Jan 4th 1908

Mary HORRIGAN a once respectable domestic servant charged with stealing a diamond scarf pin from Charles RIMMINGTON a Valet of 4 Lord St West, for trial

Liverpool Police Court

William GREGSON and wife Annie charged with stealing £27-10s from William BLACK a respectable Stableman. He was accosted in Soho St the worse for drink and lured to a house in Birkett St. He had on his person £37-10s in gold the fruit of 4yrs saving. Next day he found the money missing, for trial

John Mc GILL who describes himself as a priest charged with being drunk and disorderly and assaulting Detective LAMOTHE yesterday morning, fined 10s, he informed his worship he was going back to Ireland were he would be treated with more respect, his Worship commented he would welcome that!!


Jan 11th 1908


Albert E. CARSON formerly Great George St summoned for selling a bottle of Scotch whiskey labelled, 'Pure Malt Scotch Still', when sampled was 26.7 degrees under proof - fined 20s and costs.

James DAWSON, Vine St, summoned for selling adulterated milk with 10 parts water, fined 60s and costs.

William ANDERSON, Epworth St, summoned for selling machine skimmed milk with 7 parts water, fined 40s and costs

Court of Passage jury awarded £30 damages to Eliza Ethel COOKE, single woman aged 25 who sued Liverpool Butcher George Henry JONES of Radforth, age 24 for breach of promise of marriage. The couple who were engaged quarrelled while in the I.O.M.

At Birkenhead quarter sessions James Albert RILEY farm labouer and George CAMPBELL a clerk were sentenced to 6mths hard labour for uttering counterfeit coins.

William CASEY an inmate at Brownlowbhill workhouse was charged with stealing £7-10s, he was sent by Miss Margaret STEWART Superintendant to cash a postal order for that amount, he went off to Oldham and Manchester and returned penniless, 6wks hard labour.

At Warrington a respectable man a stranger to the town Robert SINGLETON was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, on his person was £39-4s-4d, he was locked up for his own safety, owing to his wealth was ordered to pay 5s for his trouble.

At Wigan quarter sessions held before Mr Lancelot SANDERSON. K.C, Thomas LAVIN pleaded guilty to breaking a plate glass window in Wallgate on christmas day, Insp WILLS stated that prisoner had 26 convictions, gaol 7mths.

At Lark Lane police station on tuesday Ex Police Sergeant James REID was presented with a marble timepiece and a pipe by his ex-comrades of F Division. He retired on pension recently and had previously been awarded a good conduct medal for 25yrs unblemished service. Supt STOWELL, Insp PRICE, Sergt F. CAHILL, Constables, F. ORMEROD and F. CORFE spoke highly of his character and personality.


Jan 18th 1908


James BUNTING of Seacombe was at Liscard charged with stealing 30lbs of lead the property of George Edward HOLT in his empty house in Egremont for Chester assizes

Liverpool police court on Wednesday fines imposed of 40s and costs on SPENCER and WILSON Grocers 220 Mill St and John WATERWORTH Greengrocer 244 Kensington for employing children age 12 and 13 on 3rd-11th inst

Wallasey Petty Sessions Supt McDONALD of North Wirral Division summoned to show cause why an order should not be made against him for the delivery of jewellery belonging to Phoebe GIBBON of Prescot St New Brighton- for trial

Liverpool Police Court, Francis CAMPBELL Labourer and wife Mary charged with neglecting their 4 children Inspector LINDSAY of the L.S.P.C.C, stated he had been observing the family for 4yrs the children were shockingly neglected. Dr HOUSE stated the children were in dirty rags and suffering from Ophthalmia- both accused given 6mths prison

Wigan County Court before His Honor Judge BRADLEY Summons against Henry WESTCOTT and George WESTCOTT brothers of Ormskirk Newton Wigan on behalf of Mrs BRYAN Cleator St, Blackburn for payment of £200 and costs in consequence of the death of her husband in a motor car accident His Honour stated his death was caused through their reckless driving. And would have to pay or go to prison. Mr WILSON for the defendants stated they had no means- given till feb 4th to pay or go to prison.

George HORROCKS a glassblower of Eccleston Lane End St Helens sent to prison for 3mths hard labour for being drunk and breaking the window of P. C. GUEST

James HEWITT Bricksetter sent to prison for 2mths hard labour at St Helens for leaving his wife and 4 children in the workhouse and making no effort to maintain them.

Preston Sheriffs Court on Weds, Gertrude MERCER daughter of Sub Manager St Helens Corporation Waterworks Whiston Nr Prescot awarded £55 damages against Charles STANLEY of Liverpool Rd St Helens for breach of promise of marriage

At Wrexham on Thursday Evan JONES Collier of Hope was charged with stealing a breakfast cruet and bottle of whiskey he was further charged with wounding Mr Llewellyn Roe BROWNES a Wrexham solicitor who lives at Gwastad Hall Cefn-ig-Bedd and also assaulting Elizabeth his housekeeper. Elizabeth ROBERTS gave evidence- remanded bail refused

Elizabeth Ann MATHEWS married of Llan Fynydd Wrexham who said to own property and lives on own means charged with stealing tweed cloth the property of Seth HUGHES Auction Mart Town Hall defendant denied charge. Magistrate imposed fine of 40sh and costs or prison, promptly paid with a £10 note.

A tramp Edward DAVIES sentenced to 4mths hard labour at Wrexham had broken into stables and cut off the tails of several ponies.


SNIPPETS Jan 25th 1908


Thomas WALKER, aged 25 charged with obtaining food and lodging and sums of money from various Landladies. He represented that he had been away on a long voyage and his ship was docked in the Salthouse Dock, prison 9mths

John KNOWLES milkdealer Great Homer St, charged with selling milk deficient in cream, fined 40sh and costs

William BROUGH, Pedlar living in a court in Ormskirk summoned for travelling on the Liverpool and Yorkshire railway without paying his fare, fined 20sh and costs or 14days prison.

At Wallasey petty sessions, passive resisters, Edmund BLAKELEY, Robert P. SIMPSON, J. Dunbar KELLY, Rev T. R. WILLIAMS, After usual protests orders were made for the payment of the balance of their rates.

Liverpool Police court before Mr STEWART, Thomas WHITE, Dock labourer, Pleasant View charged for cruelly neglecting his 6 children the evidence of Insp JAMIESON showed he was of drunken habits and constantly neglected his wife and children- gaol 6mths

James HOLDEN Licensee of the Vittoria Vaults, Birkenhead charged with selling drink to a drunken man. Mr MATHESON defended stating it was the first complaint ever made of him and he had, had a license for over 40 yrs. Supt PAKER Stated he was the best in the borough

Florence Emily MERRITT pleaded guilty to 18 thefts from city households, she was addicted to drink, her husband a professional man pleaded for leniency, she had been convicted at Liscard , prison 12mths

3mths hard labour given to William Henry BENNETT of St Annes St, Birkenhead for being drunk and disorderly and assaulting P.C HUMPHREYS and DIXON and a civilian William POVALL on Old Bidston Rd.

Charles HARRIS alias OWEN with 20 previous convictions, [ only just out of prison for theft at Lancaster] and John PEARSON charged with pick pocketing tramcars passengers, 3mths prison each

40 men arrested on a raid at Bankhall Social Club, 121 Derby Rd. Supt TOMLINSON and Insp HAMMOND entered on a warrant and found betting going on, principals, Arthur CLARKE and John and James CLARKE all brothers in possession of £60 and 220 betting slips remanded 8days, £50 bail

Herbert William WILSON, of Northwood, Druggist and Chemist trading at Shadwell as MABIN and Co charged for selling Beechams Pills of some other description- fined £20 and costs of 3mths prison.

At Carmarthenshire assizes Miss Florence REES a Governess of Llandyssil to recover £500 for breech of promise to marry from Dr Alfred Thomas EVANS Medical Practitioner of Llandyssil, defendant proposed and was accepted in 1899 3 separate dates of marriage had been arranged.- for the plantiff £75 damages

Mary PLATT of no fixed abode from Widnes charged with defrauding Mrs Mary ROBERTS, Who had sent her with money to the bank, both she and her sister absconded, remanded 1 wk

At Southport Samuel FARMER Late Foreman and Moulder at Vulcan Motor Manufacturers Co of Crossens, charged with malicious damage to patterns of the company. He was paid off after coming in drunk, returned in a rage and threw the patterns into the furnace, Rev S. Z EDWARDS of Crossens gave Character reference, fined 40sh and costs

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 1st 1908


At Runcorn, William ROBINSON, 14, and Harold BATE, 15, pleaded guilty to damaging four window blinds in a carriage of the London and North West Railway Co, on a journey between Runcorn and Frodsham, each ordered to pay £3-1s-3d costs.

At St Helens petty sessions before Sir Christopher GAMBLE and Alderman BEECHAM, Walter SMITH was charged with breaking into the house of Thomas SMITH, Farmer of Union Bank Farm, Bold.

Supt BAXENDALE stated the man was also known as Walter NOBLE and other names.

At 1am Mrs SMITH heard a noise and alerted her husband, from the top of the stairs they saw the figure of a man breaking the hall window, Mr SMITH dropped out of a back bedroom window and crept quietly around the front of the house armed with a poker. He saw the man breaking into the window with a screwdriver and said something to him, then hit him over the head with the poker. He tried to get away and Mr SMITH hit the man on two or three occasions to stop him, the man then said, I am properly caught I will give in

Mr SMITH then made him empty his pockets, he had a gold watch and chain with a spade guinea attached, a long silver watch guard, two screwdrivers, a razor, a bicycle lamp and a knife. By his side was a can which Mr SMITH recognised as belonging to his brother.

He was arrested by P.C CARSON.

The second charge was gone into and it was found he had broken into the house of George SMITH, Cranshaw Hall, Bold and helped himself to 4lb of beef and half a loaf, committed to the assizes.

Peter MYTHEN, Joiner of Salisbury St, was charged with neglecting his wife and children, in 6mths the only money he had given his family was 15s, 6mths prison

Before Mr W. J. STEWART

Alfred JONES, Grocer, 454 Mill St, for selling adulterated butter, fined 40s and 19s-6d costs.

James HUNTER, Milk dealer, 158 Lawrence Rd, for selling adulterated milk, fined 40s and 17s costs

Margaret MITCHELL, Milk dealer, 37 Cleopas St, for selling adulterated milk, fined 40s and 17s costs

William MC GOWAN, Carter and Thomas NORTON, Bagman, in the employment of Messers HIGGINSON and Co, coal dealers, Crown St, were charged with the theft of coal, it was sent to the Queensland St, Industrial School, on appearing underweight the caretaker would not accept it, NORTON 3mths prison,, MC GOWAN 1mth prison.

At Seacombe Mary Ann CARROLL was charged at Liscard with stealing a coat, vest, rolled gold watch and 3s-6d cash belonging to Osborne PORTIS of Seacombe. When questioned by P.C. WORTH she said she stole the goods and pawned them as they were starving at home. Insp ENNISON said the girl had been placed in a home some time ago and since she left she had got into trouble, 1mths prison

Robert MURPHY was charged at Bootle with assaulting the police, James MURPHY, his son, was wanted for theft, P.C. LUCY arrested him and whilst taking the lad to the station was assaulted severely by his father, his mother and his sister, gaol 2mths

William HUGHES of no fixed abode of Widnes was charged with breaking a window at the Arch Hotel, Dock Rd, doing £5 damage and assaulting P.C. DAVIDSON, after being refused drink, 3mths gaol

William John KELLY, 21, Edward Peter DALY 16, charged at Liverpool Police Court with stealing 5 bottles of whiskey belonging to the Lancashire and Yorkshire, Railway Co. Both were employed as capstan men at the Wapping Dock. KELLY was seen to take 5 bottles of whiskey, giving one to DALY, he then left work pleading he was ill. Det Sgt MOORE of the railway police and Det SPENCE visited his house and found the whiskey under his bed. KELLY, fined 40s and costs or 1mths prison, DALY bound over to behave himself.

At Birkenhead Police Court, William BURNS, of Eldon Place charged with being drunk and disorderly and assaulting P.C, 27A, JONES, 1mths hard labour.

Southport Police Court, John Ross BISSETT, Builder summoned for travelling on the, Lancashire and Yorkshire, Railway on three occasions without paying his fare, fined 20s and costs for each offence

Liverpool Mercury Feb 8th 1908


At Liscard Charles Henry JONES aged 22 was charged with burglary of three houses in Seabank Rd, Wallasey.

The first being the house of John JOYCE a Wallasey magistrate and stealing a ladies bicycle, a dozen knives forks and spoons, fish knives and forks and carver and other items, entering through a pantry window, the next house that of Mr W. H. GORE and stealing a violin and bow, serviette ring and a bottle of whiskey, and further with entering the greenhouse of Mr Thomas CRAIG and stealing a pair of shears - committed for trial at the next Chester assizes.


At Liverpool Police court

John Sutton SMALLMAN a labourer of Garston given 6mths prison for neglecting his children.

Cab driver John BULFIELD charged with having been drunk in charge of an omnibus. On Saturday evening, 25th ult, he was driving down Dale St when the horses took fright and bolted, a little girl suffered a fractured skull and is still in hospital - fined 40s and costs


At Warrington Police courts

Margaret PALMER described as one of the worst characters in the district was charged with assaulting PC MUSKETT, at the conclusion of evidence as accused stood in the dock she took off her shoe and threw it at the officer - gaol 6mths

On Thursday William CORLESS, Collin St was summoned for assaulting James Edward WASHINGTON, foreman of Messers MONKS, HALL and Co works, defendant said he struck in self defence - fined 40s and costs or one month.


At Birkenhead police courts

David JARDINE licensee of the Arab Arms, Watson St was charged with serving a drunken man, who was William Henry BENNETT, evidence given by Sgt ALLEN and PC HOTCHKISS, it was proved that BENNETT was ill not drunk - dismissed.


At Bangor

A constable endeavouring to arrest a one-legged drunken man, William ROBERTS, had to summon help from another constable and two civilians, at the station ROBERTS asked for a drink and threw an enamel jug at the constable, he then dragged another constable in the cell and bit him - bound over and fined 10s and costs.


At St Helens

Music Hall Artiste Alex BENTLEY was charged on two charges of obtaining money by trickery. On Saturday he entered the shop of Mr DUXBURY and asked for a halfpenny evening paper and paid with a florin, he walked to the door and returned saying he had not been given the shilling. Mr DUXBURY was sure he had given the shilling, but gave BENTLEY another shilling and followed him. He saw the accused repeat the same trick at the shop of Miss MERRILL in Hall St. Sgt FAIRHURST was called and followed BENTLEY and arrested him at the Hippodrome. He pleaded guilty. It was found he had been charged in 1904 at the North London Police Courts with a similar trick in the name of John STEAD - gaol 28days in each case.

Liverpool Weekly Mercury Feb 15th 1908


Bogus collector at Chester

At Chester William Alfred HOGG, was charged in custody with attempting to procure charitable contributions by false pertinences, prisoner pleaded guilty to four charges and had represented he was collecting for the Chester Soup Kitchen. Prisoner was previously summoned and the case was adjourned, went the case came up for hearing the prisoner absconded, he was arrested on Saturday. Prisoner was formerly licensee of the Druid Arms - one months hard labour.

John HODGKINSON, farm labourer charged with kissing Lizzie KENT the daughter of a farmer, pledged, the girl was as bad as him, he was fined 20s.

For the second time Thomas Barker ELLIS, son of a farmer, chairman of the Rhyl Commissioners was sent to prison by the Rhyl Justices for attempting to obtain alms by false pretences.

At the City Police Court, John BATTERSBY, Russian Dr, Stoneycroft was fined £5 and costs for neglecting to clean his Dairy, the cowsheds and cows were in a dirty condition and dirt was caked on the outsides of the tins.

Ephraim GOLDBURG, Brownlow Hill was fined £5 and costs for neglecting to clean his Dairy, Insp BROOKS found an uncovered tankard containing milk against the wall of a midden.

At Birkenhead, Elizabeth CROWTHER and Kate BURKE were charged with stealing property from a number of shops in Grange Rd and Price St, Birkenhead, CROWTHER was sent to gaol for 8wks, BURKE for 6wks.

At Birkenhead, Joseph CORBETT and John Arthur DAVIES pleaded guilty to stealing homing pigeons the property of W. G. G. T. HARGRAVE, Tranmere Hall, town councillor. DAVIES was bound over, CORBETT, who had previously been before the courts was sent to a reformatory for 4yrs.

Michael STOKES pleaded guilty at the Police Courts on having stolen a cake of sugar from a refinery where he was employed, the defence stated he was taking the sugar to make toffee for his children, he had hitherto borne an excellent character, fined 20s and costs or 14days prison.

Late on Saturday afternoon a terrible scene was witnessed in Castle St when a middle-aged, well dressed man rushed out of an office with a smoking revolver in his hand, who was alleged to have shot someone, against whom, he had a grievance. The victim was removed to the Northern Hospital with a wound in his arm, and was afterwards found to be Mr J. W. ALSOP, a well-known, Liverpool, solicitor and city councillor.

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