CRIMES April 1859



Mon Apr 4th 1859

Margaret CROW a well dressed respectable woman of 20 years was charged with concealment of the birth of a child on the 7th instant, while in the service of Mrs CRAWFORD Eating house keeper, found guilty and given 1 mths prison

Ellen NEILSON with child in arms was charged with passing counterfeit money on the 14th instant, she gave a boy a coin to purchase a penny loaf and asked him to return the change. Found guilty given 18mths prison with hard labour

Anne Jane DOYLE committed a similar offence ,because of previous convictions was given 6yrs Penal Servitude.

Thomas WRIGHT Capt of the ship MERSEY and William BOUCHER Weigher charged with defrauding Edward CHALONER of 150 ,verdict guilty Wright 6mths, Boucher 3mths

Frank CAMPBELL charged with deserting the ship ANNIE BAKER brought up before Superintendant MURPHY of Marine Board, he got drunk and the ship left without him, prison 4wks

John FARREN deserted the ship ALBANIA he was refused his advance and would not sail, prison 8wks

Jane BRANDON a Lady-Like person applied to Mr BLUCK Solicitor for protection against her husband, Carl BRANDON Shipping Master of Upper Pitt St he had showed her indifference and gone to live with another woman. The order was granted

John MARKS and Abraham WOOLFE charged with robbing fellow German Countryman named WERNECK of 21 , Sent for trial.


6TH APRIL 1859

William CHARTERS and William WEARE young actors from the concert hall charged with throwing stones in Lime St cutting a mans head. 5s each or 3days

Mary Ann KITCHEN charged with stealing the clothes of the workers at a house of bad repute, while the same were otherwise engaged. The house belonged to Agnes BALL. KITCHEN pledged the goods at various pawn shops.Mr Mansfield would release the goods if Kitchen persued a course of virtue.

Bridget FOY elderly wife of Peter FOY knocked down by lorry and horses in Old Haymarket belonging to Mr DAVIS. She sustained fractured arms and will be disabled for life. 5 compensation.

Charge of False imprisonment of Charles Fredrick WISON steward of the bargue FRANCIS by Capt William HOW HOW had WILSON arrested when the FRANCIS docked at the ALBERT DOCK. On the accusation that he had stolen a parrott and some canvas. WILSON was imprisioned at the bridewell and HOW deducted 4 from WILSONS pay for the cost of the parrott and desertion of ship before it tied up. HOW bought 32 parrotts in Brazil and WILSON bought 2, HOW was asked how did he know that the parrott was his he said,his parrotts were clever and could speak Portugese. James CAMPBELL Mate confirmed he had missed no canvas. John GURD boy who was with WILSON most of the time new nothing of the thefts and confirmed the 2 parrots WISON had were his. WILSON given damages of 25.

Mr Edward COOPER and wife Louisa Publicans of The NONSUCH Earle St accused Mr James Edward DAWSON of misconduct and assault.on 24th Dec 1858 The daughter of the couple complained that DAWSON had taken liberties on her in the snug to her mother. She described DAWSON as a short ugly man with long whiskers. The mother confronted him Dawson grabbed the mother and kissed her, then described the kiss as the sweetest he had ever had. Louise DAWSON complained he had humiliated her in front of all her customers and then asked for misteltoe to do the same again. The judge said considering the house was decked with evergreens and the spirit was light it being christmas he would order Dawson to behave better in the future and pay 25 to poor childrens charity.


19th, APR 1859


Patrick DRISCOLL shoemaker of Harrison St charged with assaulting wife when drunk. John CODEN, Patrick COSGROVE, Patrick DUFFY roughians and thieves charged with breaking down the door of John COX 50 Jordan St.

James CAMPBELL Tailor Pope St cut officer 778 on face with a razor.

John MITCHEL, William Mc QUIRK, charged with pickpocketing three females around Bartles stall St Johns Mkt for trial.

John SMITH, Mary GARRITY father and daughter charged with stealing boots from the shop of John HAGAN bootmaker Marybone.

Capt CHISOLM of the steam tug GREAT CONQUEST claimed from Capt SWITZER of the American ship CORINTHIAN 160 salvage for towing steam tug RETRIEVER from the Albert Dock when damaged by the CORINTHIAN.

Henry WHITE and William BATES able bodied seamen on COURIER charged with broaching cargo on ship and inciting POWELL seaman to desert. Capt John Daniel CLINK and James EYRE Chief Officer of MOULMEIN, seaman Thomas HARGREAVES when bound for Rangoon heard accused planning to desert. A great many casks missing when docking. For Trial Charged with desertion,

William Hogarth GERRIE late Chief Mate of the JESSIE MILLAR was continually drunk and refused to go on voyage, had signed to go to America, deposited at Garston Trial



25th,APR 1859

George H. JOHNSON took Inspector SMITH by the coat and shook him fined 2 or prison.

James FARRELL begging from door to door in Poyton St, when searched found on his person, 6 sovereigns, 6s in silver and 6s 6d in copper been in Liverpool 40yrs never been to court always begged. 3mths prison but to pay support.

Sarah CROSS retained 1-5s, given to her for safe keeping by a sailor, remanded

Edward ROBINSON stole 50 from cattle dealer from Carlisle remanded to custody


26th April 1859

Thomas SHEPPELL and John DONNELLAN charged with assaulting, Mary CONNOR and Jane mother and daughter lodging at 50 Court Hornby St , remanded

Henry SCOTT provision Dealer Mill Lane assault on Joseph SPENCER Mill Lane ,fined 5 or prison 1mth

David OWEN and Betsy CLEGG Father and daughter charged with assaulting P.C. in Westmoreland St, fined 2 each or prison 1mth.

John RIDER charged with annoying wife of 7 Queen Anne St . discharged to keep the peace

James McGUINESS and James LIVESLEY charged with brutal assault on Mary MOONEY servant at night cellar Banastre St , Accused started to cause trouble ,victim was sent to get police when accused kicked her in throat and beat her. 3mths prison.

CRIMES 29th APR 1859

Henry ALDFORD 14yrs Cabin Boy charged with stealing 4-10s from mate Edward MABLEY on Schooner HEBE, 14 days prison then to AKBAR Reformatory ship.

James SHIELDS 14yrs B'Head stole 10s from box of Daniel NEILD Labourer Wilson St , prison 14 days then 2yrs at Mount St Bernard Reformatory.

Cab Drivers at B'Head charged with being absent from horses Joseph UPTON and Samuel LEONARD fined 5/6 each.

Beer House Keepers charged with permitting gambling John COLLINS Livingstone St and John HUGHES Brook St both B'Head 10s fine each.

Patrick FLYNN assaulted P.C.Obadiah HELM in Stewart St. John O'LOUGHLIN tried to break up dancing to bagpipes. Officer tried to break up fight between FLYNN and O'LOUGHLIN and was set upon by FLYNN. 3mths prison

Claim for damages in collision Cap HUBERT of the schooner RHINE to schooner COUNTESS of FIFE anchored of Kings Dock, Pilot James WILLIAMS. Damages 15.

Assault by cab men on Watchmaker.Fredrick BENCE Cabman, Thomas CRAWFORD Carter. William SUTTON Cabman , assaulted John WALSH Watchmaker and Engraver Wavertree witnessed by George GILBERT, Thomas BARR and John WALSH. all employed by Mr STEWART, Watchmaker Hope St. for trial

Patrick KELLY elderly man labourer of 32 Midgehall St and Patrick LEARY labourer of 8 Court Blenheim St arrested by P.C. GARDNER for fighting in street. LEARY owed KELLY 1s, KELLY struck LEARY on the nose who is now in a danderous state through loss of blood, remanded 1wk.

Mary McBRIDE Jenkinson St, summoned for using obscene language by P.C. J. ECCLESTON , corroborated by Mrs PALMER Beer House Keeper Jenkinson St, 5s and costs

John David PRITCHARD late Cooper St was summoned by Joseph WYCHERLEY his apprentice to have his indentures cancelled for breach of conditions. Complainant had not worked only on Sundays, PRITCHARD had been taken on by Mr LEYLAND Brewer Kensington in full employment, order granted.

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