Liverpool Mercury Jan 5th 1857


At 12.30am on Saturday night last an attempted robbery was made on Mrs BARKER’S house in Sackville St, Everton. Mrs BARKER was woken by the intruder in her bedroom and raised the alarm, they beat a retreat, the servant saw a man running down the stairs. Nothing as yet has been missed.

On Saturday night last a fight took place in New Bird St, in which one of the combatants was a labouring man named SMITH. His wife, on finding that he was getting well trounced, rushed into the crowd for the purpose of assisting or rescuing her husband, when she was thrown down and kicked and in the melee she sustained a fracture of one of her legs. The injured woman was removed to the Southern Hospital.

The New Magistrates

On Friday four out of the recently appointed batch of magistrates attended at the Sessions House, and were sworn in with the usual formalities. They were, Messers J. A. TOBIN, R. SHEIL, J. R. JEFFERY and E. HEATH. Mr Thomas EARLE and Mr J. A. TINNIE declined to assume the duties, and sent intimations to that effect.

Liverpool Mercury, May 18th, 1857

Police intelligence

Friday May 15th, before Mr J. S. MANSFIELD

Smuggling, - James FERGUSON steward of the City of Washington, was ordered to pay £1-2s-6d, or to be imprisoned for 7days for attempting to smuggle two and a half pounds of tobacco.

Neglect of family, - William CULLON, a stevedore residing in Lower Harrington was charged by Insp WOOD with neglecting his wife and child. The prisoner’s wife stated that 9mths since he was committed for 3mths for assaulting her, arrangements were then made for a separate maintenance which he had not fulfilled. The prisoner stated he was hurt in the breast a few months ago and was almost disabled. He expressed his willingness to live with his wife but she declined, and Mr MANSFIELD said that as he had behaved so ill to her it would be wrong to oblige her to live with him - gaol 1mth with hard labour.

A family quarrel - Thomas EDWARDS, previously bound over to keep the peace towards his sister Martha EDWARDS, who keeps a public house in Parliament St, was charged with disorderly conduct on his sister’s premises. It appears the prisoners sent to the complainant on Thursday for his indentures, she sent word she would look for them and send them to him the next morning. Shortly afterwards he went to her house was very disorderly and assaulted her and a customer. The prisoner said he was going to sea and wanted his indentures which were in the possession of his sister and she would not let him have them. He went to her house yesterday for them, when she struck him with a poker on the arm, complainant denied having done so - ordered to find two sureties of £10 each and to keep the peace for 12mths.

Charge of stealing against an apprentice - A gentlemanly dressed young man named Robert HOOD was charged on suspicion of stealing a quantity of ironmongery, the property of his late employer James LAMB, 68 Stanley St. Det SULLIVAN said he went to the house of the prisoner’s mother in Buttermere St, Windsor where he found a quantity of property identified by Mr LAMB. He was told the prisoner had gone to Birmingham, where he followed and apprehended him. When told the charge he admitted having taken the goods and said he had been encouraged to do so by his mother. Mr LAMB said he had engaged the prisoner as a turnover apprentice for 3yrs, but in consequence of some words between them the prisoner had left abruptly, some time after he had gone Mr LAMB found he had been robbed and was informed the prisoner had committed the theft. - case remanded.

Before Mr ROMILLY and Mr DIXON

Publican and Beerseller cases

Joseph CHEERS, Beerseller, Providence St, for permitting drunkenness and selling beer on Sunday last, acquitted on 1st charge, fined 40s and costs on 2nd.

Richard GRICE, Beerseller, High Park St, charged with Sunday trading, fined 10s and costs

Patrick BELL, Beerseller, Banastre St, charged with permitting drunkenness fined 20s and costs.

Henry WORTHINGTON, Beerseller, Conway St, charged with permitting drunkenness , acquitted.

Charles SQUIRES, Publican, Islington, charged with permitting drunkenness also acquitted.

John ORMSBY, Publican, Earles St, summoned for selling spirits on Sunday morning last, was acquitted.

Julia O’DONNELL, table-beerseller, Garden Lane, for Sunday trading, fined 20s and costs.

Saturday May 16th, before Mr J. S. MANSFIELD

Violent assault on the police - David JOHNSTON, alias, RICHARDSON, charged with assaulting officers 142 and 442, the finger of the latter officer was almost bitten off. It appears that officer 142 found the prisoner lying on the parapet in Beau St, when he waked him he became violent and knocked the officer down and kicked him. The other officer came up and the prisoner seized him by the finger and bit it in a fearful way. While endeavouring to secure him the officers were again knocked down and kicked by the prisoner, they eventually succeeded in getting him to the bridewell - fined £5 and costs or 3mths prison in each case.

A bold thief - Evan THOMAS, a carter, on Wednesday the prisoner entered the premises of Messers HORSFALL, Upper William St, accompanied by another man with a horse and cart and proceeded to load a quantity of bale ropes, the property of Messers GLYNN and ANDERSON, which were lying in the yard. The boldness of the theft took away any suspicion that might otherwise have been excited, and the prisoner got clear away with his booty. He returned within an hour and when the warehouseman questioned him he knocked him down and ran away, the carter was not with him this time - gaol 2mths.

Not accounting for possession - a respectably attired man Thomas CLARKE was charged with being in possession of 6 silver table spoons of which he could not give a satisfactory account. He was stopped at a pawnshop in Whitechapel by Officer [91] REILLY offering the spoons for pledge. He stated he had got them in Boston, and he lived at 98 Christian St. Several keys were found on him one opened a box at his residence. The spoons had, had a crest and initials on them which had been obliterated, the latter appeared to be “R.N.M” - remanded

Violent assault - Arthur CONVILLE and James CONVILLE, labourers employed at a coal yard in Crown St, were charged with assaulting John TYRER one of the servants of the railway company. Complainant said he interfered with the prisoners when they were placing a waggon in such a position as to be dangerous and both prisoners assaulted him, the former breaking his nose with a stone, the other striking him with a piece of wood - for trial.

A lenient wife - a rough looking fellow was placed in the dock charged with violently assaulting his wife with a heavy piece of wood, The complainant was placed in the witness box, her head presented the appearance of a serious injury having been inflicted.

Complainant, “I have nothing to say against him”

Mr MANSFIELD, “What did you give him to charge for?”

Complainant, “For nothing, that is what I have to say. It is my own fault, if I got twice as much it would serve me right”

Mr MANSFIELD, “Well you know best.” prisoner must be discharged.

Attempting to pick a lady’s pocket - Edward SMITH was charged with attempting to pick a lady’s pocket named Mary OWENS whilst passing along Bloom St on the previous evening. Under pretence of inquiring the way to St Andrew St, the prisoner stopped the complainant and whilst she was considering the direction she suddenly caught his hand in her pocket. - 3mths gaol with hard labour.

Theft on shipboard - James DUFFY and William DUNN were sent to gaol for 3mths with hard labour for stealing a coat from the cabin of the brig BETSY in the Harrington Dock, where they were found by PC 53 at 4am

Street robbery - Margaret JONES was charged with stealing a purse containing 14s from William REDHEAD, a cotton porter, residing in Richmond Terrace, Hopwood St - sent for trial.

Liverpool Mercury, May 20th, 1857

Before Monday May 18th, Mr J. S. MANSFIELD

Cannibalism, Patrick MC CANN, was charged with assaulting PC. 658, Thomas KNOWLES, the prisoner was very disorderly in Burlington St, on Saturday evening, when the officer took him into custody he seized his thumb and bit it severely. Assistance was obtain and he was taken to the bride well - sent to gaol for 3mths in default of payment of a fine of £3 and costs.

Savage assault - Stephen CRERE was charged with assaulting his brother-in-law, James BYRNE. Mr BLUCK appeared for the prisoner. The complainant said they had been drinking together, and the prisoner being very much excited with what he had taken, seized a poker and hit him over the head with it inflicting a severe wound. He had not given him the slightest provocation. PC 866 was on duty at 1am on Sunday in Fontenoy St, and saw the prisoner run across the street and assault the complainant. Complainant did not wish to press the charge - prisoner fined 6s and costs for drunkenness.

Martin KELLY was committed for a month for leaving his wife who had been placed in the Lock Hospital, and a sum of £7 had been expended for her support.

Stabbing, Antonio PAREZ a native of Malta was brought up on a charge of stabbing a young man named John HODSON, a sail maker. Officer 469 stated that on Sunday at 4am whilst at the Princes Dock he was informed a man had been stabbed in Bath St. He proceeded to the spot where he saw the prisoner in the middle of the street with a knife in his hand netting every one at defiance. He got behind him and took the knife off him. The complainant was taken to the Northern Hospital, Mr B. WALL house surgeon stated the complainants wounds were three in number. The complainant said he was going down Bath St when the prisoner was talking to a woman off bad character, there was another young man with the complainant, and he gave some offensive to the prisoner and was pursued, the complainant interposed and was stabbed by the prisoner in three places. This evidence was corroborated by several witnesses, one gentleman who saw the offence said he saw the prisoner provoked by someone throwing orange peel at him - prisoner sent for trial.

Assault, a young woman of bad character named Elizabeth EVANS was charged with assaulting a gentleman named Bernard LIONE in Lord St.

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