Crimes 1859

Liverpool Mercury, Feb 23rd 1858

Singular proof of attachment

A few days ago a woman of loose character, who cohabited with a man in Henry Edward St, cut off his fore finger while he was asleep. She placed the finger upon a stone, and applying a knife struck it with another stone, severing the finger, which hung only with a piece of skin. The man subsequently received surgical treatment at the Northern Dispensary, but is maimed for life. It appears the man had threatened to enlist in the army, and the woman from the "strong affection" she entertained for him, committed the act in order that he might not carry out his intention which would result in their separation.

Charge of manslaughter in the Channel

Joseph JACKSON and William PHILLIPS, the captain and mate of the steamer Queen, sailing between Liverpool and Whitehaven, were arraigned in the Lancaster Assizes on Friday, on the coroner's inquisition for having caused the death of Jane IRVING by the steamer Queen running into a sailing vessel off the port of Fleetwood. There was also an indictment preferred against the prisoners, but the grand jury ignored the bill. The learned Judge expressed an opinion that there was no case against the prisoners and they were acquitted.


Lancelot PERCIVAL an overlooker in the coaching department of the Garston Hotel, appeared before the county magistrates [Messers BENN PRESTON and ASPINALL] on Saturday to answer a charge of having assaulted Edward REECE, employed at the hotel as an ostler. Complainant's evidence, on Saturday the parties had some words, when defendant struck him and knocked him down, following up his violent conduct with other acts of ill-usage. Convicted, penalty of 40s and costs

Serious stabbing at Birkenhead

On Saturday last several labourers were drinking in a beerhouse in Watson St, when a dispute took place respecting the singing of a particular song. The quarrel continued after they left the house, and in the affray one of the men John DEVINE pulled out a knife, and stabbed Thomas HENAGAN, a resident of the dock cottages in the neck, immediately below the ear inflicting a wound three and a half inches in length and one and a half inches in depth. The injured man was removed by the police to the hospital in Hamilton St, where he was attended by Dr MARSHALL, the wound was of a dangerous character, DEVINE was apprehended in his house in St Anne St, where he was found concealed under the stairs, with the knife in his possession, he will be brought before the magistrates today.

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