Crimes 1881

Liverpool Journal, 1st January 1881


St Helens Police courts

Tues, A young man, J. REYNOLDS, charged with being drunk on the 15th May last in Eccleston, under warrant, when tracked down, gave himself up, - fined 2s-6d and costs or 7 days prison.

Thomas GREENHOUGH charged with drunkeness – fined 10s and costs, after 32 previous convictions.

Weds, before William PILKINGTON and Col GAMBLE, Josiah ISHERWOOD a labourer charged with stealing a hen the property of William Johnson PILE of Vincent St - £2 fine and 18s costs or 1mths prison with hard labour

Tues, before Mr T. P. E. THOMPSON, Robert HUNTER, Landlord of the Albion Hotel, Parr, who was suing Joseph MARSHALL of Peasley Cross, Tub dealer. For £12-15s-10d, being the claim for the hire of a horse and cart and damage to the cart.

MARSHALL employed a man named Joseph CAIN, acting as agent who hired the horse and cart and engaged a lock up. Plaintiff wanted 6s a day, but defendant though 5s fair enough, he used the horse and cart from Sept 1879 to the following Dec, and had the lock up for 12wks, he being in the egg business. He was billed for 6s but unwilling to pay. Judge reduced amount to, £5-15s to be paid.

William HOWARD, an apprentice employed by Messers James NUTTALL and Co, Glass bottle manufacturers, suing his employers for £31-7d, stopped from his wages for damages he had not caused and loss of wages when off sick. His Honour, said the summons had been informed, it ought to be taken out by his father – nonsuit

Widnes Petty sessions

Weds, H. JONES, fined 10s and 11s costs for travelling from Edge Hill to Widnes without a ticket on the railway, Mr SANSOM, Station master and Mr SCRIMAQOUR Contractor of St Helens, proved the case.

J. B. FOULKES, employed at the Widnes goods yard, fined £3 and costs, for travelling from Liverpool to Widnes without paying his fare.

Mary MITCHELL a young woman fined 10s and costs or 4 days prison for stealing glasses from the Railway Hotel, Victoria Rd.

Hugh COWLEY and James FARRELL, charged with wounding James GORMLEY of Moss Bank, Mrs GORMLEY witnessed the wounding, Mr RYAN Surgeon proved the injuries to the eye socket – prisoner remanded Monday, before Col GAMBLE and Dr TWYFORD, at St Helens,

Insp BARNES of Widnes Police said on Christmas eve there was a party at the prosecutors house at Moss Bank, a fight ensued and the accused took victim out into the street and kicked him so severely that he became seriously ill and was taken to bed insensible, he is still in a bad way. Insp BARNES asked for a remand.

Anthony GORMLEY, brother of the injured man, witnessed the accused taking his brother into the street, but did not see the attack, finding him later injured in the street – remanded


Peter GIBBONS, 26 Rylance Row and Thomas MC MANUS, same address, charged on Tues with assault and grievous bodily harm on John KEARSLEY by striking him on the head with a hatchet and poker, on 24th Dec last. KEARSLEY had his head bandaged, he had been attended by Dr UNWIN, GIBBONS was also in court with head bandaged. It was concluded GIBBONS had been struck on the head by KEARSLEY – Both parties found to blame, to pay their own costs.

Liverpool Journal 8th Jan 1881

St Helens Petty sessions

Before Major Alderman HARRISON and Richard PILKINGTON

Martin ROWE, aged 13, 5 times before the court and twice convicted, fined 10s and costs for throwing a snowball, on 27th Dec, in Victoria St Windle.

John HIGHCOCK, aged 13, fined 1s and costs for throwing stones in Carsfield St on the 2nd inst.

John FOX, fined for travelling on the North Western Railway between Widnes and St Helens on the 28th Sept last and avoiding payment, Mr FERRAND appeared for the company – fined 20s and costs

Thomas ANDERS, aged 17, charged with stealing a rabbit valued at 2/6d from an out building in the backyard of Mr W. KITCHEN, 54 Croppers Hill, Eccleston. Mr SMITH Jnr defended, rabbit was found by P.C. MASSEY at the prisoners lodgings in Eccleston St. Prisoner found the rabbit running around the barracks field and did not know the owner – dismissed.

Catherine MCGURKE aged 11, charged with stealing coal and coke valued 1d, from the works of James MCBRYDE and Co, Union Chemical works, Mr SWIFT Jnr appeared for the company. Prosecution was made as the girl had been warned on many occasions and stealing from the company by children had become a nusiance – fined 5s and costs

Sarah BOARDMAN, under remand charged with stealing 4 shirts, from the shop of, Mr Thomas HARRIS, Naylor St, North, three extra charges preferred, stealing a vest from the shop of Mr William BIRCHALL, Market Place, the goods offered as pledges at Mr MOXONS, Claughton St – prison 6mths.

Runcorn Petty sessions

John WEST of the Duke of Wellington Inn, Percival’s Lane, charged by Supt WILLIAMSON for having on the 10th ult, sold a pint of whiskey to a P.C, not of the nature, substance or quantity demanded. Had run out of bonded whiskey and obtained a jar from Warrington and had reduced the liquor – fined 10s and costs.

John Alfred HEYES, Charles GREEN and Joseph WILSON, charged with breaking into the Runcorn Co-operative store on 25th ult, and stealing a quantity of corned beef and butter, WILSON and HEYES also charged with stealing on the 30th ult, 30s from the till of Andrew BROWN, Druggist, Bridge St – for trial

Abergele petty sessions


William EDWARDS, Colwyn Bay, summoned by Mr PREES, Supervisor of Excise for carrying a gun without a licence – fined 10s and cost

William Arthur DEW, for whom Mr BELL appeared, proceeded against John HUGHES, Blacksmith, Llanfairtalhairn, for having fished in the river Elwy during the close season, other than with a rod and reel.

Complainant found accused with a salmon on the 18th ult, he proceeded to kill the salmon on the river bank, he was also seen lowering the flood bridge for the purpose of gaffing the salmon, confirmed, mulded on the sum of £3-1s and costs, he was a continual offender and set example of.

Edward JONES, Farmer of Coedteg, fined 10s and costs for being drunk and disorderly on 27th Dec last.

Hannah JONES, Marsh Turnpike, Gate, summoned husband Robert JONES, for assaulting her on 6th ult. Was always cruel to her in drink was in fear for her life. – fined 1s and 11s costs, bound over with a sum of £5 to keep the peace

Denbigh sessions Weds

E. JONES, a well known poacher, convicted 16 times previously, brought upon 2 warrants, one with poaching on Kimnel Estate, in the company of William JONES, now in gaol for serious assault on a Gamekeeper, where he was sent for 1 mths hard labour, he told the Justices there was no point in giving him hard labour, as he could not do it.

The other warrant for poaching on Cotton Hall farm, where he said he was hunting mushrooms. He was apprehended by the keeper for running his dog after a hare, he was sent to gaol for another month, for default of paying £2 and costs

Angelsey quarter sessions

Weds Capt VERNEY in the chair.

James BURKE, Master of the tug GREAT EMPEROR, of Liverpool and Hugh PARRY a mate in the employment of the City of Dublin Steampacket Co, appealed against convictions of, £50 and £25 imposed on them for breaches of the Mercantile Marine Act.

PARRY was put on board the GREAT EMPEROR to pilot her through the straits. He held a certificate, but only for three vessels belonging to the City of Dublin Co, so was summoned for being an unlicenced pilot. BURKE was fined for refusing the services of a qualified pilot. – convictions affirmed without costs, special case refused.

Carnarvon County sessions

Saturday before Capt Wynn GRIFFITH and Mr POOLE

Lewis HUGHES of Ebenezer, charged with being drunk and riotous on Christmas eve at Llanddeinrolen and again on 29ult. Mr ALLANSON applied that he may be bound over to keep the peace towards Jane JONES – Penalty 40s and costs – bound over to keep the peace.

William ROBERTS, John Morris PRICHARD and William Morris PRICHARD, 3 little boys from Cwmyglo, brought up on a warrant for stealing a hare and trap, Mother of the PRICHARD boys said they could not attend as they had measles – Capt GRIFFITHS would see their school officer that close scrutiny would be made on the boys.

Liverpool Police Court

Patrick SULLIVAN, on remand for assaulting, on 27th Nov last, John MACANALLY, Labourer, and Ellen his wife, residing at Walton. He struck Ellen MACANALLY, endangering her life, she was removed to the Walton Workhouse Hospital, where she was treated for head injuries by Dr R. M. ANDERSON

MACANALLY and SULLIVAN had been drinking in a public house, drinking about 5 pints each, they lived in the same house. SULLIVAN was in the chair by the fire in the evening and was awakened by MACANALLY hitting him on the arm with a poker. A fight ensued and MACANALL was knocked out senseless, he came round hearing one of his children screaming his wife was dead, the accused had hit her with his fist, on the couple trying to get out of the house SULLIVAN hit Mrs MACANALLY over the head with a fender. Dr ANDERSON, confirmed the injuries and said she was now out of danger but had been left extremely weak. – bail refused for trial


James CANNON charged with driving a cab while being drunk and injuring 2 men, James BOWER and Albert STEINER, on the 24th ult. The men were crossing St John’s lane, when prisoner, driving a hansom cab, furiously, knocked them both down. STEINER was removed to the Northern Dispensary with concussion and BOWER had 2 fractures in his collar bone. – committed to sessions.


Elizabeth LYDEN charged with stealing 5 pairs of trousers the property of David LEWIS and others, Ranleigh St. Accused was employed to make up the material in Oct last. When she had finished them she pawned them for 35s, she pleaded poverty and was also in bad health – 6 wks prison


Annie LAMBOURNE, an incorrigible woman, aged 27, pleaded guilty to breaking a plate glass window in the public house of Mr Robert CAIN, Park Lane, she had previously been to court 68 times – 2mths prison


Ellen JEHU, Lodging House Keeper, committed to prison for 4mths, for opening a box belonging to Ellen MCKERRIN, Stewardess, while she was at sea, and pledging articles including a gold watch.

Frederick MEAKIN, a young man, charged with wounding Joseph WALMSLEY, with a belt, on New Years night in , Soho St, the prisoner was thrashing an old man when WALMSLEY intervened, he had previous convictions – committed for sessions.


Donald MCLEOD, Shopman was sentenced to 6mths prison for stealing stationary, the property of W. H. WATTS and Co, Crompton House where he was employed as an assistant, also stealing wearing apparel the property of fellow lodgers, Ellis LEWIS and Francis MOFFATT – pleaded guilty

Catherine GILL, aged 23, given 3mths prison for stealing a gold cross from the house of her father in Congreve St, father described her as a drunkard and a liar.

John MCEVOY, committed for sessions for wounding his wife Ellen on 1st Jan, they were separated and he had tried to enter her house in Prospect St, she received a wound on her arm by the prisoner.

Magistrates Court

William RIMMER, charged with killing a hare on the land of the Earl of SEPHTON at Orrell, on the 18th Dec last, case proved by Charles FORSTER, Keeper of Lord SEPHTON – fined 20s or 1mths prison.


William BONASAM charged with desertion from the 18th Hussars now stationed in Liverpool, policeman found him asleep before a Watchman’s fire in Shiel Rd, Fairfield – handed over to an escort from the barracks.

John NALL and Thomas GASKELL, both aged 12yrs, charged with stealing a purse and 1s-7d, from a little girl, Mary Jane WILLIAMS, on West Derby Rd, NALL had been convicted twice before of felony – both remanded.

Bootle Police Court

Christopher MURRAY, Labourer, in custody charged with stealing an overcoat belonging to William COOBAN, Derby Rd, Pawnbroker, the coat was displayed at the front of the shop and MURRAY, took it into the shop to pawn it – for trial

Birkenhead Police Court

Patrick QUINN charged with being drunk and disorderly and assaulting a Police Officer in Watson St, he had followed the P.C on his beat and siezed him in Beckwith St, Insp ALLISON and LEESON assisted – 1mths prison


A young woman, Jane MCQUIRK charged with assaulting and wounding, Anne BROOKS on Mon, 20th ult, a quarrel occurred and accused struck the complainant on the forehead with a poker, she was removed to the Borough Hospital and is now out of danger – gaol 1 mth with hard labour.

A drunken Postman, Daniel PHILLIPS, was charged with being drunk in charge of mail in Price St on Christmas day, he had been 6yrs in the Post Office and this was his first offence – fined 6s and costs or 1mths prison


William MASSEY remanding for stealing a coat belonging to Messers P. MORRIS and Son, Clothiers, Cross St. The coat was offered for a pledge by Mr MASSEY at the shop of Mr TEMPLE Pawnbroker, Scotland Rd. Prisoner had been several times convicted in Lancashire and Yorkshire, for trial

A married woman named Jane BECKETT, charged with stealing 2 table cloths, belonging to Margaret JONES, Meadow Lane and a shawl belonging to Elizabeth Jane SCOTT, Lunar St, all the articles were stolen from their washing lines and pledged - gaol 2mths with hard labour

Woolton Petty sessions

Richard MENEAR, who keeps the, “BEE HIVE”, beer house in, Castle St, Woolton, charged with selling drink in prohibited hours , on Sunday 12th ult – fined 10s and costs.

City Police court yesterday Edward O’NEILL, a Sailor residing at Nova Scotia was charged with being drunk and pointing a revolver at an Oyster woman in the, “Man at the Wheel” pub in Paradise St – fined 40s and costs

Warrington Police Court


Messers Charles Henry CARTWRIGHT and Sons, glass bottle, manufacturers of Warrington, summoned by Robert FORBES, Apprentice, to show case why his indentures could not be cancelled, by the reason that the defendants could not find him work. He had turned up for work and been turned away, when he asked for half pay was refused. Yet when he asked what would happen if he didn’t work, when there was work, was told he would go to prison.

Complainant only came out of prison on Christmas day, and was a trouble maker, stated CARTWRIGHT.

Major CARTWRIGHT, was prepared to give him half pay when there was no work and would find work for him.

FORBES, stormed out of court, saying he would rather go to gaol than work for him.

Runcorn Police court

Yesterday before, Mr R. M. BROOKE, William AINSWORTH, a young man was charged on remand for having on the 3rd inst, at Runcorn, unlawfully taken Elizabeth BLEASE, aged 15, out of the custody of her father.

Mr W. H. LINAKER appeared for the defence

Father stated that his daughter was born on the 15th March 1865, and she left his house to go to Warrington to be married, without his consent.

Supt WILLIAMSON asked for remand till Monday as important witnesses were at Knutsford sessions – bail given with £50 surety, as long as he did not see Miss BLEASE

Liverpool Journal, 8th Jan 1881

At Carnarvon Borough sessions

Monday before Mr Lewis MAJOR and Hugh PUGH

A charge made against Edwin HUGHES for furiously driving a horse, who in defence stated his animal could not gallop, he had, “no legs” – fined 5s and costs.

Daniel OSBORNE, a polisher, carrying on business at Penrallt, charged with cruelly beating his son, aged 10. He denied having administered more than judicious chastisement on occasions. – fined 10s and costs, bound for £10 to keep the peace.

Jane GRIFFITHS an elderly woman from Bontnewydd, given prison for 3mths for stealing a pair of stockings from the county gaol, from whence she had just been released after her 56th conviction, she vowed she would do nothing for them in the gaol, but murder the Sub-Matron, who had given evidence against her.

A charge of cruelty to a horse, by Insp WARREN of the R.S.P.C.A. against Owen GRIFFITHS of Clyring, W. D. HART, Veterinary Surgeon, stated the animal was fit to job and would last longer than the cart, even though it was 23yrs old. The bench decided to see the animal before giving a decision.

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