John WALLACE was charged with stealing a blanket from a vessel in the Waterloo dock- 3mths prison

John COLOMBUS and another sailor named JORDAN crew of the CAIRO which arrived Thursday from New Orleans, charged with smuggling 100lbs of manufactured tobacco, concealed in various places by them. Capt GILES of the CAIRO Stated he had no knowledge of the contraband- for crown court

Thomas LYNCH, William KAY, Patrick KAY, Margaret WILLIAMS and William WILLIAMS charged with robbing the Manufactory of Messers LINNINGTON, PINKNESS and JORDAN, mustard grinders and drug manufacturers of Blackstock St, Vauxhall Rd. LYNCH and the two KAYS in their employment, Mr and Mrs WILLIAMS of Blackstock St received the stolen property- for trial

Edward FORREST a young man of Flashy appearance known as one of the Manchester Swell Mob was charged as a suspicious character, on Saturday at 12midnight he was walking along Lime St and went up to another man throwing his arms around him in an affectionate way, at the same time shouting, "Oh. My dear Mr SMITH!, Oh my dear Mr SMITH", The accosted failed to understand the salutation till the man opened his coat and tried to grab his watch. He then dragged the accused to the police- 3mths prison


ROGER and JONES committed for robbing Guano from Messers MYERS and Co- for trial

Richard DAVIES stole 9 geese from Mr HOLDEN, Poulterer St Johns Mkt- for trial

John CALLAN gasfitter stole gas fittings from the Gas Co- for trial

George and Jane WOODS stole silk hankerchieves from the shop of Mr.G.AMBER, Bold St, -for trial

William JONES Master of the coasting vessel FOUR BROTHERS stole a sack of oatmeal consigned to Messers TUNNICLIFFE- for trial

Respectably dressed John and James GALLAGHER charged with absconding and stealing £650, from their father living in Donegal ordered to be conveyed back to Ireland.

Alexander SMITH and daughter Anne SMITH aged 8 committed for stealing wearing apparel from various shops, the girl was the pilferer, the father sold the goods

Beer House Keepers, William GLUE and James FAGAN of the Canine Tavern , Blake St, charged with allowing dog fighting in the upstairs room and charging 2d for spectators- fined £5 each

A young man of genteel appearance charged with embezzelment, Samuel MITCHELL stole £1-6s from Mitchell and Co stationers, Duke St after the firm was dissolved. Two other cases were proved of £1 and £2-8s. He failed to account for or hand over the money to the cashhkeeper.- for trial

Thomas KENYON, John FOWLER, Benjamin MARTIN and James McGRATH charged with stealing cotton the property of Messers TOBIN and Co from their sheds in Rathbone St. The property was sold on to Peter McARDLE Marine store dealer Cable St - for trial

Police officers committed for vicious assault on Mr William DYER publican Lumber St. John HAGAN, Thomas MORRIS and John STEPHENSON- for trial at the sessions



Tues, Thomas HAYDON for trial having picked up a sovereign in Pitt St belonging to a sailor named GREEN and making off with it.

Mon, James THOMPSON, Cornelius SEWELL and William MURRAY charged with breaking into the cellar of William CUMMINGS and stealing £4 in gold £2-6s and a pair of slippers. Murray discharged the others for trial

Tues, Thomas LYNCH and Peter McDONNELL charged with stealing a lamb, pair found in Dale St. Owner of lamb not found, discharged Lamb taken to Pinfold, Rose Place

Mon, Elizabeth McCANN a young girl formerly living with Mr GLADSTONE of Brougham Terrace charged with stealing £6 in gold and wearing apparel. Confessed of crime to young Mr GLADSTONE- for trial.

Tues, George NORTH charged with robbing Mr DAWBARN Tailor and Draper of Bold St. For some time was an assistant for Mr DAWBARN, when his lodging were searched 3 waist coats, 6 vests and a black dress coat were found the property of Mr DAWBARN - for trial

Tues, Flora McKENNA charged with stealing bonnets and cloaks on Monday night belonging to the guests at Mr GRAHAMS tea party in Mersey St. She had entered the lobby and front parlour and was found in Hurst St by a policeman with the goods- for trial

Thur, Samuel MACMULLEN employed by Messers KIRKPATRICK, Temple Court, stopped in Harrington St with a quantity of lard on searching his house goods were found in every room, remanded for further inquiries.

James LASTRANGE residing in a court off Oldham St prefered a charge against a young woman Mary Ann ROWLANDS and an elderly female Mary SHEPHERD. Advanced in years and with a bed ridden wife LASTRANGE had employed the young woman to do household chores, prisoners had pawned every item of clothing he had- for trial

A pretty looking woman with infant in arms charged her husband William Simpson STEPHENSON with having turned her out of doors, when husband asked the reason why he threw her out he replied her friends annoyed him.- fined 20s and to keep the peace for 1yr.


Deficient weights and measures

John BENNETT Provision dealer, 73 Warwick St

John SINCLAIR Provision dealer, 7 Wood St

Thomas CLEMENTS Provision dealer, 196 Mill St

Elizabeth RASHFORD Potatoe and onion dealer, 53 Kent St

Edward MORAN Coal dealer, 22 Lower Fredrick St

Sarah DARLINGTON Butter and cooked meats dealer, 188 Park Lane

Charles WATSON Provision dealer, 108 Park Lane

William Walker KILBURN Druggist, 6 Pitt St

Rachael PARTINGTON Provision dealer, 49 Wapping.

Mary BOOTH Potatoe and butter dealer, 11 Hurst St

Morris NEALE Provision dealer, 40 Grayson St

John DOUGHERTY Cleveland Square market

John JACKSON Coal dealer, 11 Albert St

Hardy McKEWEN Coal dealer, 21 Ben Johnson St

Mary MARSH Butcher, St Martins Market

James ROONEY Butter and bacon dealer, 25 Bevington Bush Rd

John TALBOT Butcher, St Martins Market

Patrick SINNETT Coal dealer 288 Scotland Rd

John LEWIS Coal dealer, 87 Islington

John HUGHES Provision dealer, 48 Gomer St

Michael CONWAY Marine store dealer, 71 Addison St

Jane Anne LACE Confectioner, 13 Vauxhall Rd

Matthew DOYLE Provision dealer, 35 Addison St

Patrick CARNES Provision dealer Addison St

Silvanus Bevan WALCOTT Grocer 4 Price St

Liverpool Journal 3rd Feb 1849


Two seamen, James MOORE and John PORTER, belonging to the Schooner CORSAIR of Plymouth were on Weds sentenced to 30 days prison for refusing to proceed to sea.

Henry CRANER was committed for trial at the assizes for forging a note by means of alteration, which had been received from Capt CRILLY of the AGNES. The note had been drawn for 5s, upon, Alexander DENNISON and Co and cashed by Mr CARTER, Publican of Waterloo Rd.. The note had been altered from 5s to 15s

On Tuesday a seaman named CUMMING preferred a charge againt a lodging house keeper , Mr CROSSLEY, Sparling St, of having sprinkled vitriol over a suit of clothes, in revenge for having been ordered by Mr RUSHTON to give them up. He had kept the clothing for payment of board which was not due. For not paying damages he was sent to gaol, the money was then forthcoming and CROSSLEY was liberated.

John SAVAGE the keeper of a Marine Store in Paisley St was placed at the bar. Sgt CORBISHLEY stated he and Officer BATES went to the prisoners store and found in an upper room, a ton of clean cotton and immense quantities of partially clean cotton, in different rooms besides bale ropes and hawsers . Mr SNOWBALL for the prisoner produced receipts and could call the person employed to pick the cotton and would account for part of it being clean.

Mr RUSHTON, “I will have this matter investigated at full length, this is one of the results of the open docks of Liverpool, which adds greatly to the encouragement of crime. It is painful day after day to see this systematic plunder carried on.”- prisoner remanded.

On Monday, KELLY, SHONE and PIGOT, sent for trial for committing several burglaries in the town.

On Monday, Christopher TOBIN, a Marine Store dealer of Chisenhale St sent to gaol for 2mths, his license also revoked for having, guano, copper and nails that he was unable to give account for.

An Italian, Louis GOURIGA sent to prison on Monday for 14 days. For stealing a pot of meat, sent to a boarding house from an Italian vessel to be cooked. The prisoner stopped the bearer of the pot and insisted he surrender under the pain of death.

John DAVEY placed at the bar on a charge of stealing a watch-guard. Henry SUMERFIELD a man who travelled with a box of jewellery, stated that on Tuesday he was at the public house of Mrs MAWDSLEY in Bootle, whilst vending his wares DAVEY took the watch-guard. Mrs MAWDSLEY stated the prisoner was her son-in-law , she had told the complainant not to come into her premises with his trinkets and cause a disturbance. There were several people in the premises and the complainant had left the box unattended many times. Her Son-in-Law had turned out his pockets and been searched, nothing was found on him. – prisoner discharged.

John GLENN a shipping agent had been summoned at the instance of Alexander WHARF and another man, they were operative Stonemasons, having heard trade was good at New Orleans, applied to the defendant for passage. Who then informed them that the vessel was not going to New Orleans but to Mobile, 20 miles away from New Orleans, and that work for Masons was just as good there. They were informed some time later from men in Liverpool that there was no trade for them in Mobile and it was useless them going there. They asked for their money to be returned as they had pawned everything they owned to buy the tickets and were now destitute.. Mr RUSHTON asked GLENN to go and get the tickets, he did not return but sent another man with them.

Mr RUSHTON looked at the tickets, exclaiming, “ Why these are manufactured, where is the hole in them.” [laughter]. “What was the amount paid.?”

WHARF, "£4-12s.

"Mr RUSHTON, "How much does he go for?

"Mr JAMESON, "The amount of the money and £10 expenses under the act.”

Mr RUSHTON ordered the money to be paid and directed the complainants to apply for it and consult Lieut HODDER as to further proceedings

Publican and Beerseller cases

Charles MUSKER, Publican, Great Howard St, charged for selling after hours, complainant, Insp RINGLAND

William MURRAY, Publican, Corner of Pellews Lane, permitting drunkenness, complainant, Officer Thomas HUDDLESTONE, 676

William Joseph RAE, Publican, Lower Parliament St, selling after hours

John AINSCLOUGH Beerseller, St Andrews St, acquitted

John FINCH, Beerseller, Rose Place, fined 40s and costs

Samuel Pitt SLACK, Beerseller, Springfield St, summoned and removed from his premises

Mary JOHNSON, Beerseller, Lambert St, fined 60s and costs.

Jane RUSHTON, Beerseller, Rice St, fined 20s and costs

Liverpool Journal

24th Feb 1849


On Monday last, Thomas JONES was gaoled for 14days for stealing a dog from Thomas KILLIP.

Several robberies have occurred from shoemaker’s shops recently, Matthew WARD, James KILLEN where before the magistrates on Tuesday and committed for trial for breaking into a shop in Marybone and stealing 5 pairs of shoes.

On Monday Thomas LEVER was committed for trial for defrauding John BLAKE, a simple intending emigrant out of £2.

On Thursday, George ROBINSON, John WILSON, Sarah JONES and Margaret WILLIAMS, well-known thieves, were charged with stealing from the house of Robert GUNNER, Shoemaker, Scotland Rd, the sum of £132, in gold and silver and a watch. They had been seen in the neighbourhood at the time and suspicion fell on them. They resided at a Brothel in Banastre St, where they were apprehended by Insp MC DONALD and Cons GRISENTHWAITE. - committed for trial.

On Thursday John BATTERSBY, a provision dealer of London Rd, complained of the conduct of P.C. 56, On Sunday morning while proceeding home along Fox St with a pair of boots in his hand, the officer demanded in an impertinent manner to see the boots. The officer then pushed BATTERSBY and then hit him with his stick over the head - officer suspended - for inquiry.

On Thursday Thomas ROBINSON was charged with stabbing Nelson BROWN with a knife. It appeared some months ago a man named BROADFOOT went to sea leaving his wife and children at home. He left a large quantity of furniture in the house and £206 in cash, the prisoner who is a blacksmith lodged in the house, when BROADFOOT returned he found his wife had absconded with ROBINSON, taking the money and furniture. He discovered them living together in Greenwood St, Everton, complainant employed Nelson who is a bailiff to seize the furniture and help him get his children back. When he went to the house ROBINSON seized a knife and cut the bailiff’s face, further violence occurred and BROWN and BROADFOOT retired with nothing - no legal authority by the bailiff for being in the house - prisoner discharged.

William RIMMER, Cart owner was charged with cruelty to a horse by beating it with a stick - fined 20s.



Liverpool Mercury Nov 19th 1850

On Friday morning Alexander BROWN was robbed of two £5 notes and three sovereigns on board one of the Woodside steamers. A dissolute female was taken into custody on the charge but as the person robbed refused to appear she was discharged.

On Thursday week Mr HOLT, plumber and glazier of Hanover St was proceeding home along Slater St when he was knocked down by someone from behind and rendered insensible for a short time, on recovering he found 4 sovereigns, some silver and keys had been taken from his pockets. Mr HOLT much hurt about the head was assisted home. His keys were later found in Wolstenholme Square.




22nd May 1851

Ann LUNT a servant girl in the employment of Thomas SPENCER of Halsall was apprehended after being chased across country for 16 miles by police from Southport, covering Crossens, Churchtown, and Scarsbrick. She stole a woollen shawl, apron and boots from her Mistress whose service she had entered only days previous. She was taken by P.C, John WHITTLE of this town before Ralph GREENOUGH Esq and remanded for 1 mth.


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