Crimes June 1859


June 1st 1859

Non compliance of previous orders 14days

William TOBIN, Court, Paul St

Robert BURNS, Bedford Foundry Leigh.

John DAVIES, Exchange St East

George MAY, Gill St

Charles ARROWSMITH, Haighton St, Ormskirk

Edward JENKINS, Aberystwith, South Wales

Margaret ASHLEY, King St, Edge Lane

Frederick ZIRK, Clerk of Earle St


June 1st 1859

Assault on the Capt of the Wexford Steamer TROUBADOR

Edmund MURPHY a seaman on a charge of assault.

Capt ROACH heard a row with MURPHY and a mate, Murphy accused the mate of having taken an unmanly advantage of him, as there were respectable people on board the Capt threatened to put him in irons.. He got him by the collar and threw him, MURPHY retaliated by striking the Capt.

When the mate Charles McKENNA and the Carpenter David COULON came on the scene they were both assaulted. The Capt turned back to the Pier Head and gave the prisoner into custody then proceeded to Wexford.

Mr BLUCK for the prisoner accused the Capt of taking out a warrant when he received a lawyers letter for false imprisonment. He was a passenger at the time of the assault and the Capt had put another man in his place this was the reason for the row and the Capt struck the first blow.

Witnesses confirmed this, Ambrose BULLER a seaman a passenger at the time and Mary KEARNS a passenger going to Wexford for the body and clothes of her son Chief Mate on the ill fated POMONA


John MEALLEY a provision dealer in Simpson St charged with stabbing women of the same street who were talking outside. Margaret BARNES, Juliet FISHER her daughter Maria ANDREWS and Barbara WRIGHT.

He went out in the street in an exited state with a kitchen knife, his wife tried to stop him and he had, had a little to drink. He inflicted wounds on the women about the face and arms and was insane.-for trial

J. H. ZAAGA, mate on the Prussian ship SPECULANT charged with desertion. An accusation had been made against the Capt of tampering with the cargo. Capt NIEUJOHN examined said he had been superceded- discharged as proceeding must be made by the actual Capt.

Ralph ATHERTON charged with stealing a roll of canvas found on him when leaving the Nelson Dock. Stated he was Capt of the Flat ZOUAVE and had been given the canvas by the Capt of the HAZEL. P. C. Made an improper arrest was repremanded- discharged


June 6th 1859

George DAVIS, William PARRY, Robert COPELAND, John MITCHELL, Elias JONES and William ROBERTS charged with having robbed Mr JAMES, Iron Merchant, Oil St and Vandries St of large quantiy of iron.

Testimony adduced :-

John PROPHET- removed some iron sold by COPELAND to EDWARDS Premises in Summerseat

William EDWARDS a Smith sent PROPHET for the iron.

John Walnutt TRUEMAN - COPELAND engaged a cellar from him for 7wks deposited iron at regular intervals which was brought on a Donkey cart having written on it the name MITCHELL

William HORTON had driven a pony cart for MITCHELL all the accused had used his cart. He could not read the name on the yard so he showed the police it was found to be McKENZIE. He went to various cellars disposing of the iron. One in Trueman St, Lydia Anne St and Oriel St owned by a man called HYNE.

Peter CHADWICK a little lad with a donkey cart drove iron from COPELAND to, Denis SLYNE a Nailer of Oriel St and John BEAVER Iron dealer of Scotland.

Joseph SMITH Manager at Mr JAMES stated PARRY was warehouseman and had the key-further investigations each 100 bail.