CRIMES May 1859


CRIMES 2nd May 1859

James LYNOTH labourer Adlington St and wife Winifred charged with assaulting P. C. remanded John HOLT apprentice watchmaker assaulted Anne KELLY with a knife in Edge Lane , a respectable married woman . remanded

Stealing by Corporation servants. William MALLEY Timekeeper, William D. COMPTON Iron plate worker, John DAWLING Labourer, stole iron shutters and gates from building in Bridge port St, Park Lane, for trial.

Ellen MONAHAN Stole feather bed. The daughter of the lodging house keeper Mrs JENNINGS in Richmond Row saw MONAHAN climbing the stairs with feather bed wrapped in a sheet on her back, when asked were she was going she said to see a friend. No such woman lived there and she walked out with the bed. It was later found to have been taken from the house.

Patrick SHERIDEN assaulted Patrick McGIBBON over the head with a life preserver after drinking in house of Mr BAGLEY Waterloo Rd, Oil St. It was found prosecutor to be aggressor, discharged.

John LANG Labourer Eaton St charged with murderous assault on wife. Officer 440 FORSYTH found wife on floor covered in blood, LANG was kicking her savagely. Taken to Northern ,broken ribs and internal injuries not out of danger. remanded.


CRIMES 6TH May 1859

George CECIL Chemist and Druggist Park St charged with assaulting Elizabeth Anne JONES at 42 Oxford St which he was renting from JONES. CECIL owed £8 rent and when JONES went to collect it found CECIL packed and ready to leave. He refused to pay the rent and pushed Mrs JONES violently into the street. fine £3 and costs

Mr BREMMER Solicitor ordered for Mrs Mary McMILLAN protection for her and her property from her husband Malcolm McMILLAN , June 1854 he left her and went to Melbourne hadn't heard from him since.

Sarah MONKS charged with keeping a house of ill fame in Wigan St, Vauxhall Rd, for trial

Mr Hugh CAMPBELL builder summoned by Mr RUSHTON borough surveyor for altering premises in Cable St without serving notice, fined 40s and costs.



Catherine DALBY poor with child in arms charged by John FRENCH Inland Revenue of having at Mile End an illicit still full working and 4 gallons of spirit. 3mths prison or £30 fine

John Mc NALLY Chisenhale St charged with assaulting neighbours James CORRIGAN and wife Catherine same street and breaking windows and doors. pay damages or prison.

Mary STANLEY age 84 charged with begging was a descendant of parties who kept a confectioners shop in Castle St 80 yrs ago , in which she had kept a simillar shop 50 yrs , when asked why didn't she sell sweets now instead of begging said she didn't beg parties gave her assistance, would be glad to sell sweets if she had the means, discharged. to stop begging.

10th May given 14 days

John WALKER Westmorland St

Thomas BRACEGIRDLE Castle Northwich

George GREENWOOD Park Rd

Henry DAULKS Vernon St

John VOSE Old Swan

Samuel TAYLOR Vernon St

William HUMPHRIES Fairhurst St Cheapside

Edward SLATER Fulton St


Isaac FENLON and Thomas LYNCH seamen on the American ship NECROPOLIS charged with assault on Jose ECHEVARRIA , 2mths prison each

Arthur Mc ARTHUR charged with brutal assault on Catherine HOUGHTON a young married woman of Plumbe St, breaking her jaw, 3mths prison

John MURRAY, Thomas JOHNSON, Anne McCALL alias, McHALE or MALONE and Elizabeth JONES charged with pick pocketing on Lime St, for trial

Hannah Olivia KNIGHT age 14, daughter of eating house proprietor Park Lane, Michael MATTHEWS, John MATTHEWS, James RUSHTON and Henry RUSHTON all same age as female charged with stealing 3 dozen pairs of gloves property of Mrs PARKER Great Charlotte St, to be sent to reformatory

Diana HOLMES and daughters Margaret and Elizabeth HOLMES committed robbery in shop of Mr HOBSON Haberdasher 86 Bold St. Are the family of a fireman on board the steam tugs on the Mersey, live in St Annes St and are of respectable appearance, 6mths with hard labour each.

Evan LLOYD a respectable looking man obtained seeds from Mr CUTHBERT seed merchant Clayton Square ,by false pretences. Ordered seeds to be sent Mr Owen LLOYD Menai Bridge , amount unpaid recipient contacted said he new nothing about order, pay 20s owing and costs then discharged.

Robert FLETCHER clockmaker, Adam McCUTCHIN watchmaker , Joseph ATKINSON locksmith, bellhanger and photographist, all artisans and in buisness concerned in stealing a gold watch Mr JONES Master Printer South John St, for trial

Mary GARRICK broke leg of Mary JONES 28 Sparling St flung Jones down cellar steps, bail Henry SMITH Master of MARY BLACK charged with desertion having signed up as mate on board the THORNHILL at £5 amonth , 10wks gaol with hard labour.


CRIMES16th May 1859

William FOWLER charged with assaulting and stabbing Margaret MILLAR Couple live together in Hotham St. FOWLER in the habit of beating woman, when asked why she didn't leave him said,," Can't say I have forgiven him 100 times and have had 10s from him in the last 9wks,he asked for money when I had none he beat and stabbed me,remanded

Philip MURPHY charged with indecent assault on respectable married woman named DODD. Fined £2

CRIMES 17th May 1859

Catherine QUINN middle aged woman and a drunkard charged with stabbing 11yr old son James, admitted stabbing boy in back of neck with a pin not a knife he was her stepson and she chastised him for staying out all night. Witnesses confirm child is neglected and sleeps in doorway and pettys, prisoner has 2 boys and an infant. Has assaulted a well meaning neighbour who took her infant off her to bathe and feed it when prisoner was in a drunken stupor and infant was in need. Husband away at sea as a cook and steward. £10 fine or prison for 3mths, children to be cared for by relatives till husband returns from sea.

Thomas PARKER seaman on Steamship WINDSOR of Dublin stole 1 and a half gallons of porter from hold. prison 1mth.

John GORRIE seaman charged with kicking female Ann HANDLEY a woman of bad character. Passed HANDLEY in Peter St when accompanied by another woman , Handley commented "Don't I know you" were upon prisoner kicked her in a delicate area. £10 fine

Henry ACKERLEY late employed by Mr INMAN watchmaker 29 St James St was sent to prison for 2mths for stealing 2 lever watches from Mr INMAN.

Ann DICKENSON was charged with having assaulted Isabella DODD with a poker, the injured party having three wounds to the head, Although the parties were neither young nor handsome the assault was proceeded from jealousey, the injured woman having charged the other with having carnal knowledge of her husband. Ann DICKENSON was sentanced to three months in prison.


POLICE COURTS 21st May 1859

Thomas CUNNINGHAM seafarer attempted to cut wifes throat, Wife Catherine found running down Horatio St shouting murder, she had left him and gone to workhouse as he refused to look after her. He asked her back and she refused saying life was better in the workhouse, he threatened to cut her throat with a razor. £10 fine.

John CAREFULL returned convict and brothel keeper and William SMITH, sent for trial for stealing overcoat and other apparel from Thomas ASQUITH when he was lying drunk in Skelhorn St.

Mr DUCKWORTH Builder of Brunswick Sq charged with assaulting Isaballa Emily HAMMOND aged 18yrs Stepdaughter for 6yrs, Her and daughter did housework alternately on sundays when parents went to chapel, on parents return housework wasn't done and girls had had friends in the house. DUCKWORTH Picked on eldest girl and asked youngest daughter what the lazy pig had been doing. Unprovoked he kiced her on parts of her body he was sure she would not exhibit , she showed youngest sister who told her mother., conduct considered cowardly to abuse a young girl so violently, 2mths prison where mother was advised to not have him back in the house

Charles ARRED Prussian seaman brought in custody by Detectives PATRICK and LAYCOCK charged with stabbing Edward PONSON. Prisoner went to sea on the DELHI Officers overtook her 50miles out to sea and arrested prisoner for trial

John GROGGAN Assaulted William SMITH Compositor with a sling shot, an argument broke out when both were drunk, for trial

Arthur CARNEY Hawker from docks stole a watch from John FRANCIS Chinese seaman, no evidence discharged.

Michael BARLOW, Tin plate worker of Oriel St, charged with assaulting neighbour Margaret GREEN, each had heads bandaged, BARLOW was fighting with GREEN'S Son and Margaret GREEN tied to break up the fight by knocking BARLOW senseless with a large jug over his head, confirmed by son Patrick GREEN. Asked was it not just an ordinary Irish row and you were all going at it, "hammer and tongs" reply, "No not all". BARLOW fined 40s and costs.

John JAMES and wife Mary charged with having gambling boards at St Martins fields near Vauxhall Rd, no proof discharged.

John PHILLIPS Labourer middle aged, stopped at Wapping Dock with two bottles of, "Old Tom" concealed on his person, had been working on the FORT WILLIAM in the dock, cargo case had been found broke open and seven bottles missing, prison 2mths.

John HOWARD, Mary COLLINS and Mary Ann HARDMAN charged with pick pocketing, 1mths prison each


Police Court 24th May 1859

John ROE Cotton Porter born Bevington Bush charged with criminal assault on his 9yr old daughter, on the horrible facts emerging committed for trial most definately would be transported for life.

Jane PRITCHARD aged 40, charged with keeping an irregular house and contributing to the debauching of young females, pleads that she has moved to Warrington on the warrant and has changed her life for the better, for trial.

Charles AMAN charged with stabbing Prussian Seaman PENSALUS three times endangering his life, for trial

John PYWELL charged with Embezzelment from employer Thomas SIMPSON Manager of a cab buisness, recieved monies from the Sisters of Mercy Mount Vernon Convent which was not accounted, no evidence discharged.

John BRADY a Carter Kensington Terrace Kirkdale charged with keeping an illicit still, fined £25. John RIMMINGTON Cab owner Queen St charged with being incapable in Copperas Hill in charge of his cab.

Richard EVANS Cab owner charged with being incapable and driving furiously down Berry St.

Anne LEECHIN a woman of renown character charged with robbing J. E. NORWOOD of a bill for 420 dollars and £8 of gold. NORWOOD was staying at the Adelphi Hotel and while out walking was distracted by LEECHIN and on his return found items missing from clothing!!.

John COOKE charged with threatening to take the head off a boarding house keeper named Edward STARKEY of 3 Fulton St with a machette.

A dissipated wife Mary QUINN of Finch St, charged with illegally pledging wearing apparrel of the woman she lodged with. Her husband refused to give her money to release the property, he was tired of doing the same. She had pledged furniture he had bought and property of the landlady on countless occasions and he had 40 pawntickets on property still not released. She was imprisoned for 1 month ordered to pay 12s pledge money and 29s costs.

William COLE was charged with assaulting a police officer No 746 .When the Officer saw him beating his pony unmercifully and intervened, COLE directed his blows to him, scentanced to 1mth in prison.

Elizabeth RICHARDS was charged with stealing from her Master, Mr Mc GUFFIE chemist Castle St. Items stolen, bottle of brandy, bottle of sauce. bottle of lye, spirit of amonia, eyeglass, loaf sugar, tea and wearing apparrel. She had pawn tickets for other items not released. Sentanced six months hard labour.

Catherine TYRELL a Smartly dressed woman was charged with picking the pocket of Mrs RICHMOND of 2 Church St at an auction in Rodney St. awaiting sentance Mary FOWLEY a powerful looking woman of No 9 Court Blenheim St brought up by P.C.Woodruff 238 for assaulting her husband. She had stayed out late and he had locked the door. On finding the door locked she burst in grabbed the key [a very large one] and assaulted and wounded her husband [a man of slight stature] who is now in a dangerous state. Awaiting sentance.

Terrance COGHLAN Steward on board the JAMES PILKINGTON from Bombay charged with having 3 and a half pounds of tea and 8 pounds of coffee concealed in his berth which he had not paid duty on, fined £2-19s-9d and costs.

26th May 1859

J. H. LIGHTBODY again appeared on bail for threatening to shoot his wife Margaret.

Ellen FORMBY was examined and said the couple came to her house and Margaret LIGHTBODY complained her husband had a loaded pistol in his pocket and was threatening to kill her. He said he had ane would blow her brains out if she came at him with the tongs again.

A pistol was found capped and loaded in his possession.

Ellen GUY saw the prisoner point the pistol to his wifes head- £100 bail to keep the peace for 12mths


Friday May 27th 1859

Michael Mc GORRY a powerful looking fellow whose head was bandaged charged with having cut and wounded a young girl named GIBBONS of Grenville St. Was out drinking with girls uncle a fight ensued involving the family of the GIBBONS, stones and other missiles were thrown and the child was hurt. There was a fight in the court from the family, fined 40s or 1mths prison.

John COOK a pitiable cripple who had problems with paralysis of the limb and resided at the workhouse, charged with breaking windows in Preesons Row, other convictions given previous for similar offences. His worship was appalled the man was neglected by workhouse staff he stated he was clearly an idiot and a danger to the public. -Prisoner crazy removed to the asylum

Edward LEAHEY placed in the dock, a marine store dealer of Vernon St. along with a neglected looking child Catherine McELVOY.

She had stolen iron from the yard of MACFIE and Co Sugar refiners and sold it to the accused. Aboy working at MACFIES saw the incident and told Mr KING the Inspector there – fined 40s and costs or prison.

Girls mother admonished for neglect, girl discharged.

Amelia LICENSE a well dressed woman charged with child stripping, She approached Mary Ann POLLARD aged 9 in Hill St while she was listening to an organ player and asked if she could polish her boots. She then disappeared with the boots – remanded

Frederick HOSE, Coopers apprentice charged with stealing three bottles of rum the property of Mr WATERHOUSE. The goods were found concealed in his clothing as he was leaving the Princes Dock – prison 1 mth

Beer House Keepers

Charged for Sunday trading

Catherine EDWARDS, Carlton St

James DICKMAN, Strickland St

Edward KELLY St Martin St

Catherine AINSWORTH, C?enhale St

David NEWALL, Miall St

Joseph HODSON, 49 Walnut St

John ELLESTON, Finch St

William McDONALD, Regent St

Non compliance of previous orders given 14days

William ALLANSON, Cabinet Maker Leather Lane and Dale St

Thomas WHITBY, Gt Nelson St

James McGEE, Court, Tulloch St

Andrew ROBERTSON, Court, Chester St

Ann EVINSON, Breckfield Place, Breckfield Rd

Mary THOMAS, Back Cottage St, off Shaw St

David EDWARDS, Gascoyne St

Elizabeth VALIDEY, Court Gascoyne St

Fanny BRANMAN, Wallasey Terrace, Princes Park

Edward O’DRISCALL, Simpson St off Bridgewater St


POLICE COURTS 30th May 1859

John McDONALD The mate of the American ship EMMA, Waterloo Dock brought up for having assaulted the Steward of the same ship James STEWART with a bayling pin-£5 or 3mths prison

George F. WYMARK smart looking dressed as a seaman charged with defrauding Mr COHEN Pawnbroker and Outfitter, Paradise St. Mr Thomas HUGHES assistant at the shop states last Saturday prisoner had returned from sea and on his beamends after finding his father in dire circumstances asked witness to by his waistcoat and 2 pawn tickets, came back Tuesday and borrowed a shilling saying Mr McIVER had offered him a position on one of his ships, he borrowed clothes and money on showing a bill to be changed for £16-9s to Messers D .Mc IVER and Co Water St. It was found to be a forgery Inspector THORNE stated prisoner was brought from the Angel Hotel last week were he had obtained money from the waiter- remanded

John BROWN a seaman on the EPAMINONDAS was charged my Mr SCOTT Boarding House Keeper, 27 Place, Saltney St with obtaining goods and money to the amount of £6-7s-6d , George SWAIN also accused prisoner of stealing his boots from a house of ill-fame in Chisenhale St –remanded

John BELL and wife Anne with infant in arms placed in the dock, Mrs GIBSON with head bandaged and looking in a delicate state stated she was hit over the head by John BELL with a poker in Henderson St while she was out looking for her husband. Mr COBB showed that the complainant was the aggressor- remanded 1 week

William PARRY Warehouseman and foreman at the warehouse of Mr JAMES, Iron Merchant, Oil St and Vandries St, John MITCHELL a porter same place. George DAVIES, Blacksmith, Clement St, Robert COPELAND, Trueman St and Clement St, Iron Stores, charged with stealing steel from Mr JAMES Warehouse, Gang watched for over a week by, Inspector LAYCOCK and KEOGH and Detective PATRICK- remanded for further inquiries

31st May 1859

Samuel RIGBY middle aged man a pavier of 2 Court Milton St charged with a murderous assault on his wife Sarah. He came home drunk on Sunday, kicked her, broke her ribs and bit her. She stated he was her second husband and abused her shamefully.. Dr HAWKES of Vauxhall dispensary confirmed her injuries and spoke of previous abuse. – 6mths prison with hard labour.

A row in Atherton St, Mary . McCARRICK a young woman and her two brothers, youths, John and James, John READ, Daniel and Patrick CONWAY placed in the dock.

P.C. ORME drawn to Atherton St and South John St by shouts of “Murder” and “Police”, He found a mob in deadly conflict. Mathew McHALE an old man and his son Patrick with blood streaming down their faces who were taken to the Northern Hospital. Prisoners taken to the bridewell.

The riot started in tender passion when Daniel CONWAY who was in love with Mary McCARRICK was refused permission to go out and meet her at such a late hour, he turned and started to assault her.

Mathew McHALE who lived in rooms in the same building got out of bed to see what was going on and tried to protect the mother and threw Daniel CONWAY into the street. He returned some time later with his companions armed with machetes , bricks and sticks.

He declared Mrs McCORMICK the mother of some the prisoners but not a prisoner herself the worst of the mob. She cried out to the mob, “get em with your clogs and machetes on him.” The wounds of the McHALES were dangerous as were those of Mrs CASSIDY another neighbour who tried to help

All the McCORMICK gang were locked up and the rival party had all the evidence their way.

William John McCAFFREY a tall dark man and Thomas WELSH a short young fellow placed in the dock.

Inspector GRACE at 12 midnight on Sunday, on passing along Tithebarn St heard a noise in Mr BAKER’S premises the Refreshment Rooms, Exchange St, East. A portion of brickwork had been removed to gain access on the counter was a dagger and screw driver.

Assistance was called and the premises was surrounded by police. It was found that 5 premises had been entered by means of removing brickwork, breaking glass or removing floors.

In Mr DURANDU’S Bullion office 3 Dale St, they found McCAFFREY concealed in the ash pit under the boiler in Mr HOWELLS Printing Office cellar. WELSH was found behind the boiler.

It was found that a skeleton key had been used to enter 2 Exchange St, East, which led to other offices upstairs. They then forced the doors of Messers HUNT and TOMSCHITZS , boxes were broken and postage stamps taken. A56lb weight was dropped on the safe of Mr MILNER with no success. They then made entry to Mr HOWELL’S printing office which is above MR DURANDU’S Bullion office gold, silver and money was taken. They then entered Mr BAKERS cellar shop enering through the wall from there into Mr MARK’S Watchmaker and Jewellers premises but here were disturbed – remanded till Saturday.

George JAGOE, Alfred STOCK and Robert DUMRELL charged with deserting the ship H.M.S SYREN at Buenos Ayres. Prisoners deserted in febuary and arrived here on trading ship under the names SMITH, THOMAS and JONES.

Stephen ROURKE a man of colour summoned Capt BELL of the ship SARAH AND EMMA for wages of £15-6s-8d Shipped from New Orleans on the 19th of Feb – magistrate gave order for full pay.

Given 14 days for non-compliance of previous orders

Timothy JONES, Smithdown Lane

John McGLOCHIN, Knotty Ash, West Derby

Thomas ALCOCK, Knotty Ash, West Derby


DUFFY, Hill St

Thomas MULLEN, Heath St, Toxteth Park

Richard NORMAN, Theatre Royal, Gloucester


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