CRIMES 1853 - 1854

Liverpool Mercury, Jan 18th 1853

Serious charge

James BARRAGAN, the station master of the Huyton Quarry station of the London and North-western Railway, was brought before the Rev J. S. R. EVANS on Friday, at the Police-office, Prescot on a charge of violating Mary ASHTON, a child of eleven years of age, daughter of Thomas ASHTON, a policeman, also in the service of the company, living in an adjoining cottage to the prisoner by the side of the line. It appears from the child's statement that on the 9th December last she was swinging on a gate opposite the door of the station-room or office, when the prisoner came out, dragged her into the office, and having locked the door and secured the window, laid her on a bench used as a seat for passengers, and committed the offence of which he was charged. She cried out, and caught hold of the staple of the lock as he was taking her in, but no person was about the station at the time, and she was unable to prevent him from accomplishing his purpose, he then offered her a penny, which she refused, and on his opening the door, ran away.

She at once complained to a little girl who was living at the prisoner's house, and subsequently to his wife, but was afraid to mention it to her mother until the latter a week or two afterwards discovered she was suffering from a disease which it is alleged had been communicated to her by the prisoner, and she then told her what had taken place. The prisoner on being examined by the surgeon was, according to the surgeon's evidence, found to be labouring under the same disease as the child, and her statement was corroborated in various minor details.

The prisoner who is the father of 13 children, was defended by Mr WARD, he denied the charge, and stated he had merely slapped the child as she was rolling about his office counter. Some doubt having been expressed by the surgeon as to the completion of the capital offence, he was committed for trial at the ensuing Kirkdale sessions for assaulting the child with intent etc.

Northern Times Sept 26th 1854

County Court

T. S. RAFFLES residing

The following persons committed to Lancaster for not complying with previous orders, all received 30 days.

William CROUCH, Lime St

John WAINY, Merchant, 8 Catherine St

Thomas COTTER, St James St

KITWOOD, Mariner, 20 Seel St

William C. CLARE, 178 Great Howard St, watch dial maker

John O'DOWD, Waterloo St

Thomas O'CONNELL, Islington

William VICKERS, Derby Buildings


Police Court


William HUGHES, charged with stealing a copper pipe from one of the City of Dublin Co's boats in the Clarence Dock - three months prison


John BURKE charged with stealing a watch belonging to Mrs Ellen YOUNG, 28 Norman St, a respectable looking woman. BURKE, well dressed, a sleek looking man, what the police would call, "A knowing dodger" who had seen service in the wars at Bacchus. The complainant said she was a singer and had been in Mr JONE'S Globe Inn, Williamson Square on the previous night, when she felt ill fearing she had the cholera. She had 3 glasses of brandy and still felt unwell and asked her friends to take her home in a car.

They called one and as she and her friends got in the prisoner asked could he have a ride as he lived in London Rd, they where going that way. Sometime before she reached her house she felt the prisoners hand on her person, outside her dress, in the pocket of which was her watch. On the car stopping the prisoner then jumped out and ran off. Directly she missed her watch, the guard was hanging out of her pocket.

She did not see the prisoner till Friday when she gave him into custody, he did not live in London Rd.

Prisoner in reply said he was a singer, they were all singers, he had enjoyed himself in the Globe, when Mrs YOUNG took ill a male companion asked him for 6d for a car to take her home, he also took the car as he was going that way, he denied having the watch - committed for 3mths.


Charles MC DONNELL, respectably connected and who some time ago held a position at FRISBY DYKE and Co, charged with stealing books from the free library at Duke St, admitted the theft - sent for trial


Hugh THOMAS charged with obtaining money by false pretences, a young Welsh couple [brother and sister] had arrived here a day or two ago, prisoner made their acquaintance at the Landing Stage, after he found their whereabouts he called on their friend a pretty Welsh girl and asked to borrow 10s in the name of the young man. Mr BLUCK appeared for the prisoner and stated the money had been returned and his client was a lumper of good character - committed for trial


Emma BOLTON, a pretty girl, charged Joseph ELERAH a sailor, with stealing her watch. They met in the Parthenon Rooms, Great Charlotte St, after some drink they went home to the complainants house, at 5am prisoner left the house taking the watch and chain which was on the chimney piece. Constable 494 went in search of the prisoner a mate on a Spanish vessel and found him in a public house, he had the watch and chain in his possession - gaol 2mths in default of paying a fine of 5


Northern Times Sept 30th 1854

Police Court Yesterday

Before Mr BOOTH

Catherine CARR, Mary TUNSTALL, charged with stealing 20 belonging to Mr John BURKE, Portland Place, the money was wrapped in paper underneath the mattress of the prosecutor's bed, the prisoners broke into his house while he was out, witnessed by two boys, from purchases made by the prisoners, suspicion is attached to them - remanded

John SMYTH was charged with stealing a purse containing 1-7s belonging to Miss REYNOLDS, the prisoner, a joiner had been in custody in the borough gaol and escaped. On the previous evening he had picked the pocket of Miss REYNOLDS at the bazaar in Salisbury St - for trial

Susan JOHNSON, Sarah GRAHAM, Jane GRAHAM, Anne REILLY and Richard MC ANDREWS, charged with stealing 20 and other valuables from Peter DODD, who had he said, arrived from America and met the accused man in King St, who then brought him to a house where he was nearly killed by the prisoners and robbed. Some of the prisoners where found pledging his property, Mary GRAHAM and MC ANDREWS gaoled for a month each, other prisoners discharged through lack of evidence.

William JACKSON, Mary RUSSELL, charged with stealing a sovereign from the shop of Mr Thomas KELSHAW, Whitechapel, JACKSON gaoled for a month, RUSSELL discharged through lack of evidence.

Sarah Ann MARTIN and John RAY charged with stealing a gold 10dollar piece and 11 sovereigns from a young sailor, Charles MIKE, RAY discharged, MARTIN, 1mths prison.

Fanny WILLIAMS was charged with assaulting PC. 699 in Tithebarn St. A young woman who possessed great personal attraction and who may have visited California or Australia, or knew someone from those countries as she carried a considerable quantity of precious metal on her person, rings, chains, lockets a watch etc. PC 699 said she looked as mild as a moonbeam, whilst, it appeared, she could act as fierce as a devaining tempest. She kicked and cuffed, he said, and the prisoner said, it was all the cause of the, pusheen cat!. Prisoner had been out with friends and had been given the dear little creature as a gift. The prisoner had been seen by PC 699 being cruel to the cat and he had reprimanded her, when she assaulted him. - discharged with a caution

Two well dressed men John SWEETMAN and Robert LAWSON charged with assaulting PC 476 and PC 486 in Cleveland Square, first officer was asked had he seen a robber running past, when SWEETMAN said, the officer was the biggest thief in the locality. Officer asked SWEETMAN to go on his way, he didn't and kicked the officer, the other prisoner then got involved in the fight, the 2nd officer assisted and both prisoners were detained in the station - fined 20s each

Michael MC MAHON, a hardy sort of fellow, who spoke with a Scotch accent, accused a dowdy looking female named Anne ROWE with stealing 18-10s from him. He got drunk and while in a state of, "we won't go home till morning-ism." He met the prisoner who he said lightened him of his dross - prisoner was discharged through lack of evidence.


Breach of contract

GILMOUR to faces charges against him by Messers NORRIS, Anchor and chain makers, Norfolk St, by breaking a 12mth contract with them and leaving his employment. After working just 30days he left and started work at Messers GLADSTONE. NORRIS had advanced him 50s which he had not repaid. Magistrate said he had signed the agreement, to return to his original employer or 3mths gaol.

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