Liverpool Mercury, June 22nd 1888

Liverpool Police Court, June 21st, before Mr RAFFLES

Defrauding a publican

George EARLE was charged with stealing 11 dozen bottles of mineral water the property of Henry DENYER the licensee of the Legs of Man, Hotel, at the corner of Lime St and London Rd. The fraud was described by Mr NEALE as a rather ingenious one. The prisoner was in the employ of Messers MARTINDALE, mineral water manufacturers as a carter and agent and during the last 3mths he has been in the habit of supplying Mr DENYER with mineral waters in the regular course of his work. Finding his stock short, Mr DENYER made inquiry, and a few days ago discovered that the prisoner had made a short delivery. On the 15th inst, after the house was closed Mr DENYER had the mineral water stock counted, the next morning when the prisoner called as usual he was requested to fill up the bins. It appeared it was the custom among very many Liverpool publicans not to count the mineral water when delivered, but to trust the honesty of the person delivering the stock. After the prisoner had left and before any of the stock had been disposed of Mr DENYER had the contents of the bins counted, and it was then found there were 11 dozen short. Since the prisoner had been in Mr MARTINDALE'S employ Mr DENYER had been charged with 228 dozen bottles which were alleged to have been returned short, and it was fair to assume this was due to the prisoner's dishonesty. Allowing 28 dozens for breakages during the period of 3mths, the remainder would show a loss to Mr DENYER of about 20 gross. After the prisoner had left the hotel on the 19th, he was followed by Detective M'CONCHIE to Mrs FAIRHURST'S hotel in Ranelagh St, where it was subsequently discovered that while he received cash for 7 dozen, the counterfoil to his employer accounted for only 4 dozen. Evidence having been called, the prisoner pleaded guilty, and said, family troubles had led him to commit the fraud. Mr RAFFLES, said he was exceedingly sorry for the prisoner, who had previously borne a good character. Jail for 2 mths.

Bootle Police Court, June 21st, before W. FRASER and Dr WILLS

Charge of stealing false teeth

Robert SMITH, 13, of 2 Boston St and Robert LONG, 13, of 33 Boston St, were charged on suspicion of stealing several sets of false teeth the property of Mr GOODWIN, dentist, 131 Strand Rd. Mr D'ESPINEY, said that whilst the police were investigating a charge against a boy named WALSH, who was before the magistrates the previous day for burglary, they came across certain things which led them to suspect that he had been concerned in other robberies. It was found that the premises of Mr GOODWIN, which had been closed for some time had been broken in to. From inquiries made in the neighbourhood it was ascertained that on Sunday night some boys, of whom the prisoners are supposed to be two, went to the shop of Thomas Owen JONES, chemist in Strand Rd and offered some false teeth for sale. They alleged they had found the teeth in Strand Rd, and on these representations the articles were purchased by JONES for 3d. The prisoner SMITH was identified by Mr POVEY, manager to Mr BUDDEN, chemist, Derby Rd, as one of some boys who offered false teeth for sale on Sunday last. The police were unable to find Mr GOODWIN as yet, and the magistrates granted a remand for 7 days.

Birkenhead Police Court, June 21st, before Mr PRESTON

Threatening a wife

A pensioner, John GREEN, of 79 Wood St, was charged by warrant on contempt of summons with threatening his wife. It appeared on Tuesday a summons was granted to the wife against her husband, she alleging he threatened her so much that she had to go out of the house lest he killed her. On Wednesday the husband did not appear to answer the summons, and the wife then told the magistrate that when the summons was served to him he attacked her with a knife and cut her on the cheek. The husband was arrested by warrant, but yesterday the wife endeavoured to take his part, and said she had injured her cheek by falling. The prisoner was bound over in 5 to keep the peace for 6mths.

Singular charge of theft.

Thomas PATTERSON and George ELLENSHAW, young men, were charged with stealing 3lbs of beef from the steamship City of Agra, lying in the Morpeth Dock. ELLENSHAW was also charged with receiving the meat with guilty knowledge. Yesterday ELLENSHAW went on board the vessel and saw PATTERSON who is the cook. The sympathy of the latter was so much aroused by ELLENSHAW'S statement that he had, had, nothing to eat all day, that he cut him a piece off a large joint of meat, and said he was sorry he could not give him any cooked food. Shortly after ELLENSHAW had left the steamer he was stopped by PC HALL, and questioned about the meat. The officer took him back to the vessel, and PATTERSON admitted having given him the meat, as he believed he was starving. Both men were taken into custody. The chief officer of the steamer gave PATTERSON a good character. ELLENSHAW was discharged and PATTERSON fined 10s and costs, or 14 days in default.

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