Liverpool Mercury, Feb 1st, 1878

Liverpool Police Court, Jan 31st, before Mr RAFFLES

Robbing a drunken man

Two young men, John O'DANIEL and Michael SWEENEY were charged with having robbed an old man named John FLEMING, as he lay helplessly drunk in Leather Lane, on the night of the 25th January, and were committed for trial at the sessions.

Violent lovers

Hugh CAMPBELL and Mary CONNOLLY, young persons said to be "keeping company" were charged with assaulting PC'S 84 and 415, in Currie St, on Wednesday night last. One of the officers heard the cries of a woman in Currie St on the night in question, and on going to ascertain the cause found the prisoner CAMPBELL pulling the female prisoner about the street, by the hair of her head. The officer took him into custody, and the woman thereupon tried to release him, both of them kicking and striking the officer and PC 415 who came to his assistance. Finally they were both lodged in the bridewell. The male prisoner, who had been three times previously before the court, was sent to gaol for a month, but it being the 16th appearance of the woman in the prisoner's dock, she went to gaol for 2mths with hard labour.

Furnishing upon the "Hire System"

Two young foreigners, Jacob SCHWART and Simon MORRIS were charged on suspicion of having stolen a large quantity of furniture. Detective Inspector CARLISLE, said, that since the prisoners had been in custody it had been ascertained that they had recently come from Manchester, bringing with them 160 worth of furniture which they stole and attempted to sell it for 35 to Mr CUTLER, auctioneer, St Anne St. Detectives COLLINGWOOD and M'CONCHIE got information of the case and questioned the prisoners as to their possession of the furniture. They could give no satisfactory explanation, and the prisoner MORRIS was stopped as he was about to destroy a railway note, which showed that the furniture had come from Manchester. They were consequently taken into custody.

Thomas CHADWICK, outdoor manager for the "Manchester Furnishing Co" stated that on the 8th of January, the prisoners applied personally to the company in Manchester for some furniture on the "hire system". It was ultimately arranged that they should have the furniture of the value of 100, on payment of 25 cash and $10 a month until the amount was paid. The deposit was paid and the furniture was delivered on the 19th January to 45 Duke St, Manchester. Men were sent several times to the house to put up the beds, but the prisoners would not allow them to do so, and shortly afterwards the furniture company heard the men had left the town, and the house they occupied was empty. Mr RAFFLES, after hearing the evidence remanded the prisoners until Saturday. It would either be larceny of conspiracy to defraud, in the meantime the Manchester Furniture Co, will be communicated with

The Denison St, stabbing case

Dennis CONNOR, on remand, late fireman on board the White Star steamship Britannic, charged with stabbing a sailor named Robert JONES, on the 26th ultimo, in Denison St, was committed for trial at the sessions. The prosecutor is now out of danger.

Birkenhead Police Court, Jan 31st, before Mr PRESTON

Theft from a public house

A young woman named Margaret M'GRORY was charged with stealing a bottle of rum, a bottle of gin and seven cigars, the property of Mr FLINT, landlord of the Music Hall, Hotel, Claughton Rd. The prisoner was a servant in the employ of the prosecutor, who on Wednesday evening found two bottles of spirits concealed in a Dutch oven in the kitchen. Detective officer MOORE was sent for and he stopped the prisoner as she was leaving the house with the cigars and bottle in her possession. Mr FLINT did not now wish to press the charge as he believed the prisoner had been induced to commit the theft by a man who kept her company. - The magistrate ordered the prisoner to be remanded

Charge of attempted matricide

A young man, Edward GARRITY, a sailor, was brought in custody charged with threatening or attempting to shoot his mother Ellen IRVING, of Camden St. Inspector LEESON, stated at 1,50 am he apprehended the prisoner, who was given in charge by his mother for attempting to shoot her. When charged with the offence, the prisoner said, "I had a revolver which was loaded, but I did not attempt to do any harm" The prisoner added he borrowed the revolver from a young man who had gone to Liverpool. The prisoner was sober when witness took him into custody. Mrs IRVING was not in attendance to prosecute, and the prisoner was remanded.


Liverpool Mercury, March 22nd, 1878

Liverpool Police Court, March 21st before Mr RAFFLES

Committed for Embezzlement

John M'MEAKIN a young man was brought up on remand charged with having embezzled 2-8s the property of Mr John NELSH Jnr, the Liverpool agent of Messers A. FERGUSON and Co, white lead manufacturers, Glasgow. The prisoner defended by Mr PENTON, was in the employ of the prosecutors as traveller and collector. Mr CARLISLE, Inspector of detectives, prosecuted and stated that since the prisoner had been before the magistrates it had been discovered that he had embezzled three sums amounting to 8-19s-6d. The prisoner pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 3mths imprisonment

Stabbing affray near the Sailor's Home.

Stefano BRADBACLCH, an Austrian seaman was brought up on remand charged with having stabbed Amado DELEAN, a Frenchman near the Sailor's Home on the 14th inst. Mr CARLISLE said that the injured man was progressing favourably, but as yet was not able to appear. The prisoner was remanded for a week. The Austrian Consul was present to watch the case on behalf of the prisoner.

A lodger charged with robbery

Henry MARTON, was committed for trial at the sessions for having stolen two coats and other articles of wearing apparel, the property of Samuel WEIR, with whom he lodged at Addlington St.

Before Mr T. B. ROYDEN

Charge of stealing newspapers

William WRIGHT, aged 14, was charged with having stolen a quantity of newspapers on the 16th and 9th inst and 27th ult, and a woman named Mary Ann SWEENEY was charged with feloniously receiving the same. The boy had been employed by Messers W. H. SMITH and Sons Castle St, and the female had been in the habit of selling newspapers in the street. For some time the prosecutrix had suspected that newspapers were being stolen by boys in their employ, and on Saturday WRIGHT was apprehended by Detective ROBERTSON, when he had in his possession a number of newspapers, which he stated he was about to sell to SWEENEY. The latter was subsequently arrested and she admitted having purchased from the boy on three occasions, newspapers at half price. Mr MURPHY who defended the female said, that she had not purchased the papers with the knowledge they had been feloniously obtained. Prisoners committed to the sessions for trial. Sweeney bailed on two sureties of 25 each.

Before Mr T. B. ROYDEN and G. MELLY

Carrying explosives in the Mersey

Capt M'KENZIE master of the smack Jeanie was summoned for neglecting to give notice in writing to the secretary of the Dock Board of the arrival of his vessel in the Mersey, having on board a quantity of dynamite. Mr SQUAREY solicitor to the dock board prosecuted. The vessel had arrived in the Mersey on the morning of the 5th ult having on board three and a half tons of dynamite, and it remained at anchor close to the magazines for about two days. The defendant stated he had taken the usual precautions, but he was ignorant of the bylaw requiring him to give the notice in question. Fined 50s and costs.

Birkenhead Police Court, March 21st before Mr PRESTON

Theft, a young woman Mary WEEDON was charged with stealing a sheet and other articles belonging to Margaret M'NAIR of Pleasant St. The property was missing on Saturday and on inquiry it was found that the prisoner had pledged it. Committed to gaol for two months with hard labour.


Liverpool Mercury, Sept 23rd 1878

Supposed Kidnapping at Liverpool

At the borough police court on Saturday, Mr RAFFLES addressing the reporters, said he had received a communication from the Rev T. Major LESTER, bringing under his notice a case in which a mother had lost her child and was distracted in consequence. Publicity being given to the matter it might lead to the child's recovery. The child strayed away from home on the 31st August, and was being taken to the bridewell for safety by a policeman, when a woman asked to be allowed to carry it. The constable allowed her to do so, but, she managed to give him the slip, and the child has not since been heard of. Detective Inspector COZENS said the matter had already been reported to Major GREIG. The name of the child is Rachel Ann STONES, daughter of John STONES, 33 Othello St, a well-to-do tradesman. She is 2yrs 7mths old, has light auburn hair and dark eyes.


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