Voyage on the emigrant ship CONSTELLATION

Part 3

Part 3

November 6th, spent a very bad night.

10am, ate a little fried bacon at breakfast, could hardly get it down. I am very weak.

11am, the steward came down and gave all the passengers tracts. He gave us three and a beautiful bound testament. He is very kind to us. The carpenter came down afterwards, was sorry to find me worse.

12noon, Rather worse, Doctor gave me more medicine to take.

2pm, [I] – and the woman in the berth above us had a dinner of apple dumpling. I had a little roast chicken sent me.

3pm, got up felt a little easier, wrote todays journal so far. Very cold today, not been able to clean myself.

Stopped up for 2hrs reading the tracts the steward gave us.

6pm, The Doctor came and ordered me some sago.

7pm, felt a little better.

Nov 7th, 8am, awoke felt a little better after a good nights rest.

9am, had a little breakfast of beefhash, [I] – had roasted beef for her breakfast, cook also gave her a loaf of flour bread for which he charges 2s-6d, to the passengers .

10am, got up and washed myself, a most beautiful morning, just going on deck.

12noon, 2 ships in sight, one going the same way as us, the other the reverse. 6 deaths this morning, one a child 4 berths from us, 3 in our deck, 3 in the lower deck.

1pm, dinner of cold beef, spent all afternoon on deck, all passengers ordered on deck this afternoon.

3pm, 2 more deaths this afternoon, prayers read over them for the first time by the Captain, at the request of their friends, 61 deaths up to now.

[I] – mended the steward’s coat, for which he presented her with an apple tart and some oranges.

6pm, had tea, a beautiful night, ship in full sail, wind has been fair all day. Talking in the galley that if it continues we shall reach the banks of Newfoundland by Thursday. Hope that we may.

7pm, going to bed, cannot say all well, but near so.

Nov 8th, 6am, Got up very badly, wind has been high all night, I could not eat any breakfast, [I] – had a little roast beef. Continued very rough all morning and, [I] – not well, not being able to get up.

2pm, cook sent some roast beef, but not able to touch it, 5 deaths today, 2 in the next berth above us, a young man and woman passing as man and wife, but not so, they died within an hour of each other, making 66 deaths up to today.

3pm, [I] – got up for a little while, she made flour gruel.

5pm, wind very high, a complete hurricane carried away her crotchet yard and 2 sails.

6pm, going to bed, today is cook’s birthday, and a very rough one it is for him.

Nov 9th, 9am, got up a great deal better, feel a little stronger than yesterday.

[I] – complaining, we had a complete hurricane part of last night and this morning.

12noon, wind abated, several showers of rain and hail.

2pm, dinner roast beef and baked beans, wind not so high, but still rough.

3pm, steward made and fetched some ginger wine for [I] -, she got up a deal better. Still keeps rough, cook sent [I] – down some sago.

Provisions today, but so rough the purser could not give them out, seven more deaths today.

5pm, made some more flour gruel, made [I] – take some.

I am very weak, but it is only what can be expected.

6pm, wind dropping thinking of going to bed. [I] – feels a deal better tonight, pray to God she may continue, cannot say all well yet.

November 10th, 7am, a fine morning, wind fair, [I] – and I feel better after a good nights rest.

9am, ship going about 9mph.

10am, breakfast of roast beef

11am, cook sent [I] – a quart of chicken soup, which is made for the sick, which half a pint is given to each sick person. Continued fine all morning.

12noon, ship appeared in full sail, lost sight of her in half an hour.

2pm, dinner of roast beef, steward gave [I] – some plum pudding.

Provisions gave out today, we did not take biscuits as we have best part of what was given us, 2nd provision day. Several deaths today, one in the next berth to ours, a friend of the couple who died the day before yesterday. Prayers read over some of them when requested by friends.

6pm, [I] – and I went to the galley and spent an hour, we had supper with the cooks of boiled fish and potato.

8pm, going to bed, just taking the dead person next to us up.

A fine night, wind fair, both nearly well.

Nov 11th, 6am, Fine morning, both well, feel a deal better after a good nights rest, although it was rather rough last night. The wind arose shortly after we went to bed and continued till 4am. Wind fair now, ship going 10mph.

No deaths this morning for the first time since the cholera broke out, we hope that it has left the ship.

10am, breakfast of beef.

Continued fine all morning except for a shower of rain for half an hour.

2pm dinner roast chicken, pork and baked beans.

A ship appeared in full sail ahead of us, supposed to be the one we saw yesterday, oversailed her by 5pm, too far off to speak to her.

6pm, wind strong, ship going, NW by W. Had tea and shortcake.

Went to the galley and had 3hrs, had supper of tea, toasted bread and ham with the cook.

9pm, going to bed, the first moonlight night since we left Liverpool, wind calm, both well, thank God, 4 deaths this evening.

Nov 12th, 7am, A most beautiful morning, wind moderate, both well.

10am, a fine but bitter cold morning, breakfast roasted chicken and ham, nothing of any consequence transpired between this time and dinner.

2pm, dinner roast pork and pancakes in the cook’s room, [I] – spent all afternoon in the cook’s room, making aprons for him.

3pm, had all the passengers on deck this afternoon, to give them the fresh air they very much wanted, for there are some in the lower deck that have not been up since they came on deck before, a week ago.

5pm, tea in the cook’s room.

8pm, came down and had a little supper, a beautiful moonlight night, several of the passengers walking on deck enjoying themselves.

Thinking of going to bed, no deaths today that I can hear of, both well thank God.


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