Liverpool Mercury, June 2nd, 1876

Liverpool Police Court, June 1st, before Mr RAFFLES

Tricking a tobacconist

Charles M'NIFF and Charles HOWARD, were charged with stealing 15s-9d, a purse and a lb of tobacco from Joseph WEBSTER, tobacconist, Great Howard St, by means of a trick. Yesterday the prisoners went into an eating house in Great Howard St, and asked for certain victuals, producing a gilt medal resembling a sovereign, and commonly designated a "Jack" in payment. They said they had received the jack for a sovereign, but, the eating house keeper declined to accept it as a coin of the realm. The prosecutor whose shop was in the same street, was not so discriminating. The prisoners purchased some tobacco and a purse from him, and gave him the jack, receiving 15s-9d change. He was afterwards informed of the mistake and caused the prisoners to be taken into custody. Committed for trial.

Assaulting the police

Michael RILEY, making his 31st appearance at this court, was committed to hard labour for 3mths, for being drunk and assaulting PC 135 in Water St.

Alleged theft of a watch

Mary M'CALL a woman of by no means attractive appearance, was charged with stealing a watch valued at £6, from a well-dressed young man who gave the name of James WILSON, and said he was a stranger in Liverpool. The watch was found in the possession of the prisoner, but the prosecutor said she could nor recollect how he lost, although he remembered treating the woman to a drink. The prisoner was discharged, the magistrate remarking that there was no accounting for the prosecutor's taste.


A sad honeymoon

Sarah GOULDING a young woman pleaded guilty to stealing wearing apparel, value £4 the property of Robert SMITH, Radcliffe St. It appeared on Tuesday she called upon Mrs SMITH, and left the house with her. She parted with Mrs SMITH and returned to the house, falsely stating that Mrs SMITH had sent her back for clothes, and was allowed to take them. Yesterday she was given into custody. She at first denied the offence, but afterwards told PC 710 that the articles would be found at her lodgings in Proctor St. The articles were so found. Detective-inspector CARLISLE who prosecuted, said the prisoner was married only yesterday, and that her husband had been at the detective office last night in a very sad way. The prisoner, who begged hard for leniency was committed to hard labour for 6 weeks.

Birkenhead County Magistrates Court

Before Messers S. LEDWARD and J. RAVENSCROFT

A painter's midnight ramble

A young man, William COLWICK, a painter was brought up charged with being a suspicious person. From the evidence of Sergeant JOHNSON, it appeared whilst on his beat in Clifton Park, shortly after midnight he saw the prisoner jump from the back window of a house in Clifton Park, occupied by Mr BAKE, on to a henhouse, and then make his way through a garden. The officer followed the prisoner, who was partly undressed, and took him into custody, and on asking him what he had been doing he replied, "It's all right, I have been to see the servant, who asked me to come." Mr BAKE'S servant said the prisoner was a complete stranger to her. She was awakened to feel his cold hand upon her cheek. She immediately gave him a blow, and got up for the purpose of telling her master. The prisoner said to her, "Hush hush, I'll do you no harm. You know who I am, I'm the painter." He then left the room by the window. The witness denied knowing anything about the prisoner. Mr BAKE said the prisoner had recently been painting his house, and had made the acquaintance of one of the servants, whom he had discharged, and witness believed she had invited the prisoner to visit her. He did not think at the time the prisoner knew the girl had left, or that he was on the witness's premises with a felonious intent. The magistrate discharged the prisoner with a caution.

Deficient Weights

James HUSSEY, fisherman, Grange Lane was fined 5s and costs for being in possession of deficient weights and Thomas LANGLEY, provision dealer Grange Lane and John CARPENTER, pork butcher, Oxton Rd, were each fined 10s and costs for a similar offence.



Liverpool Journal

6th Jan 1877

The Quarter sessions of the Peace opened yesterday at St Georges Hall before the recorder, Mr J. B. ASPINALL. Q.C.

The following gentlemen sworn on the Grand Jury.

H. H. NICHOLSON, Cotton Broker, 3 and 4, Exchange Buildings. [Foreman]

A. BROWN, Corn Merchant, 6. Water St

G. H. BYSCH, Merchant, 20 Exchange St, East

W. BARKER. Jnr, Merchant, 6 Surrey St

J. M. CALDER, Commission Agent, Liver Chambers

W. C. CHEEVERS, Wine Merchant, 16 Water St

G. N. GARDINER, Shipowner, 48 Southcastle St

J. H. GOODYER, Shipowner, 30 Brunswick St

C. HARRISON, Merchant, 33 and 31 Exchange Buildings

R. C. HALL, Cotton Broker, 13 Rumford St

G. H. HARRISON, Broker, 9 Exchange Buildings

John HARGROVE, Shipowner, 5 Chapel St

E. HABERSHON, Cotton Broker, 9 Rumford Place

E. HOUGH, Cotton Broker, 7 Rumford Place

Joseph HARGREAVES, Wine Merchant, 7/9 Batchelor St

J. D. LEE, Architect, 12 Cases St

H. JEVONS, Merchant, 6 Rumford St

J. C. JONES, Cotton Broker, 12 Manchester Buildings

J. T. KING, Merchant, 4 Clayton Square

J. MAXWELL, Corn Merchant, 28 Brunswick St

W. H. PICTON, Merchant, 11 Dale St

G. M. SMITH, Merchnt, 3 Rumford Place

T. THORNLEY, Cotton Broker, 12 Tithebarn St

Condolences given for the loss of Mr Peter WRIGHT, Clerk of the Peace

Prisoners on the calendar numbered 62

Educational status

Neither read nor write 14

Read but not write 11

Read and write imperfectly 3

Read and write moderately 28

Read and write well 6


John AUSTIN, aged 25, Porter and Margaret O’NEILL, aged 25, indicted for having on the 8th, Dec last, stole a watch the property of Charles MOLE. AUSTIN was in the service of Messers MOLE and LANE, Jewellers, Lord St. It was his duty to sleep on the premises. He took the woman [a loose woman] there on the evening of the 8th, and kept her there till the next morning. The watch was then missing and was later pawned by the woman – Both 5 yrs penal servitude.

Alexander RUMER was indicted for obtaining pictures by false pretences, he was taken into custody with regard to the indictment which had stood open from a previous session

Demetrius COZIAS, aged 33, Boarding House Keeper, indicted for stealing £209, on the 16th ult, the money of Messers Francis PECK, Brothers and Co, Tea Merchants.

Mr SEGAR for the prosecution, Dr COMMINS for the defence.

Mr SEGAR – On the day in question Horace TIPPLE, Cashier, in the employment of the prosecutors, was hurrying to the Union Bank, with several bags of gold, when he slipped in Cook St. He rushed to get to the bank and did not realise he had dropped a bag containing £210. He returned to the spot and the bag was not there, a Greek Sailor had handed the bag to the accused and had taken out a sovereign. The prosecutors full name was on the bag. – Guilty, sentence deferred, court adjourned.

Ellen BROCKLEBANK, aged 35, charged with stealing a coat the property of Edward ROBERTS, on 6th Dec – 12 mths prison, 5yrs police supervision

Jane THOMPSON, aged 42, charged with stealing a petticoat the property of John QUICK, on the 5th Dec last – 9mths prison and 3yrs police supervision

Thomas SAUNDERS, 17, Martin O’NEILL, 14, pleaded guilty to breaking into the office of Mr George HUTCHIN, on 25th Nov last and stealing £3-14s-8d and clothing, and on 2nd Dec last, from the same office stealing a ring. – SAUNDERS, gaoled for 6wks and ordered to be whipped. O’NEILL given 11 days prison and sent to Clarence Reformatory Ship for 5yrs.

John DORAN, 18, Shoemaker, on 11 Dec last, stole £7-10s, from the person of Eliza SHANNON – gaol 9mths

John WATERSON, Labourer, aged 20, stole a Guernsey frock the property of John MACKENZIE, on 13th, Dec last – 12 mths prison, 5yrs police supervision

John HIBBS, aged 20, Labourer stole 1cwt 1qr 9ibs of gambier the property of Edward BROWNE and others – prison 9mths, 5yrs police supervision

John BLAIR, aged 37, Market Constable, stole 88 apples, 45 oranges from a stall on St John’s Market- 12 mths gaol

Maria JONES, aged 35, Charwoman, on 14th, Dec last, stole a mat the property of William H? – 12 mths hard labour, 3yrs police supervision.

Barbara MC’ATEER, aged 20, six months prison for stealing a pair of boots, on 7th Oct last, after braking in to the office of James HIGGINBOTHAM

Esther OHARE, aged 45, on 24th, Oct last, stole £55-10s, the money of John ROURKE – 9mths prison

Ann JOHNSON, aged 40, sent for 6mths prison for stealing on the 17th Oct, last, a coat belonging to Richard HANEGAN

Edward HESTBROOK, aged 29, shoemaker, charged with stealing on the 2nd Dec last a sovereign the money of Andrew ELSAN – Acquitted

Birkenhead Police Courts


Three respectable looking young men, Andrew KIRKPATRICK, Dentist, David BUTLER, Warehouseman, John CARNEY, Clerk, belonging to a steamer in the docks brought up on a charge of being drunk on Monday night, and refusing to leave the Woodside Hotel. They are also charged with assaulting Mr William HARBRIDGE, the Landlord and two barmen, THOMAS and CHARLES, penalty of £5 each and costs.

William MACMULLEN known to the police, charged on remand for stealing a pair of boots from the shop of, Mr W. WESLEY, Bootmaker, Monk St and a jacket from the shop of, Mr Henry MURPHY, Pawnbroker Market St. He had two other boys MCGINITY and TANNER, was sent to Birkenhead Industrial School for 5 yrs, it was stated he also had a sister in that institution.


Dennis DALY a coachman of Derby St was summoned for keeping three ferocious dogs, three carriage dogs had attacked a gentleman, a P.C going to the house and children of the neighbours – fined 40s and costs

John HAUGHTON charged with stealing a coat belonging to William MONAGHAN of 16 Cathcart St, which he pawned – 1 mths gaol

Catherine DAY charged with stealing a watch and guard from James PEERS, Cambridge Place, on Monday he met the woman in Dacre St, she asked him for money, then snatched the watch, the watch was found the next morning on a window sash – discharged.

Joseph MCLAUGHLIN a Cabdriver was charged with being drunk in charge of a cab and wounding an old man, Henry HILL. A, P.C saw the cab being driven down the hill to the Woodside Ferry at a rapid pace, he heard a cry and found the old man under the wheel of the cab. Mr HILL was taken to the Borough Hospital and is still in a serious condition. Anthony NIBLOCK a Ferryman said HILL was turning on the hydrant when the cab ran over him, prisoner remanded till Friday.

John HALLIDAY charged with being drunk while in charge of a cab, was driving down Chester St, when horse was thrown down and the cab upset – fined 40s and costs.

James HODGKINSON, Landlord of the Manor Arms, Public House, Chester St, summoned for keeping open during prohibited hours, He took the time from Mr KNOX’S clock [St Marys] which is well known to be wrong – dismissed

William GODDARD, Butcher, Birkenhead Market, summoned for selling to John Edwin TOPPER, Landlord of the Ivy Hotel, Ivy St, a quantity of meat unfit for human consumption.


Peter MATHEWS, charged with being drunk and refusing to leave the Meadows Hotel, Conway St. – fined 20s and costs.

William WILLIAMS and James QUIGLEY charged with breaking into the house of John GRAHAM, Commercial Traveller, Stanley Rd, New Ferry, on the 29th ult, and stealing a coat which was pledged at Mr T. SHAW, Pawnbroker, Birkenhead – for trial.

William Henry BROWN, Juvenile, whose parents reside at Tranmere, charged with stealing a sheet from the washing line of Mr Stanley WALKER, Seabank Rd, Tranmere, on 28th ult – gaol 1 mth, reformatory for 5yrs.

Joseph GRIFFITHS who wore the uniform of the 22nd Regiment, charged with stealing rabbit traps belonging to Sir John Stanley ERRINGTON. Bart. On the 8th of November a gamekeeper, John CHADWICK, set 17 traps in a field, next morning 14 traps were missing, footmarks from the field led to Ledsham Railway station, were he found the prisoner with the traps and two other men, John GRIFFITHS and Robert KNIGHT, the two men proceeded with at the time, but the prisoner absconded. He had enlisted and was apprehended at Fleetwood – for trial.

Robert WILLIAMS and William SPARKS charged with stealing, 6 fowl and 2 pigeons belonging to Thomas MEACOCK, Bedford Rd, Rock Ferry on 29th Ult, Insp HILTON and Det CASHEN saw the 2 men walking along the railway with bags, WILLIAMS was caught with the help of, P.C. MCNEILL, SPARKS absconded but was apprehended at Crewe- for trial on Wednesday.


Patrick NUGENT, a returned convict and his wife Mary Ann NUGENT remanded for stealing a watch and chain belonging to John FORSTER, Bootmaker, Conway St, prisoner took the watch to a Journeyman watchmaker, O’BOYLE in Park St – both locked up, for trial.

Woolton Petty Sessions

John CARTWRIGHT a farmer at Speke, charged with assaulting Jane GRACE a domestic servant in his employment – fined £3 and costs

John FAIRCLOUGH, Licensed Victullar, High St, Wavertree, fined £5 for permitting drunkeness on his premises

Alfred GIFFORD, Baker, West Derby St, Liverpool fined 20s and costs for selling light bread, an ounce underweight.

Liverpool Police Courts

Walter MCLOUGHLAN, a man of respectable appearance was charged by Thomas Young KAY, an Auctioneer of Orient St, with embezzling, £70, Mr DAVIES, prosecuting Solicitor asked for a remand till Saturday, according to the Police there was dubious doubt that the charge would be sustained.

Ellen MOSS, brought up on remand till Wednesday for biting the finger off Maria BUCKLEY in Maguire St, on Saturday.


John WALSH, alias CASSIDY, was charged on remand for burglarously entering the house of Charles WILBERFORCE, 35 Erskine St, on 3rd ult and stealing a clock and other articles.

James SMITH was charged with assaulting Mary MABER, the woman covered in bandages said on Monday night her husband, a cripple, and the prisoner were fighting in Blenhiem St. She interfered to protect her husband and the prisoner seized her husband’s crutch and struck her a number of times over the head, face, her nose was broken and she had several wounds over the head and face – remanded 1 week

Thomas COWAN, a Baker, sent for trial for indecently assaulting a child, Mary Anne KEARSLEY.

Catherine HARVEY, for trial for stealing 18s the money of Isabella MAHER, of Trueman St, by whom she was employed as a servant.


Mathew WALSH, charged with robbing and assaulting William RYAN a Cooper of Cockerell St

Thomas ???RNS a van driver employed by Mr ? H. BLAKE a Baker of 15 Park Rd, charged with embezzling £12, belonging to his employer – gaol 3mths

Thomas LANIGAN and Patrick ??GAN, charged with breaking and entering the premises of Joseph SIMPSON, in Bond St and stealing 11 loaves, committed for sessions.


John MARKS, a sailor fined 40s and costs for fraudulently using a certificate which didn’t belong to him.

Julia COURTNEY, a young woman charged on remand for seriously wounding another young woman Catherine TIERNEY, who resided in Raymond St, trial to sessions.

A powerful man James KING, charged with seriously assaulting Ann MCGEE, in Gilbert St, on Sunday, trial to sessions.

John JACKSON, charged with assaulting his brother-in-law Thomas ??? on Highfield St, charges dropped – discharged.

James BESWICK, a young man who has been frequently gaoled committed for 6 wks hard labour for assaulting P.C, 810, while in the discharge of his duty.

John STEWART charged with assaulting an elderly man, Edward JONES on West Derby Rd, on New Years Eve. His son John JONES, said his father and himself were walking down West Derby Rd, on approaching St Michael’s Church they saw a group of men talking. His father slipped off the footpath were upon the accused set on his Father beating him on the ground. – remanded for 7 days.

Patrick NOLAN, Hugh MEAKIN, James KELLY, Charles GILMOUR and William GORMAN, Fireman on the Steamship LESBIAN, charged with disobeying the orders of Capt L.JONES, They went ashore at Trieste against the captains orders, 3 days pay to be taken out of their wages.

An old man John AYE accused of trying to commit suicide in Stanley Rd, by cutting his throat. He was treated in Stanley Rd, friends came and took him promising to take care of him.

Ellen MAGUIRE, aged 30 of Guildhall St, charged with attempting to commit suicide by taking a quantity of Laudanum on the 2nd inst. She had problems which she said she could not cope with, remanded for inquiry.


William F. BUTLER charged with stealing a bible and two books from Mrs Anna PHILLIPS of Chatham St. Insp CARLISLE said books had also been stolen from Clergymen and Doctors in the area. A collection of pawn tickets were found relating to pledges in Dublin – arrested and remanded for I week.

Before Mr J. W. CROPPER and G. MELLY, Michael HANLEY summoned for selling drink on the streets without a license, on the 31st ult, in Thurlow St.

Mary MULLENS called for the defence she said: I was going for three farthings worth of hair oil for the children’s heads [laughter], Mr HANLEY said to me ,”Ould Woman are you very bad?” and I said indeed I am”- Mr MURPHY asked what was the matter with her? – Witness: I was in the “trembles”, I was in the horrors, I was dying for a drink, I did not pay, I had no money – MURPHY said the man was hard working and had no need to sell the drink.

Insp GARDNER had strongly suspected the accused had been selling illegal drink for some time – fined 40s and costs.

Mary HERMS the keeper of a house of ill repute in a court in Blandford St – fined 40s and costs for selling rum without a license.

William CARROLL, Licensed Victullar, Rothwell St, summoned for selling drink during prohibited hours on Sunday morning.

William BLUNDELL, Licensed Victullar, Scotland Rd, summoned for selling drink, 10mins after 11 on Saturday night last, fined 10s and costs.

Birkenhead Police Courts


6th, Jan 1877.

At Knutsford quarter sessions on Thursday.

W. SKINNER, aged 36, described as a Draper, pleaded guilty to stealing, 20 yds of silk the property of his employer, Edwin ROBINSON, Stretford Rd, Manchester and 40 yds of silk and 20 yds of sheeting plus other items, the property of Peter HALL at Macclesfield on , 4th, Dec last. The prisoner had been in the employment of the prosecutors while in the service of Mr HALL was engaged to be married to a young woman from Ashton-under-Lyne, he sent the stolen goods to the young lady with the intention of setting up business himself – 12 mths hard labour

On Tuesday at Warrington, Police court an Irishman, John MCGAFFREY, a labourer was charged with violently assaulting Joseph INGFIELD, of Runcorn, by kicking him on Monday night. The complainant, head bandaged, had to be helped into court by two constables, and led to a chair. On the previous night he was in the Bull’s Head Inn, Bridge St, Warrington, when the prisoner requested he buy a drink, he refused, and prisoner threatened he would, warm him when he got out. When he finally left the prisoner was waiting outside, he beat him to the ground and then brutally kicked him about the head and body. The incident was witnessed by a constable, INGFIELD was removed to the Infirmary and attended by Dr JOSEPH – Gaol 2 mths with hard labour.

Warrington petty sessions, Tuesday.

Before Alderman HOLMES and Dr SMITH, Thomas PILLING, a Hawker was charge with neglecting his wife and family, by running away and leaving them chargeable to the Parochial authorities, He had been away 12 wks leaving his family destitute. – gaol 1 mth with hard labour.

Edward BAKER, a Hamper maker, charged with assaulting his wife, prisoner pleaded Christmas as an excuse, and said, his wife’s temper was unequalled by any woman in Warrington!!- bound over to keep the peace for 6 mths, himself in £20 surety, 2 others £10 each.

Mary BENNETT for stealing £2-3s worth of Codlings from a fish stall was committed for trial. Prescot Petty Sessions, Tuesday.

Before Mr THOMPSON and Mr W. L. EVANS.

John A. JOHNSON a respectable looking man charged by P.C, JONES with being drunk in charge of a horse and cart on Sunday 31st ult, at Rainhill. The cart was laden with furniture, he was also charges with cruelty to his horse by beating it unnecessarily. There was also a woman on top of the cart, she was also drunk and fell off with some of the furniture. She had to be taken into a stable for attention. [the woman not the horse]- fined 5 sh for each offence.

Peter FOSTER of the Victoria Hotel Rainhill was also charged with supplying drink to the above, when already drunk – case not proved dismissed.

James DUFFY and John BURNS of Widnes charged with assaulting and threatening to take the life of Peter SWIFT of the Ship Inn, Rainhill. They broke a glass when the Landlord remonstrated, DUFFY, struck him several times with violent blows to the face. DUFFY fined 10s and costs, BURNS, discharged.

At the Preston Police courts on Saturday.

Henry TODD, a young man, charged with violently assaulting Mary Ann BUTLER, on the 15th Sept last at the Bakers Arms, Beerhouse, Lawson St – 4 mths in the house of correction with hard labour.

At Runcorn

Petty sessions before Sir Richard BROOKE and Mr J. BRANDRIT, Elizabeth PENDLEBURY a muscular woman, charged with being concerned in Father DALY’S disturbance. Insp BUCKLEY stated a few days ago he found the prisoner drunk and cursing outside Mr HAILWOOD’S Servants residence, who gave evidence against Father DALY – Gaol 1 mth with hard labour.

7 prisoners charged with rioting at Westonpoint, many heads were broken, all were equally guilty, settled out of court.

John MCMAHON, for stealing a Flatman’s hat, gaol 1 mth.

Similar sentence given to George HOLMES, for stealing a shirt.

The case of J. T. CROXALL and Harris HYMAN of Liverpool was heard in the County Court, Poulton, Nr Blackpool, on Weds last.

The Plaintiff was represented by Mr A. F. MORGAN, said the action was brought to recover £8-5s, paid under protest at the time of paying a bill of sale, which the defendant held over the goods of the plaintiff for £60, Amount sought to be recovered expenses he was wrongly forced to pay including amount outstanding.

The Plaintiff was a Professor of Music at Blackpool. Verdict for full amount claimed and allowed the Plaintiff’s costs.

LONDON Court of Bankruptcy

On Thursday before Registrar KEENE, liquidation proceedings made against William John OLIVER and Norman Anthony HURT, trading as Provision Merchants at Liverpool, OLIVER HURT and Co also at Southwark, under the title of EVANS HARNETT and Co. Debts returned at £2.730, assets at£606. Resolutions came to for liquidation by arrangement and granting debtors their discharge, registration opposed on behalf of the creditors for about £1000.


6th, Jan 1877.

Quarter sessions at Flintshire

Magistrates meeting at public houses, held at Mold on Tuesday.

Mr J. Scott BANKES, presiding

Magistrates present


The trial of prisoners took place on Wednesday before Mr J. Scott BANKES, Hugh WILLIAMS a collier was indicted for stealing the property of Edward JONES, Bagillt, prisoner had eloped with the wife of the prosecutor, who found him at a house near Llandulas, living as man and wife. – guilty, 12 mths prison.

At Anglesey election of Chief Constable, sessions held on Tuesday at the Shirehall Beaumaris under the presidency of Mr MASSEY, Chairman and Capt Bulkeley HUGHES, Deputy Chairman.

There were no prisoners for trial, the minutes were read from the visiting justices to the gaols books, they unanimously agreed that the engagement of the chaplain, Rev T. JENKINS should be terminated, they found no fault with his duties but conceived a spirit of antagonism on his part, towards them, this was confirmed by the full court.

There were 37 applicants for Chief Constable, including several military and naval officers, a salary was fixed at £275 yr with £50 allowance for travelling expenses.

Result of voting, Capt Bulkeley HUGHES, 21, Capt John TREVOR, 3, Mr W. M. PRESTON, 1. Capt Bulkeley HUGHES was appointed and a vote on condolence was passed to the widow of the late Chief Constable.

Sessions held on Wednesday at the courthouse Knutsford, Mr Horatio LLOYD, Dept Chairman presided, a second court presided by Mr WOOD.

The calendar contained 47 prisoners, this figure was above average.

Awaiting trial is Rev Father DALY, aged 37, a R. C. Priest, formerly of Runcorn who is accused of stealing, £12, belonging to William HAILWOOD at Runcorn on 5th Dec last.

The charge to the Grand Jury.

Foreman, Mr James JARDINE, Cotton Spinner of Chorley

Sentences passed.

Henry ANKERS, 19, Bricklayer, 9 mths hard labour, on 17th Dec last stole joiners tools, the property of Edward READ and Charles TAYLOR

Henry GOLDING, 19, Labourer, sentenced to a similar term for stealing tools from the same firm.

Annie INGHAM, 27, Charwoman, convicted of stealing 21/2 yds of holland the property of Joseph MOTTERHEAD. And 40yds of shirting the property of George ROBERTS at Macclesfield on 23rd March last. – 6 mths hard labour.

Mary PARTINGTON, 38, Charwoman, convicted of stealing a kettle and fender, the property of William MITCHELL at Macclesfield on 23rd Dec last – 4 mths hard labour.

Oswald TAYLOR, 23, Shoemaker, charged with stealing a harness bridle and driving reins, the property of Henry Clayton GILL at Macclesfield on 29 th, Nov last – 6 mths hard labour

Jane ARMSTRONG, 25, Servant, charged with stealing a jacket and petticoat, the property of Andrew NICHOLSON at Runcorn on 25 th Nov last – 6 mths prison.

Thomas BRICKHILL ? ? for stealing two spokeshaves, the property of John ARDEN ? ?

? ey BURGESS ? ? ? the property of Thomas CHEETHAM at Hyde, 10 th, Nov last. – 1 mths prison.

W. BAINES, 25, Boatman a similar term for stealing wearing apparel the property of William WOOD at Preston-o-th-Hill on 23 rd Dec last.

James MOORE, 44, Tailor, charged with stealing a sheet of paper a sovereign and 6d, at Lymm the property of Michael NOLAN – 6 mths hard labour

John SLATTERY [ Alias SLOTT ] 26, Butcher, charged with stealing 4 calves and 10 sh the property of George BOOTH, his master, at Halton on 11th Dec last- 4 mths hard labour.

The following case the Grand Jury ignored the bills.

John CUNLIFF, charged with stealing 18 sh, the property of Samuel DEAN at Macclesfield on 2nd Dec last

Abraham BRERETON charged with stealing a plaid shawl the property of Frances BROWN, at Old Rode, on 18th Dec last.

Thomas JOHNSON, charged with obtaining, divers bundles of silk valued at £49-14s-5d, under false pretences, the property of John BROWN at Macclesfield on 22nd Nov last.

Joseph MOORE, 55, a labourer charged with stealing 2 hens the property of Robert MOORES and 2 hens the property of Richard NIXON, at Stockham on 15th Nov last.

Denbigh election of Chief Constable

A large assembly at Ruthin quarter sessions on Thursday, 25 magistrates were present including, Lords Lieut of Denbigh and Flint, Sir Watkin W. WYNN. Bart.

Mr DENMAN the retiring Chief Constable received a pension of £200 a year but this was opposed by Mr MAINWARING, saying that the Police Force had been brought into a state of inefficiency by him.

The Chairman proposed a pension of £100 a year for Dept Chief Const BRADSHAW, Mr MAINWARING proposed £75, as by the D’OTIS case and late riots Mr BRADSHAW had brought the County into disgrace. Only 4 voted for this, the pension was granted to commence on the 20th Feb.

For the office of Chief Constable, were 63 candidates this was reduced to 7, all army officers with the exception of Mr FENWICK, Chief Constable of Chester, only 3 spoke Welsh.

Results of voting, Capt PRICE, 33 votes, now stationed in Ireland but with connections to Llanrhaiadr Hall, Denbigh. Major LEADBETTER, Aberystwith, 22 votes, Mr FENWICK, Chief Constable of Chester, 9 votes, Capt PRICE was declared elected.

Local law case

An application was made on Tuesday by Mr ROCHE, instructed by Messers BARRELL and RODWAY of Liverpool to Mr Justice LUSH at his chambers in London, for an injunction to restrain the defendants, Messers Francis IBBETSON and Son for inserting the name of Mr J. H. ADDISON of the Liverpool Daily Post in any of its circulars or placards concerning trade or disputes between them and the firm IBBETSON Brothers.

Widnes Police court on Monday before Mr E. YOUNG, William HOUGHTON brought up for examination charged with stealing a silver watch and guard from the person of Samuel OPENSHAW – committed for trial, bail refused.

Mary LOWE, charged with stealing a timepiece and articles valued at £2 from the house of Joseph MILLS, Lime St, Widnes – remanded till petty sessions on the 9th inst.

Southport Police Court, Charles STEVENS a Master Marble Mason charged with assaulting an income tax collector, Peter SCARLETT and his son on the 19th ult.


13th, Jan 1877


At Salford quarter sessions yesterday, Thomas SAMPSON, aged 42, Warehouseman found quilty at Crumpsall on Feb 22nd 1876, with intent to defraud, Kate HUGHES of the sum of 20s, and of stealing a bible the property of Martha PURCELL, the prisoner was sentenced to 6mths prison, Mr SCOTT who prosecuted produced a telegram related to the prosecutix in the first case, Kate HUGHES, who was now employed as a waitress in Wavertree, Liverpool, and stated she was discharged from her situation for not having returned to Liverpool. She had sent 3 telegrams to her employer at 1s each. The Chairman thought she had been hardley used and hoped her Master would not be too hard on her, he advised her to return to Liverpool that night.

At Birkenhead County Court yesterday, Thomas FAIRNEY, Omnibus Conductor, living at, 31 Warwick St, sued Birkenhead Street Railway Co, for the sum of £10, wages in Lieu of notice. He had been employed by the company for 8 yrs and in their service had sustained an injury to his foot, which deprived him of that leg. Management of the company had recently changed, the previous manager had given him a lot of consideration in consequence of his lameness. He had, had a cork leg fitted and was able to get about till a spring in the leg broke on 8th Nov last. He was slow and was 5mins late, the Manager told him to go get the leg fixed and this took time, he was unable to return to work till the next day. He was at once dismissed, without a reason.

His wages were 16s a week, he was paid 11s-6d for time worked that week and 16s the manager had in hand. He asked why he was dismissed and the Manager replied that he was too fond of the drink, This he denied. He had, had no time off, was never late and there was no proof he was ever drunk. His Honour sympathised with him and nonsuited him, the Jury presented him with their fees, in token with their sympathy with his case.

A Kleptomaniac well known in Southport, James Burgess SHAWCROSS, middle aged, was charged at the petty sessions with stealing a coat and other articles the property of several persons. When arrested he had 45 pawn tickets in his possession, representing property stolen in, Oldham, Buxton, Manchester, Southport and other places. He pleaded insanity, the Magistrates were in no doubt he was quite sane. Committed to sessions, bail refused.

A Collier named Francis GILL was charged at Wigan with assaulting his wife Elizabeth GILL, Prisoner was taking furniture out of the house, when his wife asked him what he was doing he hit her with a chair and carried on hitting her with it till the chair broke. He then punched her. He had several times threatened to murder her and had actually sharpened a knife to do it. Prisoner said he was drunk and did not know what he was doing – 2mths prison.

Chester Poor Law Prosecutions.


John NELSON, an old soldier, boots at the Hop Hole, Hotel, summoned by Mr James OWENS, Prosecuting officer Chester Union, for neglecting to maintain his son William NELSON, aged 8, the child was brought to the Workhouse on the 8th ult, and the father had never inquired about him since. He had 3 other children charitably provided for – gaol 1 mth with hard labour.

Same day Mr OWEN obtained an order for a Joiner, William SPENCER, who had failed to contribute for the maintenance of his aged mother. He was described as a drunken worthless fellow – 1 mth hard labour.

St Helens, petty sessions,

Charles JONES an Errand boy with Mr MARTIN, Draper, Church St, was ordered to be whipped for stealing £6-10s, from his masters till.

James FEGAN, Patrick LALLEY both fined 2/6d and costs for shouting in the market.

Michael MULLIN, sent to prison for 1 wk, for sleeping in Mr PILKINGTONS Glassworks on Saturday night

Sarah SEDDON, sentenced to 3mths hard labour for stealing property from the house and shop of Thomas WILLIAMS, where she was employed as a charwoman.


On Wednesday, Det Officer SCAIFFE, apprehended a young man, about 21yrs of age named, Oliver SANDS, on a warrant charging him with, forgery on the London and County Bank and obtaining money by false pretences. Accused was in the employment of Messers SANDS and Co, Ink Manufacturers of Kensington Lane, London.

A fortnight ago he put a wig on belonging to his brother, a member of the firm, and forged his brother’s name for a large amount. A week ago he wrote a letter to a leather manufacturer, carrying on business in Whitechapel, this town, saying he would call for an account that was owing to Messers SAND. He called and received the money. On Wednesday he called again and was arrested, a revolver and box of ball cartridges was found on his person. He was handed over to Det Officer WADDICK, of the Metropolitan Police and taken back to London to be charged.

At the Salford 100 quarter sessions on Thursday, Thomas EASTWOOD, alias, Thomas Edward BUTTERWORTH, alias SMITH, was indicted for having obtained at Withington, on 18th, September 1875, by false pretences, from Jane HODGE, 3 boxes of wearing apparel and £30, with intent to defraud.

The prosecutix in Dec 1874, was employed as a housekeeper to Prof REYNOLDS, of Owens College, and who resides at Fallowfield. The prisoner courted her and promised marriage, for March 1875, he postponed the marriage because of family troubles, for August 1876. He postponed again saying there was an action against him for breach of promise. At this time he had borrowed from her £30. She continued to keep company with him and in Sept 1875 he told her he had taken a house in Blackpool. She had left her situation in July for the purpose of marriage and went to live with a friend in Ashton-under-Lyne, the marriage being off. Her boxes had been left at London Rd, Station. He told her he was sending goods and furniture to the house in Blackpool, and suggested also forwarding her boxes, she consented to this and gave him the left luggage tickets. She has seen nothing of her property since. – Jury returned a verdict of guilty sentenced to 15 mths with hard labour.

At Warrington Police Court yesterday a boy named Patrick FOY, aged 10, was charged with stealing a glass from the Rams Head Inn. The boy and several others were in the habit of running into the bar and draining the beer glasses. The boy was followed and found with the glass. The Chief Constable said the boy was in a filthy condition and could neither read nor write. His Father, Mother and 5 children lived in a 2 roomed house, which was also filthy. The joint income for the family was 32s a week.. The prisoner was too young to be sent to a reformatory and was ordered to be imprisoned for 3 days and whipped.

At Wigan County Court, three Colliers, Henry ROBY, Henry BERRY and Martin CARNEY, all of Billinge were charged with assaulting Thomas MC CANN, on the 26th ult. Prosecutor went into a Billinge Public house with two friends. On leaving they heard the prisoners coming and his two friends ran away. He was caught and knocked to the ground, kicked in the head, legs and ribs and left insensible. He lay in the snow for almost half an hour when his friends returned and took him to a neighbours house, Patrick FITZPATRICK - ROBY and CARNEY each fined 40s and costs, in default 2 mths prison, money was paid immediately, BERRY was dismissed.

Liverpool Journal, 20th Jan 1877

Wigan County Court

Wigan magistrates on Thursday committed for trial a farmer named William BALMER of Billinge, on a charge with two others of committing perjury in the Wigan County Court. Perjury was committed during the hearing of an action by Appley Bridge Chemical Co, for the recovery of the price of a ton of bone manure, which BALMER said he never ordered or received. Since the action BALMER admitted the evidence was false. One other person awaits trial, another has a warrant issued for his apprehension.

Monday, Wigan, Levi BIRD, Marine store dealer, Wellington St, had 3 summons for having purchased under 56lbs of old metal – fined £5


Before magistrates on Thursday Mary Jane GRIFFITHS charged with stealing a coat, pair of boots and other articles from Railway St, Southport, where she and her husband were lodging in September last. The theft was discovered on the day she left and she was traced to Blackburn. Police arrived in time to find her and her husband had been charged with a similar offence in the town and the day before yesterday her sentence expired and she was arrested leaving Lancaster Castle – committed for 6wks with hard labour.

Thomas GAVIN a small boy from a reformatory in Ainsdale was charged before the magistrates on Thursday with absconding on the 16th inst with 14 others boys who had all been recaptured. They had escaped from a window in the middle of the night, GAVIN was the ringleader, he was described as a bad boy, on previous occasions he had, set fire to one of the dormitories and absconded, another occasion he had a stone in one of his braces and attacked the school master. Prison 3mths the return to the reformatory.

On Monday at Accrington police courts, John CANE, Late farmer was fined 5s for cruelty to his horse, he rode the horse while it had a broken thigh and it was in great pain, he kept it for 4days.

St Helens Petty sessions

William JOHNSON, stranger to the town, charged with stealing a piece of bacon valued at 2s 3d, from the shop door of Mr P. E. WRIGHT, Grocer, Supt LUDHAM asked for the prisoner to be remanded for 3days to get him photographed – granted.

Newton-le-Willows petty sessions

Saturday John TAYLOR, Labourer, summoned under the Master and servant act for Mr STONE, Contractor, Newton, for leaving his work place without a weeks notice – ordered to pay damages and costs for the proceedings.

At Runcorn

Evan EVANS, summoned by the School Board for not sending his two children to school, they had been absent 375 times, fined 5s

John DOYLE similarly charged for not sending his boy of 13yrs who was produced in court in a wretched condition, and fined 5s.

William DUNLAVIN, who had been convicted for a similar offence before, said he needed his boy to work as his horse had drowned. Fined 5s

Preston police courts

James LEECH, Richard WILKINSON and John FORREST, Farmers residing at Fulwood, charged with selling adulterated milk, WILKINSON fined £5 and costs, the others 40s and costs each.


George BRAY, Labourer, Anne St, charged with unlawfully wounding his brother-in-law William POWER, Earle St. Dr O’KEEFE informed the court the injured man was not in any danger and due to the relationship between them, Mr YOUNG consented to discharge the prisoner upon the payment of costs incurred.

Woolton petty sessions

Before Mr J. BIBBY and Capt WILLIS

James NICHOLS, Baker, 1 Wavertree Rd, represented by his son also James NICHOLS.

P.C. MURPHY on the 8th inst was in Huskisson St when he observed the defendants delivering bread from a shandry. They sold four loaves without weighing them, when asked why they had not been weighed, defendant said his scales were broken. Officer asked for the bread to be weighed in a nearby shop and the loaves were each a half ounce underweight – fined 10s and 12s costs

Liverpool Journal, Jan 27th 1877

Confession of a murderer

At the police court on Thursday before Mr RAFFLES, an old man William DELAHUNTY, was charged on his own confession of the murder of his brother-in-law, Richard KENNEDY.

PC 957 stated the prisoner came up to him and said, “I surrender myself for the murder of Richard KENNEDY, he was married to my sister and ill-used her through jealousy. I watched for him and hit him with a stone killing him on the spot at Stonecarthy, Kilkenny in about April 1833.” The prisoner was drunk at the time.

Mr RAFFLES remanded the prisoner for a week, perhaps he was not in his right mind, in the meantime inquiries would be made.

The Assistant overseer of Runcorn Thomas HARRISON has suddenly absconded leaving his wife and two children. He left for London and forwarded to the overseer the keys of the office, no motive has been discovered his books were in order and well kept. He has only been in office since April, elected by the ratepayers by a large majority.

Liverpool police officer dismissed

At the 2nd police court yesterday before Messers W. B. FORWOOD and J. ROBERTS, PC Michael NOLAN, 492, appeared on a charge of assaulting a married woman, Mary THURME who acts as a midwife, Mr M. BROWN prosecuted.

Mrs THURME stated she lived in Great Crosshall St, early on Sunday morning of the 22nd ult she was returning from a house in Pall Mall, where she had attended a lady. When reaching Tithebarn St the defendant came up to her and said, “Good night, my dear.” She made no reply and defendant followed her, he grabbed her arm and said he knew what she was and called her an improper name. On reaching home she told her husband and the police were called, she identified the defendant from amongst a number of constables. She had been affected so badly that she was prematurely confined. Dr LOWNDES who had known her for 7yrs gave her an excellent character.

Defendant found totally unfit for the force and dismissed, fined 20s and costs.

Police Courts


Labourer James DUFFY charged with being drunk and assaulting a young woman, Margaret GARRETT, 2mths gaol with hard labour

Maria LLEWELLYN aged 14 to 15 charged with stealing 8s belonging to her father, pilot of 11 Stopford St, on the 9th father sent her to the pilot office for his pay, she received £2-2s and handed over £2 and left the house. Prisoner said her father had threatened to beat her she needed the money to keep her - remanded for 1 wk

James MASKELL a powerfully built young man was charged with assaulting two police officers - prison 6wks for assault and 1 wk for damage to officer’s trousers.

John Henry DEW charged with stealing a portmanteau from Lime St, station, portmanteau was left in the waiting room by a gentleman, prisoner was seen carrying it out of the station and was arrested by Sgt MAY, Railway police. He had also been seen stealing other items the previous day - remanded.

Henry PARRY sent for trial to the sessions for stealing rope to the value of £1 belonging to Messers BROCKLEBANK and Co, on the 2nd inst at the Princes Dock.

Frederick WALTER charged with assaulting Henry REAS, of Ashfield Cottages by striking him with a pair of tongs, prisoner said REAS and his wife were arguing and he was protecting Mrs REAS, he struck him in self defence - remanded 1 wk.

Miles HARKER was charged with assaulting Joseph JENKINS in Brownlow St, fined £5 and costs or 2mths hard labour.

James MC DONALD, middle aged man, charged with having stowed away on the steamer JOSEPH PEASE on a voyage from New York to Liverpool, prisoner said, starvation was staring him in the face at New Orleans, he was glad to be in England, fined £4 and costs or 2mths hard labour.


A drunken, idle, young man aged 21, Thomas RECE was charged with being drunk and assaulting two police officers, prisoner’s father stated his son would not work and continually ill-used his mother and sisters, he came home the previous night and was violent, the police were called and his son assaulted them. He wanted peace in the house. - gaol 2mths

John GILBOY committed to sessions for trial on a charge of stabbing John MAGUIRE in Thurlow St on Saturday last. James SMITH also committed for trial charged with seriously assaulting Mary MAHER in Blenheim St.

John SMITH, 2 Ono St, Wavertree, charged with being drunk while driving a pony and cart, also ill-treating a donkey which was tied to the back of the cart, the defendant drove so furiously that the donkey fell and was dragged for some distance along the road - charged 10s and costs for being drunk and 20s and costs for cruelty.

Dock labourer William DANIELS summoned by the Parish authorities for neglecting to maintain his wife and children, case proved by Warrant officers HASWELL and FRASER - prison 3mths with hard labour


Seaman Thomas MC CORMICK charged with assaulting two police officers, when drunk and riotous in Chisenhale St, gaol for 3mths with hard labour.

Summoned for selling adulterated milk with water analysed by Dr J. C. BROWN

Theophilius SLATER, 5. Wide St, twice previously convicted, fined 40s and costs

John SPARKS, 64 Highgate St, fined 5s and costs

William ATKINSON, 4 Dorothy St, fined 5s and costs

William JOHNSON, carter, employed by William SEDDON, team-owner, Davies St, summoned for cruelty in beating a horse in Harrington St, witnessed by Mr James LISTER. Insp BOWER of the RSPCA found marks on the body of the horse - fined 20s and costs or 14 days prison.

Edward MOONEY, James ROONEY and Joseph HUGHES charged with stealing a shawl from a young woman Ellen MC DONALD, who said she was going along Derby Rd on Tuesday evening, when between Sandhills Lane and Bankhall St the prisoners stopped her and MOONEY pulled off her shawl, she screamed and two police officers came up. On the prisoner ROONEY was found 6 belts stolen from the shop of Mr PRESTON ironmonger, 10 Bankhall St, MOONEY and ROONEY given 2mths with hard labour, HUGHES discharged.

Six young men, Thomas SHAW, Thomas JONES, James ARMSTRONG, Richard GRIMES, Thomas MC LEOD and Edward LYNN charged on remand with stealing a considerable amount of cloth from shops in Mill St, Ellen JONES an elderly woman was charged with receiving part of the property knowing it was stolen, committed for trial.

Sarah COSGROVE a young woman with a blind baby in arms was charged with frequenting the streets for an improper purpose. The magistrate remanded her for the purpose of inquiring whether some institution might take the child. A lady appeared saying there was a small home connected to the Cornwallis St Workshops for the Blind, where the child might be brought up if 5s a week were provided for maintenance. Mr ASPINALL hoped some charitable person would come forward with the amount required.


Two German sailors, Henrich BEHNING and John WILSON charged with assaulting Frederick NEHLS also German on board the German schooner EMILIA KAHR. The Captain and other witnesses stated when the ship was 8 miles off the Ormeshead on the way to Liverpool on Saturday last, the prisoners assaulted NEHLS who was a cook, by repeatedly kicking him with their sea-boots, on reaching Liverpool NEHLS was taken to the Northern Hospital,. Mr DAVIES prosecutor stated that the German consul Mr Otto BURCHARDT had sanctioned the proceedings, he was now however desirous the case was not pursued, as the injured man had recovered. Mr DAVIES drew attention to the fact that the attack occurred by Germans, on Germans, on a German ship, commanded by a German captain. Mr RAFFLES was satisfied he had no jurisdiction, discharged the prisoners.

A respectable looking man named William PALMER, confectioner of Byrom St, appeared charged with assaulting Mrs Harriet PALMER his wife on the 10th inst. Mr Edwin HUGHES appeared in support of the information and Dr COMMINS represented the defendant, whose story was to the effect that her husband struck her on the 10th inst, the defence was that Mrs PALMER left her house at times and returned when she pleased and greatly interfered with her husband’s trade. Defendant bound over on £40, and ordered to find two sureties for £20 each to keep the peace. - recognisance’s entered into - discharged.


A miserable looking woman Susan RAE with child in arms was charged on remand with breaking into the house of Harrison George PRENTON, a labourer, of 2 Court, Torbock St, on the 6th inst and stealing wearing apparel, also of breaking into the house of Robert JAMES, a cotton porter of 7 Court, Holly St and stealing wearing apparel. She was further charged with receiving property to the value of £12 belonging to Chas LITTLEWOOD of 19 Fishguard St, Everton - committed to trial at the sessions on three charges.

Daniel WILLIAMS, cabman charged on remand with being drunk and driving over an old man, Daniel MURPHY in Scotland Rd on 30th November, whose life was in danger for a fortnight after. Mr RUMSEY for the defence called James MANNSSUER who was a passenger in the cab at the time, he had given the prisoner 3 glasses of ale on the journey but prisoner was sober when he engaged him at 2pm. When MURPHY crossed the road he became entangled with a woman and child, not convicted discharged.

John H. DEW remanded and charged with stealing a portmanteau from Lime St Station on the 13th inst, the property and contents valued at £40 belonging to John LEES, book-keeper Leeds, was committed for trial on a further charge of stealing a valise and hat box the property of Alexander Todd BROWN, Clerk, 59 Ferry Rd, Leith from Lime St, station on the 13th, committed to sessions on this charge.

A young Spanish woman, Lorenza MACHALVERA charged with stealing a number of ivory carvings, a brooch and other items worth £14 the property of her employer Yussy Bar ELY a dealer of curiosities of Bold St The article were missed and found in a box in the trunk of the prisoner she denied stealing them. When threatened a police officer would be called she said, “If you do I will make you pay the £73.” This remark was referring to an action brought against him by her in the Court of Passage for breach of promise to marry.

He told her this action had cost him £150 and she laughed at him.

She then said she knew Mother CALLAGHAN [Laughter] and would see Mr MURPHY.

She then began to cry and he felt tender hearted towards her. A police officer then came and gave the prisoner in charge. She told the officer she took the things because they were pretty.

Mr MURPHY, “ You have the name KHAN over the door, I believe you are a Persian nobleman?”

“I am according to caste, the same as you may be an Irish nobleman.” [laughter]

Mr MURPHY, “You say you became tender hearted to her?”

“Yes I leave her to the mercy of the courts, there was not the slightest pretence I ever promised to marry her, nor that any familiarities took place between us.”

Committed to trial to the session, Mr RALFS acted as interpreter

A young man named James BILLS charged with stealing a diamond brooch valued at £140 the property of Edward THOMAS a jewellery dealer. On Thursday evening the prosecutor was in the Star and Garter Hotel, St Johns Lane, he allowed a number of persons to look at the brooch including the prisoner. Prisoner was taken into custody, the brooch was later found in Queens Square, the prisoner had been taken through the square on the way to the bride well - remanded

Before Messers W. B. FORWOOD and J. ROBERTS, infringements of the Licensing Act

David WILLIAMS, beerhouse keeper Lambert St, charged with supplying drink to 6 men during prohibited hours on Sunday 14th inst. Mr DAVIES prosecuted, Mr COPEMAN defended. It was admitted the liquor was supplied but the previous good character of the defendant was pleaded in extenuation - fined 40s and cost. The six men were also summoned, named, Henry MOORE, Patrick ROBINSON, Patrick BRACKEN, Christopher LAMB, William HENRY and John NEWBOND each fined 10s and costs.

Spencer IVISON, beer seller, Fairy St charged with having permitted drunkeness on the 15th inst, 2nd offence - fined 5s and costs, conviction endorsed on license.

County Magistrates Court


John WEBSTER of Litherland charged with trespassing on Lord Sefton’s land on the 9th inst, in the pursuit of game. It was stated by Insp MOSS that the defendant was a “crack” shot at pigeons and had been several times fined for poaching - fined 40s and costs or 1 mths prison.

James WOOD son of a tenant of Lord Sefton and John TURNER a barman from Liverpool each fined 20s and costs for a similar offence committed on land at Netherton, Mr R. H. BARLETT appeared to prosecute.

A young woman Annie MC LEAN was charged with stealing a purse, tablecloth and two boxes of matches, the property of her master, Ebenezer GREEN, shopkeeper, Rice Lane, Walton. Prisoner was a general servant and over the past 2mths money had been missing from the till, on Sunday a police officer was called and the prisoner asked to open her box where the property was found, prisoner pleaded guilty, Mrs GREEN asked for leniency, prison 14 days.


William LEIGH charged with being drunk at Garston, the previous day, prisoner was staggering about the streets when asked to go away by a police officer he became disorderly, prisoner had been before the courts 13 times for drunkeness, gaol 1mth with hard labour.

Birkenhead Police Courts


Joseph VERNON an elderly man belonging to Chester charged with cruelty to a horse. On Saturday last PC BURGESS met the defendant in Old Chester Rd, Tranmere, leading a horse which was dead lame and unfit to walk, it limped on three legs and was also emaciated. Defendant said he had bought it that day for 10s in Chester and was taking it to Liverpool, he had walked it a distance of 15 miles. Insp EYLES of the Birkenhead RSPCA, examined the animal and it was walking in severe pain and was nothing but skin and bone, similar evidence given by Mr WORSLEY veterinary surgeon - fined 10s and costs.


A young woman Lucy FLETCHER was brought up charged with stealing a seal skin cap and other articles belonging to Mr George LLOYD, Balls Rd, manager of the Street Railway Co, in whose employment she had been in for 3mths as a domestic servant. Several things had been missed of late and when her box was searched by PC 51 the articles were found - prisoner remanded.

Elizabeth LEATHER occupier of the Arab Arms public house, Watson St, was summoned under the Public Health Act, with exposing clothing infected with smallpox. Mr WALN prosecuted, Mr MOORE defended. Mr MOORE asked for an adjournment on the grounds that his witnesses were infected with the disease and unable to appear without danger to the public. Everything had been done to disinfect the defendants house in which two domestic servants had the disease and precautions had been taken against the spread of infection, magistrate assented - adjourned for a fortnight.

William BLACKBURN landlord of the Clarendon Hotel, Watson St, was summoned for being drunk in Corporation St, Mr WALN prosecuted, Mr PUGH defended. Insp BENNETT and PC’S 69, 21, 5 and 43 stated that on the 30th December last, defendant was riding along Price St, he was drunk and swaying from side to side, when he reached his house and got off his horse he staggered into the house - fined 5s and costs.

James GUNNING was summoned for assaulting Robert Ray BELL a debt collector, complainant went to defendants house to collect a payment of an account due to Mr James WALSH coal merchant. Words ensured between him and Mrs GUNNING complainant called her a liar, defendant came to assist his better-half and knocked complainant down. Complainant said he was kicked and thrown out of the house into the street his books and papers after him, this was denied by defendant. When complainant applied for the summons he had a dreadful black eye. - fined 10s and costs.


Mary JENKINS of Brook St was brought up by warrant charged with using abusive and threatening language to Sarah WILLOUGHBY her neighbour. Prisoner went to complainants house on Saturday night after threatening her with violence, set to, and broke in the door. She was taken into custody by the bridewell keeper Mr GLASS, to whom she said she had served a month already and was willing to serve 6mths more for complainant. Ordered to find two sureties for £20 each to keep the peace for 3mths, bail not forthcoming, 3mths prison.

Joseph JONES formerly a publican at Birkenhead, was brought up by warrant charged with trespassing in pursuit of game on land in the occupation of Messers George COOK and Henry HANCOCK of Irby on the 27th December last. Mr MOORE prosecuted on behalf of Mr Pryce MORRIS of Birkenhead who has the right of shooting over the land in question, Evidence was shown that the prisoner with two other men Jacob and Thomas ADAMS, [not yet in custody] were seen on the land with a dog, JONES had a gun which he fired twice, prisoner who had been previously convicted, fined 40s and costs.

Richard CHRISTOPHER a lad, was also summoned for trespassing on land belonging to Joseph HASSELL at Neston on the 31st ult. Mr HASSELL Saw him digging out a rabbit hole and he had a lurcher dog with him. He had been warned many times previously and had to pay costs.

Kirkdale Quarter Sessions


Elizabeth GARDNER, aged 18, servant, at West Derby on 22nd Nov last, stole calico and silk handkerchief – 4mths

Thomas MC NEIL, aged 22, baker, at West Derby on 24th Nov last, assaulted Edward LUNT – 1mth

John THOMAS, aged 32, labourer, at Halewood on 15th Dec last, stole 14 brass pieces – 12mths

Ann LEWIS, aged 19, servant, at Bedford on 2nd inst, stole watch and chain – 4mths

Lawrence ALMOND, aged 19, labourer, at Burscough on 16th Oct last stole a pair of trousers the property of Joseph GLOVER – 9mths

George GRUNDY, aged 49, Auctioneer, at Ormskirk on 30th Nov last, from the person of Mary MEADOW, stole a purse containing a sovereign and a railway ticket, and Elizabeth GRUNDY the same offence - 6mths

Elizabeth HARRISON, aged 29, servant, at Ashton-in-Makerfield on 29th Dec last, stole two shawls and other articles the property of Richard VALENTINE – 12mths

Dennis KELLY, aged 15, collier, at Bedford on 2nd Oct last, embezzled 10s-6d the property of William HESFORD – 1 day

Elizabeth BOXENDALE, aged 20, servant, at Skelmersdale on 6th Aug last, stole a shawl the property of Henry HOUGH – 9mths

Francis DUNNIGAN, aged 17, labourer, and William SEWELL, aged 18, collier, at Pennington on 6th inst, stole a watch and guard the property of Thomas DELANEY – 4mths each

Henry MUNDELL, aged 27, watchmaker, at Garston on 31st Dec last, stole a watch and other property belonging to Reece ELLIS and a brooch and other articles belonging to Alice COWBURN – 6mths each

Richard EATOCK, aged 49, collier, and Robert BELSHAW, at Hindley on the 30th Oct last, stole a goose the property of James ORMROD – 6mths each

Mary Jane Patterson DEAN, aged 31, Housekeeper, at West Leigh on the 19th Oct last, defrauded £2 from Ellen MEADOWS – 7yrs penal servitude

James Burgess SHAWCROSS, aged 54, labourer, at Southport on 1st Jan stole a coat and other articles – 12mths

Mary Jones OWEN, aged 27, servant, at West Derby on 11th Oct last stole merino the property of Alexander FAGAN – 6mths

John WILSON, aged 56, labourer, at Sutton on 10th Dec last stole a coat and other articles the property of William BRIDGE, 18 mths, then 3yrs under police supervision

Richard HOWCROFT, aged 37, collier, at Tyldesley on 4th Nov last stole a coat and other articles the property of John DUFFY – 6mths

William HALLWORTH, aged 46, linen draper at Southport on 24th Nov last stole a coat belonging to Thomas WALL – Discharged

William Joseph HOUGHTON, aged 20, labourer, at Widnes on the 25th Dec last stole a watch and chain from the person of Samuel OPENSHAW – discharged

Thomas BANNISTER, aged 41, ship’s carpenter, at Tyldesley on 7th Nov last stole a jacket and trousers – 12mths

Samuel GAUNT, aged 25, plasterer and Edward BERMINGHAM, aged 21, plasterer, at Walton on the 20th Nov last stole 6 pieces of timber the property of David MORGAN, GAUNT – 18mths with 2yrs police supervision, BERMINGHAM – 3mths

James DICKENSON, labourer, at Ashton-in-Makerfield on 30th Nov last stole a gauge, dial and spirit level the property of Ellen MELLING, and at Golborne on 1st Dec last stole an overcoat the property of John PIBEY - 7yrs penal servitude and 5yrs police supervision

Henry TEES, aged 23, carter, at West Derby on 23rd Dec last stole an umbrella belonging to Josiah PENNELL – 1mth

Mary Ann CLARKE, aged 33, housekeeper and Mary Ann CLARKE, aged 14, mother and daughter, at West Derby on the 4th Dec last stole silk and other items the property of George HIGGS and 3 pair of boots the property of James MOXLEY – Mother 12mths, Daughter 6mths

Mary CAINE, aged 22, housekeeper and Mary CONDREN, aged 23, hawker, at Garston on 9th Dec last stole a coat the property of Thomas REGAN and a shirt the property of Patrick CONCANNON – CAINE 9mths, CONDREN 12mths

Eliza APPLETON, aged 34, hawker, at Tyldesley on 6th Dec last stole an umbrella the property of Joseph HANDFORD – 1mth

John KELLY, aged 20, labourer, at Widnes on the 10th Dec last, stole boots, stockings, bacon and tea the property of Mark WELSH and a shirt the property of James BRADY – 9mths

John DAY, aged 39, painter, at Atherton on 30th March last, embezzled £1-10s-11d belonging to his master, Thomas CHEETHAM – 2mths

William FARRELL, aged 29, collier, at West Leigh on the 28th Dec last stole a stuff dress and other articles of wearing apparel - 6mths

Thomas KELLY, aged 29, labourer and Cornelius MARRS, aged 24, labourer, at Toxteth Park on the 12 inst, stole lead piping and other property from the house of Evan WILLIAMS – 12mths each

Thomas WHALE, aged 40, puddler and Fanny WHALE, aged 39, housekeeper, at Ince-in-Makerfield stole from the dwelling house of William Cl ? - ?mths each

James MORAN, aged 50, mechanic, at Atherton on the 24th Nov last, obtained by false pretences, £11 belonging to FLETCHER BURROWS and Co – 6mths

Patrick WALDRON, aged 33, labourer, at Prescot on 23rd Dec last, unlawfully wounded Mary WEBSTER – 3mths

John CRABBE, aged 36, ship’s cook, at Bootle on 5th Nov last committed an indecent assault – 12mths

Thomas SHEA, aged 19, labourer, at Windle on 30th Oct last, assaulted John GIBSON with intent to rob him – 12mths

In the 2nd court, Edward GILLHUME, aged 23, pavior, who did not surrender to his bail, charged with an indecent assault on a girl named, Elizabeth HILL, at Widnes on 15th July last – 12mths


Liverpool Mercury, Feb 24th, 1877

Serious charge against a Garston tradesman

At the Woolton police station yesterday, before Mr A. FLETCHER, Alexander M'DONALD, a carter in the employ of Mr Francis William REYNOLDS, cotton-broker, Hillside, Woolton, was charged with stealing a bag of oats, valued at 5s-6d the property of his master. Samuel BOOTH, greengrocer and marine store dealer of Garston, and his wife Mary BOOTH, were also charged with receiving the property knowing it to be stolen. It appeared the prosecutor's coachman, George WHITFIELD, having frequently missed corn from the cornroom, watched the prisoner M'DONALD, whom he suspected, and on the 20th inst while in the saddle room, heard someone in the cornroom above. On going thither a short time after he found that some corn had been taken out, and, upon looking into the cart which the prisoner was in the habit of driving, he discovered a sack containing about a similar quantity of oats to those missing from the cornroom and of the same kind. Subsequently the prisoner put the horse in the cart and drove towards Garston. Inspector LORD who had been apprised of this circumstance obtained the services of a boy, who watched the prisoner M'DONALD upon the road to Garston, and saw him drive to the Red Lion, where he met the male prisoner BOOTH. M'DONALD afterwards drove to BOOTH'S shop, into which the sack of oats were taken, Mrs BOOTH, being present. Inspector LORD, afterwards came up and asked M'DONALD whose oats they were, and he replied, "Mine" The inspector asked him if he had sold them to Mrs BOOTH, and he said he had, and they had been given to him by a carter on the road. The price paid for the oats M'DONALD said, was 2s. He denied, however, that he had stolen them. The magistrate discharged Mrs BOOTH, and committed the other two prisoners for trial at the sessions, refusing bail.


Liverpool Mercury March 19th, 1877

Murder by a madman at Preston

About noon yesterday at Preston a dreadful event occurred. Shortly after 10am James SHAW, provision dealer and picture-framer, of 91 Peel Hall St, left home to go to chapel with his wife, leaving in the house his mother, a child aged 11mths, and a lodger James SUMMERSHALL. At noon the old woman took the child out of a swing in the kitchen and placed it on SUMMERSHALL'S knee, asking him to hold it till she washed some pots. She went into the yard for that purpose, and as she was doing so SUMMERSHALL took the child into the shop. Immediately afterwards she heard him rush out of the shop by the street door, and went to look after him, but he was nowhere to be seen. At this time Mr and Mrs SHAW were on their way home from chapel, and they met SUMMERSHALL running rapidly down Meadow St. Mr SHAW stopped him and asked what was the matter. He replied, "I am running after a man a bit higher up." and Mr and Mrs SHAW proceeded home after watching him out of sight. When they reached home Mr SHAW'S mother told him SUMMERSHALL had run away with the child, and he replied that he had just met him, and he had no child with him than. Upon this a search was made, and the child was found lying on the floor of the shop, behind the counter, its head nearly severed from its body, and a large shop knife covered with blood beside it. Mr SHAW at once went to the police station to report the matter, and they found that SUMMERSHALL had given himself up.. It appeared he was going their when met by Mr SHAW.

He told Inspector Robert HORNBY that he had come to give himself up for murder of a child belonging to James SHAW, of Peel Hall, St. HORNBY had asked him what he had done to the child, and he answered, "I have cut its throat, It is quite dead. I was obliged to do it to save myself." On being charged with the crime in the presence of SHAW, he replied, "Yes". Mr SHAW says the prisoner has lived with him several times during the past nine years, the last time about nine months. For the last few days he seemed to be out of his mind, and was continually saying that the club men were going to send him to an asylum and murder him.


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