Passenger list

Passenger list

The steamship City of Glasgow, left Liverpool on the 1st of March for Philadelphia and was never seen again with passengers and crew there were 480 souls on board.

Kindly contributed by Mike Bartlett

April 12, 1854 "Daily Missouri Republican"

From the New York Tribune


A great deal of anxiety is felt at Philadelphia, and in fact throughout the country, because of the non arrival of the steamship City of Glasgow. She left Liverpool on the 1st of March for Philadelphia, having on board the usual cargo and more than three hundred persons, including the crew. Her agents in Philadelphia, it is said, do not share the general alarm. They believe that she has been detained, either by some trifling accident, or by having been surrounded by fields of ice. Her last passage westward occupied twenty-six days, and during this time she had seventeen days of bad weather. By recent arrivals we learn that fields of ice have been observed much further south than usual at this season of the year. The Baltic, for example, which left New York four days after the City of Manchester, had not reached Liverpool, while the City of Manchester had arrived with a report that she had encountered much difficulty in making her way through the ice. The City of Glasgow had an ample supply of coal for twenty-six days, and with economy in its use, for twenty-eight or thirty. The Glasgow is a staunch built vessel, and in every way well calculated to stand the roughest treatment from old ocean. Her new Captain, Mr. Morrison, is an able and experienced commander, and has made several voyages in her as first and second officer. In a conversation with Capt. West, of the Atlantic, on Friday, that gentleman expressed his firm conviction that the Glasgow was safe. He thought that she had encountered the vast fields of ice which lay in her track, broken her propeller, and was making her way into the nearest port (probably one of the West India Islands) under sail, for provisions and water.

We annex a list of the passengers who sailed in the ship from Liverpool:


Miss M. L. Price

Edw. Tothill, Esq., and lady

Mr. J. R. L., near Anduga Kempnaur

T. Ewington

Mast. J. C. Hogarth

Mons. L. Wagner

W. T. Haddon

A. Moor

Rev. J. S. Reynoldson

Mr. Gamble

Mr. Southan, Mrs. Southan, five children, and two infants

Mrs. Bruce and inf.

Mrs. Appleby

Mr. Pickett

J. Gibbons

Mons. Eckstein

F. Foulston

H. Lewicky

W. Y. Kennedy

Mr. Moulson

H. Fletcher

Robt. Ogilvie

Henry Clark

C. F. Enzel

John Pipe

Mílle Eckstein

Mr. Gordon

Mrs. Weber

Mrs. Floyd

Miss Burrough

Madame A. Buscher and child

William Fletcher

Thos. Keernan

Jos. Devine

Wm. Lucas

Jas. Ford

T. C. Kendrick

Jos. Bruce

J. Appleby

Mrs. M. Kent

M. Lucas

Miss Williams

Miss Jane Ross

Mrs. Collis and five children

Mr. Weber

Mons. L. Vagner

Alex. Crawford

Mr. Floyd


Jesse McLean

Robt. Roberts

Hugh Morris

Thos. Parry

R. Williams

Thos. Jones

Wm. Williams, John Williams

Wm. Thomas, Ann Thomas, Elzbth. Thomas

Margaret Parry

Margaret Jones

John Williams

William Dyson

David Jones, Elias Jones, Mrs. Jones, Laura Jones

Robert Burch

Henry Stone

John Cockroft

Edward Warren

Joseph Green

John Pierce

Wm. Barron

Jas. James

Robert Sinclair

John Adams

Geo. Chambers

Wm Humphries

Thos Sunderland

Enoch Walters

John Jenning

Mrs. S. Barron

Wm. Bowman

J. Santeser

R. Reitch

S. Jarski, N. N. Jarski

Gater Weter, G. Weter, A. Weter, C. Weter

P. Jaga

W. Gony

John Sandford, Jane E. Sandford, C. Sandford, Julia Sandford

Josiah Trelby, S. Trelby

Richard Thorpe

Geo. Hollins

Mrs. Hamilton, Fred. Hamilton, Hannah Hamilton, Sarah Hamilton, Claude Hamilton, Prices Hamilton, James Hamilton

Mary Regan

John Flower

Theresa Brennan

Wm. Thompson

Thomas Edwards, Jane Edwards

John Bryden

John Heyward

Michael Falls

James Lithgoe, Elisa Lithgoe, Ann Lithgoe

Christopher Sowsby

Thomas McCrosson

L. Higgins

W. Love

T. H. Francis

L. Lockwood

W. Best

W. Williams

W. Hunt

J. Coney

N. Alsucar

F. Bond

J. Neichler, K. Neichler

R. Rodi?a

G. Scmidt

G. Pommes

Jesse Thompson

Thomas Seery

Elizabeth Sampson, William Sampson

Dorothy Green

G. Mc Keown

S. Achies

Lawrence McHugh

Isaac Beck

Richard Rooney

John Owens

Richard Hughes

John D. Jones

William Roderick

Wm Taylor

Ellen Jones

Robt Hill

John P. Owens

Philip Guard

John Beer

Thos Ditchburn

Edw Troughton

Mary Williams

Mary Faulks

William Jones

Richard Pritchard

John Parry

Wm Evans

Elizabeth Jones

Elizabeth McLoughlin

Jno Huddleston

Joseph Plater

Mrs Sarah James

Benj James, Geo James

Deborah Gukenkeim

James Stroud

Mrs H. Sandland

Wm Robt Hopley

John Burn

Harriet Ann Wood

Jane Challinor, Elizabeth Challinor

Mr and Mrs Pitt

Abram Arkwright

Robert Wardle

Magaret Wilson

Thos Mence, Ann Mence

Isaac Thomas

Owen Jones, John Jones, William Jones

William Williams

J. Hughes

Thomas Parry

Ann Roberts, Judith Roberts, Margaret Roberts

Ellen Morris

William Roberts

Henry Welsh

Sam Harris

Walter Roby

Wm Evans

Wm Worthington, Dan Worthington

Edmund Treeby, Wm Treeby

James Whitecross

Geo Robinson

Alex Thompson

Geo Harris, Abraham Harris

E. A. Love

R. Watkins

James Jones

John Watkinson

Thos Wilkinson, David Wilkinson

James Kelley

Michael Olegan

James OíNeile

James D. Flaley

Frederick Meghans

Richard Pearson

Nancy McAffy

S. Leabest

J. Wigll

W. Kraggs

G. Vincent

August Kleagner

W. M. Nee

C. Swartz

T. Cockran

W. Scully

H. Idew

T. Spiers

T. Hoyl

T. Donald

John Morgan

Thomas Ellis, Elizabeth Ellis, Thomas Ellis

Daniel Scott, Elizabeth Scott

Joseph Boon

James Berry

James S. Arthur

Jas Harris, Charlotte Harris

Jer Barwise

Hugh Roberts, Elizabeth Roberts

Henry Jones

Felix Klem

John Thornhill

Richard Lowes

Thos Heselting

Sarah Booth, Elizabeth Booth, Alice A. Booth, Ellen Booth

John Brown

H. Davis

Susanna Williams

Wm J. Griffiths

Edward Sudor

Geo Wardle

James Ogden

James Corner

Nathaniel Robinson

Margaret Cuthbert

Washington Kennedy

L. Achinger


J. Munding, T. Munding, S. Munding

W. Bechler

G. Kupport

J. Unsold

F. Hummell

J. Kauffmann

Mrs W. Welsh

Thos Taylor

James Owen

James McClusky, Ann McClusky

Samuel Smiley, Robert Smiley, Isabella Smiley, Betty Jane Smiley

Elizabeth Cocker

R. W. Morris

Isabella Campbell

William Edwards

Henry Howlate

Sam Longford

Thaddeus Scanlon

John Hanratty, Catherine Hanratty

Elisabeth Hughes

Timothy Darly

Uriah Beaumont

Reuben Taylor

Dennis Mc Kessin

John Mc Culkin

Dennis McCrossen, Margít McCrossen

John Robertson

Wm Hammingway

Henry Field

Alex Hardy

Geo Filder, Emma Filder

Frances Foulston, Wm Foulston, Jane Foulston, Anne Foulston

Walter Wickham

John Keigh

Nancy M. Tear

Ellen Taylor

L. Putyers

F. Guhgjotossi, Maria Guhgjotossi

J. Kauffmann

T. Keisman, C. Keisman

C. Thutman

Mary Ann Healey, George Healey, Ellen Healey

Sarah Longhan

Ann Smith, Emma Smith

Edward Reynolds

James Davies

Wm H. Gellor

Jon Mc Kean

Ann Henry

Edward Anderson

Mary Beck

George Jones

George Fields

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