Cotton Mills 1852

Southport Visiter, 24th Sept 1852

Cotton manufacture

The question of the increase in cotton manufacturers may not be uninteresting in connection with the present prosperity of the trade, and a few facts serving to indicate the extension of it will not be misplaced.

According to Leonard HORNER, no less than 81 new factories had been built up or set up in the course of last year [up to Oct 31st] in the district of which Manchester is the capital, employing steam-power equal to 2240hp, besides the enlargement of mills in the same period up to the extent of 1477hp.

The total increase of steam-power in that year was equal to 3717hp calculated to give employment to 14,000 additional workpeople.

At Blackburn

One building by Mr Thomas DUGDALE estimated to cost 100,000

Mr John FISH is building a mill for spinning of about 60hp

Messers THWAITES and ASHBURN are erecting another

Mr BRIGGS has recently completed one

Mr LEWIS is erecting a shed for weaving

Messers NOBLE and WALMSLEY a mill for 300 looms

At Great Howard

Mr L. CATTERALL is building a large spinning mill

There is also a large weaving shed being erected there for a manufacturer

At Chorley

Messers RICE and HILL are erecting a weaving shed, with 600 looms for the production of coloured goods

Messers LIGHTHOLDER and WOOD are erecting a magnificent mill for spinning consisting of 5 storeys, 216ft by 120ft, which will receive 60,000 spindles, with steam-power of 120hp

Mr R. SMETHURST is building a weaving shed with 500 looms

At Westhoughton

Mr J. CHADWICK is erecting a large silk mill

At Kirkham

Messers RICHARDS and WHALLEY are building a large cotton mill with 30,000 spindles and engines of 70hp

At Croston

Mr MELLOR is erecting a weaving shed with 300 looms

At Wigan

A new cotton mill built for the Hon Mr LINDSAY, but sold to other parties, is an exceedingly extensive concern for spinning and weaving of about 60hp

At Ratcliffe

Messers MILNE and PICKSTONES are erecting a mill for spinning and weaving of 60hp

Mr R. BOOTH a mill for manufacturing only

Messers PILKINGTON and sons a mill for spinning and weaving of 40hp

At Whitefield

Mr John TAYLOR is erecting a new mill for manufacturing only with engines of 12hp high pressure

At Farnworth nr Bolton

Mr WITHAM is erecting a fine new mill for spinning of 60/80hp

Messers BRIMELOW a weaving shed for 80 looms

Messers J. RIVETT and Co, a weaving shed for 80 looms

Messers S and W. HURST a weaving shed for 200 looms

Messers TOPP and HINDLEY are extending their present works at Farnworth to include 200 additional looms with spinning power of 150/200hp

At Ramsbottom

A handsome new building of stone has been erected by Messers PORRIT Brothers and Austin for spinning

At Rochdale

Messers RATCLIFFE are erecting mills for spinning and weaving and will cover 3 acres of ground of 200hp

At Lees

Mr HALLIWELL is building a mill of 20/30hp

Mr ANDREW a weaving shed of 30/40hp

Mr Isaac SEVILLE a weaving shed of 20/30hp

Messers SCHOFIELD and FIELDING a new spinning mill of 20/30hp

At Mossley

Messers MAYALL are making great extensions to their spinning mills equal to 200hp

At Hurst

Messers John WHITTAKER and Co are extending their mills to 800 looms and spindles of 2000 about 300hp

At Ashton

Mr MASON is building a large spinning mill of 50/60hp

Messers LEESE and KNOTT a second for spinning and weaving

Messers CHADWICK a third

Messers RAYNER a fourth for spinning and manufacturing of 120hp

At Staleybridge

Messers William BAYLEY and Bros are building an extensive new mill

Mr ADSHEAD is erecting a spinning mill

At Glossop

Mr William PLATT is covering in a new mill

Messers John WOOD and Brother, another

Mr F. SUMNER a third

These are in addition to two other extensive mills already worked at Glossop by these gentlemen, and will probably average 100hp each

Two new mills are erecting at Mottram and one at Tintwistle

At Stockport

Messers KERSHAW LEESE and Co are erecting a new shed for 200 looms [wide ones] in addition to their present extensive mills

The mill worked by the late Jesse HOWARD which for some time has been standing idle is refitting with new machinery for Messers Thomas THORNLEY and Co

At Hulme

A new mill is rising intended for cotton spinning at about 80hp and 40,000 spindles

At Blackley

Messers WOLSTENCROFT are building a new mill for spinning of 40hp

At Oldham

Mr ROBINSON is erecting a new mill

Mr J. JONES is enlarging a present one

At Hollinwood

Messers LEES are erecting a large new cotton mill

At Accrington

A new mill is being erected with 10,000 spindles and 200 looms

At Swinton

Mr John GIBBS has taken a small mill and is enlarging it to 120hp

At Adlington

Mr J. GERARD is building a large spinning mill

At Cuxton

Messers SMALLEY and Co are building a mill

At Preston

Mr CALVERT is building a large new spinning mill

Messers PALEY and Co building a new mill for 30,000 spindles

At Tyldesley

Mr Thomas CLEGG is erecting a new mill for spinning and doubling and adding 70hp to his present works

Messers BURTON are erecting a mill for spinning and manufacturing of 80hp

Mr R. KAY is extending his present works

Large as some of the above named establishments are they shrink into insignificance beside one being built near Bradford for the alpaca manufacturers which have recently sprung into repute, as well as for cotton.

The magnitude of the concern erected for Mr Titus SALT [already an extensive manufacturer] is calculated to cover 6 statute acres of ground. The principal building will be a massive stone edifice, with considerable architectural pretention, having a single room in it 540ft long and the machinery in it will be the latest inventions of acknowledged merit.

The engines to move the immense mass of machinery are being made by Messers FAIRBURN of Manchester and are calculated at 1200hp. The gasworks will equal those of a small town and will be erected upon WHITE'S Hydro-carbon system at a cost of 4,000, it is estimated 5,000 lights will be required and the gasworks constructed to supply 100,000 cubit ft of gas per diom. Mr SALT is building 700 cottages for the workpeople in its immediate neighbourhood.

The site is at Salt-Aire on one of the banks of the river Aire, and will be approached by tubular bridge over the river, also of elegant construction, spoken of as costing upwards of half a million sterling.

It is said a cotton mill is in contemplation at Bolton, of nearly, if not equal magnitude.

Messers FOX and Bros and Co are erecting a large cotton mill at Wellington, Somersetshire and Messers J and A. KENNEDY a new cotton mill at Belfast


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