Penny Illustrated Paper , July 20, 1912

Branded with a red-hot poker

At the Liverpool Police Court Mrs Francis SHAW, County Rd, Walton, was summoned for cruelly ill-treating her stepdaughter, Ethel SHAW, the allegations being that the child had been very badly treated, bruised and burned by the defendant. Alice EATON, aged 14, Clarence Grove, said that on July 1st, she found Ethel in Stanley Park asleep. She woke her up. Awaking Ethel said, "Oh, mother don't hit me!" Mrs MOLYNEUX said the last witness brought the child to her house. In consequence of her condition witness sent for the police.

Inspector JAMESON who saw the child at the Children's Shelter, said she appeared to be a mass of bruises. She had burn marks on her hand and left foot. When the mother came to the shelter she was taken to the room where the child was in bed, and the child stated in her presence that her mother was always beating her. On day her mother beat her with a belt and burnt her with a poker. Defendant then said she could not account for the injuries and burns and that the child must have done it herself. She had done it before.

Dr HOUSE who examined the child described in detail the bruises and burns he found. There appeared, he said, to be a large, red, inflamed area apparently the result of a series of burns, while the hair bore all the appearances of being pulled out. On both buttocks there were burns from the bottom of the spine between the legs in front of the body, while the body was a mass of bruises and old scars.

Ethel SHAW, a diminutive child, said she did the work in the house, starting at 5am, and washed up the dishes after the meals of the day. She had gone out and slept on June 29th, after finishing her work till 11 0' clock at the brickfields. On returning home her mother had beaten her with a belt. There were seven in the family. Witness gave evidence of burning and beating in the bathroom. Her mother had burnt her four times, it was only her mother who ill-treated her.

Ethel's "mother" was sentenced to six months hard labour, which will do her good.



LIVERPOOL MERCURY, 18th January 1913

Liverpool court of passage before Mr W. F. R. TAYLOR. K.C, Arthur Edward MORTON, Shipping Agent, 23 Rathbone Rd, Brought an action against J. B. COHEN, St Michaels-in-the-Hamlet, for damages for the destruction of an Airdale terrier, caused by the defendants dogs.

For the plaintiff, the Airdale terrier was a pedigree dog named, York Monarch, used for stud and had won many prizes, 40 of which were 1st's.

On 28th Sept last a Saturday Mr MORTON and his dog were proceeding down Lance Lane to the old Xaverians football club ground. The dog was about to turn into a field when 2 bull terriers came out of the gate followed by Mr COHEN and a friend, Mr COHEN had 2 other terriers on a leash.

15 yds down the lane the 2 loose bull terriers attacked the Airdale. Mr COHEN, released the other 2 dogs and he and his friend calmly walked past

The Airdale was torn to pieces and died some days later , it was valued at 150.

Mr Rigby SWIFT, I put it to you the dog is worth 10 I say that is incorrect.

Witness named YOUNG, said the Bull terriers later went into a field and killed a hen.

Jack B. COHEN, stated he did not realised the dogs were fighting and when he did, tried to separate them. 3 dogs were under 18mths old, the other 3 yrs old.

David Richard LEVI, a boy cousin of COHEN, stated COHEN released 2 dogs and then the others.

Henry DUNCAN bore our defendants story, judgement for the plaintiff 35-13s damages

Liverpool Court of passage, Mrs Jane EASON, living with her husband, Sandown Lane, Wavertree, claimed 50 from Liverpool Corporation in respect of a trap accident in Picton Rd on 13th Sept last. She was being driven in a Ralli car by her husband when an Electric car ran into them at excessive speed. The car turned over and she was badly shaken and is still having medical care - 35 damages awarded.

A young cripple, Arnold James MIDDLETON, a clerk pleaded guilty at Liverpool Police Court, to embezzling, 11-3s-6d and 3-15s and 4-12s and property valued at 24s from his employer, George William WHITTAKER, also 20 from Jeremiah Patrick LORDON. Detective Chief Inspector HOLBROOK, States, the prisoner being deformed could only do light work and was not authorised to accept money payments. A deficiency was found in the books and he was discharged and offered to pay back 40. When his address was visited he had disappeared. He advertised for a partner in a business and was found in the I. O. M, 2 mths prison

LIVERPOOL MERCURY, Jan 25 th, 1913

A piano Forte canvasser John PHILLIPS, aged 35 of Part St, Southport charged with using foul and threatening language to Mrs L. ROBERTS. She saw him talking to Blanche KERR, aged 17, in Chapel St, Station, she thought KERR was not in safe hands. He followed her calling abuse and she thought he would take revenge. Miss KERR stated she had seen him before, he called at her mothers house concerning a piano forte. He asked her to go to his house for tea. Defendant stated he had taken girls sister out several times. Both girls stated he was a bad man - fined 20s and costs.

Thomas BROOKS a railway passenger guard was sent to gaol for 3 mths for stealing a diamond ring valued at 30 belonging to Miss ANDERSON. On the 19th Nov she travelled to Broadgreen leaving BROOKS in charge of her dressing case. Later she found the case in disarray and the ring missing. BROOK'S sister had pawned the ring for a 1

At St Helens Michael CONNOLLY sent to gaol for 6mths for assaulting P.CS DORRELL and SPALL had been previously convicted 66 times.

At Runcorn Arthur ATHERTON and Joseph DARLINGTON members of the territorial force summoned for not putting in necessary drills. ATHERTON to pay costs, DARLINGTON fined 5s and costs

At St Helens, Mr GARNER Jnr applied for compensation on behalf of Mrs Jane DEAN, widow of a steeplejack, Claredon Rd Liverpool. Who was working for MUIR TWELTON and Sons on a chimney in St Helens, where he fell and died from his injuries. Deceased earned 2-5s a week and had 5 young children, awarded 300 and to be paid 4 a mth.

A summons was made on Mr William JOHNSON of Heysham Rd, Southport for selling shrimps containing 41 grains of Boric Acid. He was discharged by Mr BRIGHOUSE as a standard had not yet been set by the government.

At Warrington Mr Mary MOORS, wife of James MOORS, 21 Duke St, Earlstown claimed 50 damages from Mrs Elizabeth STANWAY wife of Thomas STANWAY of 11 Duke St. On Friday Nov 12, defendant went to plaintiff's door asking her for the ring she had stolen from her house. Plaintiff denied accusation asking for proof. Defendant replied, "Because a spiritualist told me it was a person who cleaned my parlour called Mary". Plaintiff asked if she believed it and defendant replied,"Yes" There was a scene in the street and plaintiff lost her employment through it. Sum given towards plaintiffs costs, character cleared, the record was withdrawn.

At Widnes on Thursday Grace DEAKIN, Simms Cross Hotel, Widnes Rd, charged with allowing Barman Peter THOMAS to serve Margaret HUGHES, aged 13. Girl watched by Supt FOSTER and P.C. HARDING, Barman WHELAN confirmed THOMAS had served her.Mrs DEAKIN, Florence SHAW, S. WHELAN and P. THOMAS contended girl had been asked many times her age saying she was 14. When girl was questioned in the box she confirmed this. Sarah HUGHES, Tempertey St, charged with allowing her daughter under age to buy intoxicating liquor- fined 40s and costs

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 1st 1913

Liverpool Newspaper pays damages for alleged libel.

A libel action, the plaintiff James BARTON, a Liverpool Solicitor, the defendants Messers C. TINLING and Co Ltd, proprietors of the Liverpool, "Evening Express"

Heard on Thursday before Mr Justice HORRIDGE, Mr A. A. TOBIN, K.C, M.P and Mr W. J. LIAS [instructed by Mr John SEFTON] were counsel for the Plaintiff.

Defendants representatives, Mr Rigby SWIFT, K.C, M.P, Mr Greaves LORD and Mr R. E. WHITELEY [ instructed by Messers AYRTON and RADCLIFFE]

Mr LIAS said the libel was published on November 11th, last year, the gist of it was, defendant was described as an ex-solicitor, alleging he had been struck off the rolls.

Defendant denied the words bore the interpretation the plaintiff put on them. They admitted the words were defamatory in fact.

Some time ago Mr BARTON was placed in dock at St Georges Hall on a charge of perjury and the jury found him not guilty.

The head lines in the Express were, "Ex-Solicitor in dock" "James BARTON formerly a Solicitor in Liverpool and Wigan"

Counsel submitted the public may have understood this to mean that the defendant was not a Solicitor and went on to relate their clients career, Mr BARTON was 34, 10 yrs ago he was admitted as a Solicitor on the rolls, he was today, and always had been a Solicitor on the rolls, jury awarded 100 damages.

Liverpool County court

Mrs HOARE an elderly woman of Brentwood St, summoned by the Overhead Railway Co, for attempting to leave an electric train whilst it was in motion. On Christmas Eve when moving out of Seaforth station a carriage door opened and defendant fell on the platform, fined 10s and costs.

At Chester, Baron LEIBLER of Hoole Lodge was summoned for carrying a gun without a licence, P.C, COLLIER said on January 7th, he saw defendant in a field at Guilden Sutton with a gun, when asked to produce a licence, defendant had none, fined 20s and costs

Liverpool Assizes

James MURPHY, aged 37, a Postman pleaded guilty to stealing two letters containing postal orders at Liverpool in November last. Prisoner entered the Post Office 18 yrs ago as a telegraph boy, he had a wife and 8 children dependant on him, the eldest child only 15 yrs, 3 mths prison in the 2nd division.

Before Mr Justice BAILHACHE, Peter GOSGROVE, aged 24, a collier, charged with feloniously wounding at Earlestown on November 25th

Prisoner and a labourer named BIRTWISTLE were playing, "tip-it" at the Railway Vaults, a quarrel ensued. GOSGROVE dealt BIRTWISTLE a blow to the eye, he fell unconscious to the floor, whilst he was down the prisoner kicked him, breaking both bones in one of his legs, guilty 6mths hard labour

Liverpool Mercury 8th Feb 1913


Prison suicide

Startling discovery in a cell

William BARCLAY, aged 47, alias BARLOW, an auctioneer of Nottingham who was to be tried tomorrow on many charges of fraud of a sensational character, was found hanging by his braces at Bagthorpe Prison on Thursday.

On the wall of the cell was written, Penalty Paid, witnesses not required.

BARLOW opened furnished offices in Nottingham as an auctioneer and estate agent and advertised for a partner. He obtained 500 from one man, to make victim's son-in-law a partner. He advertised for agents and collectors asking for 5-10 deposit. He arranged for them to start one Monday morning and 30 turned up to find the office closed.

Warrants were out for similar frauds in Cardiff, Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool and Nottingham. At every town he left a farewell message, police finally traced him to Belfast, where he was arrested in a gorgeous, new furnished establishment. Great trunks were found containing stolen property which included diamond rings.

Wigan ex-councillor and his wife

At Wigan on Thursday, Elizabeth CRITCHLEY, of 46 Bolton St, summoned her husband, Thomas CRITCHLEY, ex-councillor, 116 Great George St, for persistent cruelty.

Mr J. C. GIBSON submitted the case, the couple were married for 6yrs and had 3 children. The marriage was unhappy owing to defendants violent temper, and foul language, he had on many occasions dragged her out of bed by the hair and threatened to murder her. Defendant was a contractor at Blundell's colliery and earned 4 a week.

Defendant declared a third of the statements against him were untrue and offered 10s - 12s a week.

Chairman granted a separation order with 15s a week.

Defendant, "I think it too much"

Caught napping

A well dressed man called Robert TAYLOR was sent to prison for 14 days by Liverpool magistrates this week for stowing away from Boston to Liverpool on the Cunard liner IVERNIA.

TAYLOR'S explanation was that his stowing away was accidental. He had been in Boston for some time and had become despondent and anxious to return to England. He went down to the IVERNIA before she sailed from Boston, he fell asleep on board and when he woke was at sea.

Jewel thefts at Southport

Several cases of housebreaking have occurred at Southport during the last few days. Mr OLDFIELD of Osborne Rd, Ainsdale, former member of the town council, had jewellery to the value of 100 stolen. Other jewellery is reported missing from the home of Mr BEBBINGTON of Carlyle Rd, Birkdale, while from the house of Mr GIBBS, 24 Hesketh Rd, Southport, jewellery and other items valued at 50 have been stolen.

Chauffeur fined 5

At Shrewsbury, Arthur TOOTH, chauffeur to Lort PHILLIPS, Cadogan Sq, London, was fined 5 and costs for driving a motor car to the danger of the public at Bicton on Dec 30th last. He was travelling at 30/40 mph when passing between the governess car and a lorry.

Wives alleged quarrel

At Wigan Thomas MADDEN, Rose Hill, Ashton-in-Makerfield was charged with unlawfully wounding J. T. BALDWIN. Supt KELLY, stated, that on Saturday morning there was a quarrel between their wives, BALDWIN was in bed when he heard his wife screaming, on going out he found the defendant had her by the throat. Prisoner then attacked prosecutor kicking him on the right temple with his clog.

Dr WINSTANLEY found the man seriously injured. Supt KELLY applied for a remand as the prosecutor could not attend court. Mr J. C. GIBSON applied for bail which was refused - prisoner remanded

Jewellery haul

A jewellery traveller reports the loss of a handbag containing valuables worth 2,000 to 3,000 in Manchester. The traveller Mr Solomon LEVY left home at Cheetham on Thursday morning with jewels consisting of diamonds, precious stones, mounted and un-mounted, and other jewellery in a leather bag.

His destination in Manchester was Victoria station, he placed his bag, as was the custom, in the luggage space at the front of the tram and took at seat from where he could keep an eye on the bag. When the car was turning into Cheetham Hill Rd, near Elizabeth St, a stout well dressed man boarded and placed down his bag. He asked the guard where the car was going and was told Chorlton, wanting Alexandria Park, the man hurriedly left. The car went on to Corporation St, Mr LEVY picked up his bag and alighted, he quickly noticed, although similar the bag was not his. The police were at once informed.

Story of a gun

Amusement was caused a Southport County Court

Edgar LAWTON, a local plumber, claimed from a carrier John LUND, 10 in default for the return of a gun.

The case for the plaintiff was that 2yrs ago at the request of a Preston, carriage maker, named SELBY, he was consigned a gun by the defendant as carrier to a gentleman at the Regatta Inn, Preston, where it was called for. No name was on the gun which was delivered to the Bridge Inn, Penworthan, nr Preston, and handed by the landlord to a man named WESTBROOK.

The defence was that the plaintiff said the gun had to be left at the Bridge Inn, and WESTBROOK said he sold it to Percy BUCK of Kirkdale for a 1 and it could be recovered for 1-10d [laughter]

BUCK and been in court in the morning.

His Honour Judge THOMAS asked, "What did he say to you.?"

"He said, I had to buck up." [laughter]

Judgement given to the plaintiff for 7 in default of the return of the gun and 10s costs.

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