The Penny Illustrated Paper , August 19, 1905

Israel COHEN, a tailor was sentenced to 12 mths hard labour at Liverpool on evidence furnished by his finger-prints. COHEN was charged with two burglaries and was captured through the agency of the finger-prints which he left on the frame of a window on entering the second house. They were compared with the records at Scotland Yard and found to be identical to COHEN'S finger-prints, taken when he was previously under arrest. Inspector MUNROE, who appeared for Scotland Yard, testified that he had examined the finger-prints of 9,000 prisoners and had never found two in which the loops, arches and whorls were not different.



Liverpool Mercury, January 5th, 1907

Frederick PHILLIPS a well-born Liverpool youth was sentenced at Clerkenwell sessions to 15 mths hard labour on a charge of stealing keys and a quantity of jewellery. In a written statement he admitted going about robbing hotels.

William LAYTON, Paperhanger and Georgina his wife of Abram St, charged before Mr STEWART, with systematically neglecting their five children. The male prisoner who was insolent in his answers was gaoled for 6mths, the woman for 3mths.

Harry WRIGHT who resigned a post as a conductor on the Liverpool Tramway service in 1904 and Marie WRIGHT his wife, with an infant in arms, both well dressed. Stood in the dock in Liverpool Crown Court on a charge of pick-pocketing and loitering. Detectives BURNETT and MATTHEWS gave evidence.

Det WARDLE [Bootle], spoke of a previous conviction of the woman for pick-pocketing. The male gaoled for 6mths, 3mths each for two offences of loitering in December last. Female gaoled for 6mths. There were other charges against them but with insufficient evidence.

Before Mr STEWART at Liverpool Crown Court, Robert HOOD was charged with assaulting his Mother-in-law and breaking her fingers. Complainant of Newton St said, the prisoner came to her house at 3am, he was refused admittance were he broke open the door. She got hold of a poker to protect herself and her daughter, prisoner grabbed the poker and hit her on the hand with it, gaol 4mths.

At Bootle Police court, James LOVATT a marine fireman of New St, Linacre, charged with assaulting P.C. BENNISON. Mr J. STEWART [Chief Constable] stated Mrs LOVATT called the police to her house where her husband was drunk, causing a disturbance and using bad language. The officer was butted in the chest, struck in the mouth and knocked to the ground when remonstrating with prisoner, he had three previous convictions for assaulting the police, fined 20s and costs or 1mths prison.

George William TAYLOR of Seacombe was charged at Birkenhead Police court with assaulting Richard STUBBS, aged 13, on Sunday evening. Some boys including STUBBS were involved in a snowball contest in Cleveland St when a badly aimed snowball hit TAYLOR on the back of the neck. He got hold of STUBBS and struck him a blow which blackened his eye and also bashed his head against a wall, fined 5s or 1wks gaol.

At Wigan, Joseph HYNES of Queen St was charged with assaulting two girls by throwing a paraffin lamp at them. He lodged with the family and on Tuesday threw the lamp at Alice Jane MORRIS, which also hit her sister, Jane. Head Con HARDY was called as the girls had to see a Doctor, 2mths prison

Liverpool Mercury Jan 12th 1907


Liverpool Police court, before Mr STEWARD:-

Herbert William ORRISS, middle aged, charged with obtaining food from three households in the South-end by saying he was an assistant for a doctor and was accepted unquestionably as a lodger, prison 9mths

John HAYGARTH, Morgan St, fined 20s, 2 and 3 and costs for selling milk not of the mixture intended.

George HAYGARTH, Harper St, Walton, for a like offence, fined 2 and costs

William FAWCETT, Kingswood Ave, fined 20s and costs for selling milk deficient in cream

Benjamin REDMOND, Master of the steamer MARIE, summoned for burning 6 lamps containing paraffin oil on his vessel in the Crosby Channel, the steamer at the time having on board 40tons of dynamite,penalty 40s and costs.

Sorren Peter FARCINSEN, a Danish seaman pleaded guilty to smuggling. Mr J. A. HAWKINS Waterguard inspector, H.M. Customs said, Prevention Officer WATT boarded the VADSO, a small vessel bound from Strettin to Manchester and found 28lb of tobacco, fined 8-15s-4d plus 14s special costs or 2mths prison

Percy PHILLIPS, of small stature was brought upon a charge of larceny. PHILLIPS had intimated to an officer in the Main bridewell he was tired of it, the remark looked upon as jocose, was ignored. Some time later PHILLIPS had disappeared. A great search was made some hundred people were involved. It was supposed he was on the roof of the building and the great water tower of the fire brigade was scaled to have a wider view and spot the prisoner maybe hanging on the chimney pot. Late on Sunday PHILLIPS was found in his house, remanded for 8days

Christopher BATES, aged 63 was charged with loitering in Halkyn Ave, Smithdown Rd. Det GORRIE saw him ringing door bells softly then going to the back of the premises, gaol 6wks with hard labour

At the Liverpool Court of passage Richard CHESHIRE, former weight and scale manufacturer in Dale St, was awarded 100 damages, in an action against his cousin John Holland CHESHIRE for slander.

An unregistered, medical practitioner was censured by a Liverpool Jury, after findings related to him being unable to give a death certificate necessary at an inquest on the death of a child, which died of natural causes. Mrs Catherine EDWARDS, 30 Holborn St, the mother of the child stated that when her child became ill she took it to a surgery at Low Hill, Dr MC KAY gave her a bottle of medicine and told her the child had convulsions. The childs health became worse and she returned to MC KAY'S Surgery, he told her to take it elsewhere, the child was not fit to be removed and died. The parents returned for a death certificate and MC KAY said he could not give one. MC KAY was asked for an explanation by the coroner and said, he was a Doctor of Medicine and a Surgeon from Baltimore Medical College, he had been educated in the Royal University and had been through the hospital curriculum. Coroner censured the so called doctor to protect the public.

At Southport Police Court, Thomas WALSH, aged 34 and Henry CONNOR, aged 23 were charged with housebreaking. Samuel Percy MAKIN, Manager of the Cash Clothing Co, Eastbank St, Southport, said he found the scullery window open and a clock, copper teapot, two vases, a pair of trousers, a jacket and pocket book missing. WALSH was arrested in Boundary St and CONNOR in Liverpool, prisoners committed for trial at the next sessions.

Mr F. S. MC LEAN was summoned at St Helens, County Court, to appear on a jury, he was fined 40s for failing to answer when the jury was called upon.

Liverpool Mercury 19th Jan, 1907


Edwin JONES of St Helens owed the guardians over 292 for maintenance of his children, was charged with cruelly neglecting 2 of his children, he deserted his family in 1899. They went to the workhouse but he took them out for a short period. They were re-admitted in August of that year. JONES was able-bodied and when he deserted the family, went off about the country and never inquired of them or made a payment. A letter, was read by the clerk, Mr A. BREWIS, written by the prisoner while in Walton gaol. He said, after having a comfortable home from 1883 to 1895 his wife went wrong, and this upset everything, gaol 3mths with hard labour.

Henry MC INTEE of Water St, St Helens, who had been remanded twice for maliciously wounding his brother John, was given 2mths prison with hard labour.

At Chester Hugh FAILE of no fixed abode was charged with stealing three bottles of brandy the property of Messers ROWSON, Water Gate St, PC James GRIFFITHS found the prisoner at 5.35am on the City Wall with the three bottles, 14days at Knutsford

John NIMMO a labourer snatched a sixpence from the hand of a little girl in Nab Lane, West Derby on Saturday, and took off towards Liverpool. John BEATTIE a gardener, jumped on a bicycle and gave chase for 2miles when he caught up with the prisoner, 3mths prison.

An application was made a Wigan County Court for compensation by Julia DUNN, who met with an accident at the, Cresent Spinning Co's mill, Ince. Mr J. C. GIBSON said the applicant had received 45 compensation, but in view of the mutilation he did not think this sum was sufficient. The company, were prepared to give her light work at 10s a week.

John LEACH a well known professional bowler, summoned at Blackpool for travelling on the railway from Failsworth to Blackpool without a ticket on Dec 12th 1906, fined 40s and costs.

At Liverpool POLICE Court before Mr STEWART

Joseph OWENS, Sawmiller, Stanley Rd, Bootle, summoned for not having fenced off part of a machine. An accident happened to Albert CHEEKLEY, aged 19, while working on an unguarded spindle-moulding machine, he lost four fingers. The firm paid compensation of 250, penalty of 5 and costs.

George LEIGH and Co, Byrom St, fined 20s and costs for employing a young person under the age of 18yrs, for a longer period than 70hrs, for week ending Sat 13th Jan

Lazarus GORFUNKLE, 240 Scotland Rd

James PRICE, 96 Hamilton Rd

Marks SKITTEN, 113 Scotland Rd

All fined 20s and costs for failing to exhibit a copy of the Shop Hours Act, whilst employing young persons under the age of 18yrs.

A youth named William BIRCHALL was charged with stealing a cash box containing 2 the property of Allan KERR'S shop at Paddington, 6mths prison

William Henry GREENWAY, aged 42, photographer, pleaded guilty to having at St Helens in Nov 1905, stolen a camera and other photographic requisities, valued at 8, and also embezzling 19s-11d and 1s-6d belonging to his employer William H. E. CAMPBELL. Det Insp DUNNE of St Helens said the prisoner was a native of Leeds and since 1897 had, had no fixed abode and had been continually defrauding advertisers in the photographic journals of their goods. At present his wife was in gaol for theft, 6mths prison with hard labour.

Firemens disobedience

Patrick O'BRIEN, Michael SLAVIN, George DUFFY, James BIRCHALL, Arthur TRAINOR, J. O'BRIEN, John BURNS, J. MURPHY, Patrick CAVANAGH, Arthur REARDON, John KEELEY, Marine firemen, charged on remand from Saturday on the information of Matthew ROBERTSON, Master of the Welsford Line steamer, IKBAL, with having neglected their duty, their conduct had wasted a great length of time of the vessel, prison 1mth each.

At Warrington John MITCHELL of Earlestown was charged with stealing an electric box, connected with an electric piano from the Swan Hotel, Newton Common, 1mths gaol

At Wigan James PHILLIPS of no fixed address was charged with stealing a letter from the letter box of the County Court. PC. MC KIE was concealed in the building and heard the letter box being tampered with on Saturday at 11pm. He went out and found the letter with bird-lime on it in the possession of the prisoner also In his pocket he found bird-lime and string, remanded for 1wk.

Liverpool Mercury 26th Jan 1907


At Liverpool Police Court before Mr STEWART

Jean MAREULESEN summoned for selling lottery tickets not authorised by Act of Parliament. It was stated the defendant had no right to interfere with the Jewish poor as they had a relief system of their own, fined 5s and costs

John O'BRIEN a young man, was wheeling a bicycle along Park Rd and was stopped by Det GORRY, who asked whose bicycle it was. O'BRIEN replied it was his own. Det GORRY asked O'BRIEN to ride it, OBRIEN did and fell off. Det GORRY felt justified in taking O'BRIEN into custody. It was discovered later the bicycle had been stolen from the shop of, Normanton YOUNG, St James Place, 1mths prison

Thomas CADDICK, aged 55, Saxon St, charged with stealing 2lb of tabacco the property of his employers, Imperial Tobacco Co. The prisoner was chief engineer and watchman at Ogden's Branch of the Imperial Tobacco Co, at Boundary Lane. Mr J. Graham KENION, who prosecuted, said the prisoner, had been employed by the firm for 27yrs, fined 20s and costs.

Ellen KNIGHT of Swan St was charged with neglecting her 4 children by the Liverpool S.P.C.C, an inspector had visited the home several times and found, distressing conditions, the mother drunk, the children half-naked. The father was in prison on a charge of stabbing. On Tuesday two of the eldest children were found sleeping out, on the same night the second youngest, a boy, ran away after being beaten, 6mths prison.

Before His Honour Judge SHAND, William CRAIG, Dock labourer, aged 65, sought a claim to recover damages from Capt Andrew ANDERSON, Stevedore, for injuries he sustained whist in the defendant's employment. On the 4th Oct 1906, while a vessel was being unloaded in the Alexandra Dock, steel rods fell from a sling on the Plaintiff's foot, inflicting injuries. Plaintiff awarded 25 damages and costs.

At Birkenhead Police Court

Samuel FITZGERALD, aged 17, Harold J. ALMOND, aged 16 and Thomas RENSHAW, aged 13, were charged with stealing newspapers, left early in the morning at the doors of newsagents. All pleaded guilty. FITZGERALD with previous convictions, 21days gaol, ALMOND on three charges, fined 10s and costs on each case, RENSHAW, 18 strokes of the birch.

At Warrington, Charles John DANIELS, Fairclough Ave, pleaded guilty to stealing 56lb of lead, the property of George HOWARD, Metal broker, fined 25s of 1mths prison.

At Widnes, Peter GRADY, aged 37 of Elizabeth St, charged with stealing 74lb of lead the property of Widnes Alkali Co, between the 8th and 12th inst, trial at next Liverpool assizes

Michael MC CONVILLE, Marine Store Dealer, Travis St, charged with stealing 29lb of lead, the property of Widnes Alkali Co, between the 8th and 12th inst, knowing it was stolen, also committed to assizes.

Liverpool Mercury Feb 2nd 1907


At Bootle Edred GUILLIAM, a grocer of Knowsley Rd, fined £5 for selling butter not of the nature demanded by the purchaser.

Jane Ellen ROBERTS, Domestic servant, of Great Crosby, Liverpool, at Anglesey assizes was awarded 120 damages for breach of promise of marriage against John ABBIT, Master mariner, Holyhead.

Ethel WILLIAMSON, Domestic servant, Milton St, Bootle, appeared before Birkenhead Borough bench, charged with stealing a gold ring the property of Lucy HUTCHINSON, Shrewsbury Rd, - gaol 2mths.

Liverpool Police court

Ellen DACY, a very low type, with her upper lip bandaged as a result of injuries, fined 40s and costs or one months prison, and for assaulting the police she was gaoled for 2mths. This was 76th conviction.

Mary Jane HIND was charged with robbing children of money and pleaded guilty to 6 charges - prison 6mths with hard labour.

A case of habitual drunkenness, a married woman of the South End. Everything in the room where she lodged she pawned for drink, and eventually stole a clock belonging to her Landlady and took it to, "the three balls." She had been convicted many times and was sent to the Lancashire Inebriates Home, Langho for 3yrs.

Robert SAUNDERS a shoemaker residing in Paddington was prosecuted by Mr H. DOBSON of the Liverpool, S. P. C. C, for neglecting his family. There were 4 children and a young wife, prisoner was a lazy man and wouldn't get up till late afternoon to look for work. The children were ultimately reduced to such a state of starvation they were removed to a shelter. Accused had given his wife, who looked for work every day, two black eyes and for the same he had been previously convicted many times. Bench said the prisoner was incorrigible - 6mths prison with hard labour.

Hugh BLAIR, aged 37, a smart looking man was charged at Wallasey Petty sessions with breaking and entering, 44 Albemarle Rd, Seacombe and stealing an overcoat and jacket valued at 1, the property of R. BURGESS on the 3rd ult. Insp ENNION arrested the prisoner - remanded in custody for 1 week.

Liverpool Mercury, Aug 17th 1907

A Champion Rascal

Thomas PYE one of the most notorious characters in St Helens was sentenced to 6mths hard labour on a charge of aggravated assault on Mary EDWARDS, a girl of 16. The Chief Constable said it would be difficult to meet a bigger rascal than PYE. He had been convicted 61 times and was a dangerous man.


Offences by employers

At Liverpool Police courts, firms fined from 10s-20s for failing to send the Medical officer of Health on or before the 1st inst, a copy of their lists of outworkers :-

Barnet CANTER, 45 Stafford St

Alfred and Co, 70 London Rd

Robert SKINNER, 14 Dale St

Hyman SACKIN, 57 Paddington

Henry MC WILLIAMS, 422 Scotland Rd

Thomas CAIN, 17a South Castle St

Robert BROWN, 100 Park Rd


Mary ROBSON, 191 Mill St

Harris and Co, 160 and 162 Scotland Rd

Cases proved by inspectors, GARDINER and HAYWARD


At the Liverpool Police courts before Mr KINGHORN

John CONNOLLY an elderly man residing in Leyden St was charged with stealing a suit of clothes valued at 1-15s. Mr WILSON prosecuted for the Railway Co, and stated that shortly before 11pm on Jul 28th, the booking office at Sandhills station was left secure. At 5am the following morning one of the officials found the office broken it to. A portmanteau was open the suit missing. CONNOLLY said he was given the suit to pawn by an unknown woman - gaoled for 2mths.

Robert JOYCE a rough-looking man was charged with stealing 5s by means of a trick, the prisoner accosted seaman, James ROGERS in the vicinity of the Sailor's Home and asked ROGERS if he was looking for a ship, ROGERS answered in the affirmative and the prisoner took him to a boarding house saying he was a partner there, demanding the 5s for accommodation. ROGERS gave prisoner the money and JOYCE ran away. ROGERS was left destitute. - gaoled for 1mth.


Three months for loiterers

For loitering in Lime St with intent to commit a felony, Henry BLACK and Luke TULLY were sent to prison for 3mths. They were watched by detectives who saw them in a crowd outside Lewises and a tramway stopping station. One of the men arrested had his hand in a ladies pocket. Police records show the prisoners had been convicted in many parts of the country.


Cowardly cruelty to a horse

George MEAKIN of Chester St, Birkenhead was prosecuted by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals at Wrexham for ill-treating a mare by beating it. A Police officer saw the defendant beating the mare with the butt end of a whip, each blow as heavy as possible, the mare stopped dead, it was weak and trembling. In default of paying 33s and costs was gaoled for 2wks.


Liverpool County intermediate sessions

Robert MARKHAM, 28, Collier and Mary Jane, 28, his wife, pleaded guilty to two charges of shop breaking, at Atherton on July 27th they broke into the Leigh Friendly Co-operative Society and stole 9s-6d cheque, at Radcliffe on July 11th when they broke into a shop of Radcliffe and Pilkington Co-operative society stealing 4 shawls, at Rivington on June 4th they broke into John HOLT'S and stole a quilt, Male 6mths prison, female 4mths.


Liverpool motorist heavily fined

At Llandudno Police Court, Ivan VLASTO of Bonnivaine Sefton Park, Liverpool was charged with driving his car recklessly and failing to produce his license when asked to do so, fined 5s and costs for each offence.


Labourer's claim against the Dock Board

Liverpool County Court before his Honour Judge SHAND.

Action brought by James MC LAUGHLIN a labourer to recover damages under the Employer's Liability Act, in respect of injuries sustained by him on May 16th last, whilst engaged in the new Brocklebank Dock works, through alleged neglect by James MC KEOWN, the ganger, having charge of the work he was engaged in. He was engaged in excavating a trench during the night shift, one of the buckets being lowered by a crane got jammed, he and another man were ordered by MC KEOWN to release it, and while they were so engaged he asked the crane man to jib the crane around which he did with a jerk. This released the bucket which swung loose catching plaintiffs head and crushing it against the shoring, breaking his jaw so that he had been so far unable to resume work. MC KEOWN denied he ordered the plaintiff to release the bucket or that he gave any orders to the crane man. Defendants had paid plaintiff 10s a week from a relief fund since the accident - Jury found for the plaintiff, awarded 30.


At Warrington

Two cases of stealing clothes from outside Pawn shops.

3mths for Richard DOBSON of Rose Crown St, convicted many times previous for larceny and other offences.

Elderly woman. Annie Catherine HIGGINS, Stone Yard, for stealing trousers Thomas DOMVILLE, Pawnbrokers, Church St - bound over.


Eighteen years to pay

At Southport Mr F. A. JONES made an application on a judgement summons by Percival Stewart KENNEDY against Paul CADWELL, licensed motor-car driver. On Easter Monday KENNEDY was cycling along Marine Dr when he was run down by CADWELL. In the action for damages judgement was given against CADWELL for 53-16s-6d inc costs. The judge then observed that chariot racing in ancient Rome was not to be compared with the way in which some motor-cars ran along Marine Dr. The damages had not been paid and Mr JONES applied for a commitment order, which his Honour declined to grant owing to CADWELL'S poor circumstances. He made an order for 5s a month, at this rate 18yrs will elapse before the debt is discharged.


Arthur O'DONNELL a powerfully built man, of no fixed abode, was charged at Wigan with sleeping out, and being without any visible means of subsistence, and also with breaking three cell windows. The Chief Constable said the prisoner was one of the most notorious thieves and dangerous men in Wigan.

Prisoner - "You know there was a game keeper murdered in Beardsworth, Yorkshire in 1887. It was me that shot him and the other man."

The Chief Constable intimated to the bench he would report the matter to the Yorkshire Police for inquires - gaol 5mths.


City Police courts, Thursday, before Mr KINGSHORN

Powerful looking Alfred HOLD, a fisherman of Liverpool was charged with assault on a Liverpool tramcar and wilful damage for breaking a tramcar window. Mr DUDER prosecuted. On Wednesday a belt-route car was coming along Princes Rd, the prisoner was on board and was asked for his fare, he said he had already paid. Conductor denied this and prisoner had no ticket. Prisoner became violent a struck the conductor a severe blow, during the struggle he pushed the driver through his plate-glass window. The conductor and driver managed to get him and hold him on the floor, a police man was reached at Park Rd. Prisoner was handed over to PC. FARRINGTON, in the hand over the prisoner struck the driver. Fined 50s and costs for the assaults plus, 28s-6d and costs for the damage to the tramcar - or 1mth and 5wks prison.


Liverpool County court before Judge SHAND

Claim made by William ROTHERHAM of Doves Cote Farm, Knotty Ash, on behalf of his 3yr old daughter May, against Thomas HUDSON, shepherd, Halsenhead Farm, Whiston for damages for injuries caused by a dog bite. In June last year a sheep dog of HUDSON'S bit the little girl on the nose and lip while HUDSON was stabling his horse in ROTHERHAM'S yard. Four stitches were put in the child's face which cost 1-3s-6d. The father offered to settle the matter if HUDSON paid half, which HUDSON agreed but failed to pay for several weeks. ROTHERHAM then declined to settle except on payment of 5 compensation. - judgement for the defendant with costs.

Peter STANLEY, Nursery man of Cross St, Rainhill was sued at St Helens County Court for £5 damages for a dog bite. Mr WRIGHT appeared for Peter WORRALL, carter, Cumberland Lane, Whiston, who said, on June 6th, he was sent by his employer Mr JOWETT, contractor for the sewage of Whiston and Eccleston, to fetch a load of cinders from the premises of defendant. He drove up and immediately he got to the gate was attacked by two dogs and bitten severely. Dr YOUATT gave evidence and a boy named GLOVER who proved the dogs had bitten him. Mrs GLOVER said her son had teeth marks in both legs after the dogs had bitten him. Mr PICTON said defendant was unaware the dogs were dangerous and had paid WORRALL'S doctor's bill - judgement for plaintiff of 4.


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