham,. Mrs KENDALL widow of the late Joseph KENDALL Esq

Aug 3rd, Broadstairs Rev E. A. F. HARENC, perpetual curate of Longcote, Berkshire

Aug 4th, Sandwich, Caroline, aged 40, daughter of Valentine HOILE

Aug 4th, Tunbridge Wells, T. THOMSON Esq M.D, aged 78, Inspector-general of hospitals.

Aug 5th, Esther, aged 2, daughter of Edward GRAHAM ship’s carpenter.

Aug 6th, Arthur infant son of J. W. SEDGWICK Birkenhead

Aug 6th aged 67, Joseph Embery FORD

Aug 7th, Arthur infant son of J. W. SEDGWICK Birkenhead [this is duplicated as shown]

Aug 7th, at Burley, John, eldest son of the late Jonas WHITAKER Esq of Greenholme, nr Otley, Yorkshire

Aug 7th, Mary Emily, aged 2, 4th daughter of Thomas RANDLES, William-Henry St.

Aug 8th, Parliament Place, Mary aged 84, relict of John GASKILL Esq, of Nottingham and mother of Mr GASKILL, Messenger of H. M. District Court of Bankruptcy and of Mr GASKILL the auctioneer.

Aug 8th, Seacombe W. G. COLCHESTER Esq, aged 72

Aug 8th, Greenheys Rd, Princes Park, Robert HUTCHISON aged 49

Aug 8th, in the consequence of bursting a blood vessel, aged 55, James COCKSHOOT, watchmaker, Richmond Row

Aug 8th, at St Helens, after a long illness, Lucy wife of M. ROURKE, printer this town

Aug 8th, after a short illness, Elizabeth aged 32, wife of Mr D. O. SULLIVAN, Crown St

Aug 9th, John BROWN, aged 38, Georges Rd

Aug 9th, Richard FORD, aged 49, of the Belvidere Hotel, South Castle St

Aug 9th, Farnworth, Widnes, of dentition after an illness of 5 days, George William, aged 8mths, son of William HOUGHTON assistant overseer

Aug 9th, Hannah, aged 51, wife of Robert GREEN, milkhouse, Water St, Low Hill

Aug 9th, Wigan, Elizabeth, aged 74, relict of the late William ECCLES, cotton spinner, Wigan

Aug 10th, Grenville St, aged 73, ???????????

Aug 10th, sons residence, Mornington Place, London, Mary aged 84, relict of the late Isaac CRUICKSHANK, artist and mother of Robert and George CRUICKSHANK


Liverpool Mercury, Nov 4th, 1853


July 4th, at sea, off the south coast of Australia, on board the ship Empire, hence to Sydney, J. B. HYMES, M.D, late of Duke St, and on the preceding day Isabella, his wife.

July 12th, Sydney, S. A, R. ASPINALL Esq, aged 52, late of the firm Aspinall Browne and Aspinall.

Sept 1st, Graaf Reinet, S. A, Isabella, aged 36, wife of William J. DIXON Esq [see births]

Sept 9th, Miss Alice ROBERTS aged 76, of Bachymbyd, nr Ruthin

Sept 29th, Montgomery city, Alabama, U.S, Jonathan TAYLOR, millwright, formerly of Oldham

Oct 11th, Montreal, Augusta wife of A. M. ROSS Esq, engineer of the Grand Trunk Railway, Canada.

Oct 19th, Francis O'HARA, aged 20, died from injuries received in the railway tunnel, Lime St, on the 15th ult.

Oct 29th, Mrs PARRY, aged 81, Bold Square, Chester

Oct 29th, John Michael KETCHUM R.N, aged 26, from the effects of a fall, son of J. KETCHUM Esq, Ecerton.

Oct 29th, Allerton, Edward aged 15, 3rd son of W. FLETCHER Esq, of the Liverpool branch of the Bank of England

Oct 29th, Bayswater, W. R. BEXFIELD, aged 29

Oct 30th, Joseph BARWISE, for many years cork-cutter, Cable St

Oct 30th, Ramsey, I.O.M, William LAO Esq, aged 52, inspector of the river, H. M. Customs, Liverpool, formerly of St Mawes,. Cornwall

Oct 31st, William HARBOLD, Esq, late comptrolling surveyor of H. M. Customs

Oct 31st, Great Malvern, Valentine, Earl of Kenmare

Oct 31st, Lower Grosvenor Place, Pimlico, the Hon and Rev James NORTON of Anningsley Park, Chertsey, Petnalls and Virginia Water, and Vachery Cranley, brother of the Right Hon Lord GRANTLEY, and of the Hon G. C. NORTON, police magistrate, and recorder of Guildford

Nov 1st, Winckly Square, Preston, Mrs Alexander S. MACRAE, aged 22

Nov 1st, Bedford St, South, Jane wife of James ALEXANDER Esq

Nov 1st, Portland Place, Everton, Mrs LEWIS, widow of the late John LEWIS

Nov 1st, Castle Douglas, Kirkcudbrightshire, Sophia aged 37, wife of Andrew GERRAN, this town

Nov 1st, Phoebe Charlotte, aged 3, twin daughter of James BIGHAM, shipwright, Dublin St

Nov 2nd, Gloucester Place, Netherfield Rd, Everton, Edward JONES, aged 76

Nov 2nd, Mary aged 61, wife of John TRAVIS, Auson St

Nov 3rd, Greenland St, Charles HOLLIWELL, aged 35


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