Deaths 1850

Liverpool Mercury Jan 1st 1850


Nov 3rd, on board HMS KINGFISHER in the Bight of Benin on his way to Whydak where he had been appointed Vice Consul for the British Government, Mr John DUNCAN, the celebrated African traveller.

Dec 14th, Newark, Mr RIDLEY aged 56

Dec 19th, Barnacre nr Garstang, Ann wife of Mr James STANDING, aged 75, at the same place aged 72, Mr James STANDING. They had been in life long united and in death were not long divided.

Dec 22nd, Egerton St, Wilson aged 16, only son of Capt T. LITTLE.

Dec 23rd the Very Rev Dr KIRWAN, President of Queens College Galway.

Dec 23rd, Hephyibah, aged 77, youngest daughter of the late Reuben CAPES Esq, Shropshire Lodge, Northamptonshire

Dec 23rd, 21 Henrietta St, Bath, John PINCH Esq, eminent architect

Dec 24th, Mary Postlethwaite, aged 11, eldest surviving daughter of C. PADLEY Jnr, Waterloo.

Dec 24th, Kensington Terrace, Kirkdale, infant, John Fuller ANDERSON.

Dec 24th, John WILLIAMS of the firm GLADHILL and WILLIAMS Ironfounders, Hunslet Moorside., he has left 8 children, had 46 grand children, 21 still living and 3 great grandchildren

Dec 24th, Garstang, Thomas CLARKSON, Surgeon, aged 36, the deceased had been ill for some time and had a pre-entiment his death would take place on Christmas Eve

Dec 26th, Mary wife of Thomas EATON of the Eagle Foundry, Wood St.

Dec 26th, Elizabeth aged 66 wife of John DAVIES, formerly livery stable keeper, Falkner St, this town.

Dec 27th, sonís residence, 6 Queen Anne St, Eleanor aged 70, relict of George AYNSLEY of North Shields.

Dec 27th, Eliza Sandbach, aged 7wks, daughter of Capt Macleod FRASER of the 6th foot.

Dec 27th, Great Britain St, Dublin, James Fenton LALOR, writer of several letters in The Nation 1846 and articles in The Felon 1848

Dec 27th, Thomas MARTIN Esq, aged 77 of Ormskirk.

Dec 28th, St Helens, Ann daughter of the late Lawrence TATTERSALL of Burnley.

Dec 28th, London, Samuel aged 29, eldest son of Mr TOWERS of the Angel Hotel this town and the Queens Manchester.

Dec 28th, at son-in-laws residence, Mr Richard KAY surgeon, Pembroke Place, Sarah aged 75, relict of the late Mr William KAYE.

Dec 29th, the Priory Aigburth, Harriett Moody aged 51, wife of James SOTHERN Esq.

Dec 29th, Fisher Gate, Preston, George HORROCKS Esq, aged 82.

Dec 29th, Clifon, whither he had been removed for the benefit of his health, after a long and most severe illness, Henry Gordon HARBORD Esq, aged 34, surgeon this town, one of the members of the Town Council for Great George Ward.


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 11th 1850


Oct 23rd, New York, William HAMILTON, hatter, formerly of Whitechapel

Dec 25th, Peacock's Close, Castle St, Aberdeen, Alexander WATTIE, aged 69, formerly in the Royal Navy

Dec 27th, Son's residence, Kirk Lonan, I.O.M, Isabella aged 68, relict of the late Robert FINLAY, Bevington Hill, this town

Jan 1st, John BOOTH Jnr, aged 49, of Warrington

Jan 1st, of consumption, 22 Highfield St, John PARKE, aged 56, currier and leather-cutter

Jan 1st, of Asthma, Charles, aged 26, son of the late Charles LUNT, cartowner and publican this town

Jan 3rd, John M'LEAN, aged 38, pilot this port

Jan 3rd, Southampton St, Camberwell, Mrs Mary HONIBORNE, aged 71, last surviving daughter of the late Rev Thomas SAUNDERS, formerly of Vicar Lane, Coventry

Jan 3rd, 34 Upper Stamford St, of inflammation of the lungs, Rev Agmondisham Colclough CARR. M.A, incumbent of St Andrew's Lambeth, and late assistant minister of Belgrave Chapel, Belgrave Square, London

Jan 4th, infant daughter of Viscount and Viscountess NEVILL

Jan 4th, Hastings, Rev Richard TILLARD. A.M, of Street-and-house, nr Canterbury, formerly rector of Bluntisham, Huntingdon

Jan 5th, Joseph, aged 18, youngest son of Joseph ASHBURNER, letterpress printer, Clayton St

Jan 5th, Everton, Leonora, aged 89, relict of Capt James QUAYLE

Jan 5th, Ambrose Barcroft PARKER Esq, aged 32, eldest son of Edward PARKER Esq, Alkincoats, nr Colne, late captain 64th regiment, a deputy Lieutenant and magistrate for this county, and magistrate for the West Riding of Yorkshire

Jan 5th, 23 Chester St, Mary Elizabeth Caroline HEINTZ, aged 49, widow

Jan 6th, Clifton, nr Bristol, Lieut-General NICOL, in 1831 was nominated a companion of the Bath, in 1846, having attained the rank of Lieut-General was appointed to the coloneicy of the 68th regiment. The lucrative appointment is again at the disposal of the Horse Guards, as well as the coloneicy of the 80th Foot.

Jan 6th, Margaret aged 81, widow of John BRADLEY and mother of the Rev Wm BRADLEY of Baddesley Parsonage, and of Mr BRADLEY, surgeon this town

Jan 6th, Perth, Walter MILLER Esq, who had for 50yrs been in the service of the Perth Banking Company. Mr MILLER was sitting in the public reading-room perusing the newspapers on Saturday evening when he suddenly fell from his seat upon the floor

Jan 6th, Elizabeth, only daughter of Matthew DUNN, of the Liverpool Savings Bank, Bold St.

Jan 7th, Boot Inn, Northgate St, Chester Thomas MOSS, aged 41

Jan 8th, Mrs TAYLOR wife of Thos TAYLOR, boarding-house, 11 Ray St

Jan 8th, Sarah, aged 65, wife of Thos WAKEFIELD, Chester

Jan 8th, Thomas PILKINGTON, of Scotland Rd, aged 44

Jan 8th, Mary Rushton, aged 1yr 7mths, daughter of George R. WOODS, 6 Kew St

Jan 8th, Ormskirk, Martha, relict of Thomas STOCKLEY

Jan 8th, Belle Vue, Birkenhead, William KYLE, aged 29, clerk at the Monk's Ferry Station, Chester and Birkenhead Railway

Jan 9th, Greenbank House, Linacre Marsh, James PHILLIPS Esq, merchant this town

Jan 9th, Agnes aged 74, wife of James DAIRYMPLE, Union Mills, nr Douglas, I.O.M.

Jan 10th, 1 Thornton Place, Toxteth Park, George Emilius, aged 12, 2nd son of Thomas Wyld GLADSTONE


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 15th 1850


Lately Daniel Augustus SANFORD, ensign in the 2nd Bengal European Infantry, son of Rev John SANFORD, vicar of Dunchurch, and grandson of the late Bishop SANFORD. He was appointed to the regiment in 1848, having just completed his 20th year, and is reported to have sunk under inflammation consequent upon the excessive fatigues of the campaign in Punjaub. He was author of "Leaves from the Journal of a Subaltern during the Campaign in Punjaub" published a month or two ago by Messers BLACKWOOD

Oct 18th, Alice CHEW, relict of the late Theophilius CHEW, formerly of Manchester, and on the 11th inst, Betsey Tinling, daughter of the above Alice CHEW

Dec 23rd, William ORPE, of Comridge between Uttoxeter and Rochester, aged 104yrs 3mths, up to the end of last spring he cultivated his garden himself, and superintended and assisted in the management of his small farm. He was a much respected and expert brother of the angle, and doubtless the oldest fisherman on the banks of the river Dove, his widow aged 95 survives him.

Dec 25th, Collyweston, aged 92, Elizabeth relict of F. FREEMAN, publican. In the time of the celebrated Dick TURPIN, the deceased performed the office of taking a quart of ale to him at the door of the Bull and Swan Inn, S Martin's Stamford. He heartily drank of the ale and putting his silver tankard in his pocket, galloped off on his favourite mare Black Bess to the wonder and vexation of the landlord. On her marriage the deceased became landlady of the White Swan, Collyweston, where she resided for upwards of 50yrs.

Jan 2nd, John HANNAH, aged 33, for 12 yrs clerk to P. F. CURRY Esq, the coroner of the borough

Jan 2, Lower Durnford St, Stenehouse, Sir David James Hamilton DICKSON, late Inspector of Hospitals and Fleets, aged 70

Jan 3rd, Melling, Margaret aged 95, relict of the late William HILL, for more than 50yrs tenant to Lord Skelmersdale. Deceased was mother to 18 children, grandmother to 57, great grandmother to 95 and great grandmother to 1. For more than 80yrs she has regularly stood in the Liverpool markets, with farm produce and continued to do so until within 3wks of her death. She retained in a most remarkable degree her mental and physical faculties.

Jan 6th, Canal office, Manor Row, Bradford, Robert NICHOLSON, aged 72, for many years principal agent of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Company

Jan 7th, Ann aged 63, wife of Andrew RUTTER, shipwright, Ray St, Formerly of Onchan village, I.O.M.

Jan 8th, Ashwell Rectory, Rutlandshire, Hon and Rev Thomas DAWNAY, aged 71

Jan 8th, Birkenhead, Ann aged 73, relict of John THOMAS

Jan 8th, of palpitation of the heart and dropsy, Mary aged 62, relict of Philip M'NEILL, Great Nelson St, North

Jan 9th, Llanwrst, Ellen WILLIAMS, aged 86, at 2am, Edward WILLIAMS, her husband, a hale old man, aged 91, in his usual health actually died of grief at the loss of his faithful old partner, they having lived as man and wife for over 60yrs, he died at 9am the same morning.

Jan 9th, Inverness, James M'COSH Esq, aged 35, editor and proprietor of the Inverness Advertiser

Jan 10th, Woolton, Jane the wife of John M'LAUGHLIN

Jan 10th, Dyserth, nr Rhyl, Thomas DAVIES, aged 56, of the Calvinistic Chapel-house

Jan 10th, William HARRIS, aged 53, 21yrs clerk of St Paul's

Jan 10th, Mary aged 52, wife of Edward DARNLEY, shipwright this town

Jan 10th, Ellen, infant daughter, and on the 11th, Thomas aged 13mths, children of William BILLINGE, plumber, 2 Bright St, Edge-hill

Jan 11th, Charles GREEN Esq, solicitor, Church St, Birkenhead

Jan 11th, St Ann's-hill, Walton Breck, Robert Sellar HENDERSON Esq

Jan 11th, Elizabeth aged 10, eldest daughter of J. W. WILLIAMS, Hadassah Grove, Lark Lane

Jan 11th, Great Nelson St, North, Mary Anne relict of Captain George COONELLAN

Jan 12th, Mr HARDING, Towerlands St, Edge-hill

Jan 12th, Douglas, I.OM, Mr Alexander MACDONALD, engineer of the Mona's Isle steamer, and the oldest engineer in the service of the I.O.M. Steam-packet Company. In testimony of the respect in which the deceased was held the steamers in Douglas harbour had their flags hoisted half-mast. His remains were brought to Liverpool for interment by the King Orry, Captain QUAYLE, on Sunday morning last.

Jan 13th, niece's house, 13 Washington St, Everton William BROTHERTON, aged 85

Jan 13th, 11 Hope St, Mrs Ann MAY, aged 69, the wife of William MAY of H.M Customs


Liverpool Mercury, Jan 22nd 1850


Jan 5th, 20 Leicester St, Birkenhead, Charles GRAHAM, formerly of Woodhead, Auchencairn, Rerwick, Gallowayshire, Scotland

Jan 6th, Ravenstone, William MARLOW, aged 86, he served the office as parish clerk of Ravenstone for upwards of 28yrs.

Jan 8th, William WILLIAMS, architect and surveyor, only son of the late William WILLIAMS Esq, 10 Seymour St

Jan 8th, Holyhead, Elizabeth wife of Thomas WILLIAMS, architect and eldest daughter of R. EDWARDS, surgeon, Port Madoc

Jan 10th, Aberystwyth, Thomas DANIEL aged 76, formerly an extensive earthenware dealer of that town

Jan 11th, Richard MAUDSLEY, yeoman, Bilsborrow, aged 98, father-in-law to Cuthbert DEWHURST, Lune St and uncle of John GARDNER, builder of Preston. The farm which has been on lease in the family nearly 300 yrs, now falls into the possession of Sir Thomas WHITEHEAD, Uplands

Jan 13th, Cleadon House, nr Sunderland, Bryan ABBS Esq aged 79, 50yrs a deputy lieutenant and magistrate for the county of Durham

Jan 13th, William ASCROFT, stonemason, Derby Terrace, Bootle

Jan 15th, Brigham, nr Cockermouth, Dinah widow of the late Joseph POTTS, husbandman, aged 95. Her death was occasioned by a fall 3mths since, which fractured her thigh. Previous to that time she could walk to Cockermouth and back, a distance of 4miles, as nimbly as most women of 50, she retained her faculties till the last.

Jan 125th, Southampton, Robert HENDERSON Esq, aged 29 of the inner temple, barrister at law, eldest son of Lieut Col HENDERSON, late of the Royal Engineers

Jan 15th, Hauteville House, Guernsey, Dame Emilia, aged 99, relict of Sir Peter de HAVILLAND, bailiff of the island and eldest and only surviving child of the late E. TUPPER Esq, Jurat of the Royal Court

Jan 15th, Mrs Ann TURNER, aged 39, wife of Captain James TURNER

Jan 16th, 44 Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin, Edward DELANY, aged 88. He was nearly the last of the Volunteers of 82.

Jan 17th, George PUGH, aged 95, of Mellington, he was a member of the Wesleyan Methodist Society for 70yrs.

Jan 17th, Highfield Park, Royal Rock Ferry, Eleanor 6th daughter of the late John PATTINSON, Esq, leather merchant this town

Jan 17th, Idra Ann HARTLEY, aged 70, relict of the late J. HARTLEY, grocer, Whitechapel

Jan 18th, John aged 27, son of Mr BROWN, Grange, Cheshire

Jan 18th, 70 Mill St, Toxteth Park, Edward BATES, aged 28

Jan 18th, Armagh, the Rev Charles ELRINGTON D. D. Professor of Divinity, University of Dublin

Jan 19th, Anna Elizabeth aged 1yr 10mths, daughter of Michael BOYLAN, 52 Russell St

Jan 19th, Larkfield, Aigburth, Nancy aged 47, wife of William M'CORMICK Esq

Jan 19th, Mason St, William aged 13mths, only son of James BREMNER, chief officer of the ship Gipsy

Jan 20th, Spencer St, Everton, John FOWLER aged 67, formerly of St Neol's Hants


Liverpool Mercury, Oct 15th 1850


At Labuan, off Borneo, aged 35, John WILSON Esq, M.D, of the 51st Madras Native Infantry, and acting colonial surgeon, 2nd surviving son of Jonah WILSON Esq, surgeon, late of Huntingdon. He was attached to the suite of Sir James BROOKE, with whom he co-operated in the discharge of the magisterial duties of the colony. Returning home from an official visit to the admiral at the station, on the 17th June, he was struck by the sun and died on the 19th.

Lately at Batignolle-Morceaux, Paris, aged 74, an old man who had been living in the most abject misery, and who had two nephews in the neighbourhood, nearly as wretchedly as himself. He has however, left them a fortune of 400,000 francs.

Sept 27th, Almhouses, Clapton, aged 103, the widow of a gardener. The deceased had been an inmate of the Bishop Wood's almhouses for 34yrs, and enjoyed good health till within a fortnight of her death. She also maintained her mental faculties to the last

Oct 2nd, after a short illness, aged 48, Sarah Elizabeth, wife of John HERON, late of Belfast.

Oct 5th, Handforth, Cheshire, John WALSJ, aged 86. He was in the service of the first Sir Robert PEEL, 15 yrs, commencing in the year 1793 at Ramsbotham, and afterwards many years with Messers T. MARSLAND and Sons, Stockport. He has left 7 children, 53 grandchildren and 24 great grandchildren living.

Oct 7th, Hugh WILLIAMS, aged 24, cooper, of this town. He sailed the previous day for Africa in the ship Providence and perished in the catastrophe that befell that ill-fated vessel.

Oct 8th, Haydock Lodge, George Robert STEFFENS, aged 43, a native of Riga, and late shipwright this town

Oct 9th, Glasgow, William DENNISTOUN Esq, late of Kelvin Grove

Oct 10th, Parr St, William MAXWELL, aged 66

Oct 10th, Elizabeth Amelia, aged 3yrs 8mths, only daughter of William WILLIAMS, Basnett St.

Oct 11th, Everton, Ada, aged 16mths, 7th departed child of William Stitt JENKINS

Oct 11th, suddenly, Robert BREKELL, aged 69, victualler, Regents Rd

Oct 11th, Edmund James BARTON, aged 20, of Cambridge, apprentice on board the ship Pakenham, now lying in the Albert Dock, his death was caused by a fall from the maintopsail-yard of the above ship, owing to a want of care in protecting himself when engaged in lowering the sail from the yard.

Oct 12th, Richard, aged 3, youngest child of William Henry WIATT, for 30yrs principal clerk and manager to MELLORS and RUSSELL, this town.

Oct 12th, Aigburth, Richard HARRISON Esq, aged 74

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