Abandonment of the Champion of the Seas

Liverpool Journal

27th Jan 1877

Abandonment of the Champion of the Seas

Yesterday a Board of Trade inquiry was held at the Police-buildings, Dale St, into the circumstances attending the abandonment of the sailing ship, Champion of the Seas, on the 3rd inst, in lat 37. 40N, long 30. 10W.

Mr RAFFLES presided.

Nautical assessors Captís GRANT. R.N, and BEAZLEY

Mr TYNDALL represented the Board of Trade

Mr DICKINSON for the firm of DUNCAN HILL and DICKINSON, appeared for the owners, Messers A. CASSELS and Robert WILSON of Liverpool, and the Capt. Mr Robert Stafford WILSON.

Mr TYNDALL stated the Champion of the Seas was built at Boston. U.S, in 1854, her reg tonnage was 1,946.75.

On the 28th Sept last she sailed from Pabellon de Pico a Peruvian port, with a cargo of guano. Her grew consisted of 30 hands and 4 passengers. She was bound for Queenstown for orders, and a few days after she sailed she made a little water.

The crew were able to keep the water down by pumping for about 10 mins every 2hrs, but as she proceeded the weather became boisterous. Heavy gales and high seas were met with in consequence she began to leak.

On 22nd Dec, she leaked so much the main pumps were set to work.

There were very heavy gales from that first time to the 2nd Jan. Large quantities of water were shipped and the bulwarks carried away.

On the 3rd Jan, the ship was in such a state that when the VANGUARD hove in sight the Capt and crew of the Champion of the Seas thought it advisable to abandon ship, she had at that time 5ft 2ins of water in her. The crew were brought to Liverpool in safety on the 15th Jan

Questions for the court.

Whether the Capt was justified in proceeding with the voyage.

Whether instead of abandoning the vessel he should not have altered course.

On the condition of the vessel when she left Pabellon de Pico, after she had been laid up for 11mths.

Evidence given inquiry adjourned until today.


13th, Jan 1877

The ship VANGUARD which arrived at Liverpool on Monday, landed the Capt, his wife, 2 children and their nurse and 30 crew of the CHAMPION OF THE SEAS. The VANGUARD, on a voyage from Iquique to Liverpool in lat 37. 40N, long 30.10W, sighted the CHAMPION OF THE SEAS in a sinking condition and flying signals of distress. Despite a heavy sea a boat was lowered and after several trips the rescue was made, the Capt being the last to leave the sinking vessel. She was quano laden and bound from Pabillon de Picu to Queenstown. 1,947 tons, built at Boston. U.S in 1854, and owned by Mr Alexander CAVELS, Liverpool.


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