Deaths 1851

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 3rd 1851


Edinburgh, Alexander MACDONALD, of H.M's General Register House for Scotland. For many years he held the office of Keeper of the Register of Deeds and Protests, but it was as an expert and zealous antiquary that he was chiefly known to the public, he was one of THOMSON'S best and earliest assistants in the publication of "Acts of Parliament of Scotland" and other works undertaken by the late Record Commissioners. He was one of the most active members of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, and the library and museum of that body owes much to his industry and intelligence. He edited several volumes of the Maitland Club, to which he contributed a useful work, "The Register of Ministers in the year 1567." the earliest extant record of the ecclesiastical appointments of the Reformed Church of Scotland. He contributed largely to the materials of Sir Walter SCOTT'S notes and illustrations of the "Waverly Novels."

Oct 10th, Ceylon, Captain George William BINGHAM, 8th Company, 8th battalion of the Royal Artillery, he was acting in command of the Royal Artillery at that station since the death of Lieutenant Colonel EVANS, who left Woolwich in May last to take the command, and only survived a short period after his arrival, The late Captain BINGHAM had nearly completed 26yrs service, and was greatly esteemed by the corps to which he belonged.

Dec 11th, on his passage home from America, James Smith BAKER, aged 38, a native of Dumfries

Dec 11th, at Bonnyton of Auchterhouse, Forfarshire, John SCOTT, aged 100, he was in full possession of his faculties till the last

Dec 15th, Manse of Panbride, Rev David TRAILL. D. D. minister of that parish, he was ordained in 1794, and was among the oldest clergymen in the Church of Scotland

Dec 17th, Warwick St, Toxteth Park, John aged 5yrs and 6mths, Dec 27th, William aged 9yrs and 3mths, Dec 28th, David aged 7yrs and 3mths, sons of Charles HUTCHINSON

Dec 23rd, Chester, Reginald Heber SPENCE, reporter of the Chester Chronicle

Dec 25th, Queenstown, county Cork, Robert JAMIESON Esq, late of Higher Tranmere, Cheshire

Dec 25th, niece's house, Mrs BRASSEY of Chester, Catherine aged 80, widow of the late Thomas BARTON Esq, this town

Dec 26th, Melville Place, Alexander GOLDIE Esq, of Broomlee, for many years a well known, active and respected citizen of Edinburgh, and for over half a century a member of the Writers to the Signet Society.

Dec 27th, John GLENNY Sen, aged 71, painter, 38 Gerard St.

Dec 27th, after a severe illness Ellen, aged 44, wife of Isaac GLOVER, Scotland Rd

Dec 28th, St Leonards Kelsom Miss Beatrice DOUGLAS daughter of the late Rev Dr DOUGLAS, minister of Galashiels

Dec 28th, Broughty Ferry, nr Dundee, Janet Wannan, aged 68, relict of the late William MARTIN Esq, of this town

Dec 28th, Highbury Park, Aaron CHAPMAN Esq, aged 80, late M.P for Whitby

Dec 28th, Henry LAFFER, aged 68

Dec 29th, Upper Clapton, Rev Algernon WELLS, aged 57

Dec 29th, Mr D. W. OSBALDISTON, aged 56, the well known theatrical manager, till lately lessee of the Victoria Theatre, London

Dec 30th, James DUGGAN, aged 29, tailor

Dec 30th, Mr R. BROMLEY, M.P, for South Notts

Dec 31st, Griffith, aged 71, 2nd son of the late William LLOYD, Excise officer, Llangollen

Dec 31st, Richard HOUGH, compositor, for many years in the employ of David MARPLES, Lord St

Jan 1st, Mrs Sarah KINGSTON aged 48, wife of James KINGSTON, tailor this town, and youngest daughter of the late Joseph BASTER, Devizes, Wilts

Jan 2nd, Joyce Brooks, aged 31, wife of Robert C. BAYNES, hatter, Lord St


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 10th, 1851


Lately, London, M. ALEXANDRE, aged 80, the veteran chess player, and teacher La Bourdonnais

Lately at Vienna, in the prime of life, M. HAUSTEIN, one of the best chess players in that place

At Eagle House, Blandford, Dorset, James William STUART Esq, aged 54, 3rd son of the late Hon Archibald STUART of Balmarino, Fifeshire, and Blandford Dorsetshire, and nephew of the late Earl of Moray, K.T.

Sept 5th, Caunpore, East Indies, John 2nd son of the late Peter MASON, cartowner this town

Dec 28th, Melville St, Perth, Lieutenant Richard COVENTRY. He was 73 yrs in the army and was for 46 yrs of that period actively employed and never had a day absent from duty. He had been a good deal of service in India, and was at the capture of Ceylon, the Cape of Good Hope and the Isle of France.

Dec 29th, John CALDWELL, aged 45, of typhus fever, he was for the last 17yrs the faithful servant of Messers J and J. ACKERS, brewers this town

Dec 29th, Liscard Cheshire, Margaret wife of William HODSON

Dec 30th, Grangeford, nr Tallow, county Carlow, Patrick M'EVOY, aged 110 yrs, a few weeks before his death he was able to walk 2 miles to mass

Dec 30th, at Prescot, Captain John STUART, aged 68

Dec 31st, Jersey, Judge d'AVRAJANCHE, for 42 yrs on the Jersey bench.

Jan 2nd, Regent St, John FURLONG, aged 29, engineer late of the East India Company's service

Jan 3rd, Sarah, aged 48, wife of Matthew WALKER, Lamb and Flag Inn, Great Howard St

Jan 3rd, Standish, William aged 33, youngest son of the late Robert GILLIBRAND, grocer

Jan 4th, William Stephen, aged 6, only son of M. E. GRANDIN, baker, Pitt St

Dec 4th, of disease of the heart, Elizabeth aged 32, eldest daughter of Thomas COOKE

Jan 5th, Brighton, Rev Allen COOPER, aged 57, M.A, perpetual curate St Mark's London.

Jan 5th, Richard NAYLOR, aged 65, farmer, Kirby

Jan 6th, Berkeley St, Toxteth Park, Thomas LAKER Esq, aged 40, of the Branch Bank of England Jan 6th, 46 Upper Pitt St, Esther aged 79, relict of the late Samuel WHITTINGHAM Esq

Jan 6th, Woolton Hill, William LASSELL Esq, aged 56

Jan 7th, Metford, aged 22, son of Isaac JONES, late of Mill Lane, Everton

Jan 7th, Great Newton St, George WILD, aged 44, late H. M. Customs

Jan 8th, St George's Hill, Everton, Isabella aged 75, relict of the late Captain James ORPHAT, of this port

Jan 8th, 21 Falkner St, Barbara Amy, aged 17, daughter of John GREENSHIELDS Esq

Jan 8th, 18 Paddington, aged 45, J. B. BARROW Esq for many years assistant surgeon at the Eye and Ear Infirmary

Jan 8th, suddenly, Daniel CAIN, aged 51, upwards of 20yrs warehouseman to Dirom Davidson, and Co, merchants


Liverpool Mercury, Dec 12th 1851


July 1st, Camaroons, Africa, Thomas aged 27, eldest son of R. MAWDSLEY of Ormskirk.

Oct 1st, Victoria Eliza, aged 3, also Nov 8th, Jane, aged 6, beloved children of Mosely and Louisa NATHAN, Seel St.

Oct 17th, Calcutta, Charles M'CALLUM, merchant formerly of Leith

Nov 10th, Robert BISSETT, aged 48, late sergeant 42nd, Highlanders

Nov 24th, Jane aged 62, wife of Richard WELCH, Fontenoy St

Nov 29th, William JONES, aged 79, Nelson St

Nov 29th, Crosby, Theodore Cuthbert CLARK, aged 71, great grandson to the unfortunate Thodore, King of Corsica

Nov 29th, this town, Ralph PEARSON, aged 75, for many years master mariner sailing out of this port

Nov 29th, Ambrose WARNER, aged 78, father of George WARNER, hairdresser, Wavertree

Nov 30th, Kirk Andreas, I.O.M, Mrs COWIN, aged 85, widow of the late Daniel COWIN, sumner of Lezayre, same island

Dec 1st Robert Swinfen, aged 39, eldest son of the late Edmund PEEL Esq, Bonehill House, Staffordshire

Dec 1st, Ann aged 67, wife of George WRIGHT, formerly farm bailiff to the late T. N. BARKER Esq of Sweeney Hall, nr, Oswestry

Dec 2nd, Ramsey, I.O.M, John James CHRISTIAN, Esq, aged 57, eldest son of the late Capt John CHRISTIAN, collector of H. M. Customs this port

Dec 3rd, Patrick W. HIGGINS, letter press printer

Dec 3rd, Henbury, Cheshire, at son's residence, M. MASON, Mrs CHAPMAN, aged 72

Dec 3rd, Middlewich, Miss COURT, aged 68, eldest sister of William COURT, Esq, the Manor Hall, Middlewich

Dec 4th, Greenock, James OUGHTERSON Esq, aged 79

Dec 4th, W. F. HANDLEY Esq, aged 72, late M.P for Newark

Dec 4th, Hannah, aged 79, relict of the late Richard HUGHES, Woolf St, Toxteth Park

Dec 4th, Richard aged 6, son of Ralph Rylands SALE, blockmaker

Dec 4th, Charlton House, Malmesbury, Earl of Suffolk, aged 75

Dec 4th, Bittern St, Thomas BELL, aged 27, plumber, Mount Pleasant

Dec 5th, This town, Margaret Miller Wilson, wife of William ROBERTSON, shipmaster, Dundee, 2nd daughter of the late John WILSON

Dec 5th, Sacomb, Rectory, Rev T. LLOYD aged 89, rector of Sacomb, Herts, and Fordwich, Kent

Dec 5th, Kirk Bride, I.O.M, John CORKISH, aged 75, farmer

Dec 5th, sister's house, Malew St, Castletown, I.O.M, Mrs Charlotte GUILDFORD, aged 66, sister of the Rev A. GELLING, Arbory, and Mrs TAUBMAN, at whose residence she died

Dec 6th, son-in-law's house, Mr N. DICKENSON, Ballacreggan, parish of Braddan, I.O.M, Margaret aged 84, relict of the late Edward CREAR, of the Howe nr Douglas

Dec 6th, London, having given birth to a son the previous day, Lady Caroline KING, aged 33, sister to the Earl of Portarlington. The deceased was married to Captain George St Vincent KING, R.N, in 1847, the brother of Sir Richard Duckworth KING, Bart

Dec 6th, Elizabeth aged 21, wife of Robert ROBERTS, late of Ruthin, Denbighshire

Dec 6th, Margaret Ellen, aged 21mths, youngest daughter of John CHRISTIE, pilot

Dec 6th, Elizabeth, aged 19, 2nd daughter of Richard JONES, Holt House, Halton, receiver of dock, town, and Trinity light duties at Runcorn

Dec 6th, John Thomas, aged 21, son of the late John GOODYEAR, of Moulton, Lincolnshire

Dec 6th, Edinburgh, George DUNBAR, professor of Greek literature at the University of Edinburgh

Dec 7th, London, Rev George ROBSON, aged 79, rector of Erbistock and prebendary of St Asaph

Dec 7th, West Derby, John aged 22, 3rd son of the late William DOUBLEDAY, tea broker this town

Dec 7th, John Earle GALLEMORE Esq, aged 41, of Whitefield House, Ashton-upon-Mersey

Dec 7th, East Hill, Wandsworth, London, Frederick FOWNES of this town

Dec 7th, London, Lieut General Sir G. A. QUENTIN, C.B, K.C.H, aged 92, formerly colonel of the 10th hussars, late aide-de-camp to George 1V, crown equerry to her Majesty, and to the late George 1V and William 1V

Dec 8th, Edward Price, aged 16yrs 5mths, 2nd son of Samuel HEWITT, plumber and glazier, Wood St

Dec 8th, Kensington Terrace, Upper Parliament St, William THOMPSON Esq, aged 85, late of Oatlands, County Meath, Ireland

Dec 8th, Wavertree Rd, Esther aged 75, relict of the late James HOUGHTON

Dec 8th, Prestbury Rd, Macclesfield, Joseph ARNOLD, Esq, aged 53, silk merchant

Dec 9th, 62 Dale St, James BUTLER aged 51

Dec 9th, Hanover St, Douglas, I.O.M, Elizabeth aged 68, wife of John KEWLEY, late of Algare, same island

Dec 9th, Samuel WRIGHT, aged 45, of Warwick St, saw-mills, formerly chief engineer of the steamship, Great Liverpool

Dec 9th, Mrs Mary WISDOM, aged 74, late of Holyhead

Dec 9th, at the house of John FERGUSON, grocer, Malew St, Castletown, I.O.M, aged 25, David M'CRAKIN, late of Castle William, nr Newcastle, Ireland

Dec 10th, Miss Elizabeth MADDEN, Duke St

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