Crimes, 1874

Liverpool Mercury, Oct 23rd, 1874

Liverpool Police Court, Oct 22nd, before Mr RAFFLES

A clever "Cop".

John TALBOT, previously convicted, was charged on suspicion of stealing a silver hunting watch, the property of George SKILLING. The prosecutor was drunk in London Rd on Tuesday night, and after going home missed his watch. Yesterday Detective officer HALE, who had received some information, stooped the prisoner in Vauxhall Rd. The prisoner, who had his hands in his trouser pockets, took out his right hand, which contained the missing watch and attempted to throw it over a house. HALE, however caught the prisoner's wrist and the watch fell to the ground. HALE charged him with stealing the watch, and the prisoner said in reply, " This is a clever cop, it is about as good a cop as Campbell's" [Talbot kept the house where, Campbell, one of the men charged with the Tithbarn St murder, lived, and was the man who was lying on the bed when Campbell was found by HALE hidden beneath it.] The prisoner TALBOT afterwards said that he swapped a verge watch and 27s for the watch in question with a man whom he only knew by sight. He now made the same statement, Mr RAFFLES, said he did not believe in the man who went about giving and selling stolen goods, but that if such a person existed hanging would be too good for him. Committed for trial.

Dangerously assaulting a police officer.

John MILLAR was charged with dangerously assaulting PC 609, and assaulting PC 35. On Monday night he was taken into custody by the two officers, but was rescued by a crowd. When a liberty he kicked the officers and beat them with his belt. He was remanded in order to be brought up with two other men who are under remand on the same charge

The extensive cotton robberies.

James OGDEN previously convicted was charged on remand with stealing seven packs of cotton. Mr DAVIES prosecuted. The prisoner lately was received as tenant of the cellar 10 Sweeting St. He then stated that his name was George EYLES, and that he was a wholesale sewing-machine agent, and would occasionally have samples of cotton lying there. On the 17th inst, he and others were apprehended at Golding's marine store, Dundee St, where he had taken a quantity of cotton. The key of his cellar having been found on him, several detective officers, who had received certain information, went to the cellar and waited. A number of men carrying samples of cotton, visited the cellar, and gave a peculiar rap, were admitted and taken into custody. In every instance the samples were found to be stolen. Several samples in the cellar were identified as belonging to Messers A. ECCLES and Co, cotton brokers, Exchange Alley, and a man names Richard PEERS, who is now undergoing a sentence of 6 mths imprisonment for stealing the cotton, stated he stole the samples and sold them to OGDEN for half their value. OGDEN committed for trial, charged with feloniously stealing the cotton.

A dishonest man

John COPELAND, a barman at the Grapes Hotel, Lime St, pleaded guilty to stealing £2-10s from the bar till, and was committed to hard labour for 4mths.

For Trial, Mary M'DONNELL, for stealing 4s-7d, the money of Ann KENNA, in a shop in Scotland Rd.


Francis MADDEN, charged with being drunk and breaking the window of a public house in Marybone, with biting the finger of Thomas RILEY, the manager, and assaulting Patrick HEFFERMAN, was committed to hard labour for 10 weeks.

Alleged extensive robbery in Switzerland

Frederick ULRICH was charged by Charles Isaac FORGET, with stealing 16,000 francs from a place in the neighbourhood of Berne, Switzerland. The prisoner was apprehended from a description given by Detective-officer THORNTHWAITE yesterday. The prisoner had changed a considerable quantity of foreign money, had purchased American bonds, and had bought goods which had been shipped for the United States, whither he intended to proceed. Upon his being searched a belt containing 30 gold watches was found upon him. There being no extradition treaty between this country and Switzerland, the stipendiary magistrate was obliged to discharge the prisoner, who was, however, detained by the Swiss consul, and will no doubt be sent back to where the robbery was committed.

Extensive thefts of jewellery

Thomas J. THOMPSON and James DAVIES, or WILSON, was charged on remand, with breaking into the premises of Mr Aaron COHEN, outfitter, Park Lane and the premises of Mr David MORRIS, jeweller, 52 Great Howard St and stealing in each case a large quantity of jewellery, Clifford HARBIN, a jobbing watchmaker, doing business in Hanover St, was charged on remand with feloniously receiving a portion of the articles stolen from the shop of Mr MORRIS. Mr DAVIES, prosecuted, Mr SOWTON, defended HARBIN. It appeared that on the night of the 19th August Mr MORRIS'S shop, which is connected with his dwelling house, was broken in to and watches and jewellery, valued at £120 were stolen. On the night of the 17th September, Mr COHEN'S premises was broken in to, and a large quantity of jewellery and other articles were stolen. About a fortnight ago the prisoners THOMPSON and DAVIES were apprehended by the Greenock police on suspicion of burglaries in that neighbourhood, and they were found to have been dealing with jewellery, which was afterwards found to have been stolen from the prosecutors shops. The prisoners were handed over to Detective-officer PRICHARD, to whom they made statements inculpating each other. In consequence of a conversation respecting these robberies between Mr MORRIS and the prisoner HARBIN, the latter produced several lockets which were identified by Mr MORRIS as missed on the night of the robbery. Detective-officer IRVINE found more of the missing articles in HARBIN'S possession, and took him into custody, and afterwards a number of articles which HARBIN had "planted" with a workman named M'DERMOTT were delivered up to the police. When the three prisoners were brought together DAVIES said they had sold watches and jewellery to HARBIN for small sums, and that for 18 gold wedding rings HARBIN only gave them 1s-6d. The prisoners were committed for trial. THOMPSON and DAVIES for two charges of burglary and HARBIN for receiving stolen jewellery.


Edward PRITCHARD for stealing 30yds of wincey, the property of Thomas JONES, Scotland Rd, also for stealing a vest from the shop of Mr HOUGHTON, Bevington Bush, 4mths hard labour.

William GEARON, charged with stealing a watch and chain, the property of Mr Thomas CORDER, in Marsh St. 3mths hard labour for frequenting.

Crimes, 1875

Crimes, 1875

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 25th 1875

Liverpool Police Court

Wednesday Feb 24th, before Mr RAFFLES

Stealing a horse, David MC BRIDE pleaded guilty to stealing a mare, valued at 30s, Mr T. TILSTON was having the mare taken to the knackerís yard on the 15th inst, and left it in charge of a boy on Scotland Rd outside a public house. The mare was later found missing and found in the possession of the prisoner, who said he had bought it for 35s - 3mths hard labour

For trial - Catherine DAVIES, for stealing a bottle and glass, the property of Elizabeth DAVIES, Grapes Inn, Union St.

Committals -

Mary WILLIAMS, an old woman, for stealing a pair of boots from the shop of Mary MUDD, Great Homer St, 2mths hard labour.

Elizabeth Ann CULLY, for stealing a doormat from the house of Mary LEE, Slade St, 21days hard labour.

Fines for selling adulterated milk.

John SPARKS, Milk dealer, 62 High gate St, - fined 40s and costs

Robert CANN, 18 Clarendon St - fined 20s and costs

Samuel ALLOM, 70 Hall Lane - fined 20s and costs

William SMITH, 52 Slade St, who had been fined 40s and costs in November 1872 for selling adulterated milk was now ordered to pay 60s and cost for the same offence.

Joseph GARNER, 31 Cockerel - fined 40s and costs

Mr ATKINSON said that on Shrove Tuesday ten samples of milk had been bought from different shops, seven were found adulterated.

Waste of water.

William WILLIAMS, owner of a house in 12 Court, Shelley St, was fined 20s and costs for allowing water to waste from a defective cistern.

Prince PETER, 167 Great Homer St, and Messers PROCTER and TWIST, 95 and 97 Stanhope St, were each fined 10s and costs for wasting water by means of a hose.

Smoke cases, the following defendants, each fined 10s and costs for allowing excessive smoke emissions from the chimneys of their business premises,

Joshua HENSHAW, Builder, Pembroke St, the Liverpool Sugar Refinery Company Ltd, Ford St and Edward BARROW, Steam-packer, Manesty Lane.

Before Messers HORNBY and FORWOOD

Horse stealing, Richard MURPHY pleaded guilty to stealing a pony the property of Mr E. GIBSON. The prisoner drove a horse which on the 17th inst was stabled at the same place, Slaterís Place, Parr St, as the pony in question and was told the pony was for sale for £6, on the same day prisoner sold the pony for £3-5s. When arrested by Det Officer REDMAN, prisoner said he had spent 5s on drink and lost the rest - 3mths hard labour.

Bridget GRIMES, a young woman was charged on remand for seriously wounding Winifred JOHNSON, Mr PARKER defended. It appeared on the 16th inst the father of the prosecutrix was going along a court off Kew St when the prisoner and others assaulted him. The prosecutrix went to his assistance when the prisoner struck her on the arm and head with a mug, inflicting serious injuries. For the defence, Mary WALTERS the prisonerís sister said it was she who struck the prosecutor with a cup as the prosecutorís father was threatening the witnessís father with a revolver, and the prosecutor struck him with a poker. At the time of the assault it was stated the prisoner was attending a mission at St Anthonyís chapel. - committed for trial, admitted to bail.

James SIMMS, who stole a shawl from the house of Ellen BUTCHER, Bidder St, where he was lodging - 2mths prison.

County Magistrates Court

Before Messers R. JOHNSON and Matthew GREGSON

Margaret HOLLIS, aged 15, charged on remand for stealing, trousers, a handkerchief, a corkscrew, several bottles of beer and other items belonging to Mrs BAILEY, 18 Hampstead Rd, Fairfield, by whom she was employed as a domestic servant, Mr NORDEN appeared for the prosecution, the article were removed from their usual place in Mrs BAILEYíS house and afterwards were found under the mattress of the prisonerís bed., magistrate considered the evidence insufficient - discharged

Unlicensed sale of drink -

Eliza DEAN, Martin St, West Derby Rd, was summoned for selling drink without a license. The police searched the defendantís house on Friday night and found 35 bottles of beer, 5 bottles of porter and 2 bottles of Champagne. There were several men and women in the house and glasses which had contained drink lying about. - fined £15 and cost or 3mths prison - Robert JONES, joiner, Henry EVANS, clerk, and Thomas TRUSS, umbrella maker, Tithebarn St, who were in the house were summoned for aiding and abetting Eliza DEAN in illegally dealing in intoxicating drinks. TRUSS did not appear but sent a representative - Fined 20s and costs each

James LYON, Licensed victualler of the Railway Inn, Fazakerley, was summoned for selling drink to a drunken man and permitting riotous conduct in his house. PC. JACKSON stated that at about 7pm on the 8th inst he found about 40 men in defendantís house, 2 were very drunk, and a number were dancing, singing and shouting. He returned about an hour later with PC. ALLAN and found about 30 men in the house. One man named James BLOOMFIELD was drunk and was standing near the counter with a half-gallon jug in one hand and a glass of beer in the other, when the landlady saw the police she snatched the jug from his hand and he drank the ale from the glass, in the presence of the witness.. PC. ALLAN confirmed this and BLOOMFIELD a platelayer, was called, he stated he was supplied with drink by Mrs LYON, and paid for it. Mr LLEWELLYN the railway station master at Fazakerley, whose house is opposite the defendants and Mrs LLEWELLYN gave evidence to the effect that there was disorder and fighting in the house between the visits of the police.

For the defence, Joseph FOULKES, foreman to a contractor, was called and stated that when BLOOMFIELD was supplied with drink he was sober. Subsequently he struck a man named ASHCROFT, he and ASHCROFT were turned out by witness and ASHCROFTíS brother, with this exception there was no fighting or disorder. BLOOMFIELD returned later but was not supplied with drink. He picked up the witnesses glass from the counter and this was the glass the police saw, he had no jug under his arm. William ASHCROFT gave corroborative evidence, fined 40s and cost for supplying drink to a drunken man, for permitting riotous conduct dismissed.

John COOPER, fined 5s and costs for having falsely represented himself as a bona-fide traveller to William HUDSON, Licensed victualler, West Derby, on the 31st January.

Thomas POOLE, Butcher, Fairfield, fined 5s and costs for having in his possession an unjust weighing machine.

William COLLINS a labourer, in custody was charged with assaulting and wounding, John LOCKLEY, another labourer, at Bootle on the 8th inst. The prosecutor and prisoner were talking together, when the former threatened to kill all the Irish and Papists in Bootle. The prisoner being an Irish, Roman Catholic, resented the insult and a fight ensued. The prisoner had the worst of the battle and seizing a poker, hit LOCKLEY with it on the head inflicting a serious wound. - 2mths hard labour.

Ann ASHCROFT, a middle-aged woman was charged with stealing a piece of beef worth 7s-6d from the shop of Robert ROBERTS, Butcher, Bootle. It appears the prisoner on the previous evening went into ROBERTíS shop and when his back was turned, took the beef and ran out of the shop. ROBERTS on realising the beef had gone, ran after the prisoner and found the beef in her possession. Supt of the police informed the bench that the prisoner was the wife of a respectable labourer from Bootle - 2mths hard labour.

Birkenhead Police Court, Wednesday 24th Feb, before Mr PRESTON

A young man Richard SMITH, said to be a fireman living in Lower Tranmere, brought in custody for stealing a haddock from Mary Ann WOODS and assaulting PC. POTTS and another man. Mr MOORE defended. On Tuesday morning prosecutor was in Ivy St with a basket of haddock on her head, the prisoner who was with some other men took a haddock from out of the basket, when she remonstrated with him he threatened to strike her. He then took the haddock out of his pocket and threw it at the other men with him, PC. POTTS followed the prisoner and took him into custody. When they got to Hamilton St, prisoner who was tipsy, threw himself to the ground and started kicking the officer and became violent. Thomas BUCKLEY said, that on the previous afternoon he was opening the gates of St Maryís churchyard for a funeral when the prisoner came up and struck him in the face. Mr MOORE, defending said the prisoner was a respectable young man, but, when in drink was a madman.- fined 5s and costs or 2mths prison.

Ann HICKMAN was charged with stealing a shawl belonging to Hannah RIVINGTON, Elizabeth St, with whom she lodged - gaol 3mths with hard labour.

James CROWTHER, a young man belonging to Oxton, charged with stealing money from the till of the Claughton Hotel, kept by Mr EVANS. On Tuesday afternoon prisoner and another man were drinking at the bar, on Miss EVANS going into the bar she saw the prisoner with his hands in the till, and he had some money in his mouth, Mrs EVANS got hold of him, but, he made his escape across some fields. PC. 43 followed him and found upon him 3s-3d, it was stated 15s was missing from the till. The prisoner admitted stealing 5s - gaol 6mths with hard labour.

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