Cure for the Cholera

Kindly forwarded by Tony, in Fishguard


From “Five Minutes Common Sense about the Asiatic Cholera.”

By a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons

As the great depression of the vital powers, and the consequent coldness of the surface, are the most formidable and striking symptoms, it is obvious that to rouse the system, and restore the warmth of the surface of the body, or, in other words, excite a reaction and bring back the circulation of the blood to a natural state, are the objects that require to be effected.

A vapour, or hot-air bath, should be had recourse to if at hand; as this, however, will probably but seldom be the case, put the patient into a hot bed, and apply a large hot mustard-poultice over the pit of the stomach. Then, let a blanket wrung out of a tub-full of boiling water, as hot and dry as possible, be laid over the body, and confine in the vapour, by placing dry blankets over it, renewing it the moment it loses its heat.

Put bottles or bladders of hot water, bags of hot sand, or hot bricks or tiles wrapped in flannel, to the feet; at the same time rub the feet, legs, and arms with hot flannels. Give the patient a glassful of hot brandy and water; or a teaspoonful of sal-volatile, or hartshorn, or of spirits of turpentine, in a glassful of water; or a teaspoonful of sulphuric ether in a wine glass full of camphor-julep; if neither of these liquids be available, give hot coffee or tea until some of the above-mentioned remedies can be obtained. If there be much pain in the stomach, or the spasms be severe, or either of the above remedies do not afford relief, give a teaspoonful, or from 60 to 80 drops of laudanum in the hot brandy and water; if there be a severe burning sensation in the stomach, the laudanum should be the first remedy. If the liquid given be rejected, repeat the dose in a few minutes; and if one remedy will not keep down, try another.

Persist in these means until you find the warmth of the skin restored, and the cramps and spasms relieved; but, in the meantime, send for a medical person, who will find, on his arrival, half the danger removed, if you have diligently employed the plan here recommended. Do not fear catching the complaint yourself; let not that selfish feeling one moment enter your head; your very exertions will be the best and surest means of preventing your being attacked.


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