Crime Jan 1st 1889,

John MUIR a Fireman charged with threatening to murder Phoebe Ann MEREDITH a married woman, 14 Smeaton St, Muir lodged with the woman , last June she deserted her husband and children and went to live with MUIR in Harper St. He treated her badley and she moved back in with her husband whom Muir has also threatened in the past. remanded

George FERNIHOUGH, 121 Brownlow Hill, charged with adulterating lard which was found to contain 20% beef fat. 10s fine and costs

Joseph CHADWICK a youthful labourer, 44 York Rd, Great Crosby, charged with trespass on the land of the Earl of Sephton occupied by Thomas SPENCER farmer. Chadwick fired and shot at a hare, has no games licence. fined 20s and costs

John GARRITY charged with breaking into the Liverpool Inn, Liverpool St. Stole 2 gallons of rum, 6 bottles of Porter, Whiskey and ginger beer. the property of Alice WOOD. P.C.HUGHES saw cellar cover open and bottles of whiskey by the side, on entering cellar caught GARRITY who struggled, P.C.HUGHES was then assisted by P.C. CROCKETT, other goods found in alley. for trial

Mr C. BELL Pork butcher Eastbank St Southport was robbed last night of £20 of jewelry and £2 cash, James DUNCALF unemployed remanded

Before Alderman HARRISON at St Helens and Mr LYNCH, Young fellow James LYNCH 3 Court Barr St, robbed £2-13s-6d from uncle Patrick LYNCH. Had been drinking in the George and Dragon bought a round and fell asleep, on waking at home found money missing [can't remember how he got home]. Reported theft to police. Later culprit said,"I'll chuck you in the cut if you round on me" [cut is the canal]. From this statement uncle new it was him. John CROSS a Haydock Collier who had been with the pair said he had seen the accused take money out of victims pockets saying, "Paddy owes me Mother for three weeks meat and I'm aving it". Chief Constable WOOD said the parents of accused were frightened for their lives of him and he was one of the worst characters in town having already been convicted 29 times on similar charges. 3mths with hard labour.

An elderly man William JONES a native of Chester and young daughter Mary Anne Jones charged with begging from door to door in Rose Mount Oxton. JONES said he was compelled to beg as he was unfit to work and could hardly walk, he had a large family of which the child was the youngest, Magistrate advised if he was that destitute should go into workhouse and place children into a home of some sort, remanded for inquiry

Elizabeth GOODWIN Albion St charged with being drunk and disorderly and using foul and abusive language in Oliver St B'Head. Was an habitual tramp and had been charged on numerous occasions on similar offences from the workhouse, reason for behaviour people from the offices were pulling faces at her through the windows. fined 5s with costs.

Before Alderman HARRISON and Capt NICHOLSON at Warrington John JEFFRIES Bricksetters labourer for stealing from Eagle and Child Bridge St, the property of the landlady Mrs LOY. prison 1mth with hard labour.


P. C. Samuel WILD at Crossens charged with unlawfully setting a dog on William LUND Cattle dealer, no proof discharged

Clara HODSON married but living apart from her husband charged with stealing property belonging to William ASPINALL Stonemason of St Lukes Grove.Mrs ASPINALL left HODSON in charge of the house from the 18th to 23rd Dec last. and on her return found the house stripped of everything bar a bedstead and a small amount of furniture.

St Helens Police Court

Fined at St Helens for unjust weights

John MIDDLEHURST Grocer Rainford

Catherine LITTLER Grocer Dentons Green Lane

Samuel CLAY from Manning Lane Bradford charged with stealing ladies gold lever watch admitted taking watch from his sisters house in Warrington

William BOWE 15, Thomas CARBERRY 13, Lawrence GRANEY 10 and Thomas WESTERMAN 8 charged with stealing iron hooks from Henry HOUGHTONS Shop Oldfield St, The elder two boys took there loot to the Marine store of Thomas McEGAN Hammer St ,were an assistant offered a halfpenny. The younger two took there's to Mr CARTWRIGHT College St who informed the police. BOWE and CARBERRY 6 strokes, GRANEY and WESTERMAN 3 strokes


Ernest Jenner MARRIOTT age 15 son of Dr MARRIOTT Physician from Leicester hanged himself, was home on holiday from Cheltenham College

Samuel B. ROBBINS Master of the ROSSIGNOI of YARMOUTH NOVA SCOTIA charged with having shipped a mate Patrick WHELAN without a mates certificate, fined £7-8s

LIVERPOOL ECHO January 11th 1889


Lord FRASER in the court of session Edinburgh closed the action in a breach of promise of marriage.

The pursuer, Miss Annie H. MACFARLANE, Craigneuk, Glasgow.

The defender, Alexander Wallace HOGG, Sugar Broker and sugar refiner, Glasgow.

The sum sued for damage is £5,000.

Pursuer said defendant lives with his mother, a widow and he is principal owner of the, Dellingburn Sugar Refinery, Greenock, he carries on business as a Sugar Broker under the firm name, Alexander HOGG and Co, 60 Virginia St, Glasgow.

His summer residence is, Ardenlee, Dunoon.

He is very wealthy, has 2 pleasure yachts one being 60 tons.

Keeps carriages and coachmen and owns several prize horses, he is reputed to be worth, £100,000 and is about 31 yrs of age

In the beginning of 1887 he made her acquaintance and visited her several times a week at her father’s house, Craigneuk, Glasgow.

He desired they become engaged but have a free period first of 3 mths, then should their feelings grow, engagement might be come to, she agreed.

They corresponded by letter and met in the pursuers home in April 1887, he asked her parents consent to marry her, she was nearly 20 yrs old.. He gave her diamond rings and other gifts and introduced her to his mother and sister as his betrothed. They met with friends and other family members.

In August 1887 the defender went to Hamburg and Berlin for a few days they corresponded by letter, the defenders letter beginning, “My Annie” and ending, “Your SANDIE”, He wrote that he could not wait to see her again, and expressed his lover for her.

He wrote on the 9th of August from Hamburg, on the 11th of August from Berlin, saying he was leaving for Hamburg on Friday and would be in Leith on Monday.

On Monday 5th Dec 1887 he wrote from the Ardensham Hotel saying he would be in Craigneuk, tomorrow [Tuesday], still saying he could not wait to see her etc.

He wrote from the same hotel on 4th Jan 1888.

From Manchester on 22nd March 1888.

He writes from the yacht CASSANDRA at Douglas, I.O.M on 19th July 1888 saying, We intend leaving for Rothsay on Saturday calling at, Ailsa Craig.

On 24th August 1888 , he wrote from Greenock, to end the engagement. Defender admits the offer of marriage and offers to pay 500 guineas compensation and expenses.

Sum for claim considered too expensive, issues of trial by jury were ordered to be adjusted.


January 16th 1889



Along letter has been received from Birmingham from Mr J. U. ROBERTSON, dated, New York, January 4th, 1889. Mr ROBINSON is the secretary of the unfortunate, Electric Sugar Company and is well known in Liverpool. In the course of his letter he writes:-

I have a sorrowful tale to recite in this letter, I feel crushed beneath the terrible disclosure which we made this week, I can see no ray of light to give hope, though others look with more encouragement upon certain things which seem to indicate that there is something at the bottom which has value.

The particulars are briefly these.

Mr COTTERILL went on the 27th of December to Milan, Michigan, where Mrs FRIEND resides, for the purpose of arranging for the disclosure of the process. On the following day he and Mrs FRIEND and HOWARD went from Milan to Ann Arbour, where her lawyers where. It is about 15 miles from Milan. Mr COTTERILL found her lawyers who are, SAWEY and KNOWLTON, to be a first class firm in every respect; for they as soon as suspicion arose endeavoured to get to the bottom of it.

When suspicions were communicated to me we went at once, determined that we would see inside the secret rooms, we demanded an entrance from the watchman, he opened the doors and we went upstairs

This was Wednesday on the 2nd inst, we saw on the granulating floor 5 wooden frames which contained sets of sieves of the ordinary pattern, and the only thing remarkable about them was that they had not cost much money to construct.

On the floor above outside the secret room we saw large numbers of cases, and behind a row of them lay nearly all the 360 bags of raw sugar we had delivered to HOWARD to be refined, my heart sank

Within me it was the first realisation I had of the thing being a fraud. The watchman stated the empty cases had contained refined sugar not machinery, the sugar had something done with it to change its character and came out of the barrels a solid cake. The lumps of sugar I sent over to you to put under glass are identical to that which comes out of the barrels.

With all the evidence of fraud we at once sent you the cable of our conclusions and sent information to Mr WILLETT and others, and gave every publicity to it possible.

Yesterday we returned, carefully looking over the whole thing again. The strong room was entered through the hopper hole [by demolishing it] by Mr THOMPSON, the patent agent and young Mr COTTERILL. We found a crusher, 30 barrels of refined sugar, a trough for water and some tables lined with tin, on which the sugar had been drained after the bath.

There is no doubt it being a fraud of the most heartless kind, but HIGHET and others are not so certain, they came to the conclusion that there were certain things which required an explanation before they could satisfy themselves it was all a delusion.

They pointed out it could have been worked by FRIEND in a more profitable way than he did it, were it wholly a fraud. He could have sold his shares, kept his promise as to dates, so create confidence in him enabling him to unload, there were indications that FRIEND had changed his plan and decided to defraud the company out of process he sold them. He need not let the company in such large expenses, e.g on the building, if he had not proper intent in the beginning.

I have been so grossly deceived and defrauded I do not put any faith in the FRIENDS or their connections. I shudder when I think of the pain and deep anxiety caused to many good friends in England. It is terrible to think of the suffering theses cold blooded monsters have brought upon trusting men and women. Mr COTTERILL left last night for Michegan to take legal measures against all the people in the fraud. He will attach their property and arrest their persons to get everything we can out of them to benefit the company.

This letter is for the shareholders and you can send copies to Birmingham.


16th / 17 th, January 1889

ORMSKIRK Police Court

James CAVE charged with attempted suicide Mr Jarvis SWIFT Described it as a sad case, CAVE aged 60 was a hardworking sober man of the Stand Houses Aughton who had worked for 30 yrs as a farm labourer. He had not worked for 12mths due to an injury to his arm, he has a wife and five children. His wife a decent woman earns a few shillings silk weaving. remanded to workhouse for 1 week. When the police went to the house the children were eating dry bread for breakfast


16th of January


William J. ROSS age 18 and Thomas HOGAN aged 19 charged with breaking and entering the Public House of John Henry LLOYD of Great Homer St. stole £7 -3 s in copper, 2 bottles of whiskey a bottle of brandy and tobacco.

John SWANSON and William LITTLE charged with assaulting and robbing Hugh DIRWARD. The victim had arrived by the ETRURIA from New York and had gone to a cellar in Gerrard St for supper, he consumed alot of beer and remembers being kicked by some men and waking up in a water closet in Exchange Station. Missing were a cheque for £22 and a silver watch and chain. Ellen JENKINS Keeper of the supper bar in Gerrard St saw the accused leave her premises with DIRWARD.-For trial

Thomas HENNEY and Fredrick PRESTON Charged with breaking and entering the premises of Messers STUART and DOUGLAS African Merchants 64-72 Bridgewater St. Stole goods to the value of £2. Police found them in the yard of the warehouse with a bag containing, a 14lb tin of butter, two tins of rabbit, two tins of pheasant, three tins of salmon, a tin of biscuits, six jars of jam and two cans of beef.


21st Jan 1889


Patrick ROUKE aged 16 charged with breaking into a public house, 87 Scotland Rd, Licensee Mr P. McCLOY. for trial

James WARD aged 36 charged with stabbing Charles LEE in the abdomen. LEE and his wife were lodgers at the home of WARD. a fight broke out after the wives of the two had argued. for trial

Alfred RIDGE and Michael DACEY charged with breaking and entering the house of George FOSTER a labourer of 34 Deacon St. They stole 2 silver watches, 3 watchguards and some cash. They are also charged with breaking and entering the house of Thomas ROBERTS, 41 Guildford St and stealing 6s-8d from his trouser pocket. for trial


23/24 Jan 1889

Mr CLEAVER Solicitor for the S.P.C.C, requested two warrents for the arrest of Edward COE mechanical dentist of Anson St, London Rd on charge of gross cruelty on a boy named KINSELLA age 17 apprenticed to him. He assaulted him and neglected to provide adequate food. KINSELLA was sobbing uncontrollably when giving evidence stating that Coe whipped him on his bare feet 72 times for being late back from an errand on christmas eve. He provided him with only two bowls of weak porridge per day. The doctor from the Sheltered Home stated on examining the boy he found his feet in bad condition, bleeding and swollen and that the boy was severely underweight for his age showing signs of malnourishment. On entering his apprenticeship he was a healthy boy. Magistrates granted warrent for COE'S immediate arrest


Henry COOK and Michael MADDEN two rough looking fellows, charged with assaulting and robbing Miss PRICE in Paradise St Miss PRICE of 21 Canning St states at a quarter to nine COOK hit her in the breast winding her, he then snatched her watch and chain from her neck and ran away. Lawrence KENNY Licensed Victullar of 28 Beau St states that MADDEN tried to sell the watch on his premises. remanded

Thomas KEEFE of 7 Howe St charged with unlawfully wounding his wife. He came in drunk and kicked her around the body, he then threw her out into the street with their 12mth old child who was suffering from measles. He then went to bed. She was able to enter the house again with the help of neighbours, only to be kicked again and thrown back out into the street. The baby was taken to the Infectious Hospital and is now in a dangerous state.The wife was taken in by neighbours. Chief Constable D'ESPINEY and Inspector HEYDON were called and arrested KEEFE who has been arrested and convicted several times before for the same offence. remanded for 1 week


23rd to 24th Jan 1889

Police Court

Mary HORRIGAN a once respectable domestic servant charged with stealing a diamond scarf pin from Charles RIMMINGTON a Valet of 4 Lord St West, for trial

Liverpool Police Court

William GREGSON and wife Annie charged with stealing £27-10s from William BLACK a respectable Stableman. He was accosted in Soho St the worse for drink and lured to a house in Birkett St. He had on his person £37-10s in gold the fruit of 4yrs saving. Next day he found the money missing, for trial

John Mc GILL who describes himself as a priest charged with being drunk and disorderly and assaulting Detective LAMOTHE yesterday morning, fined 10s, he informed his worship he was going back to Ireland were he would be treated with more respect, his Worship commented he would welcome that!!


FEB 23rd 1889 Liverpool

The owners of the steamer AVOCAT, Messers J. T. FLETCHER and Co summoned for having brought 66 cases off matches into the Nelson Dock on the 19 inst, unmarked and without notifying the Dock Master. Mr BOSCAWEN of the Mersey Docks and Harbour Co stated that the goods were classed as combustables and came under the designation of dangerous goods- fined 20s and costs


25th Feb 1889

At Bootle police court before the Mayor Mr John WELLS and Mr W. POULSON, Arthur McNALLY charged with assaulting his mother Bridget McNALLY on the 15th inst. The prosecutrix aged 60 had words with a lodger who wouldn't pay rent. The prisoner intervened and kicked his mother while she lay on the floor then through her bodily into the street. She was taken to Bootle Hospital were her injuries were considered dangerous for her age.-6mths gaol with hard labour

Before Mr RAFFLES a powerful looking fellow William JERVIS charged with assaulting his mother Catherine JERVIS a widow living at 86 Woodville Terrace. Prisoner came in on sunday morning threatening to rip her throat open with a knife because he couldn't get a ship.. He asked to be sent away to sea, his mother offered to pay his board if he stayed in the sailors home. remanded for 7 days


Blanche C. EDWARDS wife of a coloured man known as the, "Black Prince", summoned for libelling Mrs Emma C. SMITH, widow of Dr SMITH who was killed on the railway some 12mths ago. The women were aquainted and on friendly terms till August last year. On the 14th inst Mrs SMITH recieved a valentine of an offensive picture. The case was carefully considered and it was thought the justice of the case should be met by Mrs EDWARDS to withdraw the imputations made and express her regret, case was allowed to be withdrawn.


FEB 25TH 1889


Before Mr PRESTON at Birkenhead Annie Elizabeth EDMONDS, married woman of 31 Park St. Charged with unlawfully assaulting and beating a child aged 3yrs, Annie Green LEIGH. The prisoner was married to the childs father. Insp KEARNEY was called to the house on information recieved. He was shown to the kitchen of the house were the child was, on examining her he could see a large discoloured lump on the childs forehead and the back of her right hand. Defendant said it was due to the child falling down stairs. Witness on stripping the child found a clean cut wound 2 ins long on her spine, defendant said she had beaten the child with a cane that morning and could't help herself. Winess also found 5 blisters on the childs Rt thigh and 2 on the inside of her Lt thigh. Prisoner became distressed and asked Insp KEARNEY to take no notice of the injuries as it would never happen again. Insp KEARNEY replied he could make no such promise. The child was clean, well clothed and in fair condition, prisoner gave the reason for beating the child as that, she had dirty habits which she was trying to cure. Dr CORNWALL examined the child and found further injuries . Mrs THOMPSON the next door neighbour stated that she had heard the child crying on many occasions over the past fortnight. She heard the child and prisoner in the yard and stood on furniture too look over the yard wall, she saw the child naked in a bucket with the cold tap running on her. The child was blue and looked as though she found it difficult to breathe. The prisoner put her hand over the childs mouth to stop it screaming and was shouting and hitting her. The neighbour remonstrated her were the prisoner stopped, the neighbour then contacted Superintendant CLARKE. The child had been in nursery care paid for by the father but the prisoner took the child out of care and wanted to keep the money laid aside by the father. Remanded in custody, refused bail.

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